banana cream pie recipe

Banana Cream Pie

Banana Cream Pie –made with coconut milk, coconut oil, bananas, dates and stevia– is the perfect after dinner treat.

If you made my Paleo Pie Crust but didn’t fill it with anything yet, fear not. This dairy-free Banana Cream Pie filling is the perfect companion for it. It’s made with five ingredients (coconut milk, coconut oil, bananas, dates, and stevia) and primarily fruit sweetened.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that it’s a quick and easy recipe. Bake your pie crust ahead of time, then simply throw your ingredients in the blender and you’ve got yourself a Paleo pie. My children love this one and I often serve it with dairy-free Coconut Whipped Cream for them and their pals.

Banana Cream Pie
Serves: 1 pie
  1. In a vitamix, combine coconut milk and coconut oil
  2. Blend in bananas, dates, and stevia
  3. Pour mixture into cooled pie crust
  4. Chill overnight
  5. Garnish with bananas
  6. Serve
This pie will not work without a high-speed blender, it also will not work with light coconut milk or other substitutions. More information on specific ingredients is provided if you click the ingredient link.

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  1. Amanda says

    I put a thin layer of dairy free chocolate chips on the crust when I made it, Plus a dash of salt, and then did the banana cream filling on top… Everyone absolutely loved the pie! Although I did have to bake the crust, it was a pretty good pie for cold days. Oh yes I added maybe half a teaspoon of grass fed gelatin also so it would hold its form little better.
    I will definitely be making this again.

  2. Jessie says

    Filling tastes so good but even after 10 hours in the fridge it didn’t set. I was so excited to share these with our 4-H group as a grain free dairy free option. Maybe a bit of time in the freezer might save them but looks like I’ll be heading to the store to buy 3 pies. So bummed. Is there anything that could have been added to firm them up (arrowroot, gelatin…)

  3. Alex says

    Tastewise delicious, but mine became a soup too…very sorry to say, although I followed instructions to the last dot…don´t know what went wrong…sorry to have to waste all those ingredients…hate throwing food away…

  4. Kas says

    Bummed out!
    Followed recipe correctly, used correct ingredients but pie came out runny!
    It did not set. How to thicken if I dare try again…?

  5. says

    This was a great recipe,thank you! I used it in an organic vegan gluten free cake I made as the filling and I made a pie also. Will be using it again and maybe making a strawberry pie too!

  6. pamela strong says

    I added 3 Tablespoons of ground chia seeds to the filling and the filling held together very well! Very tasty! Thanks!

  7. Carrie says

    I had the same problem with the filling. Used exactly the same ingredients that she listed, even the canned coconut milk. Stuck it in the freezer now hoping it will help.

  8. Dagmar says

    Does anyone have suggestions for making this filling creamy? I did everyting just as the recipe said, but am wondering about the coconut oil. I used it directly from the jar in its solid form. Should I have turned it to liquid first? Would the fact that I didn’t melt if beforehand be the reason my filling turned out somewhat grainy rather than smooth and creamy?

  9. Suzanne M says

    Made this with my kids last night, but I have one problem. The filling is too runny. It never set properly, even overnight. Any tips? It tastes awesome, but one can’t serve a soupy pie. Thanks!

    • Calista says

      I am having the same problem. I think it’s because I used boxed coconut milk instead of what is in a can. mine’s currently sitting in the freezer in the hopes that will help!

      • Marcy says

        Same story here–utter mush–soup to be exact–5 hours in fridge. I used organic native forest full fat coconut milk, comes in bpa-free cans not tetrapack. Later I froze it–let thaw a bit–taste was very good but texture was inconsistent–half melted half frozen. Will try again adding grass fed gelatin to see if it helps it all firm up. Otherwise will make as a smoothie and just not make a shell.

  10. Anna says

    Elana, I wish you would use a different font for your recipes. The fractions are almost impossible to read. I seriously need a magnifying glass against the screen just for the fractions. Please consider changing the font. I love everything else. Thanks!

    • Dee says

      When you click on the “printer friendly” button it shows an enlarged version of the recipe on the screen, so you should be able to read the fractions there.

    • Madness35 says

      You can always copy and paste into a Word doc then adjust the font size. That is what I have to do.

    • TY says

      Anna, I think most computers and/or browsers these days have a zoom/magnify option that makes everything bigger. On my Mac, it’s Command +, or a quick swipe of the trackpad. Maybe you should look into how to adjust it on your computer.

  11. Vinessa Carrillo says

    We are a gluten free, dairy free, grain free family of nine and one of my children has a severe coconut allergy.
    I only discovered it after she was hospitalized repeatedly and they finally tested her for a coconut allergy. I was cooking with coconut flour, oil, sugar, and making my own coconut milk at the time. I’ve switched to almond flour, but I’m not are how to substitutes my of your coconut recipes to make them suitable for my family.
    This recipe looks so good!
    I know I can use almond flour and grapeseed oil, but I’m not sure how it would affect the flavor to add almond milk as well.

  12. Jackie says

    Elana, I would like to try this recipe … What is the difference between coconut milk in a can versus coconut milk in the aseptic box? Can we substitute one for the other?

    • Tasha says

      Coconut milk in the can is much thicker than milk in the tetra pak. They take out more of the cream so it doesn’t thicken in the fridge. If you sub the pie may not thicken enough.

  13. Christa says

    Yum! I was thinking just that, “but what do I fill it with”. If you add a couple pinches of powdered vitamin C or a squeeze of lemon to the filling, the color should stay (a trick for apples, bananas and avocados). Going to try the pie soon!

  14. Cheryl Morgan says

    I was wondering if you have ever tried honey with this recipe for sweetner? Or is the Stevia just to sweeten the fruit? How much would you reccomend?
    Thanks a bunch, Cheryl

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