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Giveaway: Chantal Teakettle Giveaway

Today I’m giving away a brand new Chili Red Classic Teakettle from Chantal.  I have an exact “replica” of this tea kettle in my kitchen; it is gorgeous and functional, adding a bright spot of color to my favorite room in the house.

We use it throughout the day and well into the night for boiling up water for tea, and it gets the job done.  I’ve had my kettle for over a decade and don’t plan on trading it in anytime soon.

Chantal has generously donated one of these awesome “water boiling devices” to Elana’s Pantry for a giveaway to one lucky winner. The winner will be selected at random using

Elana's Favorite Tea
  1. Place tea bags in a large mug
  2. Pour boiling water from tea kettle
  3. Steep tea for 3-5 minutes
  4. Add almond milk and stevia
  5. Serve

To be entered in this giveaway leave a comment below and let us know what you would use your new Chantal teakettle for the most. Everybody everywhere is eligible! This contest will end on 10/20/2010. Please feel free to retweet and share this giveaway!

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of the Chantal Teakettle giveaway was Melanie Easley. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. danae javier says

    thank you so much for your wonderful website! i am a tea lover! its a beverage i can add truvia or agave to and i have a tasty drink hot or cold. especially to take the place of the juices i would like to have but my body wont take!!

  2. Amy Klein says

    I would give this tea pot to my mother who for years has been drinking tea each evening prior to going to sleep. She collects them and this would be an amazing gift to her collection.

  3. amy says

    This kettle would be a perfect addition to our kitchen for brewing up tea this winter or heating water for a steamy facial:)

  4. Marlene Kuntz says

    If I would win your little red teapot I would be so excited! It would be the first thing I have ever won. Listening to your teapot sing every morning would encourage my canary to sing along. That would be a great morning! It will soon be getting cold in Colorado and a warming cup of tea will be the first thing in the mornings!

  5. Janet Malone says

    I would use it to make my Nettles Infusion. I pick and dry nettles from my yard and drink about 2 quarts of this infusion a day. Loads of energy!!

  6. says

    I love this. Its so beautiful. I would use this for making my spiced tea every cold morning. It is a mix that my best friend has given me every winter since we were in 7th grade. And that was a while ago. :)

  7. Ginica Eggering says

    As the beautiful, warm mornings in Sonoma County have turned cool and crisp, I have turned my usual cup of loose leaf morning tea into a cup of artfully brewed hot coffee. As I wait for the water to come to a boil, I grind my coffee beans , then place them into my french press. After the water has been quiet for a moment, I gently pour the hot water over the grounds and give them a loving stir. The aroma softly fills the air with promises of my dark,full-flavored brew that will help me greet the morning air, as I venture out in to the marvelous day. A Chantal Tea Kettle would add one more layer to the joy this morning brew brings and then would be waiting for me to greet me at the end of my work day.

  8. Patti Krueger says

    I would give this beautiful red teakettle to my daughter who just got married and doesn’t have one. I gave her my old one, but it’s not near as pretty. She loves hot tea and coffee made in a french press.

  9. olivia says

    not only do we drink a lot of hot tea, but it’s a nice hand warmer during the winter season. Our old pot has sure gone the mile!

  10. Susie Dekreon says

    Is there anything more comforting than the whistle of a teakettle on a frosty morning? Since I have had to go gluten free, I now associate that whistle with some lovely GF oatmeal (cinnamon and raisins, apple and brown sugar, maple and brown sugar!) and it makes the task of facing another day without my beloved rye bearable! However, the ol’ kettle and whistled one time too many and needs to be retired and become an herb planter. I would love this cheery site and sound of this diva red tea kettle in my kitchen!

  11. Mary says

    Were I to win this tea kettle I would (after staring at it’s gorgeous color and form for a long while) use it to replace my much (over)used, nearly thirty-year old, kettle. I would see and hear it every morning as it helped to wake me up and send me on my way, warmed from tea!

  12. Sherry Hamilton says

    If I win the tea kettle, I would use it most for boiling water for my teas. I drink tea every day, and I drink a variety of teas from around the world. I love so many that I choose by how I feel at the moment as to what gets brewed.

  13. Carolyn says

    Tea- I start off the day with a small pot of organic green tea- afternoons- seems to be jasmine tea time and evenings- well- that’s when things get wild! Could be a specialty blend – might be Earl Grey. I live dangerously.
    Laundry- pouring boiling water over stains- adding it to the set tub- or a quick steam of the shirt hanging from the cabinet knob next to the stove (but not too close- I promise)
    And there’s always the ever so fun baking soda, vinegar and boiling water down the drains day.
    So many things to do with my new tea pot! I gave my last one to my Mom and really do need something to replace it as using a pan is a wee bit annoying.

  14. Ky says

    I would use this kettle for my afternoon, pick-me up from studying/paper-grading tea. And I’d use it as a splash of colour on my very blah stove. And I’d use it as a motivator to keep my stove clean!

  15. Keandra says

    I would use it to make yerba mate. I just started drinking it because it’s loaded with antioxidants. I would also use it at night to have a cup of chamomile tea before bed. I desperately need a tea kettle because I don’t have one. I usually pour water in a cup and stick it in the microwave.

  16. Randi Maggid says

    I drink at least 5 cups of tea per day–all sorts of leaves! And every night the kids and my husband and I share a nice pot of sleepytime, bedtime or cammomile teas. As you can imagine, I’d love a new tea kettle!

    All the best,

    Randi in Redondo

  17. Ashley says

    I LOVE tea. There are a variety of things that a teakettle would be useful for to me. I am one of those ‘poor ramen-noodle-eating college students’ you hear about, but I usually spend whatever money I have on a bag of really good loose leaf tea. So it is a toss up of which would get more use: my ramen-noodle needs or my tea needs. I honestly think the tea would win out. The ramen would likely be exiled to the microwave while I enjoyed making some sort of lovely tea concoction with the lovely teakettle.

  18. Penni Frank says

    I would use the tea kettle to make yummy green tea for myself in the morning. Mine is 10 years old now and my husband and I received it as a wedding gift.

  19. Bonnie Stone says

    I would love a new tea kettle – mine has recently broken. I agree that a nice tea kettle can be a bright spot in the kitchen. I love the little pop of color! I use mine mostly for tea, hot cocoa, and boiling water for recipes. Thank you for hosting a great give-away!

  20. angela says

    I would use this everyday for my green tea afternoon pick me up and hot chocolate with my grandson!

  21. Elaine says

    This kettle would look so good in my OU red kitchen. My husband would use it every day for his tea fix!

  22. CJ says

    I’ve been boiling water in my little saucepan for a year now, and look longingly at kettles every time I wander through a shop selling them.

    If I won the thing, I’d be using it every day–Good Earth teas, mint (which I make from the leaves on the much-too-rambling-brambling spearmint crawling through my front garden patch); and chai. I also love Trader Joe’s Relax tea–it blends every sweet herb from fennel to cinnamon.

  23. CJ Nordyke says

    I would put this in “Grammy’s Kitchen”, she loves red, and loves Chantal! Wonderful way to get ready for Fall and Winter!

    Best Regards!

  24. Brenda Seader says

    This would be just right for the absolutely must be boiling water needed for my current favorite tea: dried apple pieces, raisins, almond slices, and a little cinnamon and vanilla!

  25. Robin says

    I use a kettle every morning for my tea. My current kettle has a big chip in the enamel thanks to a rogue bottle of Southern Comfort (seriously, don’t ask…) so a shiny new kettle would sure brighten my morning!

  26. va says

    I would use it for making tea or drinks at home or for guests !
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  27. Meg says

    my boyfriend makes a lovely lemongrass tisane with fresh lemongrass, mint, rosemary, and whatever else is in season from our herb garden. good iced or warm. we’d probably use the pot for this the most!

  28. Mark Caswell says

    Wow… this is a great prize! I’d make tea for my girlfriend since she always takes care of me. She’s a sweetheart and I know she would love it.

    Also… I wanted to thank you for all the great ideas you offer on this website. I don’t think I would have ever experimented the way I do after checking out your website.

    anyway… have a good one!


  29. Tracy W says

    Oh, this tea kettle set out on my stovetop would brighten up the backdrop of my Pacific Northwest gray winter days!

  30. Daryl ;o) says

    Any kind of tea…with Cinnamon Bun Muffins! Yum! French Press coffee…I like the sound of that! And, I love red…it cheers me up just looking at it!

  31. Ann M. says

    As another poster commented, my husband drinks A LOT of tea throughout the day. I think if they came out with an IV tea drip, he would be the first in line! I, too, enjoy my tea…just not quite as much as my husband. Right now we just boil our water in a sauce pan. It would be nice to have an actual tea kettle.

  32. Barbara Bakie says

    The tea kettle will be used for instant coffee, hot cocoa, herb teas, green tea, breakfast tea and melting ice. It is a beautiful tea kettle and a beauitiful color!

  33. Chelsea Pearsall says

    I am not a coffee drinker, nor do I drink caffeine, so herbal hot tea in the winter and cold tea in the summer are absolute musts!

  34. Monica Crockett says

    Perfect gift for my daughter and her peppermint tea. She graduates from college in December!!!

  35. Brian Askew says

    This teapot would be used for boiling water to make coffee in my small, white enamel teapot like those used in the French Quarter in New Orleans. My wonderful Great Aunt would SPOON the boiling water over the coffee, if you can imagine, resulting in the most delicious brew ever!

  36. Doretha says

    I would use this alot as my kids all 5 of them are home schooled and 2 are type 1 diabetics so We love tea around here sweetened with stevia .
    Hot in the fall and winter and cold Tea in the summer .This is right up our alley and we look forward to this beautiful red bold color sitting on the stove top whistling away .Thank you for all the great recipes by the way we love the cookbook . It sits on the counter and I do not believe there is a day that goes by we do not use it .The best cookbook ever and we have alot .

  37. Joanne says

    Such a cheery little kettle would make many cups of delightful tea and maybe also some hot chocolate for little visitors. Thanks

  38. Lia says

    First of all my kitchen has RED accents, and who wouldn’t love a great cup of green tea to warm your belly on a cool fall evening while sitting by a roaring bonfire, couldn’t be better :-)

  39. Kristi Isak says

    Thanks for the giveaway! Red would really brighten up my kitchen. And we drink lots of tea as well, so would come real handy.

  40. says

    We just gave up daily coffee for tea, and my husband and I are enjoying switching things around on different days. Sunday is Chai day- my favorite. The tea pot is beautiful, and since the one we registered for (long ago) is looking a little shabby, this would be a beautiful replacement! Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. Rachel Hyser says

    I am hooked on Trader Joe’s Pomegranate White Tea! I can guarantee that I’ll be brewing that with my new teapot!

  42. Kathy says

    This would be a great addition to our kitchen! I love green tea for taking care of those yucky headaches…

  43. Gloria says

    What a nice tea kettle! I would love to replace mine — not whistling anymore! :(
    I love tea. I love everything about tea. I drink it in the morning with cream, and throughout the day I have iced green tea. After dinner, when a sweet something will put the final touches to a delicious dinner, I have herbal tea sweetened with some stevia.
    I enjoy Elana’s ‘Breakfast Bars’ with some fresh mozzarella cheese and a cup of tea for a great and healthy snack in the afternoon.
    My tea kettle is on everyday!

  44. Amber says

    I have recently starting drinking more tea in addition to my coffee. I’ve been enjoying it a lot, especially with coconut oil! I really need a new kettle, as the one I have been using is too small and is falling apart!

  45. Kim Griner says

    Hot tea is my “go-juice” in the morning. While I love the flavor of coffee, my stomach does not like it so much. So I am a big tea drinker. I mainly drink some flavor of green tea or chai in the morning and in the evenings I love calming teas with chamomile. This tea pot would be welcomed with open arms into my morning and evening tea time traditions.


  46. MaryJane Recker says

    This design and color are awesome for decor. I live in a small apartment and enjoy efficient long lasting quality products. I would enjoy making tea in this pot and be able to pour out of a spout !!

  47. says

    I would enjoy this tea kettle for preparing peppermint-ginger tea. It makes a wonderful after dinner tea to aid digestion. My old tea kettle rusted through and was thrown out.

  48. Gina says

    I have an old blue Le Creuset teakettle that is beginning to fall into disrepair. I use it everyday, at least three times a day, to boil water for all sorts of tea. I am a great tea lover, and cannot go without a good sturdy teakettle!
    Thanks so much for this wonderful website (and book) that have allowed me to eat baked goods again!

  49. Tara says

    I make peppermint tea every evening and steep it overnight for digestive purposes. In the winter, I make homemade chai, and every night I make a sleepytime blend of passionflower, rose, licorice, chamomile, calendula and peppermint! Thanks for all your recipes Elana!

  50. Susan says

    Our teakettle has been used every day, several times a day for 8 years. It was a wedding gift that I do not remember picking out. It is a nasty teakettle and the screw that holds the handle to the lid recently fell off right into the water when I was trying to pull off the lid. I so want a new teakettle that I actually like and would pick out for myself. This one that you are featuring is gorgeous and colorful. I would totally love to give it a new home!

  51. Joey says

    Red is definitely one of my favorite colors and I just love this gorgeous red tea kettle. I would use it every day considering I am a big time rooibos tea drinker now.

    During the heat of the summer we make rooibos sun tea and the hot New Mexico sun heats the tea up in the huge glass jar I set outside. I add mint from the garden and often throw in a couple of rooibos chai bags to zip up the flavor.

    Now that the cooler weather is here we need something to heat the water indoors, and this beautiful tea kettle would be perfect. It would look gorgeous sitting on my stove and I’d definitely brag to everyone where I got it.

  52. Anne Lane says

    We used to own a Bed & Breakfast and we had a Hot Water tap installed in the kitchen. It was awesome, because we could instantly drink tea or any hot beverage. Now that I live in a normal house I miss having hot water at my fingertips. This would be a wonderful addition to our already red highlighted kitchen. Thank you for sharing this donated gift with your readers and fans.

  53. Chantal says

    I make so much tea and this would be perfect! Plus, I’m infatuated with the brand name, for obvious reasons!

  54. says

    Hello Elana! I would use my kettle every morning to boil water for my french press coffee. PS-I love your easy wonderful recipes! Thank you! Elisha

  55. Jeanne Marie says

    I really appreciate your website, Elana. I’ll be making 4 pounds of your green chili turkey burgers. I love to make a bunch of them and freeze them individually for a super quick yummy meal!!!
    Jeanne Marie
    PS Love the red tea kettle too!

  56. Michelle says

    Oooh…ahhh as if I need another reason to love your blog! I would like soo much to win this fab kettle to brew hot water for, well just about all my morning brewskis; chai, spiced chai, coffee, fruit infusions and so on. Fingers crossed xx

  57. michelle handler says

    Just found out my husband can’t handle gluten and a friend told us about your site. Looking forward to exploring it. And, enjoying that kettle to make a cup of fruit tea my grandmother sends from Germany!

  58. lajuana says

    Tea. Having a tea kettle would allow us to drink tea everyday. My boys would be very happy : )

  59. says

    I would happily use my new chili red classic teakettle from Chantal in place of heating up my tea water in an old pot. Like I just did a few minutes ago.
    Wish me luck.

  60. says

    What a beautiful tea kettle.

    My 8 year old son is charming, full of energy, and autistic. He is non-verbal, but finds ways to get his point across. Since he was small, he’s found kitchen tools and appliances to be among his favorite toys. He has a special place in his heart for tea kettles – the colors, the heft, the promise of water pouring from the spout. I am on my fifth kettle and am sure I will need more.
    I enjoy being in the kitchen, but since my son came along I’ve become “ninja chef” – watching for sneak attacks on my tools, appliances, and ingredients (My son has a keen eye for opportunity and ever the silent sensei, he has taught me well). He is currently on the specific carbohydrate diet. This has challenged both of us as we are the foodies in the family. One thing we both enjoy is a good cup of green tea with honey :0). I can see many bonding opportunities over such a lovely kettle.

    Thank you for your beautiful web site. I visit often. I don’t think we would have made it on this diet without your muffin recipes :0)

    Frog’s Mom

  61. Sharon says

    For me, it would be a toss up between making tea several times a day and pre-boiling the water for our neti pots, so we can use them without the chlorine the municipal water supply has in it.

  62. ikkinlala says

    May Canadians enter?

    I’d use this for whatever tea I was making – lately that’s been Earl Grey.

  63. David Beane says

    If I were to win the red Chantal tea kettle, I would use it to boil water for making – TEA! I love tea, and have literally worn out a matching red Chantal tea kettle over the last thirty years in this pursuit (it hasn’t whistled for over ten years and no longer seals tightly). My favorite tea is of origin unknown to me, but available in the local Asian markets for exactly $100.00/lb. The box and labeling are all in Chinese, and I only know it is a form of Ti Kuan Yin (according to the small banner hung from a ribbon around the neck of the cannister it comes in.) And, believe me, this particular tea is truly celestial. One day I will learn exactly where it comes from, and what it actually is! If all of this simply makes you shake your head, you are in good company. My wife is likewise left speechless by my enthusiasm. But the idea of possibly coming into possession of a new, red Chantal tea kettle simply through voicing my love of tea leaves me anything BUT speechless. Sorry. :)

  64. karen says

    I would do the obvious and boil water for tea, but i also like to have mini at home spa days and use it to heat the water to steam my face. it’s very soothing :)

  65. Valarie says

    I often enjoy tea with friends and this tea kettle would be a wonderful addition to my tiny kitchen. Not only do I love the color but it matches my walls!

  66. Lea says

    The tea kettle is beautiful and cheery! We are a tea-drinking family, and I would love to send this to my youngest daughter who is in New York going to school.

    I am new to your blog, and am thrilled to find so many wonderful tips and gluten free recipes! I’ve already ordered your Gluten Free Almond Flour cookbook… can’t wait till it arrives!

  67. Jen says

    My little apartment has a steady stream of friends and family in and out and so many of them are tea drinkers that I burned through my cheapie teakettle in one year! I would SO love to win this….plus, it matches my kitchen.

    Love the blog!!

  68. Kimberley says

    So gorgeous! We drink herbal teas all winter instead of as much cold water. I make my own blends that are digestion helpers , some saffron and indian spice teas, gingers, mints etc. Other times a nice Earl Grey or a Jasmine Green tea are favourites. Especially with home made herbal honeys that we made in the summer ( rose petals, lavender or bergamont)… There is always a teapot full of something on the table, ready for anyone to help themselves.

  69. says

    I currently have a stainless steel kettle that is functional but dreary in appearance, I would use the cheery red kettle to do all that I use the “old meteorite” for now, which is to make “Plant Tea” to nourish my herbs, and “Bird Bath” which is an herbal infusion that once cooled, my budgies Itsy and Bitsy, love to bath in, as does my rescued pigeon, Marilyn Monroe (because she’s pink), and to enjoy lovely organic tea and coffee for myself and guests, who often comment on the “old world” habit of always having the kettle on.

  70. Pat says

    I would use it for chai, tea, and iced tea. Boil the water, dip in the tea bags for a minute, and then let it cool.

  71. Jamie says

    What a beautiful tea kettle! I would love to have it to make mate, chai, or coffee in the french press.

  72. Laura says

    My 3 children and I love to drink tea in the afternoon. I homeschool and in the winter we snuggle up on the couch to do our reading while drinking tea. I could use a good tea kettle that can stand up to daily use.

  73. Adria says

    My newly adopted daughter loves to have tea parties. We will set the dining room table with pretty cups and prepare special treats from Elana’s recipes. Put the tea kettle on -and then make wonderful memories!

  74. Joan Meador says

    It is beautiful! I would use it for tea, of course, but I am always boiling water for something or adding water to something, it would be a well used teapot!

  75. LeeAnn says

    Oh I would use it for tea! I have this lovely large plastic box and lid filled with over twenty types of tea inside that resides on top of my refrigerator as I have no room in my cupboards.

  76. Stephanie says

    I would use this tea kettle to boil hot water for my french press coffee :) I would also use it to make my Moroccan Mint Tea, a favorite of mine, especially during those cold winter months!

  77. Robyn says

    I work a fulltime job as well as a part time job. Needless to say that my feet are aching by the end of a day. I would use this teapot to brew my cinnamin cardamin tea as well as fill the foot bath with lavendar and epsom salt. The sit back and decompress for the evening.

  78. Janet says

    I make hot tea several times a day for my mother and myself. Unfortunately, our current tea kettle was burned when it was left on the burner too long. It works buy yikes it is ugly.

  79. Courtney says

    I would love to have this tea kettle to replace my horrible old one where the handle get so hot that you have to hold it with a dish cloth to prevent burns. We host groups of people in our home frequently and are always offering a selection of teas including our favorite Kenyan black tea served with milk and sugar (or sugar substitute).

  80. says

    Ooh! I would absolutely use this kettle to boil my water for my yummy coffee. I make coffe every morning(and afternoon some times…) in my Bodum French Press with freshly boiled water.
    It would be even better coming out of a pretty kettle like this.

  81. Marisa H says

    I’ve always wanted a red tea kettle! I make tea 3-4 times a day, mostly green tea with fresh mint from my plant added in, sometimes with a bit of raw local honey!

  82. karen carter says

    That teapot is beautiful! I would use it for boiling water for mint tea or for Teeccino tee bags.

  83. Melissa says

    I will use this kettle to boil my water for Vanilla Nut Creme tea by Stash. It is wonderful! It is getting cold here and hockey season has started so I will be carrying my hot tea out to the games with me!

  84. Melodie Mach says

    I would use Chantal teakettle to make my mother her morning cup of tea, which she must have being from England.

  85. Betsy says

    I would use this gorgeous tea kettle the most for brewing my home grown herbal and medicinal teas. Yum!

  86. Rosie says

    I would love to use this to make some soothing tea to enjoy with some yummy gluten-free cupcakes!

  87. Dusty says

    We would use this beautiful tea kettle everyday for our fresh herbal and black teas. It is truly is a beatutiful piece.

  88. Leigh says

    I would love a little red teapot that would match other red appliances in our apartment. My SO and I have been talking about getting a teapot because we both love tea but unfortunately it is far down on our list of things we currently need to buy. Tea is a must for warming up cold fingers in Colorado winters.

  89. amberelise says

    Every evening I make a ginger brew (sometimes in the morning too!) With ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne, a few droppers of stevia and some lemon…mmm-it’s comfort food in a mug!

  90. Anthony Santucci says

    Our family loves to sip Chinese teas in the evening during the winter months. Our daughter loves to make a bid pot of Jasmine, Oolong, or a mixture of flowers from her garden. It provides us good quality family time!

  91. Christine says

    Lovely tea kettle! the benefits of not boiling water in a plastic kettle plugged into the wall are enormous!
    even if i don’t win this, i love your site.
    even if i don’t have celiac disease, i love your recipes and feel better eating and baking with your recipes.
    thanks elana!

  92. says

    Good old black tea with lots of milk. I grew up in South Africa and tea for us is what coffee if for Americans – A Pick Me Up Comfort Drink!

  93. says

    I would use the kettle in my apartment in Paris. I have moved here to do research for my PhD and it is not getting quite cold for this So Cal girl. I make tea and chicory substitute coffee all the time. My favorite is to make the coffee substitute and add some coconut/rice milk to it.

    Thank you Elana for your website, it is not as easy to eat healthy and gluten/dairy free here and I’ve really enjoyed your website for ideas to make things from scratch!

  94. Sandra says

    What a gorgeous kettle!
    It would make boiling water for my daily ‘cuppa’s even more pleasurable :)
    My favourite teas for this time of year are Chamomile Citrus and Ginger, and Chocolate Mint Truffle.
    Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  95. Amber says

    My roommate and I love tea! We have so many varieties of tea people are quite flabbergasted when we ask what kind of tea would they like; black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea (or tisane as it’s not technically “tea”), loose leaf and bagged tea. Having a new kettle would give us an excuse to make our way back to All Things Tea (Camarillo, CA if anyone else is local) to stock up on their delicious loose teas!

    P.S. My roommate also has celiac disease and she loves your recipes! The first time I made her your Vanilla Cupcakes with the Chocolate Frosting she almost cried.

  96. Peggy says

    Would use it all the time to boil water for both tea and hot water. Too many wonderful teas to name and many more to try. One of my favourites is Earl Grey. Like it strong with milk and honey. Not the most naturally healthy ways to have it, but mostly think of drinking it as a treat. I like to drink weak tea plain or make really strong black type teas and add milk and honey.

  97. Stephanie says

    A cup of calming chamomile tea from a hot red chili tea kettle would be a welcomed addition at the end of a busy day.

  98. Rebekah says

    I would use this teakettle for making loose leaf green tea and for heating water for all my curry dishes. A good tea kettle is hard to come by, and this one looks fabulous!

  99. Ann says

    I painted my kitchen bright cherry red 2 winters ago, and love it!! This would look so wonderful in it. Recently I have switched to more tea than coffee and would absolutely love to own this tea kettle.

  100. Michelle says

    Massive amounts of tea! Yorkshire Gold, Yogi Bedtime and Licorice Teas, Celestial Teas Bedtime, and Two Buds and a Leaf Jasmine tea!

  101. Deborah Moore says

    If I had this precious tea kettle I would help indulge my 4 yr. old daughter’s love of tea (not to mention my husband and myself) and afternoon tea parties with a real miniature tea set that we found for her on craigslist recently. We look forward to many hot drinks this winter by the fire and the kettle would do just the trick.

  102. Kelly ahti says

    Well, I make tea a couple of times daily (iced herbal also), but I use my microwave to boil the water and in addition to wanting to get away from running the microwave when I can, I think the ritual of boiling tea in a pot is so soothing and cozy. That’s what I would love about this kettle!

  103. Kathryn says

    My present teakettle is almost 34 years old. It gets shined every week, but it is not red. A red one would be fun to use every morning and every evening to heat my tea water. I always keep water in the teakettle to set on a hot burner when I have removed the pan and don’t want to leave a hot burner exposed. It is something my mother always did and I have done it in my own home as well.

  104. Peggy Parsons says

    If I were to win the Chantal Teakettle, I would use it to boil water

    for green tea which I drink 1 cup daily, and for the one cup of drip

    coffee I allow myself each day. I very rarely use Jello, but if I do

    on a rare occasion, I would definitely use the beautiful red Chantel

    Teakettle. Peggy

  105. says

    I love this tea kettle. I would use it to make tea for myself and family. Our favorites are tea of republic coconut chai tea or toasted rice green tea. Of course with the homemade almond milk and a few drops of vanilla creme stevia (the only way to go). My little one (2yrs old) loves to join the tea ritual so she gets the Numi Rooibos tea with almond milk.

  106. Jen says

    Hey there!
    That teakettle is BEAUTIFUL! Funny, I’ve been recently thinking about teakettles and how I’d love to have one, so I must be manifesting this one. It’s coming to me; I can feel it. I drink alot of tea (bags), and simply boil my water in a pot. I don’t know any different. :)

  107. Nora Beaulieu says

    I have never owned a tea kettle, red is my favorite color and I would love to start tea time with my six children this winter!

  108. JoanneM says

    Good old orange pekoe tea, Tetley preferabley! Fall is here and having a nice cuppa infront of the fire is heaven.

  109. Bailey says

    I made my partner stop using our old tea kettle when I saw that the bottom was covered in RUST of all things, and now our tiny stove struggles to boil water in a pot for my tea and his coffee (yes, we boil water for coffee!). But this kettle would get used for so much more in my apartment: warm water for rinsing dishes or our own bodies if the hot water breaks again!, bringing rice noodles to life, hand-washing delicate sweaters, pouring into a humidifier, mixing with salt to gargle. It’s important to me to use filtered water for anything that goes into our bodies, and the filtered water only comes out cold!

    (Also, my tiny kitchen gets so dark in the winter, it’d be awfully nice to have this little button of color!)

  110. Karen says

    Let’s see. It would perk up my kitchen just by sitting there. But I’d be using it daily for my chai tea, favorite Good Earth cinnamon tea, and the Calm drink I sip every night (a magnesium drink that is very relaxing and very good for you). I lost the lid to my current kettle and never got a new one — just never got around to it!

  111. Eve says

    My husband is British and refers to anything other than PG Tips as “an infusion.”

    Even though I like a good cup of ginseng-vanilla-blackberry as much as anyone, the majority of water boiled in our house eventually gets turned into “proper tea.”

  112. Mary says

    Ooh we need a new tea kettle!

    We drink a lot of herbal teas, morning and evening. (No caffeine in this apartment! Gave it up years ago, and so glad to be done with the withdrawal symptoms!)

    We especially love all kinds of mint blends. I absolutely love ginger tea too! And a nice cup of rooibus chai will go nicely with a gluten free cupcake. Yum!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  113. Paulette says

    I drink herbal teas most of the time – no black tea for me. I also love drinking hot water and organic lemon. I love the Rooibos teas especially vanilla and also plum. So I really need that red kettle in my kitchen. I had a tea kettle but when I got back home from PEI in Aug. my kettle had a bulge on the bottom and won’t sit properly on the burner so I would love to have that new red one you are offering. I have always wanted a red tea pot but never got one yet so hopefully this red one you have will be mine. Well, I must go. I’m off to make that Kale Creamsicle you posted. Can’t wait to get it in my mouth. Have a wonderful weekend I’ll be checking my mail for that red tea kettle.

  114. Darlene says

    I would love to add this attractive yet functional kettle to my soon to be renovated kitchen! I’m getting new appliances and pots and pans so it would be a welcome addition!

    I would use it to make a nice cup of ginger cinammon tea twice a day in the winter. I would also use it to make my Kickin Horse organic coffee (from B.C. – that’s where the distributor is I think) in the mornings. It’s the best coffee by far – less caffeine and totally earth friendly growing practices. I would also use it to make my quinoa with almond milk in the mornings.

    By the way, I love your website and have tried lots of your recipes and love them all!

  115. Louise says

    Having only just discovered gluten free as part of a detox, I now plan to live this way and am loving this website. I would use this kettle to make all my new found herbal teas – as a Brit it would be the most important part of my kitchen!

  116. Amy Darabcsek says

    I would use this everyday!!! I had to stop drinking coffee :( So I have started drinking tea. However I do not have a tea pot so It’s just been hot water and a tea bag….Not so great :(

  117. Annika says

    I love Chantal cookware! I have some Chantal pots that are more than 20 years old. A whistling teakettle would be a great addition to my kitchen. My kids and I drink a lot of tea, and I would love to boil my water in this baby!

  118. Marcy Buchanan says

    Love,love, love hot tea!! Over the past couple of years I have been battling Lyme disease and now crazy stomach issues…But even on my worst days Hot tea always brings me comfort (Peppermint,Green,Ginger Coconut,Sweet Peach,and oh so many more)!! My three year also loves his Bluebbery Bliss and Strawberry Lemonade Rooibos! And of course my hubbby likes a little afternoon pick-me-up with his Samurai Chai Mate or a Rejuvinating Green. We promise to put this beautiful red kettle to good use!! It will definitely become a staple in our kitchen. I’m thinking right now I would love to have one of your carrot cake cupcakes with a mug of hot tea on this brisk fall day!

  119. says

    I have been an daily tea drinker since I was 16 and have fond memories of hosting tea parties as a little girl with my grandmothers when they were alive. I have taken to brewing my own blends of teas with the medicinal aspects in mind. I haven’t been able to afford a proper kettle to replace my current electric plastic one, which I constantly remind myself is probably not much more than a breeding ground for bacteria and a dispenser of plastic chemicals.

    I would use this kettle every day to make tea for my friends and family for anything to a spicy black in the morning, to soothing chamomile lavender at night, to a peppermint ginger tea when there’s an upset stomach. Maybe one day I’ll even be able to have tea parties with my children :)

  120. Becky Gurk says

    I have recently survived cancer and since then, my dietary needs have changed drastically. I am allergic to milk, soy, gluten, yeast, cane sugar, corn, oats, and rice. I have also switched to drinking tea for better health. I would use this tea kettle every day!

  121. Rachel says

    Recently my husband and I have discussed having a glass of tea together every morning, but we would love to have a kettle that’s easy to use (or a kettle at all, for that matter)!

  122. Tara says

    I would use this teapot to continue my tea party tradition with my kids. Every sunday we pick a new cookie recipe and make it together, then we make lemon tea and have a tea party. I look forward to this every week, it reminds me of what life should be like :)

  123. Leah says

    I would probably use it most for making water kefir and tea. I boil the water for my kefir first so that the sugar dissolves, then let it cool to room temperature. And during the cooler months, of course tea!

  124. Heidie Godfrey says

    I would love a kettle. Any time I need to boil water, I need to use a pot. I would use it to make all kinds of tasty hot drinks, from chia, hot cocoa, to wassail. mmmm love this time of year for warm drinks!! I also love yout site… and considering starting my own web site.

    thanks for all you do!

  125. Ruthie Selch says

    I would definitely use it for tea brewing and I love Rooibos. First tasted it in South Africa and came home with a package!!

  126. says

    This would be a beautiful companion to my husband’s red Espresso machine. I could start having my tea using a real kettle instead of using a little pot to heat up water :)

  127. says

    My favorite colour is red and that is a beautiful pot. I would use it to boil up some blueberry tea or chai tea (my favorites) and my boyfriend drinks tea and coffee every day :)

  128. says

    What would I use this super-cute kettle for? Well, first and foremost, it would supply the hot water for my daily mate addiction (mate + rice milk + agave = YUM!). It would also serve purpose in camouflaging the rusty burners on my elderly electric stove top. Furthermore, it would just look so darned adorable in my sunny, yellow kitchen. Yep…I think I need one.

  129. Heidi French says

    This kettle looks lovely. We’ve simply been using a saucepan for boiling water and it gets messy at times. We would use it mostly for tea but also for the occasional hot cereal as well.

  130. Susan Harper says

    Tea is my comfort. I make tea daily. I have over 20 varieties in my cupboard at all times. My husband travels around the world and picks up tea for me when he can. Otherwise, I order it from a tea importer or pick up whatever looks interesting in my travels. There is so much I cannot eat. Tea is one luxury I can enjoy.

  131. Nancee Jaffe says

    As a graduate student, I love to make a big pot of my favorite Ginseng Oolong or Yerba Matte for the long nights of studying. I am training to be a Registered Dietitian and plan to focus on GI, so I love making teas with Licorice Root or Marshmallow, all great for healing GI aches! Having such a beautiful Chantal Teakettle would definitely make the experiments with GI-friendly and study-friendly teas more enjoyable!

  132. dee says

    I never use to use Tea. Then I started the HCG diet and can’t seem to get enough tea. Never knew it tasted so good. I don’t have a teapot so I heat one cup at a time in my microwave. Then, I noticed on some teas it states do not boil water in microwave so for these teas I pull out my pot to boil the water. Recently I’ve decided to buy a teapot. Wasn’t sure which one to get so haven’t actually purchased one yet. This teapot would be perfect for me. No guess work involved ;-)

  133. Louise says

    Being an english girl in New York (and loving every second of it!) I would not only use the kettle for making up stock for all the lovely soup and casserole recipes I’ll be making now we’re getting into winter. But also to make my cups of tea when I settle in to some skyping with my family and friends at home on the weekend

    My current kettle is very much worse for wear as tea is the first thing I offer guests when they come over… the funniest thing is that I’ve discovered so many more ways to enjoy tea since I moved to the US with lemon and honey replacing my traditional favourite – milk and 1 sugar!

  134. Renee says

    I would love to have this tea kettle. I drink tea daily and have use our current pot out. We use it for everything, soups, tea, hot coco, etc. Thanks you for this oportunity

  135. Nancy says

    Hi Elana, I’ve been a new and frequent visitor to your site now for a couple months. I’ve loved trying out the yummy almond flour recipes and noticing how much better my body likes these foods than wheat products. We could sure use an actual tea kettle since we drink tea several times a day- from homemade chai to mints and other herbals to Irish breakfasts… And congrats on your new book!

  136. says

    ELANA. A year ago, I moved into a dreamy apartment and there was this beautiful tea kettle mysteriously sitting on the stove. God knows how many tenants had poured their tea from that same kettle, seeing as the appliance seemed to belong to the apartment. A mere seven days ago, I moved out of that dreamy apartment and and had to leave that beloved tea kettle behind, as so many before me had done… so imagine my surprise when I visited your site today and that EXACT scarlet red little beauty greeted me from the screen!

    IT IS FATE! Is it not?


  137. Marie says

    Very pretty. It’s getting in Minnesota & I’d love a new tea kettle to make mint tea at night.

  138. Lisa Schroeder says

    OOOH! so pretty! I’m trying to put chili red into my house- and my “instant water boiler” just died yesterday! I would love to get back to using a teapot!
    I would use it in the morning for my Earl Grey with stevia (tying to kick the coffee!), and to pre-heat the kids’ thermoses for soup! (hot soup in a cold thermos? eww). In the afternoon, I’d use it for some black tea, then switch over to some herbal or fruity teas in the afternoon (love my pomegranate and peaches!, and of course, there’s always hot cocoa for the kids! Evening time, I like a cup or two of some sleepytime to drift off with! I need a hardworking kettle!

  139. Shanygne Gullickson says

    Oh man! I have been wanting a good tea kettle for a long time!

    I would use it for tea, of course, and for oatmeal… my son looooves his oatmeal, chock full of blueberries and walnuts! (until I get consistent in using steel cut oats, he eats the other kind!)

  140. kristen says

    I have never used a kettle, we have never really been tea drinkers. Recently my husband has given up coffee(due to a new illness) and has expresed an interest in tea. He has felt much better not drinking coffee and hopes to feel even better exploring the whole world of teas.

  141. says

    I love to collect anything tea related, as I am an avid tea drinker and have been since my hippie days back in the late 60’s, early 70’s. I love herbal teas and the art of steeping them. I even have a stained glass red teapot hanging in my kitchen window so a beautiful red teapot would go well with that. Besides enjoying herbal teas, I also drink teas for their medicinal purposes. I never met a tea yet that I didn’t like. Thank you.

  142. Jennifer says

    I love tea! I have a shelf in my pantry dedicated to all my different teas, which makes my husband and kids laugh everytime I “need” to try a new kind. I would love to win the Chantal tea kettle just because it really is so beautiful and would add a needed pop of color in my kitchen. Also because I keep going through kettles that just don’t stand up!

  143. Cricket says

    My favorite cup of tea is my Hojicha green tea first thing in the morning. A new tea teapot would make this warming goodness even cheerier.

    On a different note, my family adores your chocolate chip scones, but I am jonesing for apple cheddar scones (gluten- and sugar-free, of course). Any suggestions?

    Thanks for all the deliciousness!

  144. Christine says

    I love your recipes, and after my mom not having been home for almost a year, I plan to make her an almond cake. Since I don’t have a kettle, I’d love to win this so I can also make her endless cups of tea!

  145. Angela says

    Yum–I want to try your chocolate chip recipe. I’m also hoping to win the Chantal tea kettle since mine is corroded and needs replacement.

    Wish me luck on both counts :)

  146. alisa joy says

    i love tea. LOVE it. in fact, i pretty much drink herbal tea from morning to night. roobois is my favorite, quickly followed by lavender. i’ll buy bulk tea at the store and mix and match (for example: roobois AND lavender).

  147. Linda says

    Tea is a time-less comfort drink to enjoy alone or with a friend or loved one. I couldn’t even pick a favorite kind or flavor since I like so many… and always have a vast variety on hand. Lately I’ve been boiling my water in the microwave or in a pan on the stove since we’ve had some bad luck keeping tea kettles here. My favorite bright yellow whistler was accidentally dropped so it got a huge dent & enamel chipped off while another shiny silver one that was a wedding gift 25 yrs ago was lost in a move. I haven’t replaced either yet so a nice Chili Red Classic Teakettle from Chantal would be great! There’s nothing like the song of a tea kettle calling you to a great cup of tea…any season, any day, any time, there’s always a flavor to pick up your day.

  148. says

    I love tea. Cool minty tea in the summer, yummy Earl Gray in the winter months. A detox tea during a cleanse… Would love a new tea kettle in my kitchen. It would be SO much better than just using the, gulp, microwave. :)

  149. Diane Dailey says

    I would use this pretty tea kettle to boil water for my tea and other things that required boiling water (recipes, etc.) It would go perfect with my kitchen!

  150. Lacey says

    I would use it to make Aztec Fire tea. My fiance and I love it in the morning or on a cool evening! Yum!

  151. says

    That teapot is gorgeous .. if a teapot can be called that. I would be drinking more herbal tea if heating water in that, to be sure. Also, it would certainly brighten up my old kitchen, and look great in my fine remodeled one .. some day.

    Thanks for all the work you do in your own kitchen. You come up with really interesting recipes, but I have only tried a couple of them so far. Not only am I lactose and gluten intolerant, I also should not eat yeast, sugars, egg .. hard to find recipes with nothing in them. ;)

  152. Megan says

    What a beautiful tea kettle – would look so very nice in my soon to be remodeled kitchen in our new home! The kettle would get lots of love and use helping to cook hot cereals in the morning and of course for tea! I’m new to tea drinking and have been experimenting with some wonderful loose leaf white and green teas and ending the day with a cup of chamomile tea. My guy is a traditionalist and tends to stick to Red Rose but drinks an awful lot throughout the day. The kettle would truly be a great addition!

  153. Terri Gill says

    Red is my favorite color, it reminds me of my mother, she always loved anything red. I would love to heat water in it for my African Red Bush Tea and to make iced tea. My son enjoys tea with me. My daughter will occasionally join us and add cream to hers.

  154. ej golden says

    i moved far away from my family for a job over a year ago; the loose tea i brought with me tastes like i’m curled up by the fire with loved ones. i’d love this tea pot to add a little spice to my tiny kitchen…the tea is called “evening in missoula,” and when it’s steeping it really does smell like the montana outdoors!

  155. Sarah Scott says

    This teakettle would become a major household friend — something I would reach for early in the morning and late in the evening and many times in between. The major use would be for tea — black tea, green tea, herbal tea, occasionally coffee, sometimes mixed with pollen. It would also of course contribute hot water to anything that needed it — soups, apple sauce, sauteed kale, etc. etc. But the major use would be for hot drinks, mainly tea.

  156. Raquel says

    Since I make dinner after work and it’s got to be fast, I would use my kettle to boil water for pasta since it’s so much faster than boiling cold water in a pot on my 16 year old coil stove!!

    It would also come in handy to heat up the tub should we ever run out of hot water!

  157. says

    Hi there! That is a beautiful teapot, plus it’s in my favorite color! I would use it to heat up some warm milk or water and drink hot chocolate every single night and have a delicious evening no matter what the day was like. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  158. Jody says

    I was never much of a tea drinker until I visited my sister-in-law in Kenya a few years ago. Twice a day, mid morning and mid afternoon, everyone where she works stops for tea time. I do mean everyone – from the CEO to the groundskeepers and everyone in between. A holdover from the time the British colonials governed Kenya, it is a wonderful opportunity to pause and refresh and renew during the day. I love chai made with Kenyan tea. It always reminds me of the wonderful tea time chats I’ve had with my sister-in-law, Amy.

  159. Nat says

    Hello Elana
    I would use it to make my herbal blend tea which I must take twice a day due to my health. The water you boil in it can be used for many other things such as soups etc.
    Thank you for sharing this opportunity with all of us.
    Love your site and all the recipes.

  160. kathy says

    I would use it for tea,oatmeal, and the warm water for making bread. My husband would use it for his cold drip coffee. Thanks for your site and the giveaway.

  161. Janice says

    I would use it to boil water for coffee, tea, oatmeal, and for making hot water+lemon. Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  162. Helen Vosburgh says

    I would love to have one of these to make tea for my family and red is my favorite color!

  163. Karen Miller says

    I’d use it to boil water for tea so I wouldn’t use a microwave. Sometimes you just want hot water for jello or to add to a recipe so you don’t cool what’s cooking down. It would be loved.

  164. Lisa Jones says

    Our teapot is actually in need of replacement! It lives on the stove and gets used most often for tea (black tea in the morning,chamomile in the evening and an occasional chai tea as a treat) but it is also used often for my boyfriends favorite Thai soup mix – kind of like Ramen only better, its a childhood favorite/comfort food for him.

  165. Kandace says

    Hi Elana

    I sure appreciate your recipes and giveaways. This tea kettle would be such a nice gift especially since my husband has been out of work for quite a while and any extras have been cut from the budget. I would love to enjoy hot tea with my family using it. You know, it’s the little things… :)

  166. Erin Rodriguez says

    In addition to my fave, PG Tips with a crushed cardamom pod, I have a plethora of teas, and I love making hot water with freshly grated ginger, mint leaves, a spot of agave nectar and a squeeze of lemon juice. My tea kettle had to be thrown out due to rust in the inside after several years (I thought le creuset lasted forever?!), now I heat water in a pan on the stove. I really need a new tea kettle!

  167. Judy H. says

    It’s hot tea season once again (!), and this would sooo look good in my kitchen! My favorite tea right now is Tulsi tea (rooibos & Tulsi), the Red Mango flavor, which would also *match* this tea kettle! I don’t like my current teakettle enough to leave it out, except on days I have guests or don’t have to go anywhere.

  168. Alison says

    Rooibus tea! We absolutely adore tea in our home and are so excited about the cooler weather coming.

  169. diane says

    My sister and I have been living with and taking care of our 89 year old Dad since my Mom passed away 2 1/2 years ago. We both love tea, and every afternoon or evening, we each have a cup of green tea and give ourselves some time for self-care and rest. We don’t have a teakettle so we use a saucepan. It would be wonderful to have a shiny new Chantal teakettle! Thanks so much.

  170. Bridget Madsen says

    Sleepytime tea in the evenings for the girls and myself. Weekend mornings-hot cocoa. Weekdays for oatmeal prep and mate van rooibos chai tea-yum! Thanks for the giveaway! Beautiful teapot!

  171. Gwen says

    Oooh! I’ve wished for a Chantal teakettle forever. And red – yes!

    Of course, for making a cup of my favorite – Earl Grey.

    : )

  172. Batyah says

    I have been wanting a tea kettle for some time now and that color would look great in my kitchen. I would use it to make a couple of teas that I have found my husband likes, I am a southern gal and love my sweet tea and he has never liked any tea until about a year ago when he tried a new hot tea from our local health food store. We also have a Tearoom just down the street and I will use it when I try tea’s from them.

  173. Debbie says

    My husband and I both love tea! Celestial Seasonings…just about any flavor. I also love to use a teapot for warming up water…not the microwave. I think it is a great way to warm up water for anything you need it for. :-)

  174. Andrea Schuitema says

    we wiould use the teapot everyday…my husband for his tea and myself for hot chocolate and to keep the air full of moisture. Great tea receipe and thanks

  175. jennifer says

    I’ve been looking for a new tea kettle…and this looks to be perfect for boiling water! ;-) Can’t wait to make yummy rose-vanilla tea!

  176. Jeanie says

    I would use this awesome tea kettle for my morning tea and it would look great in my kitchen.

  177. Miareeva says

    ooohhhhhh……pretty. Let’s see, how would I use it. I should use it to brew water for the green tea I am prescribed. Which I would do, but I would also use it for Chai, Darjeeling, Irish Breakfast….shall I go on?

  178. MaryBeth Matthews says

    I love coffee.
    I love tea.
    I would love a red Chantal tea kettle,
    and it would love me!

    And I love Elana! Thanks~)

  179. Maya says

    Every morning I drink a hot roasted matte latte with almond milk and stevia…. I have never owned a teakettle and use a pot to boil my water, but have always dreamed of having a tea kettle to call my own!
    I recently started working at a tea shop, and get a free ounce of tea each week, so my teakettle would be put to work!

  180. Kathy says

    I would use this beautiful teapot every day, especially to make lemon ginger tea on cool afternoons, perhaps with one of your wonderful Orange Apricot Scones!

  181. says

    I’d love a pop of red in our fairly dull rental kitchen (and it would go with our fiesta ware!) We enjoy making tea and boiling water to make coffee in our french press!

  182. EmmaJane Adams says

    The gorgeous Chantal teakettle would be the perfect vessel to brew a tasty, healthy tea to enjoy with the equally healthy and tasty recipe from Elana. There would be no better way to relax and enjoy the best of gluten free eating and drinking with my family and friends!

  183. Morghan says

    I’d be using it mostly for chai. It’d be nice to have something for making tea that wasn’t shared with everything from pilaf to curry.

  184. Wendy Harrell says

    Thank you Elana for the recipe-I look forward to trying it! Matcha powder and chamomile are my favorite teas right now. This little red pot will make tea-making much more fun!

  185. Faith B says

    In our neck of the woods, it gets cold and stays cold outside for a while. If we really want to warm up, there’s no better way than with a hot cup of tea. It’ll definitely be used to help us melt after walking through snow. (My red kitchen would love this new addition!)

  186. Ben says

    I would use a new teapot for quiet evening tea drinking with my family. Especially now that evenings are getting colder a cup of warm tea would be lovely.

  187. says

    This red teapot would definitely be a bright spot in my kitchen! I think it would look great with the green accents! I would use the teapot for making my favorite flavored white tea. I definitely hope to be the winner!

  188. Linda Lauter says

    I would use this beautiful kettle to keep my neighbours safe. My former
    kettle gave up the ghost to rust after 18 years. I miss its beautiful shape and its wonderful whistle that blew a chord rather than a single note. As it was rather expensive I have not replaced it. So now I boil water in a cookpot. I had not realized how much I had come to rely on the whistle to let me know when my water had boiled. Now I seem to forget about it until I smell the pot boiling almost dry. I have yet to melt a pot or start a fire, but I am certain my fellow tenants in the apartment building would be very gratified if they knew you gave me the kettle.

  189. Linda Donzello says

    I will use the kettle for mostly tea and hot cocoa but also for a wonderful highlight to the heart of the home

  190. jihae says

    It’s gorgeous! I would use it when brewing my favorite traditional Korean teas (roasted barley and cornsilk).

  191. Chandra Christensen says

    I have just found a new love for tea. I don’t like tea at all but the other day my sister was telling me how good this raspberry tea was that she bought and how it didn’t taste like tea at all. I was skeptical but I told her to make me some. I fell in love with it. So goooood. So I would use the kettle to heat water for my tea. :)

  192. Amanda N says

    First- I absolutely adore your blog, and LOVE the redness of this teakettle. :)

    I’d use it for heating water for tea and for my son’s bottles as well. My husband and I drink tea together most every day that we are home together, and this would be so much nicer than making it in our coffee pot.

  193. Kathy Kilbourne says

    This teapot is beautiful. I don’t have one to make tea for my husband & I. I boil the water on the stove. So this teapot would certainly be a welcome site in my kitchen in making our teas!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  194. Karen says

    Hi Elana!

    I love your blog it has been such an inspiration to me!!! Tea is high on our list of comforts and it would be so nice to add a lovely, red kettle to that list of comforts!!!

  195. jeanne bjugstad says

    I would use the beautiful red teapot for making my favorite tea, peppermint. The tea soothes my stomach if I ever accidentally get something gluten in my diet! I serve tea to all my friends who drop by for a visit. The new teapot would serve it in style!

  196. Ona says

    I have to say, every year I ask for a tea kettle from my family and I still havent gotten one yet :-(

    This would be a great early xmas gift for meself. I would use the tea kettle for my tea of course plus to make oatmeal for my family in the morning. There is nothing like a nice hot cut of tea in the cool evenings in Arizona. I love my quiet time outside while reading so having this kettle would allow me to have enough hot warm to refresh my tea.

  197. Jean Ingram says

    I would love to win this Chili Red Classic Teakettle from Chantal. I drink tea every morning and while I am studying for college every evening. It would definitely be adding a bright spot of color to my favorite room in the house too.

  198. melody moon says

    I have just begun drinking the “Essiac Tea” made famous by Rene Caisse for the cancer cure. I don’t have cancer, but the tea has made me feel soooo much better. The tea pot is lovely. Red is a favorite color of mine. May God give you wisdom in picking a winner. You have plenty to pick from.
    I appreciate you and your work.

  199. Nancy says

    I would use the Chantal tea kettle for tea!! I had to give up dairy along with gluten so that means no more lattes from the local coffee shop. So a tea kettle would make having tea more special.

  200. nancy s says

    The tea kettle reminds me of my Mother. She was from Canada and she had the tea kettle boiling–any time of the day. I love tea and just so happens that red is my favorite color.

  201. Bonnie says

    A kitchen is NOT complete without a tea kettle! I love the red Chantal one — it looks so nicely designed, especially with the cover for the handle which may get hot! I drink 2-3 cups of green tea a day (I am a breast cancer survivor) and a tea kettle would definitely get a work out in my kitchen!

    Fall greetings from California!!

  202. Terry says

    I have some wonderful teas and just purchased some Matcha tea, but do not have a tea kettle for water! I use a pan but it is messy and a bit dangerous pouring hot water. I would LOVE to win this BEAUTIFUL Chantal tea kettle use for all my teas AND to light up my kitchen as it does yours.

  203. Lynne says

    Elana…..What a gorgeous teapot. And red at that ! My current teapot is eons old and looks like it too. I’d love to win this one so I could replace it. I also use a french press for our teas and teeccinos. We enjoy so many different flavors, it would be hard to pick a favorite.

  204. Kelsey says

    I love tea, and have to heat water in the microwave or in a normal pot. It always seems so cheap. I would use this pot and pull out my prettiest mug and make every morning a special occassion =)

  205. Sharon says

    It would make me smile to have this bright and beautiful kettle to boil water for my daily cups of fair trade tea. I always start my day with several cups of tea and really enjoy it with stevia and almond milk. Every night I end my day with herbal teas.

  206. Sarah D says

    Thank you for the great give aways! I love tea and use my current tea pot every morning before leaving the house and every evening after dinner. I would love to replace my old tea pot with this beautiful Chantal tea pot.

    Thank You!

  207. says


    I am new to gluten sensitivity. I have been through a 21 day body cleanse and then two challenge steps. Now the Dr. is working on my adreanal glands and next my hormones. Quiet a challenge. I am finding out I have problems with many more foods than I thought.

    I love your gluten free recipes. I have tried a lot of them. Many of these veggies I would have never tried if it had not been for the gluten problem. They have all been very tasty.

    I would use the tea kettle for tea also. I can never have coffee again.
    Also for hot lemon water at night. I have to drink it everynight on this adreanal phase. I would love to win it and put it to good use.
    Thanks, Bonnie Wilson

  208. Mardee says

    I would use this teakettle to make soothing mint tea to help with a cough I have had since April. Tea and honey help lots!

  209. Rita says

    I love to grow herbs and make a variety of herb-flavored teas. I’ll use the Chantal to make my favorites, mint and lemon balm.

    • val says

      What a beautiful kettle. Mine is finished! I would use it to make an abundant number of herbal teas to enjoy with friends and family. It will also make a beautiful addition to my newly painted kitchen-you guessed it it has a small accent wall of red-just what I need!!!

  210. Lindsey Tucker says

    I’d use it for my morning green tea, my kids for their “robot tea” and my husband for his weekend coffee.

  211. says

    I love tea! I drink tea all the time, but I don’t have a tea kettle, so I have to boil water in my saucepan. I have been wanting a red tea kettle to make my daily tea, so this beautiful pot would be perfect! I would love to win! Thanks for offering this, Elana, along with all your scrumptious treats. Hmmm, I am thinking chai and cardamom-doodles (my version of snickerdoodles with almond flour)! Yum! :)

  212. Sahnya says

    I’d use it to make coffee in my french press, tea in the afternoon, and to add hot water to my hot water bottle when my kids have a stomach ache.

  213. Anna says

    hmm nothing says “welcome fall” like tea! i love fresh ginger tea – just grated ginger steeped with boiled water! and maybe a little honey for sweetness…
    thanks for offering the giveaway!

  214. louise says

    I would leave it on the stove with fresh water in it so when I make gravy or need to add water I have it handy. I bet it would also make a GREAT cup of tea!!!

  215. Jeanine says

    We are a family of tea drinkers who would use this tea kettle every day and more than once per day! Our most recent tea kettle has rusted out. We are looking for a new one to make our tea: green or white tea in the morning, afternoon or evening rooibos chai, and sometimes even a new spin on an old favorite, like coconut chai, which is delicious with almond flour cupcakes!

  216. Nancy Pflug says

    Since I cannont drink coffee, it doesn’t agree with me, I am a green tea drinker. I also drink many different herbal teas after 2:00pm so I’m not up all night. Recently I discovered a coconut green tea that is out of this world!! When I make my green tea I also add vanilla flavored almond milk or soy milk. It makes for a great treat to start the day. I would use the Chantal teakettle daily and think of you.

  217. Jules says

    I would use this lovely chantal tea kettle to boil water for the coffee I make using my french press every morning.

  218. Susan says

    Wow – and I need to have a replacement for my kettle which is now rusting out. Green tea in the morning, later that day that yummy Mother Earth tea that tastes and smells so delicious, and near bed time a cup of chamomile to end the day.

  219. Kari Morgan says

    Not only will this lovely kettle add a much needed splash of colour to my plain kitchen, but it will allow me to make my favorite berry herbal tea to warm me up each night.

  220. Fancy Nancy says

    Very cool offer from Chantal, which would sit perfectly on our gas stove here in Atlanta and help warm up our bodies with some Caffeine free teas and heat stone cut oatmeal for the boys.

  221. Melanie Bergeland says

    Beautiful teapot. I would use it to make my morning tea,Blue Lady, to get the day started. As well as in the evening when I get 20 minutes to enjoy reading my fav book at the time.

  222. Monique says

    we love tea in this house! and the kettle we have has such a loud whistle it’s deafening and i burn my hand trying to open the spout to pour. i NEED a new kettle! and this red is lovely. thanks!

  223. debra hutton says

    I would love this kettle because I have an undiagnosed tea fettish.
    I have so much tea that if there was no more tea, I would have enough to see through to the end

  224. Monique Barnes says

    This would really warm up my kitchen and me on these cold rainy days ! a nice cup of pumpkin spice or a relaxing chamomile would be just so yummy !

  225. Christine says

    Love the color!
    Of course I’d use it to make tea (green, black, and chai). But coffee with the french-press and hot chocolate are options as well. Yumm.
    Tea’s always been a favorite in my house — there’s nothing like a warm cup in your hands to chase the shivers. Also, tea-parties are great… twice as sweet with a good friend (and a nice teakettle).

  226. Sandy Razka says

    I would love to have a colorful tea kettle to jazz up my kitchen. My husband is an avid tea drinker, and if I had an attractive way to heat up the water, I’d join him!

  227. Michelle says

    I have been using a pot to heat water for tea or (gasp) the microwave to heat it. I put a tea kettle on my Christmas list this year. The thing I would most use this tea kettle for would be tea. A nice cup of chai with coconut milk yum!!!

  228. Heidi says

    Now THAT’s a nice kettle!! I use mine everyday for french press coffee water and later, for yerba mate tea.
    This one looks much easier to fill than mine — and shouldn’t that be part of every kettle’s design anyway???

  229. Debra Mehrberg says

    I would use the teakettle to brew my ginger cinnamon “tea” that I make with ginger root, cinnamon sticks and whole cloves. It is my hot beverage of choice through out the day and night. I add to this unsweetened organic soymilk and agave. It is the best!

  230. says

    We will use it to make tea every day with the children at school from our herb garden. Lately, our favorite recipe is lemon balm (growing wild in the sandbox), wood sorrel, and elderberries!!!

  231. Judy says

    My husband and I both drink tea every morning and evening. I love that its red, as it would match my kitchen

  232. cheryl crotty says

    Dear Elana,
    Thanks so much for all your great recipes. Greatly appreciated.
    I love the red tea kettle and it would be wonderful at Christmas (and all year through) but especially at Christmas when each year I have a Christmas Tea for all my girlfriends. Wouldn’t that look just lovely on my tea table?
    This is a long standing tradition for me and I’m always looking for “red” tea items.
    Thanks for reading this and I hope I win.

    • Lidia says

      We are always making tea, so of course it would be for tea. Chamomile, rasberry, peppermint tea…

  233. Jennifer Smith says

    The teakettle will be used for tea of course! Jasmine, chamomile, echinacea, green, black, white and red…no Tea discrimination.

  234. Nancy says

    Thanks Elana for doing these give-a-ways. It’s generous of you and even though I haven’t won yet I enjoy the energy of the other winners when you make the announcements.

    Using a beautiful tea kettle like this would feel like an indulgence every day! Thanks for sharing…

  235. Lenci B says

    Didn’t see my comment post yet: I truly want that cute little kettle! I’d enjoy my green tea all the more :)

  236. Virginia says

    Tea for me, hot cider for the kids. I love the look of red in the kitchen! It makes for a smile when you see it!

  237. Fran Danner says

    I’m hooked on spiced and vanilla Chai tea. The kettle would look great in my kitchen! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Fran in Tulsa!

  238. Marianne says

    I used to have a Chantal tea kettle and I would sing back to it when it sang to me. I miss it so! Everyone in my family of six drinks tea, moreso now that cold weather is fast approaching. We all sing too, so the kettle will be happy in our home.

  239. Patty Giles says

    I love this teapot — it definitely would be used EVERY day to heat water for my French Press Coffee maker or for brewing tea.

  240. Tana says

    This is a very cute little red tea kettle! :) My little girl (she’s 9 years old) and I love to “spoil” each other when we’re feeling down or under the weather by pampering each other. She’s learning how to cook, and I just know she would love to use this tea kettle to boil water in order to make tea and coffee for her Mama and the rest of the family too! When she’s old enough to be on her own, she can take it with her along with many fond memories of her family and special times in the kitchen together. xoxo :)

  241. Becky says

    What a stunning teakettle! I would absolutely adore adding this beautiful red teakettle to my stove top to serve as a reflection my renewed commitment to health and vitality. As I begin the ninth and final week of a detox cleanse, I want to thank you Elana for all the recipes and priceless information you to share showing ways to reclaim health while enjoying delectable delights.

  242. nicole says

    Oh, red is my favorite color! I would love one of these! I would use it to make my family’s nettles/red raspberry infusions. I think I would end up just boiling water as an excuse to keep it on my stove all the time!

  243. Erika says

    The fact that this tea kettle whistles two notes (through a harmonica of sorts) is so charming! Beautiful, beautiful.
    I would use it for making evening herbal infusions for my husband and I; we love to sit and chat over tea at the end of the day.

  244. Lynn says

    I am harvesting the last of my lemon balm and peppermint and warming my spirit with tea as we enter the autumn and winter months! Thanks Elana for your wonderful inspiration for creative gluten-free cooking!

  245. Marcia Luloff says

    Love that red! It would look so awesome in my kichen. Tea and your delicious recipes, no better way to go!

  246. Sherryl says

    I would use this beautiful tea kettle everyday for making tea to start my day – on my propane gas stove – in my new kitchen – in my new home – where I live off-grid on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. I add a little Pau D’Arco to my tea brewing ritual to enhance my immune system and for added protection from cancer.

  247. says

    I would use it to make all of my teas, chais and other drinks to take the chill off the fall (well, it would get a lot of use year round since I’m a year round tea maker and drinker). I am in dire need of a new kettle since mine, somehow, walked out the door with someone else. Thanks for the chance to win. I’ll make sure to tweet it and put it on my FB page!

  248. Brandy says

    I drink LOADS of tea, but do not have a tea kettle. Currently, I just use a teflon coated pot. :-( I would LOVE this tea kettle and the fantastic color would also go well with the decor in our kitchen.

    I would use this tea kettle for chai, rooibos, mint and Malty Assam teas.

    Thanks for a Wonderful Website and AMAZING Recipes!!!

  249. Susan Jackson says

    Hi Elana

    We always had tea at home when I was growing up. I would use my tea kettle for tea throughout the day starting with a mid-morning robust tea to peppermint tea in the afternoon and finishing with soothing tea after supper in the evening. All this tea goes well with the delicious recipes on your website. I received my first bag of almond flour — the real deal– from Honeyville and OH MY what a difference it makes in the recipes. I look forward to trying more and enjoying the results with my tea. Thanks.

  250. Sandra says

    I drink tea everyday, all day. Green tea in the earlier part of the day and yummy herbal teas from 5PM on ending with the timeless Sleepytime tea. Teakettles are well loved and well used at my house!

  251. says

    We started drinking tea when my daughter with special needs was
    diagonosed with GI, since last Oct. and to took them 7 years to find out why she was having stomach pain. Than I found out I had the
    gene also. So not I try and get all kinds of teas to see if they make her feel better. We would love the tea Kettle and the Chili Red Classic would just spice up our life. I would like to also try the Yogi Chai Rooibos, it really looks good with your Homemade Almond Milk. We dond’t really have much to drink as you know and trying all kinds of teas that we like has been a challenge. But can’t wait to try your tea with the NEW Chili Red Classic TeaKettle.
    Thanks for giving us a chance to try and win this Beautiful Red TeaKettle.

    • Eva says

      I am not eva @ Elana’s Pantry, since I don’t post on many Forums I wasn’t really sure what to post on your website, I thought you wanted the website were I got the info from. What can you expect from a 62 year old that doesn’t know much about computer and is trying. Sorry!

  252. Victoria Collins says

    Hi Elana,
    I so enjoy your web site and all your posts on Facebook. Thank you!

    I would love to have this Chantal Teakettle to make my tea and also to have a convenient way to boil water for making homemade healthy jello-type desserts and salads.

    I would also love to have it because it is beautiful!

    Thanks again!
    Victoria in Las Vegas

  253. says

    I drink tea every day and also use a kettle for coffee. However, mine is much abused and leaks! I would love that one, especially I notice it has more than one hole for steam which means it’s not a piercing sound.. my kitty would also thank you! lol :)

  254. says

    I make tea at least 4x per day especially in the winter. I would love this red (my fav color) to brighten up our kitchen! My favorite teas are Organic Indias collection…particularly rose, peppermint and green.

  255. Elizabeth C. says

    There is nothing better in the winter than a cup of herbal tea at night! I’d use the kettle to heat up water for that; it would be much more relaxing than using the microwave.

  256. Susy G says

    I’d use the tea kettle for making my tea! Well, more specifically for making our tea. Lots of people study at my place and we like to drink up!

  257. Tara says

    Late-night chai tea in the winter may be one of my favorite bedtime comforts. Need the perfect kettle for it though! :)

  258. says

    I would use it to make a pot of orange peel, lemon & ginger tea each morning. This tea is not only refreshing, but good for your digestive system and immune system. I add a teaspoon of either raw honey or agave nectar to each cup I drink.

  259. Lauren says

    What wouldn’t I use it for?
    Mostly my nightly tea and reading ritual.
    And it IS a ritual. Making tea with a kettle (vs. nuking a cup of water in the microwave) is so much more civilized and relaxing.

  260. Marylyn from Maui says

    I enjoy drinking our local Hawaiian teas. My favorites are from Hawaiian Natural Tea (“body wise, earth friendly”). I love all their teas: Mango Peach, Passionfruit Orange and Pineapple Strawberry. I was born and raised on Maui, but went to school in Seattle and often went to Canada and got hooked on the idea of “tea-time” but made it “Maui-time.” I often prepare one of these local teas, go to the beach and enjoy my glass of tea as the sun sets into the Pacific.

    I would use the teapot to prepare my Hawaiian teas by putting a couple of teabags (mix or match) into a drinking container full of ice (a thermos would do) and pouring the hot water over it. It steeps on my way to the beach!

    Aloha from Maui,

  261. Nicole Ray says

    I would LOVE a new tea kettle! With a chill in the air it’s that time of year to pull out the assortment of tea. YUM… ecspecially with a cute red kettle to show off!! Thanks for your awesome site too!

  262. Emily Sunwell says

    I would use it for nourishing herbal tea infusions that I make daily. I make my infusions using red raspberry leaf, nettle, rose hips, oatstraw, lemon balm and fennel seed – sometimes adding other herbs. I’ve never owned a tea kettle, but have always wanted one.

  263. Sara Jean says

    Tea is the hot ‘bevy’ of choice for my sweetheart and myself. We love a tea shop here in Monument, Colorado called The Wisdom Tea House. My personal fav is their green chai tea with cardamom and almonds in it! Oh my gosh it is amazing! I add hot almond milk and I have a lovely chai latte.

    The tea pot would have a happy home here. =) Thanks for all you do, Elena. You’ve honestly changed my life for the better. My Celiac tastebuds thank you!


  264. Pam Maher says

    What a beautiful tea kettle! I can think of many things to use this for but would use it for a tea a lot. There is something so comforting about a cup of hot tea.

  265. says

    I use the Chantal teapot I have now several times a week for ice tea, however the whistle doesn’t work and the top doesn’t fit tight so I have to stay in the kitchen or I have spills. I am in desperate need of a new one. I have worn this one out!

  266. Amanda Hutchins says

    My boyfriend is a big, tattooed guy, so it’s a bit incongruous to see him drinking tea, but every fall we stock up on tempting boxes of Tahitian Vanilla and Roobios Red and part of our before bed ritual is a soothing cup sweetened with a bit of raw honey. Normally we boil the water in a pot, or, if we’re feeling especially lazy, in the microwave. I can think of no more welcome addition to our funky little kitchen than a cheerful red teapot that would make our ritual that much more special.

  267. Destiny Freeman says

    I would use the beautiful tea kettle to make some delicious tea before I go to class. Nothing wakes me up before French class like a warm cup of tea. I need something to be able to make tea much easier so I can get to campus on time!

  268. Christie McGetrick says

    I have been using the same ancient teakettle – nice design but it’s leaking. I drink tons of tea iced and hot – so I would love a new tea kettle.

  269. P Roland says

    Our family would use this tea kettle every day. Our current (and in need of retirement) tea kettle is used for warm drinks, cooking, projects that require hot water, etc. What a nice giveaway. Thank you for wonderful recipes.

  270. says

    Here in Canada I drink tea all day, choosing flavors to suit the season – lemongrass, mint, lemon myrtle for the summer and chai spiced tea or aniseed in the winter. I would use this kettle to save my relationship! Our current kettle doesn’t have a whistle and I am forever working away forgetting that I left it on the burner much to my husbands frustration. He’s afraid I will burn the house down one day!

  271. Sandy says

    I would use this beautiful tea kettle to make my favorite cinnamon tea every morning and lemon tea (with honey) in the evenings.

  272. Rebecca Cherry says

    Are you kidding? Elana, you have only one teakettle to give away to the hundreds of fans who follow your website and all you are asking is how we plan to use it? Certainly, you knew you had your work cut out for you. There are really only so many expected uses for a teakettle. I can only hope Chantal provided you with a staff of people to help you judge the comments. Come to think of it, you might actually need two teakettles to make tea for all the comment readers. You could keep it for yourself. But, if you don’t, then maybe, give the kettle away to the person who tells you how tea is integral to their daily existence. Give it to someone who tells you that tea eases them awake in the morning, gives them pause for breath in the busy afternoon, and quiets their mind at night. Give it to the person that reminds you that there is a tea for every mood, occasion, and ailment. And, that tea seems to be quite the phenomenon enjoyed in every culture. Give it to the person who marvels at how the simplicity of making a cup of tea unfolds such complex flavors and leads to infinite experiences. Give the kettle to a person who knows the world would be a different a place without tea and that would be very, very unfortunate.
    We had a kettle; we let it leak:
    Our not repairing made it worse.
    We haven’t had any tea for a week…
    The bottom is out of the Universe.
    ~Rudyard Kipling

  273. Wendy says

    What a beautiful tea kettle! I have an plain white electric one now, I’d love to add some sparkle to my kitchen with that lovely kettle. Tea tea tea!

  274. says

    I would use it for tea. I had to give up coffee because of my failing adrenals, so I recently found a fabulous substitute. It’s called “Fire Light Chai”, but it’s a red tea from Rooibos, so there’s no caffeine. It’s perfect for a dallop of cream and some Stevia, so it feels rich and creamy like coffee used to.

    Also, when I felt like the flu was trying to attack me yesterday, I found a wonderful new ‘elixir’ :-D

    1 cup (8 – 10 Oz) Hot Water
    1 – 2 Tblsp Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
    1 Tsp Raw Organic Local Honey
    1 Tsp Organic Black Strap Molasses
    Stevia, to taste

    The apple cider vinegar and molasses have lots of potassium for fever control. Very yummy too! My 4 year old actually drank it all!

  275. Kathy Sharpe says

    Oh how I would love a beautiful new kettle! My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer this spring and I can’t begin to tell you how many cups of green tea have been drank! A kettle to me represents something comforting, something warm and can either generate a wonderful conversation or simply provide a means to curl up with a book. Thank you for this opportunity! Kathy Sharpe

  276. says

    I LOVE your blog!!! Thank you for sharing all your inspiration for the best! I also LOVE that you have this AWESOME give-a-way!!!

    Thank you!

  277. Shannon says

    I need a tea kettle!
    And I am loving the Yogi Choco tea spice blend right now… perfect for Fall! And also excellent with a bit of almond milk.

  278. Sonya says

    We drink a lot of tea during the day, and out ceramic teapot is looking to break any day. This kettle would be a great replacement for our much loved kettle!

  279. Tarry says

    I would love to win this tea kettle. I not only think it is beautiful, I think I could really use it a lot. My husband, Mike really loves un-sweet tea. I would use this tea kettle to show my love for him by making his tea in it. We’re still very much in love, we will be married 25 years on December 21.

  280. Deborah Binder says

    I am moving to a new home next month and it would be such a treat to have this lovely tea kettle as a housewarming gift! I stopped drinking coffee (almost…occasionally have a non-fat latte…) and love to explore new teas from a local tea shop in town. I love your Blog! Thanks.

  281. Maria says


    I would love this red tea kettle! I am an avid tea drinker and love all kinds of tea most especially loose leaf teas. My favs right now are Jasmine, Yerba Mate, and Kuki Matcha.

  282. Lin Goodman says

    If I were to win the teakettle I would make tea for my husband and I on a cool fall night. I am trying to get him to drink tea as his doctor took him off of caffeine. I think we’d snuggle up on the couch drink our tea and read a book together. LIN

  283. Isi says

    Love the looks of the teapot. I am exited to be posting on your site. I love your Chi recipe, make it pretty much every morning. Love the almond flour cookbook. I usually never win anything, but thought I would try and I hope I am not too late for entering. I am SUCH a
    tea person and would love to win the tea pot,tea all the time, greens, brown rice tea. etc. Would like to ask you what you recommend for tea before bed for sleep ease! Thank you for the change to enter and have a good day!

  284. Katie says

    I’m an avid tea drinker; however, while I was pregnant (and then nursing exclusively) I had to avoid all caffeine. My current goal has been to finish my (slightly old and stale) tea collection before buying any new teas. I’m down to some Darjeeling, sencha, and genmaicha. But, my tea kettle, from before my marriage, is starting to die, and I was just thinking that its time to get a new one. This red one is simply beautiful.

  285. kevin ruse says

    The quintessential item in any little cottage – the word burning stove with a teakettle on top steaming away ready for a fresh cup of tea or coffee. This would be a wonderful addition to our New England cottage home – knowing you have loved this kettle for over a decade is the best endorsement one could ask for. My wife and I love your site and approach to living – we have been living a whole food lifestyle for the past 4 years, ever since our sons (4 and 6) we diagnosed with a food allergy syndrome to milk, soy and gluten. Keep up the great work.

  286. Barbara says

    I would use this lovely tea pot for my mother in-law whenever she comes for a visit. Plus, the chili red color would look great against the chartreuse walls of my kitchen!

  287. Heartsong says

    I use a kettle every day first thing in the morning to disguise my calcium powder in a yummy ginger and honey tea that I get from the Asian store.

    In the fall and winter I am more prone to drink a variety of herbal teas and an occasional cup of Earl Grey.
    Also, there is warm emergen-C, and my home remedy tonic that I call Garlic & Parsley tea.

    It is time for a little RED in the kitchen.

  288. Christine says

    I would love this tea kettle in my kitchen to brighten up our cloudy NW winters. I would use this beauty every morning to brew up my Calli tea to enjoy with some yummy almond flour muffins. Made the pumpkin pie muffins last night and they are DELICIOUS.

  289. Amy M. says

    I would use this tea kettle to make licorice root tea. We used nothing but licorice root tea and honey to recover from the flu last year and it worked great. Licorice root helps open up the airways in the lungs and helps to keep the congestion from building and turning into something worse. We also drink a lot of decaf green tea with lemon or raspberry (depending on our thirst). :-)

  290. Paige L. says

    Being a total “tea girl” (I can’t even stand the smell of coffee), I would love to be able to add such a beutiful piece of art to my morning ritual. Thanks for all the great recipes!

  291. Sandy Belanger says

    I haven’t had a tea kettle for many years but my darling husband who was recently dignosed with cancer of the bone marrow has started making tea in the microwave. Would love to heat the water in a tea kettle. As well as make hot chocolate in the Michigan winter which soon approaching!

  292. says

    I love tea! My teakettle is so sad…but hanging in there. It gets stovetop real estate because it’s Chai time. I love the Fall. Having Chai’s with almond milk is the yummiest.

  293. Ela says

    I use mine for drinking green tea, but each night (now that it is getting chillier) I heat up some water to pour into my hot water bottle so I can warm up my feet in bed. I have very poor circulation, so with cold feet I can never fall asleep. ;(

  294. Beth Van Tholen says

    I absolutely adore red! Everyday I’d make my favorite peppermint tea and give the leaves to my kitty to nibble (peppermint and catnip are in the same family)!

  295. Dawn Muchelle Kalm says

    We would use this daily. For tea (peppermint being the favorite right now). For coffee. For unsticking frozen soup from its container (FALL is so great for wanting soups and teas). And for just adding a little moisture to the air when its hot and dry in the kitchen. :-)

  296. Elizabeth Richardson says


    LOVE tea kettles and teapots – but then I am English!!!

    My 16 year old granddaughter is thrilled by your new cupcake cookbook – She has tried each recipe you have showed us so far – so we are eagerly awaiting the publishing date!!

    Thank you again for all the tips and information – just a gift that gives on giving!!

    Sincerely, Elizabeth Richardson Tucson, AZ

  297. Jennifer Eliuk says

    If I had this beautiful tea kettle, I would use it mostly for making almond green tea in the crisp winter mornings before going skiing. The tea is a light, fruity green with slivers of real almonds, and it brightens and warms on snowy mornings here along the Eagle River. I understand these Chantal kettles are so well made that they can be passed down for generations. It would be so nice to be able to pass down not only this kettle, but the ritual of savouring great teas, to become tradition and something we could cherish as a family.

  298. Shan says

    of course making delicious teas of various types, and to distill water for making coconut milks, almond milks.

  299. Mike M says

    We would use the tea kettle to display it next to our beautiful red espresso machine, which my wife is encouraging me to use less.
    I/we would use this kettle for kicking/reducing my coffee habit. :)

    Btw Elana i wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the recipes. They are wonderful and we are really enjoying them.

  300. Judy Harlow says

    What a beautiful tea kettle, with harmonic tones in its whistle! How calming and comforting cups of tea are to me. I would love to have this teapot! Elana, you have helped me explore the possibilities of a new diet.

  301. Audrey says

    I would love to have that beautiful teakettle! My teakettle is on my stove all the time, I use it for my coffee that I make with extract every morning, sometimes afternoons too, and for tea all the time. I also make ginger-honey tea for my DH when he has a cough, I would be lost without a teakettle.

  302. Sonja Fairfield says

    My favorite time is my weekend mornings with my husband and best friend. We sit closely but quietly at first on our recliner enjoying our favorite spiced tea waiting for the brain cells to wake up. Slowly the chatter begins and so does the giggling and this beautiful teapot would only enhance that experience. Life is best in the smallest of moments.

  303. Shanna Pace says

    I would use this kettle to make many cups of hot chocolate for my little one during the cold up & coming winter months.

  304. Felicia says


    What an awesome gift to give away!! We are a tea household and I would use it for my favorite jasmine tea!! I love jasmine tea alongside some gluten free scones!! I’m a happy camper then!! You picked a wonderful vibrant color, which would look nice in any kitchen, but GREAT in mine!! ha ha Thanks for the opportunity to win!! And thank YOU for a your GREAT website and wonderful recipes!!

  305. Cindy Scott says

    I would love to win this teakettle since I no longer even own a teakettle! I am new to the gluten free (and in my case, corn free) world so I love your recipes.
    Thanks, Cindy Scott

  306. Maria says

    Too many to list-Sleepy Time, Chamomille, Yerba Mate, Green Tea! It would go perfect sitting on my stove top!

  307. Annette says

    In Ireland, my home country, tea drinking is a national past time….no one leaves your home without a cup of tea. So a tea kettle is pretty much always at the ready and I would love to have this kettle grace my kitchen with it’s beauty. I brew my own blend of tea….Rooibos leaves with cardamom, vanilla and a little pepper.

  308. Laura rechtfertig says

    I have become an avid tea drinker since becoming pregnant with my third child (welcomed him on march 24, 2010). Had to give up caffeine so switched to loose-leaf red raspberry tea from my local health food store. My favorite is now a loose leaf green tea!

  309. Susan says

    Elana, YOU ROCK!
    First, loads of gluten-free goodies and now a fabulous tea kettle giveaway! Two of my favorite indulgences!

  310. jennifer e ott says

    i love to make agave ginger lime aid these days. i boil the water, sure would love to in my new tea kettle, then pour into large glass pitcher i’ve heated with hot water from the tap. to that i add fresh ginger and let steep until water returns to room temperature. at that point i stir in agave, sqeeze fresh limes and add. if the mint is growing i add a few mint leaves too…yum.

  311. Hannah says

    What a nice tea kettle! I would use it for tea… I am pregnant and *should* be drinking a lot more of my herbal pregnancy tea than I am. I’d also use it to just warm the water… I am cold all the time and sipping on warm water helps a lot!

  312. Sally says

    I frequently brew up medicinal herbal teas but we love green teas, fruit teas and hot chocolate here on the farm. This beautiful tea kettle would add so much fun to our days.
    Thank you!

  313. LuAnne says

    Christmas is coming! As much as I’d like to keep this kettle, I know someone else whose husband is out of work that would LOVE to receive such a great gift!! She enjoys drinking tea more than anyone else I know.

  314. Dinah Makowsky says

    I rarely drink anything but English Breakfast tea. I would also use it for my half decaf/half regular Starbucks Holiday Blend!

  315. Barbara says

    Tea is my favorite thing in the morning. After coming in from feeding the horses, I make a cup of tea and enjoy the warmth of it. Also love tea in the evening on a chilly night. I like green tea in the evening and a nice English tea in the morning. What could be better…

  316. Kristin says

    This kettle would get a daily workout in my kitchen, for my morning coffee, evening tea on the front porch, and my cold and flu fighter if it should come to that! ;)

  317. Nancy V says

    If I were to win this tea kettle I would give it to my 22 year old daughter who was diagnosed 2 years ago and has been g/f ever since. She loves green tea! All of her cookware (one frying an) is red – which is the families color coded system for “stop, no Gluten allowed”

  318. Marcye C says

    Winter is approaching and so is our increased hot tea drinking! This new tea pot will come to good use in my family :-)

  319. april asher says

    Love the red kettle, it’s hot! ;)
    I would use my kettle every single morning for breakfast Tea, and quite possibly in the afternoons/eves too…for Tea, Tea, Tea!

  320. Tammy Lou McIlwain says

    I drink so much Tea my Tea pot wore out and the handle broke! I am now using my coffee percolator to heat up the water, which as you know leaves a different taste because of the coffe grounds :( Would definately try your tea recipe with a new Tea pot!

  321. Suzette says

    From sweet mexican chili or mayan cocoa spice to gypsy cold care and soothing tension tamer, chamomile or peppermint, tea is a staple in our house! This gorgeous kettle would proudly be center stage with a permanent place in the family kitchen to soothe us when we are ill, nourish our bodies and warm the daily soul. When guests come over, it is so wonderful to invite them to a comforting cup of tea, cocoa, or hot, lemon water and sip it over lovely conversation. It just infuses the house with the gorgeous aroma of herbs and peace!

  322. nikki k says

    I would actually pass this on to my brother, who because of brain cancer, has recently adopted a very healthy eating plan. I think this fall will be a perfect time for him to add green tea to his alkaline plan and he might as well do it in style. Red is so cheerful! Thx!

  323. Dawn Plant says

    What a beautiful teakettle, and a pretty addition to any kitchen. I much prefer heating things on the stove, rather than use a microwave oven for anything, including to heat water for tea. So I would use The Chantal Teakettle for heating water for many varieties of herbal tea, many times melting coconut oil into my teacup for added warmth and healthy fats.

    Thanks, Elana and Chantal, for such a lovely offer!


  324. Amanda says

    This kettle is gorgeous and red is my favorite color. If I had the kettle I would make Elana’s favorite tea because that sounds delicious. Then, I would continue to make hot chocolate every time the temperature dips below 69degrees. I live in southern California, anything below 70 is chilly!

  325. says

    Teeccino! Need I say more? This teapot would be a highlight in my kitchen and would remind me of Elana’s yummy foods every time I used it, which is numerous times in the day.

  326. Tanya says

    I would use this kettle for water to make peppermint tea. It would also match my kitchen decor ;-)

  327. Anna says

    Such a beautiful kettle! We are tea drinkers in my family, even my little daughter (almost 2) likes to take a sip or two of my herbal tea. Love to sip the tea with some of our favorite deserts (pumpkin pie and carrot pie (my dauther’s favourite)). All from your cookbook for which we thank you! ;-)

  328. Jenee says

    My husband,five boys and I love to snugggle in front of the fire in the evenings and drink herbed tea or my DF/SF hot cocoa mix and play games!!

  329. Sarah Erhart says

    Such a beautiful kettle! My family would use it for boiling water for tea. We drink every kind, herbal, green, and black. And would enjoy it with one of your wonderful desserts, of course!

  330. Angel Tucker says

    Since my husband and I quit caffeine we have been drinking rooibos and this imitation coffee called Roma. Pretty decent for instant fake coffee! Once in a while I visit Starbucks for a decalf.

  331. Erin says

    Ooooooo! Nothing says *love* like a nice red tea kettle! Since I’m 5 months preggo, all I’m drinking these days is tea. And THAT is a nice pot. :-)

  332. Marsha says

    With the weather getting cooler my thoughts go to all the wonderful flavored teas that are available. I would use the tea kettle to make a soothing cup of tea after diner.

  333. Kathy Medlar says

    What would I do with this beautiful red Chantal teapot, a teapot I drool over in the kitchen store’s, but never buy because of budget restraint??? First, she would sit on my stove top so friends, friends and I could admire and enjoy her radiant beauty. Second, she would receive crystal clear water from our well each day and bring the water to a perfect boil to prepare my daily Organic tea. Third, she would rest on my stove top and be cared for, praised, and loved for all the enjoyment and work that she does.

    Some people would say,” she’s just a teapot.” I say, ” she’s a bright spot in each day for all she gives!!!”

    Much love!
    Kathy Medlar

  334. Lauren says

    My family and I use our tea kettle at least 10 times a day. We have a whole cabinet dedicated to teas. In the morning I can’t start my day without tulsi licorice tea. Since stopping caffeine and removing coffee from my diet, I am now addicted to a hot cup of Dandy Blend (several times a day). Our kitchen is pretty neutral and this red color would really liven up the room! It would even match our kitchen curtain with little apples on it for fall.

  335. Carolyn says

    If I were to win this lovely tea kettle I would share it with my moms and dad,(82 & 83) they like to have a special cup of tea together each
    day. It’s their “together” time in a somewhat hectic busy world.

  336. Janice Cook says

    I would use this tea kettle to boil water for tea multiple times a day! We LOVE tea at our house and drink quite a lot of it. This tea kettle is so cute it will look fabulous sitting on the stove even if it’s not being used. Thanks for the chance to win!

  337. Kathy Tisthammer says

    Coffee upsets my stomach so years ago I started drinking hot water instead, sometimes with lemon sometimes without. I love the beautiful color of the tea kettle, it will look great in my kithcen.

  338. Shannon Mills says

    I think that I would use this kettle for brewing some nettle tea. I have been reading about it and it is supposed to be really good for you.

  339. Holly Ellerton says

    I would use the tea pot to make green tea, Rooibos, English tea, and brew decaf Starbucks coffee in my french press. My Kettle right now has no whistle… I think I wore it out from use!

  340. beth halper says

    I think i’d gift it to my friend who drinks pg tips all day long. she boils her water in a saucepan. You see one bleary-eyed morning with children running ’round she accidentally put her electric kettle on her gas burner! She needs it!

  341. Jayne Chandler says

    I “converted” to tea 3 years ago, for health reasons. My tea kettle gets constant use, and some days barely cools down. The new Chantal tea kettle will start the day making 2 stiff cups of Twinings Irish Breakfast tea then warm up again for Celestial Seasonings Blueberry Breeze tea. When a friend drops by, it’ll be her pick from the dozen or so teas that I keep on hand. On a cold winters night it’ll be Celestial Seasonings Thai Coconut Chi tea to warm and soothe.

  342. linda hibbitts says

    What a beautiful teapot! WE have just finished a kitchen remodel that went from , what we thought would be about 2 months, to over 9 months! It has stressed us both out, to say the least. The bright red color would fit perfectly in with our new, modern decor ( our pendant lights are red)and I could use it to prepare my favorite Bed Time Tea that eases the stress of the day…It’s beautiful and I could use a positive ‘surprise’ right about now…Thank you for the imagining the possibility!And thank you for your site. I recently was diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity and I have found great inspiration form your site and pull out your Gluten Free Cookbook often.
    Linda Hibbitts

  343. Kelley says

    I would love a pretty red tea kettle to heat water for my Teavanna Blueberry Bliss tea!
    Thank you for this awesome website!

  344. Donna Epping says

    We would love this beautiful tea kettle. My 9 year old son loves Mighty Leaf Chocolate Truffle tea. I drink tea throughout the day usually 2 cups of green tea, 2 cups of oolong and finish the day with chamomile.

  345. says

    I love this sleek tea kettle, I would use it to make Vietnamese Iced Coffee and My new fave 1 bag Orange Yerba Mate, 1 bag Apple Cinnamon Spice steeped together and add 10 drops Vanilla Creme stevia. Taste like a wassail or hot apple cider. Mmmmmmm :)

  346. Cynthia says

    First of all, I love red. Second, my family loves all types of tea and this would be well used in our home. Our newest yummy tea is Decaf White Tea…just a hint of lemongrass. My son has a chronic abdominal condition and is always trying new tea recipes.
    To whoever wins this lovely gift, enjoy.

  347. Ellie says

    I love loose leaf tea!
    I would use this kettle everyday and it would look great in
    the apartment I am moving to this weekend!

  348. says

    Hi Elana,

    I love your daily emails with yummy healthy recipes! I would use that beautiful tea kettle to heat water for my favorite teas. I make two travel mugs every morning to take to work for the day. My husband has also become a huge “tea person” and he loves it when I make him a cup in the evening.

    Thanks for the wonderful job you do educating us all with the healthy options.


  349. Mary says

    Would love this teapot to make my matcha that I love, love, love every morning. I add homemade heated almond milk and a splash of sweetness that I froth and voila I have an amazing latte that would put anything that Starbucks offers to shame!

  350. Clairerose C says

    I love the color!I would use it to make my hot water and lemon and and afternoon tea:-)cc

  351. Ellen Pollack says

    I would use that teakettle to keep water hot for coffee and tea all Shabbos. (especially since my husband just burned out and ruined my current one!)

    Elana, your fabulous recipies have graced many YomTov tables hereabout. Thank you so much for letting me and my celiac friends enjoy the sweet end of holidays again.

  352. JANINE says

    Having a beautiful Chantal teakettle would be like going back in time. Having a mourning cup of tea with my Dutch grandmother. Hearing the teakettle whisle. Then sipping the tea out of our saucer.

  353. Dawn says

    My family of 8 boils water several times a day to drink herbal teas, so a nice tea pot is on the wish list for us. Thank You for the opportunity.

  354. Lisa J MacMillan says

    I love tea! And I did love my bright blue tea kettle – until yesterday when it was bumped from the stove, hit the floor and the handle shattered! :(
    Maybe it sensed that I really wanted a bright red one instead? I blame myself….. no, really I do – I mean it WAS me who bumped it off the stove while taking Lemon Poppy Seed Bunny Cookies out of the oven! (they were yummy, thanks for ANOTHER great recipe!)

  355. Julie says

    Oh how fun! What a beautiful teapot! My daughters and I would love this for our Saturday and Sunday tea parties. We usually make up some gluten free muffins (banana is our favorite) and have a semi-formal tea party. It’s so fun to cook with them and a great way to teach them manners.

  356. Diane says

    Elana, your recipes are so good! I’m waiting for your new book to come out. I have it preordered on Amazon. Love cupcakes.
    Please enter me in the contest for this awesome teapot. We are tea drinkers in our house. I just leave a kettle on the stove at all times and heat water through out the day. Would love to have that beautiful pot.

  357. Fariba Kerendi says

    Jasmine Green Tea!! Every morning and every afternoon at 4pm!
    Thanks for all the wonderful goodie recipes you post to go along with each cup!

  358. DottieD says

    Hello Elana!

    What a wonderful beautiful functional gift! The teapot is just what I’ve been looking for and just didn’t know it for sure til I saw it!

    Thank You Sweet Lady! Love your book and all the great gluten free recipes.

    Have a great day…..


  359. Christine D. says

    I have an assortment of teas from China, beautifully packaged, carefully dried, brewed to perfection and deliciously tasty. Watching the leaves uncurl as they steep is beautiful. The process of making and enjoying tea is so meditative.

  360. Pam Crow says

    This would be so great to use for tea. It is the time of year that brings out the hot stuff to drink.

  361. Mary says

    I have recently been adding Tulsi teas to my tea collection and they are wonderful and very healing. I would use that beautiful tea kettle to keep tea going all day and for my kids’ oatmeal. I am always boiling up water for recipes too! My kitchen is red and that kettle would look fabulous in it!

  362. Mary Hampton says

    I am dealing with very high cholesterol right now and trying to have myself at least two cups of Tulsi tea per day. I am enjoying the various flavors they have. Supposed to be very good for bringing cholesterol levels down. Love the red color of the tea kettle.

  363. ella says

    green tea with honey in the mornings, and also some mint tea when my digestive issues act up. nothing better than a warm mug in hand!

  364. Sharon says

    Cold with snow on the mountain here in Wyoming – who wouldn’t want to have a fireplace going, cuddling with my family and pups and the cherry on top is the gorgeous red kettle whistling away telling me it’s time for my Chai!

  365. Trisch says

    My 10-year-old daughter has (finally) discovered tea! I have a beautiful collection of tea cups – we love to pick out our favorite cup for the day and sit down for tea and our daily chat. That tea pot would be a wonderful addition to these precious memories!

  366. Penny says

    We love home-brewed iced tea with a sprig of fresh stevia and mint, and I’d be delighted with a new kettle to boil the water in. :-) My teen-aged son brings our iced tea to schoool in his water bottle to have at lunch. Speaking of school lunch, Elana, your 2.0 bread is a staple in our house. I just made another loaf this morning for school lunch sandwiches. It’s delicious toasted in a skillet and slathered with butter and honey, too!

  367. Linda Lamers says

    Mmmmmmm…We’d use this beautiful kettle to prepare our favourite “sharing” tea, an Earl Grey Rooibos (best with raw blue agave nectar), on our cold Yukon winter nights.

  368. Gretchen Kingsley says

    my husband and i have lived without a microwave for 3 years now. so, i’m always heating water up on the stove. i would love this beautiful tea kettle for just that purpose.

  369. Allison Moore says

    What a beautiful teapot! Not only would I love to see it sitting in my kitchen everyday because its such a cheery, wonderful color, but I would look forward to USING it everyday to heat water for my tea – I’m a huge tea fanatic -love my mate, rooibos, chai, green tea, but my two young boys love oatmeal, and we are always heating water for that! We don’t have a microwave, I’m not a fan of them, and so I need to heat my water the ‘old fashioned’ way! I would love to look at this beautiful piece of art in my kitchen everyday, it would only add to the enjoyment of sipping my tea, and seeing the happy look on my kids faces as they dive into their oatmeal! :)

  370. suzanne says

    I just toured Celestial Seasonings (great tour) and could really use this for all the new teas I purchased! Love the color.

  371. says

    I would love to be entered in your give-away contest. Since tea is the favored beverage at our house, the teakettle would be used to heat water for tea.

    Thank you!
    LaTea Dah

  372. Tamara says

    I’ve been trying to drink more water during the day, and have found a simple cup of hot water (sometimes with a slice of lemon) to be incredibly satisfying. Since all you have to do is boil water, there’s no mess at all to clean up afterward.

    When I first heard of people drinking hot water, I thought it sounded so bland and boring! But now I quite look forward to enjoying a comforting cup whenever I sit down during the day.

  373. Ruth says

    OOOh. I would use it to boil water for my healthy Elena recipe teas, and other healthy teas, and hot cocoa for my boys. And it would sit on my stove and look absolutely gorgeous with all of my other red knick-knacks. (St. Louis Baseball) CARDINAL red being my favorite color. :-)

  374. says

    I would probably use a new tea kettle for tea season – I love the fall and winter months when sitting down with a nice mug of tea hits the spot. I love the red – it would fit in well with my kitchen decor.

  375. Deborah Williams says

    I love tea! There is nothing better than the taste and smell of fresh brewed tea, and then that wonderful warming feeling of cupping the mug in your hand. It just doesn’t get any better! This tea pot is so beautiful. I started adding splashes of red to my kitchen, and this would be perfect! Thank you so much for introducing me to this tea pot!

  376. Julia says

    This is so pretty. I would love to have it. It would put a nice splash of color in my kitchen and I would use it everyday for tea.

  377. Rebekah says

    We’re adopting a teenager from Ukraine, and his culture drinks a lot of hot tea. I’d love to have a really nice quality tea kettle to depend upon. Our biological kiddos love tea too — mint, vanilla, assam, green, you name it.

  378. Kiki says

    I love tea and drink it several times a day. I love adding fresh rosemary and lemon to any flavor tea that I drink. My teapot is probably not going to last much longer and I would love to win this beautiful red teapot.

  379. Christine Prisk says

    I would use this tea kettle to make our favorite afternooon “Sparkling Tea” pick me up (since we are still get some warm days here in the South.) Just make your favorite tea (a nice fall spice tea would be perfect) very concentrated. Than add your favorite sparkling water! Voila! Warmth and refreshement at the same time. (And for those who like the fizz of soda, but don’t want the soda, this fills the bill.) The kettle would be a permanent fixture in the kitchen and would match my new fall tablecloth to boot!

  380. Karyla Parrish says

    I manage a Nutrition Store and we carry many different , wonderful teas. My tea pot is getting to the point of no return and I would love to have a new “red” one on my stove to give me water whenever I need a cup of tea for relaxing or when I have the sniffles or whenever. Love you website Elana!

  381. mary janssen says

    I would make chai tea and then add almond milk. It would be smooth, dreamy and delicious.

  382. Melanie Easley says

    I am a physical educator and health teacher. Over the past 2 years I have lost 40 lbs. because I wanted to “practice what I preach” and be an example. I lost the weight by getting “natural”, listening to my body for true hunger signals and eating “real food”. Your website has been a great resource, especially introducing me to almond flour and all its benefits and delicious recipes. I have recently been exploring a variety of teas for added health benefits and would love to win the kettle to enhance my daily quest for good health.
    Thanks for the opportunity,

  383. debi riley says

    WOW, we love to make tea and lightly sweeten with juice, this would make a wonderful gift for my son who also loves his tea!

  384. Melissa says

    Gorgeous color! Would definitely add color in my kitchen. I drink tea everyday, I do not drink soda pop. My new favorite tea is a chai tea made with green tea, cloves, cinnamon and cardamon. YUM!!

  385. Mary says

    I love the red color! My kitchen is yellow with red accents. This tea pot would replace what I use now to boil water for Roobios, ginger, peppermint and chamomile tea. My daughter has Crohn’s and some of these teas are very soothing to her. We would keep it on the stove and it would just make us smile knowing that it was a gift from Elana!!!

  386. Tammy Hardin says

    Wow! What a beautiful and useful item to add to the kitchen! I enjoy adding hot tea to my evenings (and mornings!) in the wonderful cold months coming! Trying to make it a true replacement to coffee.

  387. Peggy says

    I live on hot tea in the winter and would love to use this teapot to make it with – and it would look great in my kitchen!

  388. Nichole Bijelic says

    This tea pot is a beautiful vibrant color. I would love to use it everyday…Im definetly a big advicate of medicinal uses for tea. I’m just…only in the last year…putting the pieces together of my health and realizing that I do have a gluten and dairy intolerance. I’ve had it My Whole Life, but never understood what was going on in my body, and thru the years Ive worn down my body and immune system by eatign alot of foods that were toxic for my body. Along with my green tea every morning, I make a tea using astragulas root and reishi mushrooms (from china town)for energy and to boost my immune system back up, I also make milk thisle, schizandra, and bleuplreum tea to help clense my liver.
    This lovely tea pot would be a welcoming partner, and would provide a great contribution towards reaching “MY” better health.

  389. Julie says

    Every morning my little (Evelyn, age 4) and I pull out our tea cups – my big Peter Rabbit cup, her little Jemimah Puddleduck cup – and we have a cup of herbal tea with our breakfast. Any teakettle in this house is put to regular use! :D

  390. Carol says

    Oh, I love the color!! In the last year, I’ve begun drinking tea as way to stop drinking pop. How fun is that red!

  391. Kim Brown says

    I love chocolate chai tea. I would use this teapot several times a day to indulge in my favorite chocolate fix.

  392. TIna Jenkins says

    My daughter and I enjoy a cup of tea in the evening after dinner in the cooler months, so this would come in very handy!

  393. julie6 says

    Tea! Spice of life warming comforting invigorating. Many boiling water uses but especially tea. Love the red.

  394. Katie Sullivan says

    I would use this kettle to brew my morning cup of Chai or Earl Grey, (and bowl of oatmeal – don’t want to waste the hot water!), my after-meals cup of digestive tea and finally, an evening cup of sleepy-time tea… ever since living in Ireland, I have loved tea of all kinds!

  395. says

    I love making a big pitcher of iced tea with 3 bags black tea, 2 bags raspberry green tea. In the evenings a nice hot cup of Egyptian Licorice tea hits the spot.

  396. Kate says

    I would use to boil water for my favorite tea and the end of a long day of teaching a class full of adorable 2nd graders…Republic of Tea: Scratchy Throat (in an adorable purple can). It’s even better with some honey :)

  397. Sherene says

    I have three girls one boy. Our entire family drinks tea daily, multiple cups. The kids favorite is Chia and I love peppermint! We would LOVE a new tea kettle!

  398. says

    My kids and I love to drink tea. We usually make a pot of “sleepy tea” in the morning, which is essentially dried chamomile flowers, fenugreek seed, fennel seed, rosehips, and anise seed. They sip it throughout the day and it truly does help them feel warm and relaxed after a cup. I like to make other various loose leaf teas and this kettle would be great. Currently we use a simple pot to boil our water and this would be nice because I’ve always wanted one. Thanks, Elana, for offering such a great gift!

  399. says

    I would use this for tea, all the time. Also for hot chocolate for my three boys (ages 6, 9, 10). And very soon, I hope, for our daughter we are adopting from Ethiopia!!! Hopefully we will be traveling soon to pick her up.

  400. Antoinette says

    Oh, the Chantal tea kettle would get lots of loving use.
    I actually have a Tea Drawer to which I’m very attached. I begin my day with a selection of my favorite bag of black tea coupled with a bag of green tea.
    In the afternoon, I enjoy a cup of roobois tea with almond milk if the weather is cool.

    And, of course, in the evening, I relax with some chamomile.

    Tea brings me great joy and comfort.

  401. Gisele says

    I love the color Red. I have a coffee maker that is red. It would be a match. Love your website and your recipes.

  402. Betsy Brock says

    I drink tea every morning and all day. I love the caffeine-free Thai Tea and have shared the recipe with friends. I use low fat vanilla soy milk for that part and it is just great. Thank you Elana for all your recipes, you have made gluten-free not a deprivation and much healthier that the usual rice flour and starchy products.
    Betsy Brock

  403. Alisha White says

    My old tea kettle died (it was very cheap) and there is nothing more satisfying than a nice hot cup of tea on a chilly fall or winter day. I have resorted to microwaving my water, so this tea kettle would be wonderful to have!

  404. Debra Cox says

    What a lovely tea kettle. I drink a LOT of tea, Organic Decaf tea from “Good Earth” being my favorite along with loose tea from my local “Kitchen Shoppe”. I would LOVE to show off the lovely Chantel Tea Kettle on my stove and will use it EVERYDAY to heat the water for my warming “Pots-O-Tea”. I usually use a plain ole pan to boil water. Thank you for your consideration.


    Deb Cox

    I love your Gluten Free recipes. I’ve adapted them so that my entire family can enjoy wonderful, homemade GF food.

    • Michel says

      I would love this kettle! I would use for my chamomile & honey tea. It make me sleep better at night.

  405. Catherine MacLean says

    Thanks so much for your wonderful site and recipes. I would love to win this beautiful red teapot and use it to make my herbal teas.

  406. Kathy F says

    I would use this tea pot for green tea. I have given up coffee for the most part and love green tea, both hot and iced.

  407. Linda Robinson says

    Hi Elana!!
    Love your site, thank you for the wonderful recipes.

    Would LOVE to get this kettle, what a beaut!
    Having grown up in Ireland I could be nothing else but a good tea drinker, even as a child I brought tea to school in a Thermos!!!
    The Irish are known for their tea drinking (as well as the other stuff too) “ah you’ll have a wee cuppa, or ‘you’ll have a wee cup in your hand” are familiar sayings.

    Blessings on your day!

  408. Linda Ginsburg says

    I would use the teakettle mostly to boil water for tea and soup. I really like a cup of tea at night after a long day of work, then making dinner and cleaning it up. I have just three pans in my kitchen – a chef’s pan, a small pan for eggs, and a pot I use for making rice and other grains. The rice pot is the one I use to boil water for tea. It is inconvenient and I would LOVE a teakettle!

    Linda Ginsburg

  409. Ellen F says

    My husband and I drink a lot of tea as it gets colder here in PA – we would use it quite often every day :)

  410. Beth says

    We would use it for our spiced chai and other teas. We would also use it every morning for boiling water to heat up the children’s thermoses so that their homemade lunches stay nice and hot until lunch time at school :)

  411. Elizabeth says

    Wow! Love your posts and love the teakettle. There is nothing like a beautiful red kettle to make a kitchen seem like home. Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  412. Sandy Starkman says

    As I am not a coffee drinker, I love making different teas, hot ones in the winter, eg vanilla, lemon ginger, and some greens, and in the summer, I make iced tea from a special blend of apricot, blackberry and peach- refreshing and tasty with no need for added sweeteners-

  413. Vicki Bradley says

    Every afternoon Ed and I have a cup of green tea for our afternoon together time. I grown organic stevia and organic mint in my garden. I place a small stevia leaf and a peppermint or lemon balm leaf in each cup; A tea bag or loose tea leaves and add boiling water. It would be lovely to have such an attractive tea kettle to complete this restful quiet time.

  414. Mary Kay says

    I would love to have this tea kettle. I drink my own concoction of fennel seeds and mint leaves to help with my IBS. It makes a really nice tea. Very soothing.

  415. Lori Lane says

    Having celiac disease is not fun…but Elana’s recipes certainly help. I’d use the kettle for tea, of course, but also for boiling water to “cook” gluten free lasagne noodles. Since the gf noodles break and tear when you cook them in a round pot I devised a new cooking method. I put the noodles in a sturdy cake pan, add some olive oil to keep them separated and slippery, and cover with boiling water. Put the metal cake pan lid on for 12-15 minutes or so and Voila! noodles ready for making lasagne.

  416. Michelle says

    I am in need of a teakettle and this one is just my style! Now that my son is in school I have started mom’s coffee get togethers! I was never tea or coffee drinker, but that has changed once I started trying different teas. I would love to win this and not have to heat up my water in the microwave!

  417. Brandi says

    This would be brewing water for tea all day in my house this winter!! I have been boiling water in a pot on the stove for lack of a teapot in my house, and we rely on tea to help keep us warm in the winter months and to keep us from over-eating when we’re cold. It’s so nice to just sip a cup of tea to help with our snack urges! I think our favorites would have to be Tulsi chai tea and lemon ginger…. but I also love the yummy cinnamon flavored ones for the holidays and Jasmine Green tea is also good! I can’t forget the yummy homemade ‘hot carob’ we like to make… oh the possibilities are endless and this would make my job so much easier!!

  418. Nana says

    I’ve been looking for a good tea pot and this one looks great. It would be even better if I won it!

  419. Shannon says

    I look forward to a cup of hot tea at the end of the day after I finally get my newborn twins and 4 yo and 14 yo to bed…it is finally time for me.

  420. Pam McGuire says

    I love the experience of drinking tea in a delicate teacup with a delicious almond flour cookie or muffin. The experience would be so much better with that beautiful teapot.

  421. Patricia says

    Daddy drinks hot chocolate and Mama drinks hot tea. This tea pot would get used a lot !! Thank you for the give-a-way.

  422. Kirsten says

    Now that hubby has given up coffee, our entire family enjoys fresh herbal tea each morning. We use a blend that is designed for keeping the liver healthy. With the weather getting colder, we will also have tea in the evening during family read-aloud time.

  423. Jane Osypowski says

    The teakettle will be lovely on my stove for the holiday tea that I throw for my family. It will be used for the planning meetings for the Tropical Tea that we are putting on as a fundraiser for our school in May, and I will relish making delicious Yunnan Gold tea daily that I will sip while I cherish the memory of the lovely tea I attended this past weekend. And best of all, there is the homemade hot cocoa mix that I will serve to my grandchildren with water from this beautiful pot when they come to visit. Oh, and I love the color red!

  424. Rise says

    I would use this tea kettle for all of my favorite herbal teas and to heat water. I’d like to try your recipe too. I love the color – red is my favorite!

  425. Adrienne DeGuere says

    Earl Grey is my favorite tea, but I’m sure this tea kettle would inspire me to try new ones.

  426. Chris says

    My daughters and I love tea! When the weather begins to cool, each evening before bed we enjoy a cup of tea while reading on the sofa or watching an old episode of something on Netflix.

    My oldest daughter is now studying in England for the year and is greatly looking forward to many great cups of tea. Right before she left for England, she had an Agatha Christie tea party with her friends–all dressing up in 1940s clothes and watching an Agatha Christie mystery.

    My younger daughter is continuing the new “tradition” by having another Agatha Christie tea party for her 16th birthday (next Saturday)!

  427. Stacie says

    Wow! That is a great giva-a-way! I use my tea kettle every morning to heat water for tea or my coffee press. It’s beginning to look like a relic! Thanks Elana!

  428. Jody says

    I’m trying not to get addicted to coffee like most people I know..So, when they brew up a wonderful smelling cup of coffee, it always helps me to boil up some hot water and steep some nice green tea! I did try the red rooibos you mention a few months ago and it was great! Red would match wonderfully in my kitchen too.;)

  429. RoseAnn says

    I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful healthy recipes you have been sending. It is greatly appreciated. As for the Chantal Teakettle I have never seen anything like that. Right now I boil water for tea either in a pot or a cup in the microwave. It would be great to own such a beautiful teakettle. Thank you for the opportunity.

  430. Barbara A. Napier says

    I am a daily tea drinker also – I love Jasmine tea pearls and love the taste and aroma! What a great way to wake up. Living in the Pacific Northwest we love our coffee, tea and cocoa – so in the evening I have a cup of cocoa with my daughter and my husband has a cup of americano coffee. That kettle will get lots of use!

  431. says

    I would love to have a red Tea Kettle. I will also look for the Yogi Chai Tea as I like to have a cup of Chai tea every afternoon. I have just finished a summer-long project of re-doing my kitchen and a new kettle would be the finishing touch!

  432. cheryl says

    Tea, tea, tea! I drink it all day long. Green tea, herbal tea, chai tea. A red kettle on my stove would make me smile! It is such a happy colour in the kitchen.

  433. Tara says

    I would enjoy this happy red kettle in my kitchen for hot lemon water in the morning and plenty of mixed loose leaf teas all day. My seasonal favorite right now: Elderberry and Hibiscus!

  434. says

    I love chai! What an excellent idea–I’ll have to try it! I would love to have a real tea pot and have been heating up my water for tea in the microwave…! Not good I know ;) I have been trying to drink lots more tea than coffee and this is a great suggestion and gorgeous product! ;)

    Have a great weekend! Its heating up around Colorado again–this state has some crazy weather ;)


  435. Jenni says

    We drink tea every morning taking the time to sit down and reconnect before the start of each day. I would, also, use the kettle to heat up the baby’s bottle, start hot cereal, and make cold remedies (when needed).

  436. Susan says

    I drink tea every morning upon rising. It is my replacement for coffee. During the colder months, I drink tea all through out the day and just before I go to bed. I would use this tea kettle to boil the water for all the tea I drink!

  437. TishD says

    I had a Chantal teapot in the past and it was terrific. It was lost when I moved. It has a flat bottom that boils the water soooo quickly and looks fabulous all the time. It would look amazing in my black and white kitchen sitting on my black glass cooktop.
    Beauty and function in one fabulous piece of kitchen equipment!

  438. says

    my old chantal kettle, passed down from my Mom, is officially retired after many years of service (the inside started coming off!). Now it acts as “steamer” on the woodstove.
    I love the sound of this kettle…my boy who is now almost 11 used to make the “teakettle sound” when he was a wee one!
    I enjoy lots of tea…nettle tea, different green teas, and herbal concoctions blended by me.
    Thanks for what you do Elana!

  439. Heather says

    Hot tea on a chilly evening! I would definately use the teapot every day as I drink tea on a regular basis.

  440. Gail Ferguson says

    I would use it to make special teas and coffees.I like to experiment with unusual blends of hot drinks.

    I like to combine teas( powdered and leaves), raw cocoa,hot chocolate powders and coffees in interesting and delicious combinations.

    That beautiful red kettle would be so useful and beautiful to look at.

  441. Kristin Cusamano says

    Hi Elana,
    Nothing like a cup of Earl Grey on a cold morning. My all time favorite!!! What a beautiful tea pot. My kitchen is painted red….it would be perfect :O)

  442. says

    As much as I would love that beautiful teakettle in my kitchen, if I won it, I would pass it on to a young employee of a client of mine. We were at a strategic planning session this past weekend, and this young man was clearly burned out and exhausted. His work ethic is amazing. They’ve finally hired some help for him. While we were preparing breakfast (this all happened in a large lodge-type facility), he reminisced about his grandmother’s teakettle that whistled, and how with the electric water heater he had at home, he missed that. He said it was one of his favorite childhood memories. Now if I won, how could I keep it for myself? It would go to Thomas.

  443. Summer Pramer says

    I have a beautiful window box of red geraniums outside my kitchen window and would use your red tea kettle, how appropriate, to water them every day. I do this now with my old tea kettle. Not as inspiring. I also prepare tea at least twice each day. Thank you!

  444. says

    I would love to use this beautiful kettle for my special stash of vanilla rooibos from Paris. Thanks Elana for thus beautiful blog. Your almond butter brownies are a staple around here!


  445. Tracy says

    I would use my new teapot to first try Elana’s favorite tea recipe! My 7 children and I love tea and my husband drinks coffee! So we would get the new teapot and my husband can heat up water in the old one for his French pressed coffee!!

  446. Berenice says

    I would LOVE this tea kettle to make my tea every day that I use to watch my weight on a special diet I have done. I have lost 40 pounds since April, & I’m keeping it off thanks to your almond flour recipes! Since I have lost weight & came upon your site, I have been so into healthy cooking, I did a small make over on my kitchen which needed it badly, & there’s black & red in it. The tea pot would go beautiful in there, & my youngest daughter’s name is Chantal, who will only eat the brownies I make from your site! Shes learning healthy cooking too. Its wonderful to be able to cook with no white flour & white sugar! Thank you!!

  447. Susan Sharp says

    If I were to win this lovely tea kettle, I would use it to help me on my journey in wellness. I just returned from Maya Tulum yoga & wellness resort, where I became completely connected to my body. I also learned that I do not need my daily dose of java. Instead I am starting my mornings with a tea & almond milk drink. In fact, I am drinking one now–but I had to make it in a sauce pan because I don’t own a tea kettle, yet!

  448. Annie Dash says

    My husband would LOVE this beautiful tea kettle! He really enjoys Earl Grey and the very earthy, rich Mate loose teas we get from our local organic market.

  449. Natalie says

    I would use it for boiling water for tea of course!
    I’m a big green tea drinker.I’ve been using a pot to boil water (fitting for a college student,no?) and a kettle would look much nicer and it would be safer too

  450. Karen R says

    Ooh, great giveaway! I LOVE tea, and this would perfectly match my kitchen. It’s hard to pick a favorite tea, but a few are Stash Licorice, Numi Morrocan Mint, and Yogi Kombucha Green Tea. Fingers crossed! Thanks Elana!

  451. Jody Shine says

    I would use it for tea–all kinds! I have replaced my newly found diet pop addiction (when I dropped sugar and grains, I added diet pop, even though I hadn’t drunk any pop in years!) with tea and stevia. Would love this pop of color in my kitchen!

  452. Jacinta Mays says

    I would use my kettle to make delicious cups of ginger lemon tea. A great way to start the day.

  453. says

    Goodness! What a beautiful teapot. What would I use it for the most? I just picked up three types of tea: a lemon jasmine green tea, a vanilla herbal tea, and a cranberry green tea. PLUS a trip to Teavana will be in order to try something new. The possibilities are endless! :)

  454. Michele says

    This fiesty teapot would add a nice touch of color to my black and hickory kitchen. It would also be a welcome replacement for my current teapot, which has seen better days! I would put it to good use right away, brewing a nice hot cup of Kukicha twig tea…

  455. Lois says

    please enter me in your tea kettle giveaway. thnanx elana. just had carprl tunnel surgery so using other hand to type.

  456. says

    I drink mostly Kukicha tea and Yerba Mate… my kettle is always going! But when I have a cup of coffee (Trader Joe’s Organic Extra Dark Roast) I use coconut milk instead of dairy as a creamer. The coconut milk solidifies in the fridge. So after I boil the water for the one-cup cone-style brewer, I put the jar of coconut milk right into the teapot to warm it up! :) By the way, if you’ve never tried coconut milk as a coffee creamer you’re missing out! It’s AMAZING!

    Thanks for all your great recipes Elana! I tried the coconut flour vanilla cupcakes this week and they were absolutely PERFECT. They were gone before they cooled down. :)

  457. Olivia S says

    There is something magical about a tea kettle! My three boys and I make tons of tea and hot cocoa as the temp starts to fall.

  458. Theresa says

    My daughter and I drink Bar Harbour Tea Company’s “Razzle Dazzle” with almond milk when she comes home from school. Naturally, it tastes better with a treat baked from Elana’s pantry recipes!

  459. Krina Griffin says

    What a beautiful teapot! I started cutting back on coffee over the last few months and drink more tea, Vanilla Rooibos and Green Tea are my favorites! Our dog also gets tear stains, so we boil his water everyday to help clear it up. I always make myself a cup of hot water with lemon at the same time. This teapot would be well admired and get lots of use in our home!

  460. Jennifer Stephenson says

    My four boys love my homemade spice tea recipe once the weather turns cooler. So spice tea for my boys and Earl Gray for me!

  461. Jenn says

    That’s a lovely tea kettle! We would use it mostly for boiling water for our french press (coffee lovers around here!).

  462. Erica says

    Hi Elana – for the past few weeks I have been weaning off coffee and discovering tea – part of my new calming/relaxing routine which now includes yoga. This teapot would help me convert all the way. And of course I would enjoy the tea with perhaps a scone from your cookbook.

  463. Melanie Wise says

    What a beautiful kettle! Since I don’t currently have a tea pot now, I microwave water for my daily green tea…it’s just not the same. I also eat oatmeal each day for breakfast. So, for days when I’m on the go I would use it to boil water, add it to a plastic contaner filled with dry oatmeal, cinnamon, flax seeds and wheat germ. Then, I’d have instant oatmeal a few minutes later.

  464. says

    Our family’s favorite tea time is right before bed. My husband, our 3-year-old daughter, and I have started a nightly tradition of making hot tea together, then sitting down and reading while we sip our current favorites–blackberry for the youngest, and Triple Leaf Tea’s Relaxing blend for the older two. Right now, we use a small saucepan to heat the water…have been looking for the right teapot!

  465. Yan says

    If I were to win this kettle, I would give it to my son Chris who just graduated college in May, and would soon be moving into his own apartment. We normally drink both Earl Grey and Oolong teas, and another Chinese green tea called Gunpowder tea!

  466. RaxAnn Adams says

    I swore off coffee 20 years ago and I drink large amounts of green tea everyday that has to be brewed just right. My 21 year old grandson is a tea drinker, although he usually prefers herbal teas. I also make my special medicine tea for him when he is sick.

  467. Sarah says

    I love, love, love tea! I, of course, would use this kettle for boiling water for tea primarily. In the morning, I’ll have yerba mate, black or simple sencha green tea for my morning pick me up. Then when I get home from work, I would use it for perhaps one more caffinated beverage. Then after dinner, I would brew myself an herbal concoction either chamomile/lavender or a chakra tea. Would love to have this lovely Chantal kettle :-)

  468. Julie says

    So nice! It would fit very well in our kitchen. We drink a lot of herbal teas, and these days I’m on red raspberry leaf and nettles since I’m due with baby #2 anytime now. Then I’ll switch to a breastfeeding mama tea. Our old kettle is sad looking, we would love to replace it! :0)

  469. says

    The Chantel tea kettle would be most helpful especially with the cold winter months ahead. Making green tea and also herbal medicinal teas as well as chai teas and Thai teas would be so easy to prepare, having a tea kettle like the one you are offering. Right now I’m using a pan on the stove top to heat up water for such purposes. Also, the Chantel tea kettle would be something I would keep on top of the stove adding a splash of color to my kitchen. It would indeed be a most welcomed addition to my cooking accessories!! Thank you.

  470. Marie Hahn says

    I am so hooked on tea!! Lately my new fave is Harney’s Hot Cinnamon Spice! It’s amazing!! It’s kosher, organic, grown and blended in the USA and would look gorgeous pouring out from the spout of such a beautiful tea kettle!! :)

  471. carol says

    I love the English tradition of afternoon tea. I would love to have this teapot to heat the water for brewing English Afternoon tea ( my favorite). And of course I would have it with Elana’s chocolate chip scones made with almond flour.

  472. raja ali says

    greetings, if i were to have this tea pot i would use it for my good earth, Original Blend tea. My absolute favorite which needs no sweetener for my taste simply a dash of vanilla almond milk. while my husband would use it to warm up water for the asian noodle bowls he sneaks. lol.

  473. eileen says

    My sister and I drink Irish breakfast tea all day every day! Our current teakettle is by far the most used item in our kitchen. This Chantal teakettle would add some spice to our daily routine.

    Thanks for a great blog! And thanks for a great contest!!

  474. Sara says

    I would also use it everyday for my morning tea. Chai is one of my favorites with Silk creamer….mmmmm!!

  475. Anne says

    Your story, Elana, reminds me of my mom’s. In 1995 Doctors determined Dad’s heart disease wasn’t treatable except thru diet motivating my home-ec major mom, then in her mid-60’s to get in gear. What worked was ultra low fat vegetarian cooking (ala Dean Ornish) and dad was her guinea pig too, tasting, approving, rejecting recipes created with ingredients that everyday moms have on hand. It worked, and Dad lived 10 more years with incredible vitality and life quality.

    Times change, motivations stay the same – to be surrounded by family, to have meaning and purpose and quality. Her cookbook was published in 1997, called Vegetarian Cooking for Healthy Living, an ultra low fat nutrition guide for living well.

    As for the tea kettle? I’ve been a Chinese tea drinker – especially Pu Erh – since my foreign exchange trip to Japan in high school (1978). CHANTAL is synonymous with quality. The RED color reminds me of my Dad.

  476. Nicole says

    I drink tea constantly, all day, everyday. It is what keeps me warn. My favorite tea is numi chocolate puerh tea.

  477. Karen says

    I too am a chai tea fan. And because I use a rooibos based tea, as you do, I can serve it to my kids and they LOVE it! A delicious, warm and cozy way to start the day!

  478. Nipa says

    I didn’t realise how much tea I drank until I went to visit my husband’s family and finished their tea supply in five days. My favourite one is Celestial Seasons Coconut Chai (decaf).

  479. Andrea Fields says

    I would LOVE to win the teakettle. Red is my favorite color! I would use it to brew my twice daily cup of Yerba Mate or Java Mate.

  480. Amanda B. says

    Tea and water are all I drink after giving up pop. Oh and an occasional glass of juice. It would be especially useful now since I have yet another cold. I drink lots of hot tea when I’m sick.

  481. Kim in Apex says

    I love the Yogi Chai Rooibos. I make the same thing, except I use coconut milk (not the lite). It’s delicious.

    Thanks for sharing!

  482. says

    Heavens, what WOULDN’T we use it for?!? My husband makes himself a pot of black tea every morning–his favorite is East Frisian tea (which I introduced him to in Germany), drunk with “Klüntjes” and a bit of cream. I always start off with a glass of hot water and a splash of lemon, and then DH makes a second pot for the rest of us, this time of herbal tea. We all drink another pot of herbal tea with our main meal at noon, and then another with “Abendbrot” in the evening. After lunch DH usually heats water for a travel mug of coffee to take back to the office with him. I often have a cup of decaf coffee in the morning, and an herbal tea in the afternoon and evening; he often finishes off with one last cup of black tea. We use a lot of different herbs to mix our own tea. Some of our favorites: peppermint, chamomile, rosehips, fennel, anise, hibiscus, lemon balm, slippery elm, licorice, and during the winter cold season elderberry blossom, elderberries, and especially linden-lime. Some days it seems as though our old… in need of replacement…! ;) …teakettle never stops singing!

  483. Stacey says

    In the summer we brew up big jugs of rooibos chai to keep in the fridge. In the winter, we drink it hot throughout the day, along with a fabulous decaf vanilla. My 2 1/2 year old son loves tea, too. As my friend Krisitanne always says when we sit down with a cuppa together: “Where there is tea, there is hope.”

  484. Enid says

    The red teapot would look great on my green soapstone wood stove where it would be all winter warming water for tea all fall/winter/early spring long. Thank you for the give a way offer.

  485. Carin says

    Not only do I drink tea, but I have two tea-loving teens. This teapot would get a workout. I used tea bags (usually decaf Ginger Peach) but my teens like to use loose tea leaves. My oldest brought back some really lovely tea leaves from France and introduced her youngest brother to the pleasures of “real” brewed tea.

    I would love to be entered in the contest!

  486. says

    Tea! Tea! and more tea! If I had to pick a fave, I would say Tazo orange blossom but also love yogi licorice spice.
    Beautiful tea pot! Love red :O)

  487. Tammy Reno says

    I am hooked on a new soothing tea called Holy Tea that is made with Holy Thistle…I would love this tea kettle to make this a sacred ritual of nourishment…


  488. Carolyn says

    Carolyn’s Favorite Tea:
    Handful fresh mint
    4 slices fresh Ginger
    add into tea pot with boiling water
    steep 5 minutes

  489. laura balsley says

    I would use this to keep my calm. To pour in a cup of hot water– and have myself.. a cup of a Yerba Mate.. or Green Tea.. We all need some calmness every day… every day….. Red teapot I would love to have!

  490. Tanja says

    What a lovely kettle! (I could definitely use one to replace my current, tired looking, well used kettle…)

    I would use it to make Ginger tea on cold days to help warm me up, and Chamomile for days when I just want to curl up in bed.

  491. Janey says

    Peppermint tea for me and hot chocolate for my children after a brisk walk out of doors on a cool fall day!

  492. Sara says

    My husband, 3 yr old daughter and I all drink home dried oregano tea with a little honey, like it’s going out of style. This kettle would be a wonderful addition to our tea making rituals!

  493. Cheryl Lee says

    A beautiful gift to make a hot morning lemon tea to wake the soul! A lift in the afternoon with iced hibiscus and in the evening a soothing rooibos. Lovely! Thank you. :)

  494. Tess Moore says

    Since the weather is getting cooler I would make hot Russian Tea of Hot Mulling Cider. Yum, My family and I love them both!

  495. says

    Well, we drink a lot of herbal tea in the evening, mixed with some MagCalm (effervescent magnesium), and having the tea kettle to prepare the water would be so much nicer than microwaving it. Plus, like you, Elana, it would be a nice punch of color in my VERY neutral kitchen!

    Thanks for sharing the tea kettle with one of us, and keep up the great work!

  496. cathleen bauer says

    I would use that ” hot red ” tea kettle to boil water for my very favorite tea of all teas- Orange Fountain – It is flavorful and soothing and ” hot red ” would do the trick very quickly. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

  497. says

    I LOVE tea and drink it every day but actually don’t have a teapot! This would be a great addition to my kitchen. Thanks Elana for your tireless work on behalf of your readers. Your blog is the first one I check each day.

  498. Jennifer says

    With this new kettle, I would make homemade Chai with rooibos, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and a few black peppercorns, topped with some coconut milk. Yum.

  499. Doug says

    I would use it mostly to heal the planet, create world peace, comfort wounds, show mercy to my enemies, ignite spirits, stir passions, become a better parent, evolve consciousness, awaken to the devine, eliminate suffering, bring more joy on the planet, make new friends, forgive, and love ~ yep, with one teakettle, a bit of coffee and a spot of tea ~ anything is possible!

  500. AmberGi says

    I drink tea all day every day!! I love the stylish look.
    I haven’t had a teapot in years (I nuke the water)
    but I want one now!!
    tattgiff at centurytel dot net

  501. Minna Lopez says

    I’d make a variety of different teas with my new teapot. I like to try out different concoctions of this hot beverages!

  502. says

    Ooohh I have been dying for a real tea kettle! I would use it for Yogi Green Tea during the day and for my nightly mug of Bija Detox Tea :)

  503. Vanesza says

    I would enjoy making all of my favorite teas in this beautiful tea kettle, from chai to nettles, mint and raspberry leaf tea. Thanks for the chance!

  504. cheryl says

    gm elana .. thanks for a most wonderful introduction to gf culinary delights on the web and via your almond flour cookbook.

    should i be so lucky to find the chantal kettle in my kitchen it would be used to boil water for a pot of lovely earl grey tea shared with my family or a cup of gluten free coffee subsitute – it is the closest thing i’ve found to coffee so i don’t feel like i’m giving up the real thing!

  505. Amy says

    We are huge tea drinkers (peppermint being our favorite) but around this time of year we drink extra echinacea tea to battle the flu.

  506. carolynn says

    i would pack this little tea kettle on a trip to india! the place where i stay in india has only a kettle that turns off as soon as it boils. this kettle would be amazing for boiling my water for 5 minutes to make it drinkable with yummy tea. PLUS – boiling my own water saves me from buying bottled water. ADDED BONUS would be the lovely noise the kettle would make as it’s boiling, i can just imagine the kids here dancing to the “music” – they would LOVE it!

  507. Ayesha Doten says

    wow, it’s a beauty! We don’t have a tea kettle anymore since the last one we had started to rust – ugh! We now make sure everything we cook with is stainless steel. We boil water for just about everything, especially tea. Tea in the morning to wake, the afternoon keep going and even at night to calm and soothe. Tea is a staple! It also matches the same shade of red as my kitchen where I spend lots of time. Thanks for the opportunity, Elana!

  508. Catherine says

    I would love to be entered in the drawing! I would use the tea kettle to make Vanilla Chai tea with homemade almond milk!!

  509. Allison J says

    I would love this cheery tea kettle. And I would love to use it to make my wonderful Meditative State tea along with my favorite…licorice tea!!! Not only that, it’d make stylish work of boiling water for my Dr. McDougall’s GF Pad Thai. :)

  510. Sara says

    We would definitely use it for all the green and chai tea my husband and I drink! Love the red – would look fabulous in my kitchen! :)

  511. says

    Hi there
    Love your blog and I’m an avid reader.
    I’m in the process of experimenting with developing my own herbal, fruit infused teas and tisanes. In fact, just today, I made a citrus pepper, orange, lemon infused chai. You should totally try it out. I had it iced with a dash of honey. Totally delish.

    So yes, I’d love a kettle because, I’m currently using an old stainless steel pot with a lid on it :)

    Fingers crossed!

  512. Erica says

    We would use this for tea all the time. It would be especially enjoyed during our ‘tea parties’ with the kids & on sick days when tea is made multiple times through out the day. Our whole family enjoys hot tea and even cold tea sometimes and would love a new tea kettle. Plus the red would match our kitchen walls. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the give away!

  513. Carrie says

    We homeschool and our three littles are decaf chai fans. We boil water all day long during cooler months as the children drink tea while they do their work. The Chantal piece would be lovely, happily boiling away as we study together!

    Carrie from Manassas, VA

  514. tcmaryf says

    What a wonderful addition to my red, black and white kitchen this would be. Avery cheery wakeup each morning when I boil water for my oatmeal. And how lovely would it be to make some orange spice tea for my friends, by boiling water in this beautiful kettle.

  515. Nancy says

    Black tea, green tea, lots and lots of red tea, and also hot water bottles for cold nights in bed.

  516. Christa says

    My family drinks lots of tea…sometimes at breakfast, sometimes with dessert. My three-year-old asks for mint tea when he’s sick. We’d use it all the time! :)

  517. Linda Mazar says

    We love tea at this house and could really use a wonderful new tea kettle! Most likely it will be used for spiced Chai latte (with coconut milk) and for various other teas. I love black teas mostly and my girls drink herbal (no caffeine) teas or decaffeinated teas.

  518. Amy says

    This sanguine kettle would be used for tea (hubby) and coffee(me) all year round. And in the winter, she may even be used for a wee bit o’ the Irish cure! Thanks for the opportunity.

  519. Sara says

    What a cute tea kettle – I love the color! I’m currently obsessed with a loose leaf green pomegranate tea and would definitely heat up lots of water to make some tasty cups of tea. But I’ve actually been heating a lot of water lately to use in my new hot water bottle. It’s great now that the weather is getting colder and for castor oil packs. Right now I just use a regular sauce pan to heat the water, which is actually quite functional, but it’s a little tricky to pour the hot water into the water bottle. I was thinking I maybe needed to get a funnel or something, but it just occurred to me that a tea kettle would solve the problem!

  520. cshel says

    I would use that beautiful kettle to boil water for 1000’s of cups of tea. Mostly Green, but definetly Rooibos!

  521. Marie Collins says

    I would most certainly use this gorgeous teakettle to make chai each afternoon, which is already my current ritual, except my kettle is far inferior! It would look beautiful on my gas stove!

  522. Gen says

    Great blog!! I would love that kettle, it would match my kitchen perfectly, it would make many cups of tea and hot chocolate for the kiddo!

  523. Della Swartz says

    We would use the kettle for tea, hot cocoa, apple cider….so many things! And sometimes just for the nice warm steam to increase the humidity during the long, dark, cold, and dry Alaska winters. The color alone would be uplifting!

  524. Sabrina in Santa Fe, NM says

    Homemade quick-chai, made with rooibos and a side slice of pumpkin almond meal bread.

  525. Kelly J says

    My husband and I would use the pot to make our favorite tea, which happens to be just like yours but with rice milk instead of almond.

  526. deanna says

    Love your site and the tea kettle. I have used many of your recipes and have your cookbook. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  527. Tereva Paris says

    How lovely! I am in the final stages of remodeling a cottage, complete with rolled roof and hand-split shakes. Even before there was furniture, my husband and I began a tradition of enjoying a cup of tea together every evening while looking back on our work and accomplishments. Now that our cottage has been transformed into a cozy home, I would use the kettle to continue our nightly tradition of a cup of sweet sizzling rooibos tea. Ahhh, so relaxing.

  528. Sarah says

    This tea kettle is what I have been looking for to keep the tea coming! I am always boiling water in a small pan, my favorite is for ginger/cinnamon tea.

  529. Christie says

    I would use it to drink my Red Raspberry Leaf tea for my pregnancy. Not to mention, it would look great in my kitchen where everything else is red! :)

  530. Daisy Hoeft says

    I can’t drink coffee anymore, so Tea is such a treat! Especially first thing in the morning and in the evening.

  531. Kristy Allen says

    I would use it to make my favorite sweet tea. I am going to try your tea recipe tonight, sounds wonderful! Might have a new favorite tea.

  532. Maureen says

    Love the color and would go great with my kitchen. Would use it to boil water for my afternoon green tea break.

  533. nicole woods says

    Well, your website got me through a 60 day paleo challenge that my gym put on. I tried so many of your recipes but my favorite was the lemon cranberry muffins – so good!! As my husband and I are avid tea drinkers this kettle would be very well used at our house!! We put the kids to bed, make a pot of coconut mango tea and just enjoy each other’s company – simple pleasures!

  534. Kathryn Richards says

    I love a good cup of tea, and this beautiful red one would brighten my kitchen and my spirits every time I saw it. :D

  535. Bonnie says

    We currently use a disappointing electric with a corded base that makes me feel a bit clumsy. I would definitely make more tea if we had a beauty like yours!

  536. Steven says

    Awesome kettle. I’m a green tea fan and I usually pour some coconut milk in it… strange I know, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  537. says

    Mostly, at first anyway, I will hug my new little teakettle, twirl and sing “I got the teakettle, such a pretty teakettle”, then I’ll rest at the table and dream dreams:
    I’ll take it camping with me, and as it whistles over the camping stove I’ll be lucky enough to overhear “Well isn’t she the fancy one”, I will then finally be able to confirm “Yes! ME, OVER HERE!”;
    or that I might name my little teakettle Grace, and finally rest my mind honoring that the so-named character of Grace Under Fire must’ve won hers too!; and,
    I will make lots and lots of tea, and as I sip I will look upon my spunky but elegant little Grace and agreeably confirm “MY!, That certainly IS a pretty little teakettle!”

  538. Holly says

    Oh, I would love this! I used to have one in my apartment, but my roommate took it when we moved out! I miss it! I would use it to make hot cocoa or chai on cold nights- I’m in Minnesota!

  539. Ellen says

    i drink SO much tea (especially rooibis) that a tea kettle would be really great. i contemplate buying one frequently, but i always talk myself out of it since the microwave is, in fact, rather efficient at boiling water. but a tea kettle would be so much better :)

  540. Jen says

    All my roommates and I (there are 4 others) LOVE tea. Our teakettle from last year just broke, so now is the perfect time for a new one!! We make peppermint tea and vanilla chai the most :) Fall is such a great time for tea.

  541. Nancy Ryan-Klinger says

    Hi Elena,
    I enjoy your recipes very much. The variety is amazing and delicious.

    I’m going to enjoy this tea.

  542. says

    Now that the coffee at work is so terrible I am an avid tea drinker. We also LOVE our iced tea out here in Nebraska and always have it brewed in the fridge. I also love a cup of hot sleepytime tea right before bed! I would definitely make excellent use of this kettle AND it would look so cute in my kitchen!!

    p.s. your blog is incredible.

  543. says

    I drip brew my single cup of coffee morning, so would be using my kettle for that AND the hot chocolate that my three year old is asking me for daily too, haha.

    babyfro97 at gmail dot com

  544. Kimberly Focht says

    I would love a new teapot…I would make your chai tea all winter long. It is the best Chai recipe I’ve made.

  545. Cleo Shenkin says

    I would put it to much use, now that I’m drinking three plus cups of green tea and two cups of nettle tea a day. And I’ve been thinking my next tea kettle should be red!

  546. Tara says

    I’d definitely use the tea kettle! I’m moving soon from the south – to Canada, in the winter. I think we’ll definitely be drinking more hot tea. I usually enjoy chamomile to soothe digestion, but maybe I can find some other tasty options also. Chai is always a winner. We usually just boil water in the microwave as a quick way to have a cup of tea. But a kettle would be better in winter for multiple cups. And it doesn’t hurt that red is my favorite color! :)

  547. Kara says

    Okay, I know this sounds really simple, but I would use it for boiling water, which I do a lot- kids’ GF oatmeal, tea, cooking, etc. Trying to use the mircowave less. This would be a super tool.

  548. Julie Grattan says

    I would love the red Chantal teapot shown on your website. I would use it a lot this winter making homemade hot chocolate for my kids and tea for myself.

  549. Andrea says

    I would use the teakettle to boil water for delicious fresh mint tea with lemon verbena leaves!

  550. Bethany says

    I would use the tea kettle as part of my creation of memories. Many great conversations have occurred over a cup of tea or cocoa.

  551. Becky says

    I would use this to make tea! I love love Celestial Seasoning’s “Almond Sunset” flavor of tea. It tastes like amaretto almost. I can only find it at Vitamin Cottage so far! Thanks the awesome giveaway :)

  552. Carolyn says

    We would use this beautiful teapot to make our green tea each morning. We all drink tea with a scant teaspoon of local honey and a splash of OJ.

  553. Stephanie says

    Oh how I love this Chantal Teakettle!
    It’s beautiful and far better than my kettle of cheap metal.

    From comfort and joy, to the flu and colds,
    Lift my spirits it will surely uphold.

    From teas, to coffee, cocoa and chai,
    A million uses I am sure it’ll provide.

    As a newlywed and first time home buyer,
    This Red Chantal Teakettle I will surely admire!

  554. Rachel says

    I’ve been on a decaf green tea kick lately, so a tea kettle would replace my current method of heating the water in the microwave.

  555. Sarah Smith says

    We currently use the microwave to heat water for tea, but would love to have a tea kettle! Peppermint tea, chai tea, and lots of delicious herbal varieties!

  556. Andrea says

    I will use my new beautiful tea kettle for my daily cup of green tea and my occasional cup of hot cacao and almond milk in the winter. This kettle will match my kitchen decor perfectly! ;o)

  557. Jill says

    I would definitely use this teapot to make a cup of chai tea after the kids have gone to bed. I have 5 children and at the end of the day there is nothing better than a cup of tea!!!!

  558. Lisa Torres says

    I am making Detox Tea a friend gave me. Just found out for sure that I have Celiac last Tuesday and I am also allergic to corn so no more cheating..Gluten is not my friend…so I am detoxing away drinking tea all day long!! Thank you thank you…for your cookbook and blog it has helped me so much realize there is still so much great stuff I CAN STILL EAT…. and because you have so many great bloggers I have found so many recipes I am feeling positive and connected to all of us gluten busters!!!
    Muchos HUGS!!

  559. Betsy Grimm says

    Oh, that would be so pretty in my kitchen. It’s blue and white with red accents.

    I do make tea sometimes. Bu almost every morning I boil water to make my hot cocoa, which I make with coconut milk and raw cocoa and stevia. If I’m taking a hot lunch to work in a thermos I boil extra water to heat the thermos.

  560. debra says

    I love to relax before bedtime with a nice hot cup of chamomile… especially on these cold fall nights!

  561. julie Mcnabb says

    chai tea to start my hectic days with, and something warm to drink on the upcoming cold winter mornings.

  562. says

    Other than just for looks? I would use it to try to develop a taste for hot tea. And for boiling water for our French Coffee Press. =-)

  563. jessica Matthews says

    I love hot! It is so comforting, especially since the days and nights are getting cooler. Can’t wait to try this recipe! :)

  564. says

    we stopped drinking coffee at home, and now have several kinds of tea. I have Mate Latte in the morning with almond milk, and The Budgie has decaf PG Tips. In the evenings we have Indian Spice, or Chai, or chamomile, or Tummy Mint, or this time of year Breath Easy, or even my homemade herbal cold tea. And the occasional hot cocoa. Sad to admit that currently all of this is heated in the microwave! A teapot would be a lovely improvement and doubtless in constant use.

  565. Anna says

    i quit drinking coffee and switched to tea a few months ago.. i’ve really enjoyed trying many different kinds of tea and a red tea pot would sure make me smile in the mornings.

  566. Martha says

    I’m an acting student and we do a lot of voice work and exercises. Lately I’ve been surviving on Yogi Throat Coat tea… it’s just what I need after a long day of class. With some local honey and fresh lemon juice. Yummers!

  567. Catherine says

    in the morning:
    for my husband to make his 2 cups of black tea.
    for me to pour over my coffee grinds.

    in the afternoon:
    a little cuppa for me at 3

    in the evening:
    2 cups of peppermint tea, shared over talk of the day or a good tv show

    and a whistle to remember the boil!

  568. Kylie says

    Seeing as I come from a Sri Lankan background tea is a staple around here. I would love this kettle :)

  569. says

    I would most definetly use my kettle most for boiling water to make tea! I always opt for low caffine or caffine free options like white or red tea, honeybush and fresh mint or ginger. My hubby prefers black tea (earl grey, darjeeling) or jasmine. This pot would get a lot of use in our household, we are tea lovers!

  570. Jayne Ferguson says

    Oh yeah, One more thing…. Your cookbook is wonderful!!!!!!!!! My daughter’s boyfriend’s Mom has MS and must be on a gluten free diet and this makes a great source of recipes for her bake something special.

  571. Sheila Bauer says

    tea, tea, tea and more tea!
    Also – my husband likes a tea kettle to boil water when he’s canning. It takes so long to bring his giant canning pot to a boil, it speeds things up having extra hot water on hand.

  572. Jayne Ferguson says

    I would use it to boiling hot water for a nice cup of hot cocoa for my family and put in a chocolate covered spoon and a splash of whipped cream. hmmmmmmm

  573. Melissa Crawford Mazzeo says

    Wow, that’s lovely! I am a major tea drinker and finally invested in what I thought was a solid copper tea pot. Unfortunately, I left it on the heat and forgot about it, and turns out the thin copper coating burned off quite easily (!!), the whole thing warped, and the lid won’t close properly anymore. I’ve been looking for a replacement; I drink Tazo Zen or Oolong or black tea (iced) every day. But, I also have a friend with a new house who LOVES red, and I might have to gift it to her. :)

  574. Lisa says

    I would get so much use out of this. Since being diagnosed with CD I drink different decaf teas at least 4 times a day. Can sometimes help with my stomach discomforts… The kettle I have right now is SOOO old, it is falling apart!! This one looks like it would last quite a long time :) I absolutely love the look and color of this teapot!!

  575. says

    Gorgeous teakettle! It would match my kitchen perfectly! I love making tea and do so daily, much to the ruin of my favorite mugs. I make fennel tea when my tummy’s upset, and Tazo Passion tea when I want something fruity!

  576. Lynn Southard says

    I make myself hot tea before bed every night with delicious local honey. I’ve been wanting a tea kettle just like this one :)

  577. Molly says

    I have to admit, I would use this most for hot water for would definitely feed my addiction/treat for myself. Right now I still use the old teakettle I used in college along with my 7 other roommates, so you can imagine what shape it’s in.

  578. says

    Does this kettle whistle too? It’s my dream to have a whistling tea-kettle.
    Either way, I loooove the color. I would use it to boil water for teatime (I love to whisk my own Japanese green tea from powder!) and for coffee in my french press.

  579. Samantha says

    I have been ogling over tea kettles for months! I’ve been on the biggest tea kick lately. I’m sick of heating up my water in a pot! I would use this every. single. day. for peach tea (and echinecea tea when I’m sick).

  580. Kim Scheideman says

    We all love our orange tea. The girls are desperate for a tea kettle that sings when it’s ready!!

  581. Peggi Swan says

    I would use this instead of the dented saucepan I usually use and am sick of, and it would look so fab with Spicy Power Bars I know love so much.

  582. Marae Lindsey says

    what a gorgeous kettle! would most definitely be used for tea, tea, and more tea. largely rooibos and honeybush. mmm.

  583. Suzanne Fisher says

    The teapot is absolutely stupendous and would be very useful at my home to tame the wee beasties (5 of them:)) and to help calm their mama for the next round. My kids love tea and I look forward all day to relaxing at night with some Chamomile or a mix.

  584. James says

    I would use it to make my specialty hot drink. A blend of chicory root, beet root, dandelion root with Almond milk and a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg.

  585. Brooke S. says

    I would use my tea kettle to make yummy Peppermint tea. It’s my favorite tea, and perfect for evenings when I want something hot, but don’t need the caffeine.

  586. Kristen says

    My new favorite is chai with coconut milk. So amazingly delish. to be honest I absolutely adore tea, and drink it three times a day. I recently had to toss my kettle because the paint on the inside started peeling. Right now all I have is a sauce pan I boil water in.

  587. says

    I used to take a coffee break every afternoon… Real coffee in a real cup for a real break! Now that I am… ahem… a certain age, I find that coffee in the afternoon keeps me up all nite! Not good! So I recently switched to organic green tea! It is the perfect drink late afternoon (and goes even better with a cookie or two…). This beautiful tea kettle would keep me taking a break in style!!!

  588. says

    I drink a lot of tea in the cold winter months (mostly ice tea in the summer), so this would come in quite handy. Beats repeatedly microwaving a cup of water. Less isotopes that way too!

  589. Marie says

    Chai tea mostly, but all my tea would taste great with hot water from this kettle. Fingers crossed!

  590. Nancy says

    Tea, tea, and more tea, and also for morning lemon water. Did you know that a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning is a great liver tonic? has to be warm, and has to be first thing in the morning after fasting overnight. It’s a refreshing start to the day. :)

  591. Téo says

    I would bring this to my parents’ house. They do all their cooking on a huge flame-view Mennonite wood stove, where this could live. They need something sturdy to go with their great collection of antique cast iron cookware. It would stay full and boiling all day to cut the dryness in the house and make great cups of Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice in the evenings…

  592. Janelle says

    Tea! I love all kinds, black, green, chai, herbal. I’m on a green tea kick now. Nothing like a cup of green tea in the mid afternoon to get me through the rest of the day. :)

  593. Tina says

    I would LOVE this. . our family has tea every day during our quiet time and our tea pot has been known to be a pan :)
    Red Rose is a favorite, but we enjoy trying new teas :)

  594. Kim says

    I love drinking tea and this would really come in handy. Right now I just use a small saucepan. Thank you!

  595. says

    Rooibos Chai has been a main staple these days for me! YUM!!!!! With a little coconut milk and raw honey – that’s my fave!
    And it goes really well with Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free, Egg-Free, Banana Bread. Double Yum and good for my belly too!
    Thanks for sharing all the phenomenal recipes! I have been making so many of them lately and they are all great!

  596. allison says

    You know, everything would just taste better with freshly boiled water from a cheery red tea pot!

  597. says

    I’m pretty sure we’d use it for lots of hot chocolate and morning hot cereals. So pretty!

    Funny story…3 days before we got married we received a pretty tea kettle for christmas. It was wonderful. The now husband went right away to fill it up and get water boiling…2 hours later we remembered and the pot was FRIED! We had to toss it. :( 8 years later we still haven’t replaced it.

  598. says

    i would use my new tea kettle to make green tea lattes…i bought matcha powder at a tea store and am addicted to it! i mix it with soy milk and add a little agave to it. not only does it taste good, it looks good too! the green color of the powder is so pretty!

  599. Megan says

    We drink soooo much tea. It’s pretty much all we drink since we gave up soda — diet and otherwise. I’d love to win this kettle. Would bring a splash of pizazz to our tea makin’ activities!!

  600. says

    Ahh… tea. There’s nothing like it. Thank you for sharing this recipe, it looks delicious! The teakettle looks like it is one of the best! Count me in!

  601. says

    My tea of choice is a toss up between Japanese genmaicha and fresh ginger with honey and lemon. Either way, a nice hot cup is so fabulous this time of year!

  602. Jess says

    I’ve started drinking ginger and peppermint tea for some digestive issues. I have an old hand-me-down teapot from a friend and every time I use it, I have to immediately pull it off the stove or it sets the smoke alarm off! I would love to have this beautiful teakettle!

  603. Tania Reguin says

    I would love this because I have been drinking all kinds of tea lately, from Yogi Healthy Fasting tea to Traditional Medicinal’s Pau D’arco, and of course, using Traditional Medicinal’s Throat Coat for my kids. This time of year, we always have water on for tea, hot spiced cider, or even hot chocolate. It helps the kids warm up after walking home from school, too. The tea kettle would add a nice bit of color to my kitchen as well.

  604. says

    We have coffee every morning (the ManBeast and I) made in a French Press. So my current, low quality, but functional, tea kettle is used to boil water every single morning. I occasionally/often drink tea during various parts of the rest of the day. I say occasionally/often because coming out of summer, I don’t drink much tea. But I do in the winter, which is fast approaching here in WI!

  605. says

    We’re finally getting into some chilly nights, so this tea kettle would live on our stove constantly – jasmine tea and green tea during the day, and then Sleepytime tea before bed!

  606. Taylor says

    My roommates and I have tea-time every night before bed. Its a time to chat about our day or just vent. We definitely love chamomile tea with a bit of lemon and honey, it’s our favorite!

  607. Mary Kate says

    My fiancee drinks tea all the time so our tea kettle lives on the stove top. Our tea kettle is not nearly as attractive as this one!

  608. says

    I would use it at least twice a day – first for my early morning tall glass of hot water (to wake up and get my body moving), followed by a cup of dandelion root tea for the trip to work, and then in the evening to make a cup of sleepytime or honey vanilla chamomile. It’s soooooo pretty!

  609. Andrea says

    Everybody in my family, even the 2 yr. old, drinks tea! That’s what we would use this teapot for.

  610. shaogrady says

    Heating water for my favorite masala loose leaf tea – to which almond milk is added, of course!

  611. Amanda says

    oh my goodness i would love to be entered into this drawing! i would use the kettle to boil water to make coffee and loose leaf tea in my french press. mmmm.

  612. Angela says

    I would love using this beautiful tea kettle to heat up a cup of Celestial Seasoning’s Tummy Mint tea for those days that nothing but mint and chamomile can calm my sensitive stomach.

  613. Elizabeth says

    My husband drinks so much tea, he would use this everyday! He replaced icky pop with fresh brewed tea a few years ago.