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Chocolate Pecan Pie

chocolate pecan pie

My Paleo Chocolate Pecan Pie is as good as it gets when it comes to healthy Thanksgiving desserts.

I’ve been working on this Chocolate Pecan Pie for years now. And I’m happy to say that today I perfected it –just in time for you all to have a healthy Paleo Thanksgiving dessert that is gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free. My boys and their friends were more than happy to eat each test batch of this Chocolate Pecan Pie. In fact, they “snuck” some as a midnight snack during their sleepover with a bunch of friends last night.

I spent quite a bit of time on this recipe challenging myself to use as few ingredients as possible so that it would be quick and easy to whip up the day before Thanksgiving; of course I also worked to make it taste great! I think you’ll find that this is a special pie that could also be amazing on your grain-free Christmas dinner table, or rather Christmas dessert table.

I based this recipe on one from my dear friend Karin. Thanks Karin for sharing your special Chocolate Pecan Tart recipe with me! I love everything you do.

Chocolate Pecan Pie


  1. In a food processor, combine eggs, coconut sugar, and coconut oil
  2. Stir in pecans and chocolate chips by hand
  3. Transfer filling into unbaked crust
  4. Bake at 350° for 40-50 minutes, or until set
  5. Cool completely before slicing, and serve

Makes 8 slices

The filling for this Paleo Chocolate Pecan Pie has only 5 ingredients so that you can whip it up in a jiffy. We’ve been in a pie phase of late. My older son made a deep dish rustic pumpkin pie from scratch the other night and told me that he wants to post the recipe here on my website. I haven’t ever had anyone do a guest post here before (the boys have developed recipes that I’ve posted) however, I’m giving my son’s request some thought.

What’s your favorite pie of all time? Leave a comment and let me know.

Here are some more of my healthy, gluten-free crust recipes for your Thanksgiving pies and tarts:

posted on November 11, 2013, 96 comments

  1. Maricruz @ none

    I wonder if I can use another chocolate chunk than the one you’re using? The one you use is to expensive for my budget…………can I use any other chocolate chip (unsweetened) ? Thank you vey much.

    I really appreciate all your work making delicious & healthy recipes……..

  2. Rosa Robin

    I would love to have a dairy-free gluten-free lemon merangue pie recipe, and sorry if I spelled it wrong ;-)

  3. Lisa Hutchings

    This looks delicious!!! I’m allergic to pecans and walnuts so will try almonds. I love all your recipes and thank you for sharing!

  4. Sandra

    My favorite pie? Pecan or Chocolate Pecan! But I feel so guilty indulging because regular recipes use corn syrup.
    Thank you for this simple, healthy and tantalizing version.
    I can’t wait to try it.

  5. Lisa Daniel

    I think it would be exciting for your son to do a guest spot, especially for him. Who knows what it may lead him to? =) The chocolate pecan pie looks decadent too!

    • Kathy

      I agree! I think it would be wonderful to see your son’s recipe and as Lisa said, ‘Who knows what it may lead him to?’
      Your recipes are great! I enjoy your website and all you put into it.

  6. Rebecca

    I have never heard of coconut sugar. What is it exactly and where can it be found?

  7. brenda nance

    what could i use instead of coconut sugar i cant have coconut?? thank you . thanks for working so hard on making recipes and theni come along and need something different than the sugar you use sorry!!

  8. Kate

    Coconut Cream Pie, I will definitely try this pie for Thanksgiving, thanks so much

  9. Marty

    I am confused. The Pie recipe says un-baked pie shell, but the pie-shell recipe referenced says to bake for 10-12 minutes. So do I bake for a few minutes and add filling or add filling into a totally raw pie-shell.
    Thank you!
    Love your site.
    Love your recipes.

  10. i still love cherry pie! simple and to the point…and we have a cherry tree (sour) in our yard so i know they are unsprayed and healthy. since i am allergic to eggs i enjoy fruit pies and other pies that do not use them…or dairy or wheat. thanks for your great recipes.

    • Stephanie

      I’m thinking this looks absolutely incredible, and immediately wondering how to make it egg-free. I haven’t a clue how to actually change this recipe as it is, but I’m thinking of taking some of the hints from this and looking up a sweet potato pecan pie recipe and combining them. That way the “goo” (which I don’t like anyway) that the eggs create is replaced with sweet potato.

  11. Christy

    Ummm, my favorite pie?? Chocolate Pecan Pie!! I’m redicously excited to try this recipe! Been hoping for years you would create one. I just noticed that Trader Joes is now selling organic coconut sugar for $3.99/ bag :)

  12. I would like a recipe for Key lime pie .

  13. Victoria

    Lemon merengue, really tart. A million thanks Elana, for the great recipes. I use all of your books. Be well.

  14. natheena

    This sounds amazing! Think it would be good without chocolate? Love pecan pie…not a fan of chocolate…

  15. Laurel

    My fave pie is orange sherbert pie with chocolate crust we used Oreos but coco with almond would probably be delicious

  16. Maria

    Cherry or chocolate cream for me.

  17. D @ The Kosher Cave Girl @ thekoshercavegirl.blogspot.com

    This does look like it would be hassle-free. Can’t wait to try it!

  18. Sommer

    I’m definitely trying this one! I but the carob chips at sprouts as they have the least ingredients and no added sugar. they also have coconut sugar :)

  19. Annie

    My husband STILL talks about this Bourbon, Chocolate and Walnut Pecan Pie (http://www.splendidtable.org/recipes/bourbon-chocolate-and-walnut-pecan-pie-david-rosengartens-thanksgiving-dinner-menu) three years after we’ve gone off gluten, dairy, sugar and eggs. It was nothing short of amazing. :) Now, I’m really grossed out to see how much sugar was in that pie.

  20. Norman C @ thehautelife.com

    I once had a pumpkin pecan pie — best of both worlds! I’d love to try making a paleo version of it… this may be a great start!

    (hint – homemade pumpkin butter works best)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipes!! <3

  21. marcia glenn

    can you make this sugar free for us diabetics?

  22. judie

    Hi Elana; thanks for this recipe, it looks wonderful. My all time favorite pies are my Mom Elderberry pie or her Graham wafer pie.

  23. Monique

    Not sure how this can be called dairy-free when the chocolate chunks in it are listed on their product website as NOT being dairy-free. Seems there’s some confusion…

  24. J.J.

    Remind me again about coconut sugar. Is glycemic index “Ok” on this sugar, or will it send me reeling? Would honey work as a substitute -or some other sweetner…..and not loose the quality of your original recipe? Being diabetic – sucks…..

  25. Mia

    Oh, please allow your son to post his recipe! I love that your kids are inspired by your own creative culinary pursuits, and even writing recipes of their own! I think he would be honored to contribute to your blog, and I think most of your readers would appreciate his recipe.

    Fav pie: classic apple pie! (but with noooo wheat or refined sugar!) :-D

  26. Ann Sheedy @ na

    Elana I am most appreciative of your efforts and I have your cookbooks—I am wondering if some other type of sugar could be used for the pecan pie—I cannot eat coconut—I want to make this pie—I also tweaked the choc chip recipe adding an egg plus some spelt flour and they turned out great—thank you Ann Sheedu

  27. Linda Capeloto Sendowski @ theglobaljewishkitchen.com

    Hi Elana, I love this recipe and will make it for sure on Thanksgiving. I am in charge of dessert and always try a few new ones as well as classics.

  28. Ramona

    Sweet potato & Fresh peach are my favorite pies.

  29. Lynda

    My favorite pie … should I say “favorites” : coconut pie and key lime pie ! But with a diet of no dairy, no gluten … not easy

    Thanks for your great recipes and your time !

  30. Jessica

    Could you help me adjust the baking time if I were to use individual tart pans verses one large tart?

    Kindly :)

  31. a harmony

    Dear Elana,

    Thanks for the great recipe, the pie looks absolutely scrumptious! But did I read correctly: you’ve been working on this chocolate pecan pie for years now? You might want to hurry up and finish it, pies don’t last forever, ya know! :P

    P.S. I don’t think this pie would last HOURS, much less days, in this household either! Guess I’ll have to bake one and test that theory…

  32. Unfortunately, Canadian Thanksgiving has already passed. Which is too bad, because I would have loved to have made this instead of pumpkin pie.

    I am sure that I will be able to make it for some other occasion! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    It looks delicious!

  33. Sharon L Ulam @ mozilla/firefox

    Hi Elana. Do you know if this pie and crust freezes well??

  34. Susan from Boulder, Co.

    made this pie the day after I got the e-mail…turned out great!
    the crust was surprisingly delicious…cooked it for 44 minutes here in Boulder…in the middle of the oven…

    have been giving out slices and everyone loves it..took all of maybe 15 minutes to make and I had all the ingredients already!

    thanks Elena!

  35. zosia

    Anyone know how many GRAMS in 1 ½ cups chocolate chunks?


  36. Becky @ A Calculated Whisk @ acalculatedwhisk.com

    Hi Elana, this looks fabulous! I included a link to it in my Primal Thanksgiving menu plan here: http://www.acalculatedwhisk.com/2013/11/a-primal-thanksgiving-menu.html

    Thanks for working so hard to perfect so many kinds of pie this holiday season!!

  37. Eve

    Your recipes are all so easy and delicious. I would love to see a banana cream pie!

  38. My favorite is pecan pie, but could very well be chocolate pecan pie after this. If we have your pumpkin pie for thanksgiving, I don’t think we could wait until Christmas for this one. Thanks for another wonderful recipe Elena!

  39. Aubrie

    Can I use xylitol in place of the coconut sugar?

  40. Shagun

    Thank you for the great recipe! It turned out to be great :)

  41. Hi Elana and thank you so much for all your great recipes!

    I think you should let your boys post their version of rustic pumpkin pie. Pumpkin is one of my favorites and it would be nice to see their twist on things. I also have the traditonalists in my family and their favorite is apple. It would be nice to have a great basic apple pie to please the entire bunch :)

  42. Diana

    Elana, I made your Chocolate Pecan Pie tonight – so easy and absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for a great recipe!

  43. colleen

    Love the recipe and will be trying it out tomorrow. Two questions: I assume the pecans are raw when they go in? I have seen recipes that say to toast them first, so i want to confirm that you use raw not toasted pecans. And second, what is the best way to store it? If you make it the day before do you cover and leave it our or put it in the fridge…i just don’t want the crust to get super soggy if it goes in the fridge (I have done a pumpkin pie with a similar crust and that happened :/ )


  44. This one looks really good. I haven’t tried chocolate in a pecan pie before. My most recent pecan pie is a remake of my Southern Mama’s recipe. I use molasses in it, which gives it a great flavor. http://northwestcavegirls.com/2013/11/southern-pecan-pie-revisited/

  45. erica

    would this work without the chocolate?…

  46. nancy henderson

    i am on the SCDiet and concerned that i should not eat coconut sugar. any thoughts?
    can it be replaced with honey? thank you!

  47. Jennifer

    Let him post the rustic pumpkin pie recipe — Sounds amazing!

  48. This looks SO good! I plan to make this today so that we can enjoy it for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

    Can I substitute regular sugar in lieu of coconut sugar? Also, can I eliminate the chocolate, or do I need to replace it with something else?

    thanks for posting! :-)

  49. This pie recipe looks divine but am not a fan of coconut sugar or any other sugars. I am going to try 1/2 cup of honey and see how I go.

  50. Laura King

    I gave this recipe a try today and it was super easy. I loved the crust. I assumed that ‘chocolate chunks’ meant a good quality chocolate (I failed to look at the link prior to making the pie) and used Enjoy semi-sweet chips (soy and dairy free). The pie turned out picture perfect and even my skeptical husband said it was very good! I will definitely be making it again. Thank you!

  51. One of our family favorites is gluten and dairy free Black Bottom BananaCream Pie. It’s a recipe I adapted years ago,from a Cooking Light magazine.

  52. Alison

    Oh my! This pie is the talk of our Thanksgiving dinner! Thank you!

  53. Tim Moore

    Oustanding dessert! It was our Thanksgiving Dinner dessert. We served it warm with Vanilla GF Dairy-free”ice cream” and everyone loved it. ***** (5 stars) rated. I posted a picture of it on my FB page.

  54. Catherine C.

    I just made this for Thanksgiving tonight. It was wonderful! I followed the recipe exactly but used a store-bought gluten-free crust. There are tons of pecans and the chocolate is pretty significant. You could even use less if you wanted to.

    The filling is not as loose as a regular pecan pie. We had a homemade one of those as well and the taste comparison was that This Recipe was less sweet and drier (than the usual Pecan Pie) but more rich with the chocolate.

    Its almost like a chocolate pecan cookie pie were it not for the fact that there is no flour. Thanks for giving us another healthy option Elana!! ;-)

  55. Dennis

    Great recipe. I used a 75% cacao bar and turned out fine. This will be one of ourChristmas pies too. Delicious! Thanks for the recipe.

  56. Samara Zitnik

    This recipe passed the “Southern Family” test!! Although I am a Yankee (by Southern standards), I made this for my Daughter-in-laws family as a Thanksgiving desert. They loved it! I made it exactly as posted and it looked just like the photo and tasted great! (I guess) I am a pumpkin pie eater, so I did taste one bite but was saving myself for the pumpkin pie. Thank You Elana. I have been SO happy with your recipes. PS: to anyone going to make this, warning: The coconut oil in the crust bubbled over and really smoked in my kitchen. Be sure you have foil in the bottom of your oven. Possibly I put too much coconut oil in the recipe? I thought I followed it exactly.

  57. andrea messier

    I made this pie for my family for desert on Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit. Thanks Elana!

  58. Janette

    I made this recipe for Thanksgiving and it was easy and amazing. I subbed honey for coconut sugar as I am following SCD right now and it was perfect. Thank you so much for a simply delicious, healthy splurge.

  59. Mirella

    This was absolutely amazing! Thanks for a great recipe :)

  60. Vickilynn Haycraft @ realfoodliving.com


    Thank you for all the amazing GF recipes. I made this (with your pie crust) and my family went nuts! (haha, NUTS, get it?) Anyway, my hubby wanted a second one made and that was gone in a flash too. This is our new go-to holiday pie recipe for our GF and non-GF pepps alike. Everyone loved it.

    I used blanched and cracked almonds instead of pecans (my family preferences) and they were yummy.

    Thanks again for all the great recipes.

  61. Samuel Jeffery @ nomadicsamuel.com

    Chocolate and pecans are too of my favorite things! Together – oh my, that’s lethally good!

  62. Laila

    I just made this and it’s in the oven. I must say I had a devil of a time stirring it in my food processor because of the blade being in the way! If I had taken it out, the liquid would have run out the hole. I have a stand mixer on a wish list and it will be here before I try liquid-y recipes again. And it (the food processor) is a KitchenAid. Sheesh!

  63. Glyn

    I just made this to have after Christmas lunch tomorrow but couldn’t resist sneaking a small slice (you know, for quality control purposes). It is amazing! This pie tastes delicious and is ridiculously easy to make! FYI I used 150g of organic 70% chocolate from a block – I just chopped it into chunks to add to the pie. I’m definitely going to try this again with other nuts, I think hazelnuts would work really well! Thanks Elana, this recipe is a real triumph!

  64. Karel Larsen @ Facebook

    I love Coconut Cream pie! Elana, I so enjoy your posts. I am so grateful to your sharing! You are a God send!

  65. My son will be 19 in May, They grow up so fast and before long you will be looking at all the memories and showing them to your grandchildren. You will find a lot of firsts that happen in both of your lives, but there will only be a few that you will be there for. Grab on to as many as you can. If you have never had a guest post on your site before, Who better than your child? It will be a memory that is forever imprinted on your heart. Hope this helps. <3

  66. FaveHealthyRecipes @ FaveHealthyRecipes.com

    Hi Elana,

    I’m the editor of a website dedicated to healthy eating, and we would love to feature this recipe (linking back to your blog and giving you full credit, of course). There is no fee for being featured on our site, and we direct a lot of traffic to your blog. If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me an email, and I will give you more details.

  67. Liv

    Anyone who substituted honey have good results? Thanks so much for any comments!

  68. Hannah@GettingStamped @ gettingstamped.com

    Can’t wait to get back in the kitchen and give this a try! Fingers crossed it turns out as good as it looks.

  69. Brooke

    Can I make the filling without the pecans and save the pecans just for the top of the pie? Has anyone tried this?

  70. Kearson

    This is by far my favorite pie ever! I’ve made this for the past two Thanksgivings. It’s soooo easy to make. Wonderful- thank you!

  71. Melli

    I made your recipe-Thanks, it was delicious. I tweaked it though for my own needs.
    I used ground cashew meal for the pie crust, made it in the AM of Thanksgiving, and it was still crispy for dessert time.

    Also, I’ve never been a nut fan-I saved a handfull of pecans and choc chips for the top- the rest I pulverized into the filling-I did use browned butter vs coconut oil in the filling.

    It’s the best GF pie I’ve made in years, and thanks for that.

  72. Yael

    Yum. I made this tonight and it is incredible!!

  73. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I just made it and it’s the best paleo pecan pie I’ve had! I’ve tried several recipes and I looove this one!! I’m sure it’s not the last time I make it!

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