strawberry cherry ice cream recipe

Cherry Strawberry Ice Cream

Given how hot it’s been around here lately, the boys have been jonesing for ice cream, and I’m more than happy to indulge them with my homemade, frozen treats.  They’ve been asking for a chocolate cherry ice cream, which may be coming here soon.  For now, enjoy this gluten free, dairy free Cherry Strawberry Ice Cream.

Cherry Strawberry Ice Cream
  1. Blend all ingredients in a vitamix
  2. Pour into ice cream maker and process according to instructions
  3. Serve

The recipe for this gluten free, dairy free Cherry Strawberry Ice Cream is based upon my Strawberry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, which was based upon my Strawberry Sorbet recipe.

It’s giveaway season here at Elana’s Pantry again. Today’s giveaway is a Ball Canning Discovery Kit from Jarden Home Brands.

Ball Canning Discovery Kit

To be entered leave a comment by Wednesday, July 27th and let us know what kinds of foods you would be preserving with this kit, if you’re not the preserving type, let us know what you would store in them.

Have a great weekend everyone!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of the Ball Canning Discovery Kit was Tracy. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Jess says

    How many servings does this recipe make? How much per serving? I’m thinking about making this for my daughter’s Birthday.

  2. Analia says

    Question about the recipe. It makes a little more than 4 cups of liquid and the fruit tastes delicious as a combo, do I really need to add 1/2 of honey? How does it taste just as is?

  3. Natasha says


    How do I make this ice cream if I don’t have an ice cream maker? Is there a way to make it without the ice cream maker?


  4. Natasha says


    How do I make this ice cream if I don’t have an ice cream maker? Is there a way to make it without the ice cream maker?


  5. kimberly says

    I put juices in there, si much easier than making it each time. Also I would store Flan just like my grandmother did. She used to make a flan desert. Put some flan at the bottom then some fruit mixed with caramel and then more flan more little bit of fruit an finally some whipped cream. By the way Im paleo so I make paleo flan adapted by my grandmother wtih stevia caramel and paleo whipped cream. I would love these because actually sas looking at them on amazon last night and it reminded me of my grandmas delicious flan recipe. I would love these as much as your recipes!!!! I will be trying this very soon. You have made my paleo life so much easier! Take care :)

  6. Kissmint says

    I’m going to make this recipe right now! I really love the Paleo diet, but my kids are having a hard time transistioning. I hope these yummy treats and desserts will help! It’s a slow process wheening my kids off crap food. By this time next year, I hope they are eating 100% healthy!

  7. Heather Clark says

    I will be canning lots of habanero salsa and spicy tomato juice!!!!! This ice cream sounds great too!

  8. Skye says

    What wouldn’tI preserve?? Pickled green beans from my garden, tomatoes, pickles , and apple butter from my apple treeS,

  9. Vivian says

    YUM! This looks delicious!

    I will be trying to can pizza sauce. I made this years ago and loved having it so handy, but this year I will be attempting it without any sugar! :0

  10. Cristina Leivas says

    What can I use to substitute vanilla or almond extract? My daughter can’t eat corn added food and as I understand it, the extracts contain corn, right?

  11. Elizabeth says

    This was good! But the picture looks more like ice CREAM and mine was more icy… I guess I used the wrong coconut milk. But it was fabulous nonetheless.

  12. says

    Please tell me who bought the gelato machine, what kind did you buy, where did you purchase it and what was the price range. I have a Vitamix but I don’t know if you can make gelato in a Vitamix or if you need a gelato machine. Can you make gelato in an ice cream maker and ice cream in a gelato machine? What is the difference between ice cream and gelato? The gelato I tasted had a much richer taste and color than ice cream but I don’t know if that’s normal. Help!

  13. Lori says

    Every year we have a huge harvest of wild wineberries in are yard. We manage to eat most of them as soon as they ripen, but I’d like to make preserves from them next year. Thanks for the Give-away opportunity. You have a great site!

  14. Rebecca W says

    I have been looking through your Amazon store to see what kind of ice cream maker you recommend but I can’t find one. Do you have any suggestions?

  15. Kristin says

    I have been gluten (and for that matter grain-) free for the last month and have never felt so physically alive. I’m really looking forward to spending more time in the kitchen to continue this way of living and am looking forward to making new recipes to substitute for the processed foods I bought in the past. I would love to learn to make and jar homemade tomato sauce as well as to pickle various types of sweet and hot peppers!

  16. Stacy says


    I usually LOVE your recipes. And usually I can’t go wrong with ice cream, either. But I felt like the vanilla, coconut, strawberry AND cherries all really competed each other in this recipe. I think next time I’ll just do cherry and maybe add in some cocoa chips. The consistency was great, I just ended up not being to have any flavor really pop out because it felt like they were fighting to me.

    Thanks for all your recipes though, to each is own and I now know the base to play off and do my own ideas ;)


  17. Amber says

    I would can two things… Homemade blackberry jam, which I have been religiously stalking the blackberry bushes to see when they are ready for picking…. and this is by FAR my favourite type of jam.
    Secondly I would start canning roasted peppers, a newly found addiction of mine… (Roasted, peeled and then soaked in olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Excellent on a G.F. burger, on crackers, or just by themselves!)

  18. Anneliese Francis says

    After being diagnosed with cancer April of this year, I have had to rethink my relationship with food and learn how to prepare vegetarian from scratch meals,that are gluten free,low carb with only certain types of fats,raw honey and stevia as sweeteners. Canning is something I have enjoyed in the past with pickles being my favorite food
    to nosh in the long winter months.

    Its amazing to me how much better I feel when I use high quality
    mostly organic foods. My weight is stable now, and my energy level
    is wonderful even while going thru chemo treatments.

    Elana, thanks for providing an excellent resource for healthy eating.
    I love your recipes!

  19. says

    Every time you post an ice cream recipe, it makes me want to buy an ice cream maker. I’ve been eyeballing the Kitchenaid attachment for a year now. Price on Amazon today is $58.95–the lowest I’ve ever seen. I just might have to go ahead and bite the bullet!

  20. Kerry Roberts says

    My favorite activity this time of year with my kids is to go fruit picking, at the local orchard. We then come home and make homemade fruit jam. I chop and my kids mash and stir. Its a wonderful family adventure.

  21. Carrie says

    I made this tonight in our Vitamix but somewhere between the computer and the kitchen forgot to add the coconut milk. So, instead of ice cream, we had sorbet (just added ice on top and did the whole thing in the blender instead of finishing in ice cream maker). It was out of this world. My mom said it’s her new favorite dessert. Our kids loved it as well.

  22. Amber says

    My young man and I are moving to an island in the Pacific for work and we’ve decided to take up the art of preserving so we can have our favourite tiny dill pickles, pickled carrots and preserved jalapenos whenever we like. But the big thing we’d like to try would be preserved hops (as in beer hops). Apparently you can pickle them and they turn into a beer-o’clock snack!

  23. says

    I would love to try canning. I have never done it before. If I don’t get around to canning, I would store different types of flour in the beautiful jars.

  24. Sheryl says

    Made the cherry strawberry ice cream yesterday…added Good Life mini chocolate chips to the recipe….a definite like! It was great!!

  25. Charlene says

    Tried to leave a comment the other day to enter this contest but I guess it didn’t work. Anyway, I really want to try canning peppers this year if I can find them reasonably priced at a local farm! Thanks Elana for all the work you do with the recipes. Will you be publishing another book soon? If so can you add an ice cream recipe section ;-)

  26. Leisa says

    Tomatoes. We plant over 30 plants and then we share with our Moms so they can can them too!! I love how easy tomatoes are!

  27. Barbara Warren says

    Can’t wait to try this icecream – another great recipe!

    As for the canning – I have a garden full of tomatoes and want to try making my own tomato paste… maybe some pickled jalapenos and some dilled green beans, too!

    Thanks for the great contest!

  28. Shauna Pettit-Brown says

    I really want to try and preserve pickles this year. I have been wanting to try this for some time now and I would like this year to be the year!

  29. Lisa says

    I love your site. I can’t wait to try this ice cream! My kids love all your recipes.
    I would love the canning set. Every year I make blackberry jam for my father in law. He likes his jam with seeds which is hard to find! AND I makie a batch of no-sugar jam for me…

  30. Serina Tustin says

    The recipe sounds wonderful! We will be giving it a try.

    Home Canning and Preserving is a weekly almost daily occurance around our little cottage. We home-can nearly everything: Fruits, veggies, pickles, jams, jellies, meats, stews, juices, pie fillings, conserves, soups, preserves, broth and so much more.

    It is the only way to go. I refuse to eat tinned food from the store with all the added “stuff”.

  31. says

    Just in case this is still open, I would love to enter! I like to preserve jams, pickles, and tomatoes, but my favorite is the pear butter I make with the pears from the tree in our backyard.

  32. Michelle says

    I am an Australian living in the US so I always make my own pickled beets as I just cant seem to buy nice ones here, I guess unlike us Aussies, Americans dont eat a lot of pickled beets. I also love to make jars of an English pickle called piccalilli, which is mustard based with cauliflower, cucumbers and onions…yummmo!

  33. Melissa says

    Elana ~ Your ice cream looks and sounds wonderful. I wonder how it would pair with almond milk?

    As far as canning… The plums are in and I’d start with some plum jelly/preserves. I’d also love to recreate my great grandmothers midwest chile sauce and tomato gravy. Maybe some pickled cauliflower, too.

  34. Audrey says

    I made this ice cream today, but used 10 oz. of blueberries in place of the other 2 fruits, and no almond extract. It was HEAVENLY!!! Everyone, even the health-food haters in my family, LOVE it!! The coconut flavor is very pronounced, which makes me want to make it with pineapple and maybe some banana or mango. I’m wondering if the fruit has to be frozen. (I did use frozen blueberries). It blended up in my crappy blender just fine, no VitaMix needed. :)
    I would use the canning supplies to can the endless supply of berries that come through my door every summer. Yum!!

  35. Emily says

    I am looking forward to making paleo friendly jams and sauces. I haven’t dabbled in canning before and I look forward to utilizing the beautiful local harvest this year. Plum vanilla……coconut marinade and dipping sauce……Can’t wait

  36. says

    I would like to make blueberry or strawberry jams. I find the ones I buy from the store are overly sweet for my taste so I would like to make my own that is less sweet. This would be such a creative project.

  37. Allison says

    My favourite things to can are raspberries and beets. Together, not so great, but in the middle of winter, roasted beets and raspberry preserves are amazing. thanks for your website, my family loves it!

  38. says

    I would can plum butter. I have a wonderful plum tree and I’ve found that if you blend in one vanilla bean the results are heavenly. My 3.5 son, Everett, is in awe of the tree and the fruit it produces. How cool to show a child where his food comes from.

  39. Sheila says

    I did so many jars of jams, pears, and peaches that I don’t have to do them this year, but we ran out of TOMATOS so that is what I must can this year, above all else!

  40. Lindsay says

    I’ve already done brandied cherries this year and a few pickles! My pickle recipe needs more work and I would of course can some green beans!

  41. Jennifer says

    Hi Elana,

    Because my husband and I wanted to try out the Paleo Diet to see whether it helped us lose weight and helped reduce allergies and asthma problems, I often check your website. Have tried many of your recipes and even bought your cookbook. My husband is now famous among our friends for pecan sandies (not sure if I got the exact recipe name correct), a recipe from your cookbook. I’d probably store homemade broth in these containers.

    in L.A. Co.

  42. says

    Coconut milk makes a fantastic base– have you ever tried cashew butter/cashew milk? I make my own by soaking and blending 1 cup cashews with 3-4 cups water. YUM!

    I’m a preserves enthusiast and I have no canning infrastructure. I just recently put up five jars of raspberry jam made from wild raspberries and I didn’t even have a pair of tongs to pull them from the boiling water. This situation is obviously begging to be rectified so when I saw that your giveaway was a canning kit, i couldn’t resist! Most likely, I’d be filling my jars with spiced/jammed fruit, as I always preserve my vegetables using fermentation, not vinegar brines!

    Thanks for all your delicious recipes elana, your delightful simplicity has been an inspiration to me for a long time now!

  43. says

    I can all the time, but don’t have “real” supplies. I make my own applesauce every fall along with canning other fruits.

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! It looks great and for a family that is not only gluten free but also dairy free we are forever looking for great recipes.

  44. Gwyneth says

    I haven’t canned before, but have been planning to start. I really want to do home made salsa, and sugar free jelly. At least those are my two starter projects :)

  45. says

    I do lots and lots of canning! I love to make jams, dilly beans, applesauce, salsa, pickles, pie fillings, chutneys, pickle relish and love trying new things! This new lifter gizmo looks interesting!

  46. says

    My preserving has been done with a foodsaver through their bags and canisters. I have been looking jarring things because I have a vitamix blender and have been making lots of tomato and other sauces and I need a way to store them longer. I have a feeling I’ll be looking into something like this soon. Thanks for your recipes on the site. They are wonderful and inspired me to order the book which should be here soon.


  47. Dale says

    Love canning! I’m looking for a small batch canning solution. I preserve fruits and salsas and tomato sauces mostly…..wahoo!

  48. Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy says

    The recipe looks delicious . . . I already own your cookbook so I’ll try this recipe too! I love to make preserves when the fruits are in season so I have them all year long!

  49. Rochelle says

    I am fairly new to the wonderful world of organic and gluten-free living and I am SO EXCITED about it! What would I use the jars for? well, just about everything! I have started making cashew and almond milk, can’t wait to try strawberry preserves as gifts, and have flooded myself with tons of new cookbooks filled with items that I would much rather store there than in many other of my “old life” plastic storage devices *yuck*. I’m phasing those out as quickly as possible, and having these new jars to store in would help move the process along.

    P.s. what a wonderful website!!

  50. Amy says

    I am thinking of making my own raspberry jam! I am sensitive to high fructose corn syrup and buying jam made with (gasp) real sugar is pretty expensive. It’s popular at our house, so I’d like to make my own.

  51. Becky says

    The ice cream looks delicious and the recipe sounds great. Must give it a try,
    I would can dilly beans to munch this winter with stew! mmm!

  52. ingrid says

    i’ve been wanting to make apple butter. my family and i have been picking bushels and bushels of apples lately, and i’ve been dreaming of having apple butter for christmas! yum! thanks

  53. Kate says

    Having just learned that I am wheat and dairy intolerant, your website and book are like recipe-nirvana. Thank you!

    I just picked 17 pounds of blackberries with my husband and three children. We made a lot of freezer jam, but I would love to make a shelf-stable jam next time around!

  54. julie says

    YUM! Fast easy fresh fruity healthy and only the blender to wash. Thanks Elana!

    In canning jars I would preserve tomato things- pasta and pizza sauce and salsa. Hmmm, maybe applesauce too and hey I could make some jam! Endless possibilities with canning.

  55. Mary says

    Hmmm… the canning possibilities!
    I think I would start with pickled daikon and possibly some pickled ginger. Those are some of my favorites and I have been scared to try canning on my own. :)

  56. Lori says

    I absolutely LOVE your site! We would use the canning kit for numerous foods! The possibilities are endless… tomatoes, pickled asparagus, pickled hot peppers, applesauce, grape juice, blackberry jam… mmmmmm!

  57. Laurena Read says

    PEACHES!APPLE SAUCE! PEARS! CHERRIES! DILL or BREAD & BUTTER PICKELS! I grew up canning w/ my Granny, canned w/ my children & now my eldest grandson is almost 2…never too young to appreciate the just picked taste of home canned foods or to pass on a piece of family heritage!!!

  58. says

    Wow! Such an easy, eggless ice cream recipe! And my favorite fruit flavors!!! Cherry and strawberry! Awesome. I’ll have to try this one day. Thank you so much

  59. kristen says

    I would can chicken and peaches. My friend cans chicken and tells me how easy and great it is to pull a bottle off the shelf when preparing dinner. It tastes much better than the canned chicken you buy at the store. I would also can the peaches that are ready to be picked from our tree. We’ve lived here 5 years and this is the first year our tree has actually produced lots of yummy peaches!

  60. Heidi says

    What would I preserve? Everything!
    Tomatoes, Applesauce, pie fillings, jams, grape juice, apricot nectar, pickles. As much produce as I can get my hands on!

  61. Christine says

    I have wanted to try canning for the past few years. I would can tomatoes and lots of salsa. I would also like to make some jams and jellies.

  62. Brenda says

    My family always canned and made jams and jellies, but I have never
    tried. It is about time I did. The strawberry ice cream looks
    wonderful. Love your cookbook.

  63. cammy says

    that ice cream looks incredible!!! i’m gonna try it ASAP!!!

    hmmm i’m not too much into canning but I would love to have those jars to store my green juices/smoothie!

  64. Darlene says

    I would love to try dill pickles again or homemade tomato sauce with tomatos right from the garden!

  65. Michelle says

    Love this set! Its almost apple season which means sugar free apple butter!!! I hope to be making and canning lots of this!

  66. says

    I am making this recipe right now…with blueberries, yum.
    I have been using the canning jars for storing everything since I saw the photo of your pantry. Great idea. Thanks!

  67. Laurie Benjamin says

    This is the first ice cream recipe I am going to try in my new ice cream maker. A friend gave me some homemade strawberry jam and I mentioned I would love to learn how to make my own homemade jam. She is going to be teaching a class early next year. This kit would be just what I need to start making my own homemade jam. Thanks, Elena for all your wonderful recipes.

  68. JL says

    I absolutely love coconut milk ice cream and am thinking about buying an ice cream maker so I can try your recipes.

    As for canning, I would love to try and make some jam and salsa. We planted an apple tree last year so when it comes to bear fruit, I would try and make apple butter!

  69. says

    I would make pickles!! I’ve been craving them but I haven’t found any without preservatives so this canning kit would be perfect!

  70. Lisa Graham says

    I love making homemade ice cream all different ways! I would love to can pickles and plum jelly like my grandmother did when I was a little girl! I haven’t tried canning on my own and look forward to getting started!

  71. Brenda says

    Dear Elana,
    I am having so much fun with your emails to me. I get to try so many of your recipes. So far, my husband’s favorite has been the flourless peanut butter cookies. I have flown to Seattle to visit my son and I am going to make them for him. What I would like to pickle from my garden is some zucchini. I, like everyone else I know, have a ton of it. Maybe even try it with agave instead of sugar. That would be awesome. Thank you so much for all you do. Brenda

  72. Gabreial says

    I would love this, we’d like to make pickles, applesauce, jalapenos, jam (looking for a honey only version, no sugar).

  73. says

    I love to make strawberry jam but will be experimenting with other fruits. I also just love using glass jars to keep my staples in – flours, spices, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, etc.

  74. Joan VanDewater says

    You inspired me. I’m finally going to get an ice cream maker and make my own coconut milk based non-dairy dessert. My boys are super excited to see it work.

    As for canning…last year I made jam for the first time. This year I’m doing a craft for our Mother’s of Preschoolers group putting together “Soup in a Jar” kits. I’d love to learn more about canning as my neighbor gives me tons of tomatoes.

  75. Kelly says

    elana to be more specific I am going to can:
    – pear and cardamom chutney
    – plum and anise jam with chia seeds
    – spicy eggplant and cumin relish

    I CANT WAIT !!!!

  76. Nikki says

    I am new to canning and am looking to start making my own pasta sauces and salsas!! My tomato and jalapeno plants are reaching their picking stages! Now, I need to figure this canning thing out :)

  77. Kelly says

    totally going to try out that recipe, along with some variations.
    I am also working on my site, cause you have inspired me. not a gluten free one, but one that is a creative outlet for my soul cooking/baking self. onto canning — well my mama canned all sorts of stuff and would love to carry that legacy onto my kids, so this is the year its going to happen!!! I am sure I will do jams and jellies, salsa’s and chutney’s thanks for your generosity!

  78. Becky Seay says

    Tomatoes and possibly pickled green bell peppers. And or, for storing spices and other bulk food items that I keep smaller quantities of. I currently use Gallon and 80 oz pickle jars for almond flour, oats and popcorn!

  79. Rebecca says

    I love to can leftovers from my garden. This kit looks handy as it would allow me to do smaller amounts instead of loading a whole kettle full of water and jars. Hope I win….:o)

  80. Sarah says

    My husband just bought me a much-coveted Vita Mix for my birthday and I am totally hooked – and so are my boys (ages 6 and 4 – they even watched the half hour demo video like it was made for them)! I wonder whether this ice cream recipe may be made solely on the frozen desserts setting of the Vita Mix professional? I am going to try it and, if it works, take it to a friend who recently had a baby (I am bringing her dinner this week and I think I will also bring her the chipotle chicken and cole slaw!).

    What would I can? That’s easy! I am almost having nightmares about how I am going to handle all of the produce from our garden. Canning is definitely the answer!

  81. Karey Smisek-Bachman says

    I can’t wait to try this ice cream. I bought the Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker attachment a long time ago and have yet to try it! It’s been in my deep freeze just waiting for a great recipe. I LOVE making jams and jellies and since I have a friend with an abundance of apple and plum trees, you can bet I’d like to can those!

  82. Nicole says

    I have the most amazing wild blackberries growing outside my back door right now… I am dying to make a agave sweetened blackberry jam. I have never canned before, so I’m a bit nervous… I love the idea of a “kit” to guide you along!

  83. says

    My sister recently had to give up eating wheat and I was so excited to share this website with her – thanks! I would can salsa since my family loves our homemade version so much.

  84. Rachelle says

    Recipe looks fantastic! Can’t wait to try it

    As for the canning giveaway: Pickles! I love pickles and would love to be able to make my own. Then maybe graduate up to tomatoes and jam

  85. Stacy P says

    Hi Elana,

    Thank you so much. After being tested and finding out of many food sensitivities I felt hopeless. It wasn’t long after that I found your site and felt as though I had won the lottery.

    I have your cookbook and have made almost everything in it!

    Thank you again!

  86. says

    I’ve never canned or jarred anything before but I always lived on the East Coast where you could really find anything you wanted. I recently moved to the Midwest which also coincided with a major diet change (went Primal) and spent the last day or so researching how to jar and can because OMG IT WILL BE WINTER SOON AND WHAT WILL I EAT?!?! Ha! We live off food from the Farmer’s markets and not having access to that fresh local food is freaking me out!!

  87. Laura says

    I’ve been wanting to do some canning, bit don’t know where to start! I would probably do peaches, applesauce, and maybe some tomatoes.

  88. Eryn Jones says

    We have just moved into a home that has a lovely 100 year old grape vine just outside our kitchen window. However, besides juicing, these little vine ripened grapes are not good for much else besides making jam or jelly due to their numerous seeds. I love seedy preserves or jams! This is my number one canning priority this year :)

  89. Nancy says

    Yum, yum, coconut milk ice cream is dreamy and so easy to make!!

    I use canning jars for jam and pickles and pesto. But I also use them by the dozens to store just about everything in my pantry from beans to dried fruit to nuts to sea salt.

  90. Jackie Marchetti says

    My mother has a huge apple tree that is already drooping with apples. We will be canning ALOT this year and I would love this kit.

    Thank you,

  91. Kim says

    Yummy!!!!, I will be making blackberry and wild sand plum jelly, from my recent berry picking escapade…can’t wait….

  92. Kieran says

    I’m planning to try my hand at canning this year and Want to attempt a Stevia sweetened Strawberry Jam.

    also if that happens to fail I’ll use the jars to store my own spices mixes and soup mixes

  93. Grace says

    I’ve never tried canning before. I would like to try salsa & pickles!

    The ice cream recipe looks yummy.

  94. Sacha says

    This year I really want to make hot pepper jelly. Last year I took my first foray into jam and roasted peppers, but didn’t get around to making this jelly recipe that I have been eying. Maybe with the right tools I would be able to get all of it accomplished!

  95. Joelle says

    Yummy, another ice cream to try. I have made a Strawberry Vanilla one (cannot remember if it was yours or not = ). So far all I have used mason jars for is organizing my spice and herb cabinet. Maybe it is time to figure out canning so I know where my food came from and I don’t use the cans that are lined with BPH (and so on). Since I have been on a kick about how our country was founded on independence, and we have become so dependent on other things and other ways, and are not responsible for ourselves – this could be a good place to start.

  96. Adrienne says

    I would be putting nuts and seeds in them so that I could store them in the fridge. I read an article from Roostblog that talked about how nuts and seeds spoil easily, and when you place them in the fridge they last longer and stay healthier for you.
    I might also like to use the kit for it’s purpose stated, and maybe learn how to can a few vegetables.

  97. Danielle K says

    I’ve never canned before but would love to start! My first attempt would be tomatoes, as long as I can keep my husband from eating all of them first!

  98. says

    How neat I have not seen this kit before!

    I would be preserving Tomatoes and my kids want me to make pickles.

    anaturalprocess at

  99. Natalie says

    YUMMY recipe!! I use canning jars regularly…for freezing green juice, smoothies, nuts, seeds…also storing things like rice, quinoa, oats etc. I can’t wait to learn canning someday too!! I don’t know what I would do without my jars! Thanks for the awesome giveaway:)

  100. Jenn Otto says

    Hi! I just bought (and received) your book on amazon and was excited when I read you have a blog, so here I am! This ice cream looks amazing and it’s so much better when it’s homemade!

    The canning kit looks great – I’ve never canned before but I’ve been thinking about it for a few years now – just haven’t had the guts to do it! We’re planning a raspberry picking trip this week, so I guess I’d start with some homemade raspberry preserves! Thanks for all the great recipes – and if anyone hasn’t already bought your book – I HIGHLY recommend it!

  101. Megan says

    Fresh peaches- definitely peaches! We are enjoying them so – coming home from the Farmers’ Market dripping with peach juice running down the faces of our littles- 1 & 1/2 and 2 & 1/2. The ice cream may be in order this week as well! Thanks, Elana for all of the great recipes- you never disappoint! :)

  102. Julie Leemkuil says

    I am vegan for health reasons (previously pre-diabetic, but now that I’m vegan my counts are all normal! Yay!) and have become an avid backyard organic gardener. My husband is a chef so he cooks up all sorts of wonderful meals. He also conducts vegan cooking classes at our local food co-op. We belong to our local CSA because we eat a lot of veggies & fruits! We would love be able to learn all about canning; so far we have just frozen soups and tomato sauces. With all the bounty of the summer garden, it would be wonderful to be able to can my homegrown beans and tomatoes, plus the delicious peaches and other goodies from the local farmer’s market. We are going to try your Peach Crisp tonight! Looks delish!

  103. Erica Dinner says

    Year of firsts for me – got a plot at my community garden and planted for the first time ever – The kit is called a ‘discovery kit’ and that is exactly what I would use it for, to discover the world of canning/jarring – not quite sure what I would try out from my garden quite yet.
    But I LOVE icecream and as part of my Ironman training, have been eating the ‘Paleo’ way since February, so this recipe is a definite for me and will make this post race.
    Thanks for all your great recipes

  104. Rebekah says

    How spectacular- I just pulled my ice cream maker out of the attic today! This is going to be the first thing I make. Thank you!
    I’d make some yogurt in those canning jars!!! That basket looks so perfect for that as well!

  105. Stacy says

    What wouldn’t I can? We’ve been U-Picking at our local farm and I’d love to can peaches, tomatoes and any and all items able to be canned. My boys would LOVE to help and watch, and it’d sure become a post on our family blog!

  106. Anna says

    I like to make preserves, so with the peach festival coming up, I’d probably make some peach preserves and can that. Our neighbors have a crabapple tree that we want to make preserves from too!

  107. Sharon says

    Ive never canned anythong before but Id love to try. Id love to make homemade jams and garden tomato sauce. Oh and applesauce and pumpkins in the fall!

  108. says

    I have been learning about canning tomatoes- we have the promise of so many tomatoes each year, but they never seem to pan out. This year, I moved the plants and they love it. We’ll have more tomatoes than we can eat this summer! So I’m looking forward to learning how to can them. :)

  109. Jill says

    I have fibromyalgia and gluten intolerance and have been developing a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family. We started growing a garden this spring and I would love to can some vegetables from it, as well as some seasonal veggies and fruits. I have never canned, but I know it would be a step in the right direction of health consciousness. I keep my almond flour in the canning jars I have thanks to your advice! Your website is amazing!

  110. Alana Ronningen says

    I’d make jam and salsa. My MIL has a raspberry patch and apple trees, another friend has a plum tree. I get all the extra fruit to make jam with and they get jars of yummy jam in return.

  111. Sue says

    I have a Jocote (Hog Plum) tree in my backyard. The fruit is about the size of a large olive – has a huge pit in the center and tastes like a cross between a plum and a mango. Deliciously tropical – a native tree of Nicaragua. I pick the fruits as they ripen and freeze them immediately until I have enough to make a batch of jam. Elana’s site has inspired me to try to make my jam this year with agave syrup. Would love to preserve the jam with the canning kit! :o)

  112. Karen says

    ooooh! the wild blackberries are coming into season here. I would use these to teach my yound daughters how to make blackberry jam.

  113. Nicole Sherwood says

    First, rhubarb jam. This summer, the giant leaves make great toddler and kinder-sized “fans”. I think my two would also really enjoy the taste of the rosy jam all year! Also, I would like to preserve the volunteer acorn and spaghetti squash in our front bed. Any ideas?

  114. Lilanya Carl says

    I just recently got engaged and for our wedding gift for our friends and family I plan making homemade blackberry jam. I’m gathering up my 3 brothers to help me pick all of the blackberries. I plan on using honey and agave to sweeten it. My Mom used to make the best canned jams and pickles. I’ve never tried canning before but I’ll have my fiances mothers help and my mom as well.

  115. says

    I have been picking blueberries for the last couple of weekends. I would love to try canning blueberries. I’ve always put them in the freezer. Today I am trying the dehydrator with a batch. Homemade & canned blueberry pie filling. Nothing could be better. I love to preserve food. Zucchini, tomatoes, apples, cherries… I always feel like I’ve accomplished something great when we “put up” our garden’s bounty. :O)

  116. Christina Savage says

    I made your strawberry vanilla coconut milk ice cream recently and it was fantastic. My toddler loved it. I didn’t have my ice cream machine prepped to use so I just made it the old fashioned way and it was super easy. If I won the giveaway, I’d probably experiment with making homemade salsa and dill pickles, and enjoying them all year round. I would also use any extra jars for storage for my dried fruits, nuts, etc.

  117. LeeAnn says

    yummy ice cream! Oh canning! I used to can everything from fruit through veggies all summer long anywhere from 700 to 1000 quarts a summer. I think I need to start up again. Last year I helped my oldest learn how to do applesauce and tomatoes for her own household. My favorite is canned cherries!

  118. Hilary says

    Since moving to Colorado from England, I can’t wait for August to arrive for the amazing Colorado peaches. I have never canned before, and would LOVE to be able to can some peaches for the dark days of winter!

  119. says

    I have always wanted to can. My great grandmother made jams, jellies, sauce, tomatoes, pickles, cherries, you name it. My husband and I have been wanting to get a canning set for a while now and want to do it together. I just got an ice cream maker so I think that your recipe will be desert this weekend!

  120. Liane says

    My goal is to feed my family of four from our garden year round, so canning will be a must. This set would be perfect to start, so i don’t need to jampack the freezer so much:)

  121. Katie Squires says

    My son makes homemade salsa with ingredients he grows in the garden. It’s the perfect compliment to gf tortilla chips!

  122. Amanda Dilday says

    Strawberry jam, blackberry jam, homemade tomato sauce, and my Grandmother’s sweet relish. Mmmm…

  123. Staci says

    Tomatoes!!! And any other yummy goodies I can find at the farmer’s market. Thanks for the opportunity!

  124. says

    Last year I entered into the world of canning with fruit butter. All of the ones I tried were a success. I definitely want to keep up this new tradition for inexpensive Christmas gifts. I may try freezer jam too.

  125. says

    Peach jam, lots of applesauce, peach chutney….and whatever other goodies catch my fancy at the farmer’s market! Thanks for the great recipe – may give it a try this afternoon. It’s been over 100 degrees here in New Mexico this week!

  126. says

    I have a summer garden and as I live in MN and our winters are cold preserving the summer garden is essential. If I won the canning set I would can tomatoes (right now I dehydrate and use lots of dried tomatoes)and I love spicy pickled green beans and pickled okra is the only way to eat okra, so they would be the next in the pot.

    I love your GF recipes and the Gluten Free Almond Flour cookbook has almost every page dog eared. I think my very favorite is the chocolate crusted pecan pie. It is fabulous and loved by all. Thanks Elana.

  127. Melissa says

    What a great giveaway! I haven’t canned since I was a kid but my Mom is coming to help me can tomatoes and maybe some other fruit in August. Going to say goodbye to the BPA in canned tomatoes! (We used to go to her sisters’ house and can tomatoes for an entire day when I was a kid. It was hard work (all that acid on your hands would sting!) but I have great memories of those times. I was home last week and my Mom pulled out her 1962 copy of Ball’s Blue Book of home canning and food preserving — lots of good info in there, and we’re going to work on making blueberry preserves for my son. Looking forward to canning with my Mom again and this set would start us off right.

  128. Katie O'Dea-Horne says

    I’ve never tried this, but my husbands family is going to be teaching me this summer with different fruits and vegetables. This gift would be great to show up ready for the lessons prepared!!! They laugh at me that I’m such a city girl. I moved down to SC from NY. Thank you for this opportunity!

  129. Nancy says

    Yum, this ice cream sounds delicious. I’d love to make it but do not have an ice cream maker. I just put a query into the forum section about whether anyone has a recommendation for a cheaper ice cream maker than the one Elana recommends, as I doubt I’ll make it more than a few times a year.

    If I had the canning kit, I would can some summer sunshine to eat during cold, dark winter days here in Massachusetts. Peaches. Blueberries and other berries. Tomatoes. I’m tempted to try jams though don’t know of any great recipes without sugar. I know it’s do-able. Anyone have any recommendations?

  130. Angela Banning says

    I am excited to try this ice cream – I would really like to try to go completely dairy free so this will be helpful.
    As for the canning. I love making my own soup stocks and soups. Right now I freeze them but would reallyl ike to start canning and the kit would be a great help to getting me started. I am also growingm y own tomatoes and strawberries so homemade salsa and preserves would make the canning list too!

  131. Pat Thames says

    I would like to enter for the canning kit. The green basket will be a wonderful, safe help.

    I will be canning Pear Marmalade. It is good with meat or on breads.

    Your recipes inspire me to experiment with Almond flour. Several members of my family cannot eat foods containing gluten. You inspire me to explore new possibiblities. Thank you, Pat

  132. Heather says

    Elana, thanks for another great recipe! The canning kit looks exciting! I would love to can some garden fresh tomato sauce, corn, pickles, and beets :)

  133. Cynthia Ballinger says

    I would love to win this canning starter set. My mother canned all my life and with 6 children and two adults it kept us with these wonderful foods all my life. My youngest daughter is canning and I would love to start. I am so much more interested in food since being diagnosed with several auto immune disease 4 years ago. I also have a wheat allergy so thank you for the recipe and hope to find out more about you Elana!

  134. Julie says

    I can’t wait to try this one out! With organic coconut milk..Yum…Yum!!
    Your website has helped me learn more about food than I thought was possible! I have 3 children, 2 with celiac and 1 with a gluten intolerence. I’m always curious where your inspiration comes from, but thats always a given when you have kids and enjoy good food! Keep up the great work. Even after 5 years of baking and experimenting I’m still learning. I love that I have your recipes as a resource.

    Julie Carey

  135. says

    i’ve been really interested in canning for a while- i think probably this summer’s tomatoes as well as maybe peaches? any of the fruit we end up picking in abundance…

  136. Monika H says


    Great giveaway!
    I would be storing things like goji berries, cacao powder or black beans.

  137. StavrosJK says

    Hi there…first post. Great site, can’t wait to get the cookbook I just ordered.

    As far as canning, not sure if it can be done, but I’d like to can/preserve my homemade salsa…it’s awesome! If not that, then I’d make my own strawberry jelly!

  138. says

    Tomato sauces. I’ve planted 13 different heirloom variety tomatoes (from large size to cherry) in my back yard and I’ve started making reduced tomato sauces with a little dry wine for use in salsas and marinara sauces.
    In case I’m allowed a second, I would say a few jars of blueberry lavendar jam. To top your wonderful pancakes.

  139. Lee says

    Kind of a cool way to take jars out of the water bath with the Canning discovery kit…the old time way was in a metal rack. For all you soon to be canning people, the kit runs about 12 or 13 dollars for the pint size jars…totally affordable…I call my friends and ask it they were using their canning supplies and sometimes I would get lucky and just borrow from my friends…now if only I could find a Vitamix to borrow!!!

  140. Tasha Enright says

    Oooooo….I can’t wait to try this recipe! My daughter has an intolerance for dairy and so I have been doing a lot of things with almond and coconut milk. I was wondering if I could make ice cream in our ice cream maker with the coconut milk, and now I know I can! Thank you, you are such a pioneering cook in this field, I love it! (And no, I’m not just trying to butter you up for the giveaway :) Which, btw, is an awesome idea.
    This summer we finally have a real veggie garden and I am so excited to learn how to do canning to preserve our beautiful garden’s bounty.
    Thank you again for all you do and create, my family’s tummies, tastebuds, and health appreciate it!

  141. Heather Paullus says

    I honestly haven’t canned before, but have been wanting to! Probably try a few different things to see what I like the best, but definitely do a couple pizza sauces.

  142. Judy says

    I have put up alot of tomatoes-vegetables and meat in the past but now that there is only one of me, it is harder to put up such large batch. I also made some really delicate choke cherry jelly.My birthday is on the 26th and I would really like to win and use the kit to put up some zucchini.

  143. Randi says

    I would put a vote in for a chocolate cherry ice cream recipe. And any
    other chocolate recipes of different kinds. I’m not a lover of vanilla
    ice cream, so have only made the strawberry, and chocolate is mine
    (and most folks I know) favorite, so some varieties of chocolate ice cream recipes would be greatly appreciated! :-) Thanks!

    And thanks again for your website, I have recommended it and your book to lots of people.

  144. Judy Smith says

    I’ll be digging out my ice cream maker and making this for sure.

    I love to can anything I can get my hands on. This would sure come in handy.
    My husband and I visit the farmers market every Saturday morning to get the very freshest veggies and fruits in season they have to offer. I can’t wait to visit your website each week to see what new recipe you have been working on. I have your cookbook and use it every weekend.

  145. Monique says

    Ooohh…too bad I gave my ice cream maker away last year. Sounds tasty!

    I love to can – I’ve got access to a pear to tree coming into season, so I’d use it to can whole pears…and peaches…and maybe one of these days I’ll try my hand at pickles!


  146. meredith says

    I’ve been seeing a few recipes for jams and jellies preserved with honey and non-white sugar options. I’d definitely give those a try!

  147. Liz N says

    I have never canned before but have always wanted to can some peaches, salsa, and make my own preserves. With peach season coming up here in Colorado, I’d love to use this kit to preserve my own peaches! Thanks for the chance to win!

  148. Carla says

    These jars are fantastic! I love these type of jars for storing all of my seeds, nuts, dried fruit etc. It beats all of the toxic plastic storage containers.

  149. says

    I’d love to give these a go with some fruit – I love summer fruits but they are gone so quickly. Some nice mixed berries would go don a treat, or maybe some sliced pears with cinnamon and amaretto! Yummy on cold Winter nights.

  150. Mia says

    Thanks for this ice cream recipe. My partner and I have just purchased a Gelato maker. We are looking forward to trying different vegan recipes. I’ve added this one to our list.

    I had my first Ball canning experience this year. I have been brewing FlorEssence detox tea for myself and my family. The pint size Ball’s would be helpful, since I usually end up with 6.5 quarts of liquid each time I brew up two boxes of FlorEssence tea. And the jar lifter would be a fabulous help.

  151. hotdomesticmess says

    I’m getting married 5 weeks from today, and I’m determined to use that as a fresh start for becoming more functional in the kitchen!!! I would LOVE to be able to make raspberry or peach preserves, and this fall and winter I’m committed to making big batches of soup and freezing them. If my canning goals fall short, I can certainly freeze soup in the jars :)

  152. Sarah says

    I would use the canning equipment to can homemade grape juice made with freshly picked NY concord grapes and sweetened with home-harvested honey instead of sugar. And I would also preserve some salsa…

  153. Jenna says

    Oh that is SO cool!! I have been wanting a preserving kit!! I would go preserve crazy! :) First, I want to preserve jam made simply with fresh fruit, agave and lemon juice! Strawberry jam, blueberry jam and apricot jam all sound delicious right now. I love cool jam on a toasted piece of Elana’s nutty bread :). I’ve also been craving pickles! I would love to preserve some juicy, crunchy homemade pickles.

    Thank you for the opportunity, Elana!

  154. Christina Jensen says

    I am very much interested in taking advantage of the wonderful peaches that we have in Colorado and canning them so we can enjoy them year round. I’ve never canned before so getting the starter kit would leave me no excuses.

    Thanks for the great website! I am a regular visitor!

  155. aziza says

    I used the same recipe to make chocolate ice cream, definitely I will try the strawberry one.

    I Use those jars to preserve lemons and hot peppers.

    have a great day and thanks for all your efforts.

  156. Shane says

    My wife has been wanting to can for quite some time. She has not been able to get her hands on anything to do it with. It would be awesome if she could start.

  157. marychrysa says

    I am signed up for a salsa canning class through the CSU extension. These supplies would help me get started making my own at home. My son has recently discovered apple butter, so that would be next on the list – using a canning share from our local CSA of course. Thanks!

  158. Melissa says

    These jars would be perfect for me to soak my nuts and seeds in. Love your recipes, especially the ice cream recipes for this time of year. Like you, I cannot do dairy, so thank you for these awesome recipes!

  159. John says

    Awesome website. Love the cool recipes.

    I grew up watching my mom and Grandma can nearly everything that came out of their (large) gardens, but like most typical kids from that time, I didn’t want it if it didn’t come prepackaged from the store. Now that I’m an adult and responsible for my own household, I’ve gained a new respect for the versatility and frugality of canning your own goods. Diced tomatoes, stewed tomatoes, salsa, green beans, soup beans, vegetable soup base, and whole potatoes are just some of the things I’ve tried. I regularly talk to my mom to get new ideas.

  160. Kathy says

    This kit looks like a great way for a beginner (like me) to get started. I would love to preserve the ample raspberries and saskatoons in my fridge right now! Thanks for all your recipes Elana!

  161. Crysta says

    We always can peaches, pears, applesauce, and whatever is leftover from the garden. Last year our garden produced over 60 cucumbers so I canned lemon rosemary garlic pickles! YUM! We look forward to enjoying summer fruits all winter, thanks to canning!

  162. Sarah L. says

    I swore this was the summer I was going to start canning. I wanted to start with asparagus in the spring but now that will have to wait until next year. So, I think my number one for this year would be cucumbers or some kind of fruit preserve, probably peaches.

  163. Ashlee says

    Tis the season for canning. I am overflowing in the garden and I have been thinking if pickling some green beans. I have never had them before but I thought it could be fun :)

  164. Sheila says

    Every year my husband and I spend days canning salsa, green beans, making pesto and pickling. We love it.

  165. Mary Kay says

    I love ice cream but being lactose intolerant I don’t get to indulge. This looks great. I’ve been storing everything in glass jars and glass containers as I have gotten rid of all my plastic. The more we learn about how our advances are hurting us the more we need to go back to the way our parents did things. Thanks for all your work and information you share with us.

  166. Lana says

    I just got back into canning and love to win this set. My neighbor’s japanese plum tree was loaded and I made plum butter, yummy. Also, what kind of ice cream maker do others recommend that doesn’t take salt and is easy to use?

  167. Frieda says

    Thanks for you great recipes!

    I’d love to have some new canning equipment for canning tomatoes, beets,and pickles.

  168. Kristen says

    This set would kick off my goal I set for myself to can foods from my own little container garden and fruit bearing trees. I would make jalapeno, and strawberry plum jam, apple butter, tomato sauce, and pickled peppers and cucumbers. There is even an apricot tree at the local community farm here in Fort Collins, and they are allowing me to pick some amazing apricots to make preserves. I had no idea they could grow in Colorado! Wish me luck on this daring endeavor.

  169. Fran Danner says

    I make sugar-free jam every year – peach, blackberry, and strawberry! The Ball basket is a great idea. Currently, I water bathe the jars in a large pot with a towel on the bottom. The basket would greatly improve the ease of giving my jams the water bath they deserve! Thanks for promoting such a handy tool.

    Fran Danner

  170. Janet says

    As an urban apartment dweller I do not have the room to store a huge canner nor lots of quart sized canned goods. This kit interests me because it is small and looks like it will work with my large soup pot. I would use it to preserve half pint jams for gifts (and winter treats for myself!), and small batches of tomatoes in pint jars to use for winter sauces and stews.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a great product. (And for your great blog!)

  171. Julia says

    This ice cream looks great. My oldest is having a birthday soon and I think she will love this.

    I have never canned, but would love to learn how.

  172. JessicaE says

    I am expecting a rather large harvest of tomatoes and peppers from my garden and I am hoping to be able to can fresh salsa. That way, I can have some summer freshness in the middle of the winter! This canning set would most definitely come in handy!

  173. Liesl says

    I love your website! Thank YOU!!! My garden is producing more cucumbers than I can turn into salads, so I’m going to have to make some pickles!

  174. Rita says

    I like to make gift jars (with healthy foods/snacks in mind) with dry ingredients and the recipe for finishing the food! Also this speeds up things in my own kitchen, but its more fun to give away!

  175. says

    Hi Elana – I would make salsa with these jars – I think they’ll arrive just in time for salsa-making season! I can’t wait. I would also store grains or salad dressings in them. I love putting homemade dressing in canning jars. Easy to shake and pour! Thanks so much.

  176. Kim says

    Elana, this looks delicious! I’d can something from the garden – tomatoes or peppers. Pickles perhaps?

  177. Jamie C. says

    I would make fresh garden salsa, with the bounty from my garden, for my family with the canning kit.

  178. Alisha White says

    I have never canned anything before, for actual fear of trying it, and lack of tools necessary to do it. I would absolutely love to can marinara sauce, pizza sauce, jams, vegetables, soups, etc. You name it, I have thought about how great it would be to can it! I could really use this kit! It would be so nice to enjoy yummy veggies in the winter instead of buying frozen ones!

  179. Carol Dawkins-Jones says

    I would love to win this set to store all my seeds and nuts in glass! I would also like to learn to can… for the winter!

  180. says

    I have recently had this desire to try making pickled watermelon rind, so that’s what I would can first.

    After that, I would definitely make a huge batch of summer-fresh tomato sauce, so I can have a taste of summer when winter hits and I’m wishing I could just bite into a ripe, juicy red tomato. Yum!

  181. Holly says

    My grandma used to can, and I’ve always wanted to as well. I’d can soups, tomatoes, pickles, apples, peaches, cherries, and strawberries. My overflowing freezer would thank me for it!

  182. says

    This ice cream sounds delicious! The canning kit looks wonderful. I’ve never done home canning but have always wanted to make my own preserves. For now I store all of my grains and flours in canning jars

  183. Mary says

    Ice cream recipe looks so good. Can’t wait to try it.

    I live about 10 minutes from Fruit orchards. Starting in June with Strawberries then cherries, peaches and end the season with apples.
    I can strawberry jam, peaches, pears and apples. Just started last year so I am looking forward to trying new things this year. Would LOVE to win since I don’t have any canning stuff of my own. A group of us girls get together and have so much fun together peeling, slicing and boiling :0) then we have some yummy treats to enjoy through the winter.

  184. says

    Can’t wait to try your easy ice cream recipe! Our peach tree is full of ripe fruit that would make delicious peach ice cream. The canning kit would come in handy immediately. My garden is overflowing with cucumbers just waiting to become pickles. Thanks!

  185. ann says

    Love the coco cream recipe. Can’t wait to make some!

    I would use the canning equipment for putting up wild grape and plum jelly, canning pickles and zucchini relish, and even attempting to finally put up tomato sauce. I am hesitant about tomatoes but the freezer space is limited here!

  186. says

    I can’t wait to try it, it looks SO yummy! I’ve never canned before, so if I win I’ll start with something easy like … apples or grapes. I’ve really wanted to start canning and I don’t have any equipment! My fingers are crossed ;0)

  187. Charlie Buchanan says

    We’d definitely be canning salsa and spaghetti sauce made from the veggies in the garden!

    Great giveaway!


  188. Jennifer says

    I have never canned before, but was seriously considering trying this year, but don’t know where to start! I’ve been trying new things…and I even grind my own almond flour to save myself $3 a lb!

    I was considering starting with Paliside peaches, maybe some rhubarb if it cans well, and homemade applesauce. My great-great aunt used to make a phenonmal chunky applesauce and I want to try to do it.

  189. Karina says

    I would like to use this preserving kit to store goodies such as jams, homeade kimchi, saurkraut, and maybe even some homeade nutella!

  190. says

    That canning kit is great! My Mom and pickle about 30 jars of spicy green beans every summer. We use tongs to remove them from the hot water, and we always tend to lose one. That little contraption would be perfect!

  191. Lucinda says

    I plan to can lots of tomatoes this year. Never done that before. Hope also to make some raspberry jam with all the berries we grew this year.

  192. Jennifer Pfeiffer says

    The ice cream recipe looks fantastic. I was just planning on searching your site for a dairy free ice cream recipe as this one popped up in my inbox. Yeah.

    I’d love to can rasperry jam like my grandma and aunt used to do. It was such a treat to have when we visited with them.

  193. Jennifer Eyring says

    I would can pickle relish, and bread-and-butter pickles first, while the summer bounty of cucumbers is in full swing. After that, perhaps some fruit preserves or jams.

  194. Jennifer says

    Hi! Love the great recipe ideas and the pickling kit, I am growing my own garden this year so making pickles, relish, pasta sauce, ketchup, and whatever else I can think of! Need to have clean food for my kiddo’s with allergies and so it will be a busy fall! Looking forward to more recipes!

  195. Madonna L. Cramer says

    I a going to try this recipe for my very food allergic friend. I want to make something she can eat at my home that she didn’t have to bring herself.

    I would love to learn to can…I have cucumbers that would be excellent jars of pickles.

  196. says

    Well, some of my canning supplies were hand me downs when I was married in 1977 and are well used. I am fascinated with the new silicone muffin pans, but was really surprised to see it in the picture of the canner.

    My goal this summer is to experiment and create the fantastic pickled chow-chow that my grandmother made when I was a young girl.

  197. Alicia White says

    Can’t wait to try this recipe, Elana! Looks great!

    I’d can pickles and salsa… using produce from my garden. First year for gardening too.

  198. Shannon says

    This recipe looks delicious, I can’t wait to try it.

    I’d can some of the tomatoes my mom has growing in the back!

  199. alicia thomsen says

    mmm, yum. i just altered your strawberry ice cream recipe with both frozen and fresh cherries, dark chocolate pieces, too! thanks for your continual ingenuity and inspiration. would love that canning starter set!:)

  200. says

    I would most definetly make naturally sweetened jam to preserve the many sweet berries and peaches that are currently in abundace! Thanks for the opportunity to win the canning set!

  201. says

    I would use the canning kit to can peaches, green beans, home made soup and tomatoes. I’ve never canned before but I want to learn so that I can feed my three sons a healthy diet.

  202. Miareeva says

    This ice cream looks amazing!
    I want to try my hand at blueberry jam this year – so that’s what I would put in those jars :)

  203. Stacey says

    I would love to learn more about canning, since I can’t say I’ve ever done it before. But, I think these would make great gifts during the holidays when filled with gluten-free, organic mixes for baking and drinking.

  204. Cathy E. says

    I would definately be pickling string beans…done that before. Also want to try canning pickles, zucchini relish and pears.

  205. says

    I plan on canning milk this year. I raise and milk my own milk goats and I hate not getting milk from them for a couple of months every winter. My plan is to remedy that by canning. I love your recipes, by the way. I look forward to my RSS feed every day!

  206. Melissa says

    I love cherries, looks like a yummy ice cream.

    Speaking of cherries, I would make cherry jam, and probably a cherry conserve, and whatever else cherry I can find. I just bought 30 lbs of cherries, they are in the freezer now, so I need to be able to preserve them!

  207. Karen R says

    I’m always looking for dairy-free, soy-free ice cream recipes, keep them coming! I’d love to can tomatoes, since I keep hearing to stay away from the commercially canned tomatoes.

  208. Dawn says

    Love all your recipes! Made the no flour brownies today, AMAZING!!! I have been making ice cream with coconut milk for awhile but didn’t think to use almond flavoring with the vanilla f. Will try this recipe! I have canned very little in my life but am trying to do it more. I use these cans for storing lots of things in the cupboard and fridge. When I make more yogurt, I put the rest of it in the jars so I can make more!!! Keep up with all the recipes!!!!!

  209. Paula Mair says

    Cherry is my husbands favorite. We’ll try this for sure. Your recipes and website have been a life saver. It can be so discouraging to look at things as what I can NOT have anymore, but you and your website make me realize the whole food world is in front of me…well…and behind. ;) Thanks, Elana!

  210. Sheryl says

    I will be canning salsa, pears, and pickles. I usually make salsa a few times as people are always trying to give away their tomatoes at the end of the summer….can’t wait!! I am planning on doing pizza sauce too…first time for that!

  211. Kathy Harriott says

    I would love to make some canned peaches and spiced apples. Being able to have delicious fruit when they are not at their peak is wonderful.

  212. Kris says

    Last year was my first year canning. I canned tomatoes and made jam from wild grapes and berries. This year I’ll do the same and may expand to peaches.

  213. says

    New to canning as of last summer I made pickles, stewed tomatoes, jams, applesauce and more. Over the winter I loved being able to open a jar and taste the little bit of summer I’d captured there!

    I’m excited to have discovered you on FB and look forward to trying many of your Gluten Free recipes!

    Thanks for all your hard work!
    Lynda Swink

  214. says

    I’d love to make jam. My MIL has been eager to teach me; all I need are the supplies :-)

    Now I’m thinking I REALLY need an ice cream maker, too! This sounds so, so good! Any suggestions on which ice cream maker is best?

  215. Adele says

    I would love to start canning like my Grandmother did every year. She had a wonderful cold cellar stocked with jars of so many things from her garden for winter use. I would especially like to start with tomatoes and peaches.

  216. Amy Broderick says

    I was just thinking…I’d love to see some healthy canning recipes from you…Also a vanilla coconut ice cream recipe. Love your recipes. Your site is my FAVE!

  217. Sunny B says

    We use coconut milk for most of our deserts (perfect replacement to ensure food is safe for my daughter who is allergic to milk). Absolutely decadent in pudding recipes, I can only immagine how yummy this will be! Definately time to pull out the ice cream maker, thank you for another WONDERFUL idea!

  218. MaryBeth Matthews says

    This recipe sounds wonderful, especially since it uses frozen fruit. It could be made year round!

    I would like to can sauces I’ve been making with our local fruit here in Sedona, such as peaches and apricots. It’s a great way to taste summer in the middle of winter!

    Thanks, Elana.

  219. Jamie says

    Jams…. Apple pie in a jar… Pasta and pizza sauces… Tomatoes… Mmmm, so much goodness to preserve!!!

  220. Mary says

    I’d love to can some peaches this year. They taste so much better than any canned peaches from the store.

  221. Ruth Evans says

    I have enjoyed your web site so very much and have used many of your recipes, thank you. Being someone that cannot do any type of sweetner unless it is “Ideal”, I finally found this one works for me and substitue it in many of your recipes. My son is diabetic and he is able to use this product with success as long as I don’t fix him anything with to many Carbs.

    My question is have you ever experimented with this non sweetner in your baking? I do find it works on some recipes and some it does not.
    Just wondering. Thanks again, appreciate you. Ruth

  222. Cynthia M. says

    I love to can jellies (especially from the blackberries that we grow). I also would love to can more peppers and tomatoes this year. This canning kit looks so nice…I have to borrow my mom’s canning supplies!

    Love your recipes!

  223. says

    I would love to learn how to can/preserve but I have been so intimidated about starting! I want to start my own online business selling salsas, but I need to get over the fear first :)

  224. Rebecca says

    Pickles! My grandmother gave me three recipes for pickles that I remember eating at her house when I was a kid. I’d stock my pantry with many jars of pickles…and maybe give a couple away.

    And when I get my ice cream maker I’m definitely making this recipe!

  225. says

    I admit it… I have a major mason jar problem. I’m addicted. I love them. I store all of my gluten-free flours, pastas, and homemade dressings in them. I bottle my own kombucha, and I use them as to-go cups for iced tea. I feel like a collector! I would love to win this canning kit. I’ve been trying to talk myself into making pickles and canning veggies for a while now.

  226. Emilie says

    I think we’re all in agreement…we all scream for your icecream!

    I’ve never canned before, but would love to do it. But I just have to be realistic- the very first thing I would use those jars for would be vintage buttons! I collect and make wine charms and jewerly out of vintage buttons, and there is nothing better than a beautiful set of jars to display them in. :)

    But I also would start with salsa I think when I have a bit of time to start canning. My mother-in-law said she would love to teach me. And I’m amazed at the vinegar & sugar in commercial salsas…I need it without both. So homemade will be the way to go.

  227. Ellen F says

    Would love to start canning – do cultured veggies – but that involves no actual canning, would love to start with appleauce this fall, usually I freeze it, but run out of freezer space and would love to start canning it!

  228. Veronica says

    have never canned but thought about it many times. i think i would start out and make strawberry-rhubarb jam. :)

  229. says

    Well, it’s already too late for the peaches, but I think some pluot fruit spread would be lovely. I want to make some pear sauce, as well. Yum!

  230. Kate B. says

    I’ve been making freezer jams and fruit sauces in the last few months — a batch of plums from the farmer’s market got me started — and I would love to have that canning set so that I could do some actual preserving. I’d also like to make good dill pickles.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  231. Linda says

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! Yum!

    I would can tomatoes in the jars…if our garden produces extra. :) I love the garden fresh tomatoes.

  232. Tanya says

    Oh I would love to learn how to can and preserve fruits/ veggies. I just started an organic co-op and this would be a good way for us to preserve the extras. Thank you for sharing.-

  233. Cathy says

    I am just starting to can this year, but am sticking with the easy stuff: peaches, and pickles! I am waffling on trying to can my own tomato sauce from my garden tomatoes, or just wimping out and storing it in the freezer after I make it. I love the idea of canning and not using energy to store food. Last year I had more tomatoes than we could eat and they got composted…I’d like to not waste any this year! Elana, love the website and your cookbook- I do not have celiacs disease, but like the way I feel when I cut way back on sugar and gluten, so your recipes are awesome!!! Cathy from Ault, CO

  234. says

    I made coconut milk ice cream the other day with homemade coconut milk. I have to try this!

    To tell you the truth, I’ve never preserved anything, but I would like to make my own strawberry jams, pickled okras from the garden and would love jars to store homemade sauerkraut.

  235. Marie says

    Ooh, such great summer treats to cool off! I look forward to trying this ice cream & the chocolate cherry flavor.

    As for the canning kit, I would use it to can peaches- we just picked a bumper crop of organic peaches. Now that I know this kit exists, I’ve got to keep my eyes open.

    As always, thanks, Elana, for the wonderful recipes.

  236. Kristina Hicks says

    My mother in law has all the canning stuff that i get to help with. I would love to be able to do it myself though!

  237. says

    yum, thanks for the recipe. looks so refreshing. growing up my mom and grandma used to can peaches and pears and i would be so thrilled to pick up the skill and carry on that tradition!

  238. Marci says

    I’m wondering if you can give the amounts of fruit in this recipe in cups–we buy fruit at the farmer’s market and freeze it ourselves, rather than buy it frozen.

    Great canning kit! I’d can strawberry, apricot, and my new favorite, nectarine, jam!!

  239. Anne says

    I plan to make this tonight. It looks so creamy and wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration on these long, hot days of summer!

    I love canning and happen to be drowning in fresh produce from our garden. I recently made “Pickled Zucchini Ribbons” and they were wonderful. If I won this kit, I would probably can some of my own homemade salsas to enjoy throughout the year.

  240. colormepink says

    I’ve never canned before but I’m supposed to take a “canning” trip this fall with my sister to visit one of her in-law’s who gardens and cans all kinds of things and is going to give us lessons. She has promised to give us her famous salsa recipe, among other things. I hope after that, to can salsa, spicy pickled green beans and okra, my own fruit preserves, and who know what else. I can’t really benefit from almond flour giveaways so I’m excited to be able put my name in the hat for this one!

  241. says

    i’ve never made coconut milk icecream, and i will wait on baited breath for that cherry chocolate recipe! mmmmm

    i’d love to jar pickles, jams, and tomatoes! i’ve been wanting to start canning, but kinda scared to start. a starters kit would be the perfect solution! :)
    can’t wait to see what pickle recipes you have to share!

  242. Kristie says

    I would love to can fresh tomato sauce with tomatoes from my garden! As well has plum jam (from my own tree) as well as other fruit trees I have: cherries, apples, apricots and peaches. If I had any jars left over I found that storing my baking supplies in mason jars are ideal! For example I would store my baking soda, flours, and other items I buy in bulk at my local natural foods co-op! I also think this would be a fun thing to do with my kids! They are 9 and 8 and it would fun to do together, and teach them the importance of conserving what you’ve got!

  243. Anaquita says

    I’m not sure what I would preserve. I’d likely ask my sister for ideas as she’s big into the canning. Maybe some of the fresh fruit I’ve been buying at one of the local farmer’s market. Like apricots, and cherries. <3 Actually been meaning on asking my sister anyhow, since she's gotten into it, but haven't gotten around too it yet.

  244. Robyn Baldwin says

    I love ice cream, but it doesn’t love me. I love that you use cocnut milk in yours.

    In terms of the canning jars – these would be perfect for storing all the little bags of various gluten free flours that seem to be taking over my fridge.

    Thanks for all the great recipes.

  245. Lori says

    I plan to can tomatoes at the end of the season and this set would be perfect, as this will be my first time canning. I am trying to get away from anything canned to help improve my immune system.

  246. LoriC says

    Cool kit – I’d use it to can seasonal fruits! Peaches especially! Nothing like peach cobbler on a cold winter night :-)

  247. Ali says

    Excited about this one!! I now work with a GF/DF child and ice cream is something he seems to get left out of :(

    Please enter me in your drawing! Thanks.

  248. Debbi says

    You have some amazing recipes. Canning is something that I haven’t done in a few years, but this year I do have a small garden and would love to get started again!

  249. Rhiannon says

    This sounds fantastic! Can’t wait to try it — it’s been really hot here in SLC too.

    I’d love to win your canning set, never canned before but would love to give it a go!

  250. Jana Graham says

    I would love to be the lucky winner of this canning set. I would love to can some tomatos. Since my husband got out of the hospital with Conjestive Heart Failure recently, we haven’t been able to afford much extra.

  251. says

    I have been interested in trying canning recently, but haven’t had the supplies or know-how to get started. My little home garden is just starting to produce more than we can eat.

  252. says

    I’d can some fresh, organic blueberries so I can enjoy them all year. My toddler son loves them – and this would be a great way to provide them for him year-round.

  253. says

    That ice cream recipe looks so delicious and easy! I’ve never canned before but would love it to try especially since we have a garden growing this year, there will be a lot of surplus vegtables…or at least I am hoping!

  254. says

    Looks like delicious ice cream. I haven’t tried any coconut milk varieties. How does it vary in texture, and how hard does it freeze?

    As for the canning set: Considering I’m currently pursuing the path of a chef and eventual restaurateur, I’d say I’d do *all* kinds of preserving. Jams, jellies, pickles…you name it. I’ll try ’em all.

  255. Tina says

    I have not tried canning before, but would like to try pickles,salsa and jam. I have some Epicure Selections spices for pickles and chutney but have not tried them out.

  256. Jamie says

    OK, so I’ve been wanting an ice cream maker for some time now and this recipe might just be the thing that pushes me to buy one! Love, love love coconut milk based ice creams… this recipe sounds soooo good! As for canning, well, we just planted our first raised garden beds this spring and the cucumbers are coming in like crazy… will probably be using the jars to store lots of pickles :) Tomatoes are starting to grow too, so I imagine I’ll end up canning lots of those as well.

  257. Scott GrantSmith says

    I’ve been planning on trying a coconut milk ice “cream” so I’ll give this recipe (or something similar) a shot this weekend.

    Were I to be selected for the canning kit I’d can the overflow strawberries and/or tomatoes we get in our CSA box.


  258. Cassie says

    Big fan of your recipes & I was just remarking to my boyfriend that in this 100+ degree weather, we need some ice cream. He just bought a huge case of Rainier Cherries so now I have a project.

    I’d love to enter myself in the canning kit contest because I want to make my own sugar-less preserves. I don’t eat a wide variety of fruits, but I love peaches. The Georgia peach crop just came in and I’d love to save some for the fall and winter. I’d love to pour some over handmade ice cream or some blondies!

  259. Karen says

    I grew up in a family where canning was necessary to preserve the fruits and vegetables for the winter months. I’ve canned tomatoes, peaches, grapes, plums, nectarines, cherries, pickles and jam.

  260. says

    I’ll be canning veggies and fruit for the winter months up here in WA. Since I’ve seen Food Inc. I’ve taken more of an interest in making sure that I know where my food comes from.

  261. Ardith says

    I actually just discovered your website about two monthes ago and I have fallen in love with almond flour. I have also just begun canning– I have been making jelly and canning tomatoes and pickles from our garden.

  262. Beth Lambert says

    In our family, our great-aunt (she’s 85) has been canning peppers, zucchini relish, jams, etc…for YEARS. Last year she had to be moved into assisted living and can no longer do all her canning and shipping it all over the country (we’re spread all over), so she has chosen me to entrust all her recipes to, and I’ve promised her to take her role. I just need to get started buying all the canning supplies. This kit would be the PERFECT start for me. :D

  263. Patty says

    This ice cream recipe looks wonderful. I love using coconut milk in my ice cream maker. Love the giveaway! I’ve done very little canning but intend on doing more with home made chutneys, jams, curds and salsa’s.

  264. Crista says

    I would love to can my awesome yummy tomato sauce I make with my garden fresh tomatoes and also tons of jalapenos to get me through the winter. Oh, and don’t forget the dilly beans and pickles!

  265. Deb says

    I love the recipe and cannot wait to try it.

    I’d preserve tomatoes, like my mother and grandmother used to and make jams with the canning kit. Neither is able to show me how to do it, but I need to start somwhere!

  266. says

    This recipe sounds so good…have to try it! Fun giveaway, I haven’t canned before, so it would be fun experimenting with it!

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