blueberry cherry crumble gluten-free recipe

Blueberry Cherry Crumble

I chose to go with a messy “action” photo of this crumble to demonstrate just how much my husband liked it!  He came home from work and devoured the section you see missing above.  I was somewhat surprised since it was another one of my experiments making a purely fruit sweetened dessert.

While this crumble is not as easy to make as my usual desserts, it’s super healthy and also deliciously satisfying.

Blueberry Cherry Crumble
  1. For filling, place cherries and blueberries in a 3 quart baking dish
  2. Sprinkle fruit with lemon juice and vanilla, then toss in arrowroot
  3. To make the crumble, place 8 dates, ½ cup water and 1 tablespoon oil in a vitamix and puree on high until smooth
  4. Pour date mixture into a medium mixing bowl
  5. Add almond flour, salt and baking soda and mix well to combine
  6. Crumble the topping over fruit mixture
  7. Cover and bake at 350° for 1 hour and 15 minutes, until bubbling
  8. Uncover and bake a few more minutes until topping is golden brown
  9. Remove from oven and serve

A couple of notes about this gluten free, purely fruit sweetened crumble.  First, the topping may be more “cakey” than crispy for this dessert.  That is due to using the dates which I have been experimenting with quite a bit of late; still, it’s amazing that this dessert is naturally sweetened –my husband couldn’t tell the difference.

Next, this recipe was inspired by a delicious looking dessert from the lovely Karina of Karina’s Kitchen.  Although we cook with somewhat different ingredients, I think our ethos around food is quite similar and just about everything she posts makes my mouth water!

Finally, for today’s Friday Freebie, I will be giving away a 5 pound bag of blanched almond flour, courtesy of Honeyville.  Leave a comment and you will be eligible for this delightful and valuable prize.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now over. The winner of the Honeyville giveaway was sharon. Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Aleta says

    I love your experimentation and your appreciation for whole-food ingredients.

    My one request is to please post the weight of produce ingredients like the dates in this recipe. “Large” is a very subjective measurement, and I only had date pieces so I was even more at a loss as to how much to use in this recipe. Knowing the weight would also help greatly when shopping for ingredients, I could just throw them on the scale to see if it’s the right quantity. A kitchen scale is not a major investment if you don’t have one.

  2. says

    Sounds good, I’m doing the GAPs plan right now. Not sure about the agave nector. Is there something else to substitute for it. I’m don’t know what it is anyway. I’ll do some research on it to see if it is GAPs friendly.

  3. ~M says

    I really liked this topping over apples and rhubarb (with a touch of added honey) and am going to try it soon with 4 cups peaches, 1 cup blueberries. YUMM! I might also make it in mini mason jars like Our Best Bites for portion control (I saw them in the Whole Food’s blogger’s favorites cherry roundup that also mentioned this recipe :)).

  4. Emily says

    This recipe is fantastic!! So delicious and I loved the subtle sweetness of the berries and the yummy doughy topping. I did accidently burn it but after eating the really burnt parts the first evening we put the rest in the fridge and after it sat overnight the flavor was even more delicious! I recommend saving some for breakfast the next morning, yes a bit of a treat, but oh so delicious! I am going to try this recipe with other types of fruit as well. Thanks :-D

  5. Fran Danner says

    Sounds yummy since cherries and blueberries are my fav! We have loads of fresh blackberries that might be a good substitue for both the cherries & blueberries!

    Thanks for all the wonderful recipes for my GF husband.


  6. Erin D says

    My inlaws just arrived a couple days ago from BC w/ a flat of quickly-ripening cherries and a bucketful of blueberries from their neighbour’s blueberry farm. This crumble is perfect! Then I discovered I had no almond flour, so I ran some almonds through my food processor and then added a couple dates, sunflower seeds, cinnamon, a bit of agave and some fresh-squeezed lemon juice. I decided to go for the raw version instead of popping it in the oven, and it turned out divine! Thanks for the inspiration. :-) I love your recipes.

  7. says

    Oh, Elana! This turned out beautifully for me – thank you so much for this recipe :)

    I used berries from our yard (we think that they are some kind of a raspberry, but we are not sure), and some frozen cherries and frozen mixed berries to make the measurement.

    The only dates that I had in the house were the dates mixed with almonds and rolled in coconut, so I used grapeseed oil to avoid too much coconuttiness. I also took 1T. of almond flour out of the measure, since the dates were mixed with almonds.

    For everything else, I followed your instructions – which makes my husband happy, since he knows that he has a better chance of a repeat tasty crumble :)

    We took the crumble to a potluck – everyone was thrilled, and absolutely loved it! Just a smidge came home with us, that we selfishly held back for our sweet baby to eat tomorrow.

    Thank you! Another yummmmmmmmm!!!


  8. Jodi says

    This is wonderful! I substituted about a cup of rhubarb for a cup of the cherries. I drizzled just a bit of agave in with it. Delicious!!

  9. Lala says

    tried this and my hubby loved it—says it’s his favorite GF dessert I’ve tried so far! hooray! thanks

  10. Julia says

    Thank you for the recipe! I recently found out that my daughter is allergic to milk, eggs, and gluten. So this will be a great dessert for her.

  11. Kelli says

    I love that you are experimenting with fruit sweetened desserts! I haven’t broken down and bought a bag of almond flour yet, so this give-away is great.

  12. alicia says

    i made this yesterday at a family gathering. it was wonderful. everyone loved it and my sister asked for the recipe. i wrote about my 2 year old asking for fiber-rich recipes and this is a great one.
    thank you!!

  13. janice says

    i’ve only recently found your website. i can’t wait to try some of your recipes! the pictures look delicious!!!

  14. Theresa Watson says

    Dear Elena,

    This looks wonderful. You know how I always have to add my own flavor — I am not crazy about cooked cherries so I am going to try it with raspberries and strawberries — I will let you know.

    I have had several things made from a local raw foods restaurant sweetened with only dates and they are all wonderful — I haven’t actually experimented with it myself. Thanks for doing the leg work for us.

    Best Wishes,
    Theresa Watson
    Merritt Island, Florida
    Hopefully the shuttle will take off tonight!!

  15. says

    Wow, thanks Elana. If I’m not too late I’d love to be included in this giveaway!

    I’m experimenting with some almond flour I bought from my health food store but I’d be keen to see how the Honeyville brand performs with your fantastic recipes.

    p.s. I’m new to your blog but I’ve made 3 of your recipes over the last 2 days and they were all very delicious!

  16. jenn says

    What a great summer evening dessert! It’s no surprise you have a cookbook out. Food can be quite a challenge living gluten-free. Thanks for making it easier :)

  17. Lacey says

    I love crisp and look forward to trying this more natural version! I love your blog and enjoy seeing you ideas.

  18. Mary says

    I saw blueberries on sale at the local mart and knew you just posted a recipe that had interested me. So, I bought them and now have assembled your recipe and it is in the oven! We shall see how it turns out because I did not have dates. I susbtituted the dates for 1 tablesoon of agave nectar (for each date). My batter for the crumble reminds me of pancake batter. I used all other exact ingredients and doubled the recipe to a 13×9 glass pan. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  19. Jennifer says

    I check your site everyday waiting for the next recipe. I was thrilled to see this when I turned on the computer this morning. It looks great…I can’t wait to try it. Have a great day.

  20. Marie says

    Awesome timing! My family just picked fresh blueberries & we also just bought a whole bunch of cherries. Now we have a dessert to make with them. Question- do you use dried dates? That’s all I’ve ever seen at the stores or farmers markets. I’m very new to using dates as a sweetner. If one cannot find dates, how much sweetner (namely honey) would you recommend as a substitute? As always, love your recipes…can’t wait for your cookbook to arrive soon!

  21. Adriana says

    I just happen to have a pint of plump blueberries in my fridge and a bag of apples so I think I’ll try a blueberry apple version. YUM! All of the recipes I’ve made of yours have been fantastic and I also love Karina’s so I often combine both of your ideas to create versions that fall somewhere in between. Keep ’em coming! …and THANK YOU.

  22. Roberta says

    I’m looking forward to trying this, I love that you’ve made such a delicious sounding dessert with only dates as a sweetener. Genius!

  23. jazzygus says

    This is wonderful! Dates are one of the must useful and delicious of foods. They are great for making homemade “energy bars” too.

    Thanks again Elana!

  24. Stacie K says

    Looks so delish! I also love Karina’s Kitchen. I usually visit her blog and yours every morning with my cup of coffee-for the amazing recipes and inspiration. Thanks!

  25. Dena says

    I’ve just moved this week and was delighted to find that I’m only a 2-minute walk from a health food store. Now I can finally easily buy some of the ingredients that were a schlepp to find in the past! You don’t happen to know how to say arrowroot powder in Hebrew, do you?? Because this cobbler sounds delicious!

  26. says

    Yum! I love using pureed dates in desserts. I haven’t tried them in grain-free dessert yet. I use Lucy’s almond flour but would love to try Honeyville’s!

    We’ve been picking loads of cherries, I just love cherry season! Just made a batch of cherry pumpkin seed flour muffins – finally a recipe that turned out! -Ali :)

  27. Lala says

    looks so good–I just bought 20lbs cherries! so I”m excited- just another way to use them! thanks! (though I’m still waiting for my first bad of almond flour in the mail)

  28. Junecutie says

    Hiya Elana,

    I love this recipe! I have made it twice, now. Once with blueberries and cherries. Once with peaches and blackberries. Both were sensationally yummy!!! I love your picture where your husband already ate half of it before you could take a picture of the whole thing. When I get a rave review like that from my hubby, it’s better than sex!!! (Almost…) Thanks for all your hard work for all of us food allergy challenged people. Much love and many blessings,

  29. Kelly says

    oh wow, your recipes always make my mouth water, I would love some free almond flour since it is so expensive and there are so many recipes I want to try

  30. Wendy Williams says

    I like making bread using almond flour, but not often since it is so expensive. Need to get myself a grinder or mill.

  31. says

    I can’t wait to make this with the cherries and blueberries I picked up from my CSA today! It’s too bad I don’t have the Honeyville almond flour yet as I’m sure that makes a huge difference.

  32. Desirée says

    Elana! I LOVE CRUMBLES! So does my boyfriend – and he can’t tolerate sugar, so this fruit-sweetened dessert is much appreciated! Thanks so much!!!

  33. Angela says

    So are things made with Almond flour low carb?? I’m on a low carb sugar free diet but haven’t found a really good answer. Always contradicting things. But when I’m done losing wieght I so plan on trying almond four! Can’t wait!

  34. Cheryl says

    Gluten free, dairy free and sugar free! This sounds like it will be a favourite for me. I am going to pick some cherries and buy the blueberries today.

  35. Sarah V says

    Doesn’t look too complicated! I love your dessert recipes because they’re easier for those of us eating low sugar diets. I’ll look forward to your next recipe!

  36. says

    I love this crumble. Sweetened with dates – which are one of my favorite fruits! I think perhaps I need to do this very soon…I keep seeing cherries everywhere in the store (and I’m buying as much as I can consume), maybe it’s time to do something with them!

  37. Kim says

    Elana, this looks amazing – I can’t wait to try it! I absolutely love everything that I have tried from your site & love the fact that GF treats can taste good AND be made without refined sugar and tons of flours and starches. My husband loves your brownies & says that they are the best he’s ever had – I think that they have beat out pumpkin pie for him (which is saying a lot!) And we love the blueberry muffins and the strawberry ice cream. I even made the ice cream with some frozen wild blueberries that I had & it came out great. Now all I need to do is buy some good almond flour, so that I can get started on some more things! Thanks for all of the great recipes!

  38. Erica says

    Hi, this is my first time commenting, but I just wanted to tell you that I have been really loving your site for awhile now. I have enjoyed quite a few recepies and as I have been having to learn how to eat gluten and dairy free you have helped me with learning how to make quite a few of the meals that I always enjoyed but learning how to make them without the foods that hurt me. I would love to get a bag of the almond flour. I have been enjoying cooking with the coconut flour and would love to start with the almond next. Thanks for a great site! Erica

  39. Chrissy says

    I saw Karina’s cobbler and now this! I have been craving that glutenous cobbler of my childhood – the 3 cup one, maybe you are familiar… 1 cup self-rising flour, 1 cup milk, 1 cup melted butter – pour on top of a baking dish full of fresh sliced peaches. YIKES I actually ATE that and made it often in the summertime!!?? Why do that to perfectly good peaches?? I must confess though, I often make your chocolate chip cookie recipe sans chocolate chips and use it as a base for EVERYTHING – pie crust, lemon cookies, filled cookies, napolean layers, and now… crumbled up on top of peaches it makes a lovely cobbler! I have been thinking about fruit-sweetened goodness lately though, mostly because agave has gone up in price in our area and using most of a $6 bottle on one recipe seems a little over the top. I love your granola recipe with the raisins… so this makes total sense to me. I might just give the cookie recipe a break this weekend and whip this one up! Thanks again…

  40. Jackie says

    I am new to GF living as I was just recently diagnosed. Thank you so much for your wealth of knowledge and info.

  41. Rich Ann says

    We are getting blackberries in our CSA basket tomorrow so thanks for the recipe; now I have an idea of what to do with them! My daughter loves apple crisp and maybe she’ll warm up to eating the blackberries if they are presented in a crisp. Thanks for all your efforts – the community of folks interested in the recipes and healthy eating is wonderful to behold. We will be north of Boulder for a family camp in August and are looking forward to being in the general part of the world where you live! It is a magical place.

  42. Lisa says

    Never heard of the diet…but after reading your post, I’m going to do some reasearch into it. I am having stomach issues right now. Don’t know if its Celiac, ulcer or what. I have an appointment (after a long wait of almost 3 months) with a GI doc next week. In the meantime, I’ll look into the Specific Carb Diet. Thanks for sharing!

  43. Lisa says

    I have several bags of fresh picked blueberries in my freezer. I will have to try this recipe. I also have a recipe for a wonderful blueberry pound cake. It’s delicious, but not very healthy. Your site has inspired me to experiment with natural ingredients! Thank you!

  44. veggievixen says

    mmm, crispy and delicious. i don’t think i’ve seen the combo of blueberries and cherries very often. looks delish!

  45. Jennifer says

    Wow, I can’t wait to try this, Elana! I usually make “crumbles” with oatmeal – this would be a nice change.

  46. Jeanne Marie Crall says

    Oh my… so very yummy looking. I can’t wait to try it. Now I’m feeling hungry and it’s 11:20 at night… GREAT!!

  47. GK says

    Ooooo, a 5 lb bag of Honeyville is just what I need! This recipe looks great. Maybe it can replace the rice-crust pie we’ve been making for the holidays. Yum.

  48. Karen says

    What a delightful recipe this sounds like. Love those dates and they are especially healing for the gut! Thank you for yet another good idea!

  49. cj says

    Well Elana,
    I almost made it again. I got as far as the filling and baked it. Then I drizzled it with almond milk. YUM even without the crust/topping. This is why I love your recipes; they are adaptable and always ‘do-able’ and I don’t have to order a long list of special ingredients. This one is particularly ‘on’ for me with the blues in season here and the abundance of the cherries at market. Thanks!

  50. Linda says

    This sounds delicious! I am anxious to try it! Thanks for doing the Friday freebie too…that would be fun to win! ;)

  51. Stephanie says

    This looks very yummy, I would love to win a bag of your almond flour to compare it to Bob’s Red Mill.

    Thanks for your wonderful blog.

  52. Marcy says

    This looks wonderful–I’ll probably try it with a tablespoon or maybe 2 of grassfed raw cultured butter (though the coconut oil would be yummy as well)

  53. Susan says

    Mmmmmm! I know what I’m making this weekend. Every recipe that I’ve tried from this blog has been delish! Thanks so much.

  54. Danielle says

    I’m so excited about this recipe! I have all these cherries, and I’ve been looking for a healthy vegan dessert to make with them. Seems like destiny to me!

  55. Vanessa Meyer says

    So excited to try this one- the cherry crops up in Washington have been amazing and I have a berry-picking excursion scheduled this week…It’s all so good, I just don’t know how to use all I’ve got! I love crisps, but don’t love the idea of hiding something so naturally sweet and good for you under a sick of butter and straight refined sugar- can’t wait to try the dates! It looks fantabulous!

  56. Kathy soman says

    I like to use dates as a sweetener as it helps keep down the sugar content. Dates are used in alot of raw recipes as well. Since having cancer i have been eating more raw but enjoy some cooked things as well. Thanks for all the great recipes i love the nut bread recipe, as I can’t eat wheat either.

  57. sanae says

    This crumble sounds wonderful. I love the idea of using only dates to sweeten. I’d love to try the Honeyville flour, so please enter me in the drawing – thanks!

  58. Lindsay says

    I JUST bought cherries and blueberries; I guess it is fate! I am six weeks into the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and the ulcerative colitis I have suffered from for eight years is in remission! This recipe is perfect because I can eat everything in it except the arrowroot. I suppose my cherries and berries will just have to be a little bit runny. Thanks for all you do, Elana. I have tried your coconut flour vanilla cupcakes using honey instead of agave, and they turned out amazing :) I have to use coconut or almond flour, so here’s hoping my name gets drawn!

  59. Gina K. says

    I will have to try this soon. My husband may even like it, he is an all natural fruit kind of guy… no fake stuff. Thanks for coming up with ideas using fruit as the sweetener. LOVE IT!!!

  60. Jaime says

    I love your website and your recipes!!! It is so inspiring to know that there is a site where I can reference and make something healthy for my body.

    Blueberries are in full harvest here in N.CA and I can’t wait to try this out. I’ll be doubling up the crumble part — my favorite!!

  61. Debi says

    this looks delish! I am going to try it with wild raspberries, and blueberries since they are in season. thanks for all your hard work with recipies i love them!!

  62. says

    Hi Elana – this is perfect – I just came home with 3 pounds of cherries and have about 1.5 cups left of my Honeyville almond flour (after making a new batch of rosemary, parmesan, thyme, jalapeno crackers, adapted from your recent recipe). Those were gone in an afternoon – I need to make massive batches of these crackers= they are that good!!… and guilt free due to the high protein content!!

    Anyway, this looks delish and I will make it tomorrow for a Saturday delight. Thanks for all you do – you never cease to amaze me with your fabulous concoctions!!


  63. says

    Just left Denver, actually Highlands Ranch, now in Florida. Getting itchy to get back to Mass to bake some GF treats! We didn’t get to any of the restaraunts you suggested but I thank you anyhow. We did just see Sami’s Bakery in Tampa. Not certified GF, but they make a nice GF bread. I only purchase Honeyville now that I notice the TOTAL difference from other brands. Still waiting for your book to arrive.

  64. Stacey says

    This looks great! I haven’t done any kind of crumble since I started SCD…I’m curious to see if I can get this to work without arrowroot :)

  65. Kris says

    I have really enjoyed your website and recipes as I attempt to go gluten free with my 14 year old daughter. Her intestinal biopsy was negative for celiac, but she has lost all the hair on the top of her head. It started growing again when she started eating gluten free, sugar free. Thanks for the help.

    I would love to try the blanched almond flour you call for in your recipes. We have tried the unblanched.

  66. says

    All kinds of summer fruit crumbles are my favorite dessert. And I love that the topping is sweetened only with dates.

    The almond flour you use has intrigued me. I have never met a nut, or nut flour I didn’t like. But other almond flours don’t seem as versatile as the Honeyville kind. I’d like to give it a try. Thanks for the give away.

  67. Amy says

    Thanks for the terrific recipe, can’t wait to try it & I love that you used dates. Also thanks for incorporating the vitamix. I know everyone doesn’t have one, but I do and I love getting healthy recipes that utilize it.

  68. Hannah says

    My mother is allergic to dairy and wheat and has a favourite crumble recipe that she always wants to cook. I’ve been trying to tempt her with different crumble recipes but so far nothing hs usurped her own favourite – I think this may work!

  69. Steven says

    Great recipe… I just got finished picking a few quarts of blueberries so now I just need to score some cherries (my cherry trees are too young to produce).

    I’ll be using some Honeyville Flour on this one… by far the best almond flour I’ve ever used and I found out about it right here. Thanks Elana!

  70. Sony says

    My son will love this! He is a blueberry monster. My 2 yo was just diagnosed with celiacs and I am grateful to have found your site.

  71. Marilyn Forest-Dott says

    I am so glad I found your web site. Your recipes are wonderful. I look forward to your emails in my inbox so I can find out what the next tasty treat will be. Thank-you!

  72. alane says

    My gram used to make a similar dish she called Blueberry Surprise. It was a family favorite and my mom has been mourning it’s absence since she was diagnosed. I can’t wait to try this on my mom!

  73. donna says

    YUUUUMMMMMMMM! two of my favorite fruits together…sounds AWESOME elana and i cannot wait to try it..i am also a fan of karina as well as you- the two best GF blogs on earth! i think tho similar in some ways you are different enough to compliment one another…and both of you – life-savers! i am dying to try the almond is just a tad out of my price range of these days i will try to save up to get some…it would be so much better than using any grain flour for me…it is just so frustrating that so many of the GF products are so expensive…
    thanks for this..i will have to try it with a rice flour based mix !

  74. Donna says

    This looks delicious! Thank you so much for all your great recipes. Your site is a yummy blessing to my family!

  75. says

    This is going into my growing pile of Elana’s must-bake and share recipes that I am going through weekly. Aren’t you sweet giving away the almond flour! With our work so slow, this would definitely come in handy! ;)

  76. Shelly says

    Thank you so much for yet another wonderful recipe! I don’t have a gluten sensitivity, but believe that it is the healthier route. You make it a lot easier!

  77. karen c. says

    I think this would be a great healthy dessert for little ones. p.s. what a WONDERFUL giveaway, we sure could use this!

  78. Brenda James says

    My daughter loves to combine blueberries and cherries in a fruit crisp. I’m happy to have this G.F. recipe for me and am excited to try it.

  79. Cynthia says

    Thanks so much for parting the Red Sea of GF/DF baking. Honestly, after 2 years of experimenting, it’s wonderful knowing I can relax and just make your recipes. No more white sponges or 3 flours/3 starches crumble…I can get back to gardening!

  80. Cathy says

    Just want to say that every recipe I have made has been amazing. I preordered your book yesterday, I am sure it will be worth the wait, unlike the very disapointing babycakes! Since going on this crazy diet dates have been a staple so create away!

  81. says

    My two favorite fruits!! yum!!

    This recipe looks fantastic; I’m eager to try it out.
    I’ve never worked with almond flour; I’ve been using various gluten-free mixes but would love to branch out into something less processed. Then, of course, I can share the loveliness of my new “discovery” with others. Thanks for including the drawing! Great idea!

  82. Maggie McMillan says

    All your recipes sound delicious and seem fairly simple; coconut/almond are 2 flours I don’t use yet but will be soon, thanks again for sharing.

  83. says

    This looks great! I have been making a blueberry peach cobbler in a similar way and agree that no sugar/sweetener is needed. The fruits juice up enough to make it completely delicious.

  84. Kelli says

    This looks beautiful ~ crumbles and crisps are among my favorite desserts! I love reading your recipes, and since I am vegan, many of them are easy to “veganize”.

    I am looking forward to trying it!

  85. says

    that looks delicious! i will definitely be making this recipe ASAP!!!
    your brownie recipe (made with carob of course lol) is my biggest hit so far!!! even my friend’s dog loved them! he loved them soo much he ate the whole platter during a get together at her house. thank goodness it was carob and not chocolate lol.

  86. Jeanne says

    That is mouth watering, just looking at the photo…mmmm, I will make that one soon after I do the fig crackers.

  87. Kelly says

    I made something similar to this only with blackberries. Even my “non gluten free” friends loved it and there were no left overs :)

  88. says

    You are awesome! I love your passion and desire to make gluten free an easy and enjoyable change! I can’t wait to try all your great recipes and share them with my clients. Your time and knowledge is so appreciated!
    Thank you!

  89. Becca says

    This looks so yummy… at least what is left of it! I have been wanting to start trying almond flour and a free 5 lb bag would be a great incentive!!! Thanks for all your hard work :)

  90. says

    I’m always surprised and delighted to see other people making desserts without adding any sweeteners! I look forward to trying this out!

  91. Valerie says

    I too am just starting to switch the diet. Your recipes look wonderful. Thanks for the service you provide!

  92. kRis says

    first time commenting, but i’ve been following your site for about a month now. i love your recipes, and have made several. this one comes at a perfect time. i picked up 3 pints of blueberries from my csa farm share and was wondering what to make with them. this sounds perfect and will be giving it a try over the weekend. thanks!

  93. says

    This looks great. Blueberries are ready for picking in about two weeks here and we’ll be cleaning out our local u-pick farm if my husband has his way. He *loves* blueberry cobbler, crumble and every thing else.

    I was thinking of saving up for some almond flour so this would be timely.

  94. Christiane says

    I’m in the process of switching to gluten free and feel so thankful that I found your blog. Finally… real food, without gluten, that is appetizing!

  95. sas says

    Just had your pad thai today, I added chicken for some protein. It was delicious (and I’m not a good cook)! My husband baked your vegan choc. chip cookies last night so I’ll be able to have dessert at a party we’ll be attending this weekend. The cookies were unreal! (I even had to sneak another one today). Love love love almond flour!

  96. says

    That looks delicious! I just got an email from my farmers’ market saying that cherries and blueberries will make their first appearance tomorrow, so I’ll have to try this out.

  97. Melissa Conrad says

    This looks absolutely scrumptious! I can’t wait to try making it this weekend! :) I’m sold by anything with the blueberries and the word crumble in it!

  98. says

    Yum. I love the combination of blueberries and cherries! They compliment each other beautifully, and your “action” photo is perfect =D.

  99. Liz C. says

    Wow, this looks like an amazing summer treat! I really appreciate that it is also sugar-free. Thanks for sharing.

  100. Emily says

    Husband approval is always the most important! This dessert sounds delicious Elana. I just picked up some fresh blueberries so I know what is in store for dessert this weekend!

  101. Betty says

    This looks great! I too am experimenting with dates and my vita-mix! We go through almond flour rather quickly, so, any help in that department would be great!

    • Renee says

      We just bought a Vita Mix, too! I am having so much fun making green smoothies – haven’t had one fruit/veggie combo flop yet. I have been making homemade “Lara” bars. The dates and almonds are great together.

      • says

        Would love to have a homemade recipe for the lara bars, I love them but with the economical crunch, it would be great to make at home.
        Also love blueberries and am going to try this recipe soon!!
        Thanks so much for all you do.

  102. jennifer says

    yum. husband likes cherries. son likes blueberries. they both like sweet things so this would satisfy both their palettes.

  103. says

    I am always loving new ways to use blueberries AND cherries. I have my favorite blueberry crumble, but I hadn’t thought of combining the cherries, so this will be a treat :)

  104. says

    I am heading downstairs to make my seventh batch of Nutty Bread with blanched almond flour, so I’ll need a new supply pretty soon:) Then I can dive into this crumble with the all the good fruit I’m getting at our farmers market!

  105. Kirsten says

    Wow, here’s to hoping Cherry’s have finally appeared for me in the market tomorrow! I need to try this, and think I can even get the kid to eat it!

  106. ~M says

    This looks SOOO good! I love the idea of using dates instead of agave or processed sugar and of using a glass pyrex bowl instead of a pie plate! Please enter me into the Honeyville contest; my first sack of their almond flour is almost empty!

  107. says

    I really like a non-fussy photo, Elana! Your husband’s endorsement is a true test, right? ;-) I know a lot of folks use dates for sweetener. I’ve had some desserts and treats that included them and no sweetener and been surprised myself. Natural sweetness is the best!

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe and what an awesome giveaway by Honeyville and you!


  108. says

    I adore your fruit salad recipe–have been eating it like mad these past few weeks, so I’m excited to try this crisp. Do you think the dessert would turn out using different varieties of fruits? For example, could you do a strawberry-blueberry version, or peach or apple?

  109. Allison says

    This sounds wonderful! Both cherries and blueberries are so plentiful now – it’s a nautral! Thanks for all YOUR inspirational recipes!

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