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FDA: Spelt is Wheat

Posted on May 21, 2007

It seems like just about every week someone offers me bread or crackers and says, “don’t worry it’s spelt.”

These well meaning friends of mine know that I’m gluten intolerant and don’t eat wheat, yet have been lead to believe that spelt is ok for people with celiac disease and gluten allergies.

Each time this occurs, I explain to my friends that spelt contains gluten and that this grain is a very close cousin of wheat.

In fact, the two grains share such ... read more →

Dirty Dozen

Posted on May 17, 2007

-photo from Shai Barzilay

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has a list of the one dozen fruits and vegetables highest in pesticides. These are best avoided unless purchased organic. Their dirty dozen includes, in alphabetical order:

bell peppers (sweet)

With fruit season almost upon us, I hope this list is useful.

Splenda: Sweet Smoke and Mirrors

Posted on March 13, 2007

In a recent email, my dear friend Pat said, “I am curious to know what your opinion of Splenda may be? It is the only non-caloric sweetener that doesn’t make me feel like I have to brush my teeth after ingesting it. Will it kill me slowly?”

Well Pat, a couple of years ago, one of my favorite magazines, The Ecologist, wrote an in-depth article on Splenda. Its manufacturer McNeil Nutritionals claims that Splenda is “made from sugar, so it ... read more →

A Rose by Any Other Name

Posted on December 9, 2006

According to Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet – 1594), “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” unless it’s not actually a rose, that is.

Unfortunately, when it comes to avocados, we have a problem here. More specifically, guacamole. You see, Kraft is calling a green dip it makes “guacamole.” However, this dip is in fact made out of soy bean oil, corn syrup and green food coloring. Well, let me not exaggerate, 2% of its ingredients are made up ... read more →