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Giveaway: All-Clad Sauce Pan Giveaway

all-clad 2-quart sauce pan

Guess what?!  I’m giving away a 2-Quart Saucepan from All-Clad.  This sized saucepan probably wins the “most used pot” award in my kitchen.  I use it for everything from Chai and Hot Chocolate to Butternut Squash Soup and Cranberry Sauce –it gets a lot of play around here and I love having it in my kitchen.

Given that this pot retails for $150 I’m utterly grateful that I received one of my own for my wedding, which was 15 years ago today. That’s right, my husband and I were married December 16th, 1995, though we’ve actually been together for about 20 years.  That’s a long time and I’m so thankful to have my him in my life.

We received most of an entire set of All-Clad pots and pans for our wedding and I have of course put them to very good use.  As you can see from the length of time I’ve been married, these pots really last.  And I can tell you that they wear quite well.

To enter this contest just leave a comment describing what type of soup or beverage you would make if you won this amazing piece from All-Clad. This giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere and I will pick the winner at random. This contest will end at 6pm on December 21st, 2010.

UPDATE: this giveaway is now over and the winner was Anna!

OK, now let’s get down to some other exciting stuff.  The giveaways for the DIY Foot Balm, 10lbs of Dagoba Chocolate and the Benefit You Life starter kit of ingredients all ended yesterday and I’m going to announce all 3 winners now: Ada won the Vanilla Peppermint Foot Balm and Elana’s Pantry bag, Jen K won the 10 pounds of Dagoba Chocodrops and Hallie won the Elana’s Pantry ingredient starter kit from Benefit Your Life! Congratulations everyone!

I wanted to mention that Hannah over at Hannah’s Harvest has posted a great interview she did with me recently as a part of her series of women living in their joy and guided by their passions. So, head on over and take a peek at the interview and be sure to check out her recipes!  Also, my fabulous friend Silvana is giving away a copy of The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook on her website, Dish Towel Diaries.  All you have to do is leave a comment over there to be entered to win my book.

‘Tis the season for giveaways!

posted on December 16, 2010, 1,359 comments

  1. Such an awesome giveaway! I imagine using the sauce pan to make a creamy tomato basil soup, served with fried GF croûtes and garnished with parmesean chips… my current vision of the perfect winter comfort food :)

  2. Arielle

    Oooh, how gorgeous! I would make my favourite pumpkin-salmon curried stew (ala Nigella Lawson), which is a big hit at this time of year!

  3. Emily

    What a beautiful pot! I do love great-quality kitchen tools – the Wushtof knife my father gave me is one of my favourite possessions.

    I would use this pan to make pumpkin and quinoa soup, seasoned with lots of fresh rosemary, thyme and bay. It’s delicious served with melted cheese on toast.

  4. AnnaLyon

    Butternut squash soup with cashew butter!

  5. Katie

    I would make turkey soup with northern beans and kale. It’s delicious topped with freshly-grated Parmesan cheese, and I still have turkey stock from Thanksgiving in the freezer! It’s very satisfying and healthy!

  6. I would make vegetable soup – I usually make a pot on the weekends and take it for lunch or snacks throughout the week. I throw in whatever veggies I have on hand, right now diced winter squash and kale or cabbage are the key ingredients :).

  7. Trisha

    I will make a holiday mulled spice to go along with the chocolate chip cookies from my new Glutten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook. I just visited Benefit Your Life for the first time last weekend…great store! I purchased your cookbook and can’t wait to try the recipes…yummy!

  8. Beautiful pan. I think I would make some of my winter vegetable soup in the pan.

  9. Rebecca

    I would start with my new favorite soup – silky celery root with coconut milk.

    I’d probably also use it often in the winter for hot chocolate!

  10. James

    I’d try out my new eggnog recipe!

  11. Eryn

    I would make coconut thai soup w/ mushrooms (tom khai gai)

  12. lynn

    Still using my Revere ware (hence the sighing and drooling) from almost 19 years of marriage! I would LOVE to make completely-made-from-scratch chicken & veg soup in this pot. YUM. Happy Holidays to all!

  13. Jennifer

    Butternut squash soup! Or Apple Cider.

  14. nicole

    tomato, white bean cabbage soup!

  15. Eva

    Hot chocolate with my new sipping chocolate. Chocolate and All-Clad – a combination made in heaven!

  16. Christina

    Oooh, I love All-Clad and since I wasn’t smart enough to buy it at the beginning, and my sauce pan has been very used, I’d love to get that new one. I just found a recipe for a Moroccan Chicken Soup that I want to try, or make a new batch of a chicken noodle soup I made a couple months ago where I substituted shredded cabbage for the noodles.

  17. Kelly

    Hot chocolate! Today’s a vacation day because our office is closed due to the ice! Woohoo!

  18. Michele Ritan

    My grandmother’s Jewish Penicillin! (chicken soup)

  19. I have literally had dreams about having my own All-Clad collection! The first soup I would make in this beautiful pot would be the naturally gluten-free and absolutely delicious creamy potato leek soup. When I think winter, I automatically think of this family favorite that my dad cooks every winter :)

  20. Kat O’Brien

    Celery Soup. It is my new favorite and it’s made from “reject” veggies–carrots, celery, onion, garlic and potato. Stuff you already have in your fridge! So easy and so tasty. I’ve been taking it to work to eat as a snack to eat mid-afternoon. You can also add beans (navy or garbanzo would go well) and/or rice or buckwheat groats to make it a hearty meal.

  21. Elizabeth Davis

    Reading all of these comments is making me HUNGRY! Thanks for all the ideas!!

    I would make tortilla soup, which, I recently learned, is surprisingly easy! Hooray for quick, easy, tasty, and GF! Thanks, Elana.

  22. This is an awesome giveaway!!!! I’d use my All-Clad for all kinds of things, especially Soothing Chai & Hot Apple Cider!

  23. karen

    I would make potato corn chowder. I am an absolute junkie for that soup!

  24. Bomama

    It is winter and I will be making lots of hot chocolate for the kids when they get in from lots of play in the snow!Also perfect for squash soup, which I would have made with all the squash I had yesterday if I had had the right size pot!!It’s like you read my mind!!!

  25. Sarah Ann @ celiaccity.com

    Happy Anniversary! (and what a great giveaway!)

    I have been craving some of Jacque’s Potato Leek soup, that would be first on the list!

  26. Sherry Osadchey @ sherryosadchey.com

    Soups are my favorite lunch food this time of year. Lots of good veggies and ground turkey or chicken with plenty of delicious thermogenic spices, garlic and ginger. Elana’s biscuits (just made them last weekend for the first time) make a MOST delicious contribution to this or any meal, too.

  27. Lou Marchbank

    My sister-in-law’s Bow Tie Sausage Soup has been a favorite in our family for over 40 years. Since I haven’t found any gf bowtie noodles, we now use whatever gf noodles I have in the cupboard when the urge to make this strikes. It is sooo flavorful!

  28. Alyssa C.

    homemade peppermint hot chocolate sounds good right about now on this chilly morning!!

  29. Jean Spratt

    If I win the All-Clad Sauce Pan, the first thing I will do is make Cauliflower Soup (gluten-free of course!). It’s so easy to make & so delicious, that sometimes I eat it for breakfast!

  30. Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! If I won this pot I would definitely use it to make my favorite coconut cream soups or a nice hardy New England chowder something to keep my family nice and warm during these frigid cold months in the north.

  31. Valeda

    I love so many homemade soups but I think I would make a turkey soup in this pot. I would use the remains of the turkey I will be cooking in a few days and your amazing stock recipe. Happy Holidays!!

  32. lea goodwin

    I would make lentils and kale soup it’s great for the cold days.

  33. toni

    looks like the perfect size pot for my dairy free Cream of Brocoli soup. They’re calling for snow in my area so I may stop to pick up the ingredients, now if only I had a good pot to cook it in…

  34. Katie Feit

    I love All-Clad! I only have two pans but they are my favorite. I have a recipe for Creamy Sweet Potato Soup that I have been dying to try!

  35. Karen Killinger-Humes

    If I win the All Clad 2 quart sauce pan,I will my my yummy homemade potato leak soup. Perfect for lunch or supper, this soup is especially good during the cold winter months.

  36. Stacey

    Happy Anniversary. Here’s to the next 20 :)
    Definitely hot cocoa one day and hot apple cider the next …

  37. Jane Ballantyne

    My first thought was how great it would be for mashed potatoes….
    But if I were to use it for soup I would go with my easy Borscht recipe. Going gluten free and following Elana’s many amazing recipes, I have put on a “wee” bit of weight. My borscht is quick and easy and laced with super vegetables: really healthy. A pot like this one would allow me to make lots for all my family and friends.

  38. Amanda

    I would a spicy sweet potatoe soup with as many veggies as could fit in the sauce pan!

    What an awesome giveaway – thank you!

  39. Charlotte Moore

    That is a very nice pot for any use of cooking. Since it is soooo cold I just might make a pot of chicken and barley soup.

  40. Jamie C.

    I would make hot spiced cider for my family’s holiday get together.

  41. Craig Emmerich

    Thank you for the opportunity. I always wanted some All Clad. I would make Tomato Gorgonzola Bisque! My wife’s favorite.

  42. Meg

    I would make some hot mulled apple cider for my kids…their favorite on a cold day after school!

  43. victoria

    I would make the no flour chocolate cake, that requires slow melting of sugar free chocolate, butter, cream Yummy.

  44. Very cool!! If I had this wonderful addition to my kitchen I would make a cream of cauliflower soup with goat cheese and also homemade cheese sauce with a veggie base for healthy mac n cheese! http://lifesnaturalpleasures.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/healthy-¨mac-n´cheese¨/

  45. Ali

    My favorite things to make are whole-berry cranberry sauce and apple & onion butternut squash soup! Congratulations on 15 years of marriage. I wish you many more! I’m getting married next week on the 23rd!

  46. Helen

    I would make Italian Wedding Soup (gluten-free, of course) with lots of spinach or kale. Great with little buffalo meatballs.

  47. Karen

    If I won the pot I would have my son help make soups and sauces for his “new diet” with me, maybe then he’d try them and learn to like them because he help create them.

  48. Patty

    I’d make hot chocolate for the little ones when they come inside from playing in the snow!

  49. Donna Myers @ Dine//withDonna

    What a fabulous prize. I would christen this pan with a Creamy Lobster Bisque and follow next with Lentil soup spiced with cumin and a little ancho chilies. I coul keep my kitchen warm using this pan!

  50. My college child lives on soup. At school she likes to use bone broth and add whatever veggies she can find. She uses fresh, frozen, and
    assorted vegetables she can find at the salad bar at the campus cafeteria. This would be a perfect size for her.

  51. Tammy

    I would make cream of chicken and wild rice soup in this pot. (Gluten free of course!)

  52. Donna Myers @ Dine/WithDonna

    Please correct the website in the previous post.

  53. Eileen

    I’d make Curried Carrot Parsnip soup- a holiday favorite. Would be even more fun to make with the hand held blender that Santa has hinted he is bringing me. Thanks for the giveaway- I’ll have my fingers crossed!

  54. Amanda

    I would love to make a Thai coconut soup, especially with the cold weather

  55. ali v.

    Green soup with ginger!

  56. PAT

    Turkey and rice soup would be perfect made in this pan, giving the seasonings a chance to blend.

  57. Diane Sainsbury

    Elana –
    Thanks so much for your amazing website. It is not only a pleasure visually, but a great learning tool. Your recommendation of “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” has made a marked difference in my life.

    I would make my mother-in-law’s Belgian Waterzooi in the All Clad pot. It is a delicious chunky chicken soup that includes leeks and cream with the traditional chicken soup ingredients.

    Thanks for the chance to win the All Clad!


  58. Denise

    Looks like a pot I would use to make Pumpkin Soup! Oh, yum. Probably would be used a lot in my kitchen for many thing, as well. Thanks for offering the give-aways and for having the true spirit of the season–giving, peace, and good-will towards mankind.

  59. Karen Kuxhaus

    I would make an easy-peasy smooth and creamy tomato soup. Four simple ingredients and either a blender or a foodmill is all that is needed for this one. Very yummy!

  60. shirley

    Regardless of the latest delectable soup I place in front of my son, his favorite remains my basic veggie soup that was his first. I will make that soup forever ?

  61. Jeanne Batchelor

    I would make a pumpkin sausage soup –or a tomato/basil–it would be a toss-up–we are having an ice day too!!! sounds like an all-clad day!!!

  62. Cindy

    Oh, Elana, I would make your delicious Coconut Chicken soup! It has become one of my all-time favorites.

  63. Jessica

    I would love this and would make some high quality dark hot chocolate to start!

  64. Nancie Roan

    i would give it to my daughter who is turning 25, juggling 2 jobs, lives in brooklyn and wants to make butternut squash soup. she wants to cook more for herself and eat better…this would be a great incentive.

  65. margot

    i would make a mixed beans veggie soup from scratch-make it almost daily these days. On the weekend i soak and cook a week’s worth of beans. From this i take a daily portion to which i add fresh onions, garlic, spices and herbs, and fresh veggies…kale, cabbage, spinach, celery, etc for the day’s hot winter veggie bean soup. Delicious with your rosemary crackers! This pot would make it extra special.

  66. Very cool giveaway! I was just at a dinner party where the chef served a wild rice soup with pheasant. I’m not sure I would duplicate it with the pheasant, but the wild rice soup was heavenly. That would be the first thing I would make if I won this pot!

  67. Carolyn

    Coconut-Chicken soup, of course! Yum.

  68. jen

    Zucchini spinach soup is what I’d first cook using it!

  69. jessica

    Ooh, I just got married and unfortunately didn’t get any of the All Clad I was hoping for. This would be a great start to our collection! I would make a delicious ginger lentil soup with almond milk, so yummy!

  70. MARIA

    Love the Give-a-ways! Love the recipes!

  71. this is a great contest! I would use the sauce pan to make some mulled cider, with rum, cloves, allspice, and cinnamon. I had it once at a party where it was steeping on the stove for hours and it was fantastic! I’d love to recreate it at home.

  72. Nancy Burns-Fusaro

    Thanks for letting me know about All-Clad and happy anniversary! I would make my mother’s corn chowder — full of sauteed onions and potatoes! We used to have it on Christmas Eve.

  73. TishD

    I love cabbage soup with mini meatballs in it, or lentil, or black bean. Soup is great in the winter and we are having an unusually frigid winter this year!

  74. Diane

    I would use this saucepan to try a butternut squash soup or a great hot chocolate. Yummy.

  75. stephanie

    My kids love soup and we have it almost every night in the cold weather months! Last night was butternut squash. Tonight is bean and cauliflower cheese soup!

  76. Nancy

    Kuri squash coconut soup!

  77. Angie

    MMM…..cauliflower soup. Or maybe curried butternut squash. I can’t decide which!

  78. Mary Vance Berlin @ mvsharesjuiceplus.com

    During the winter months, we literally survive, and thrive!, on soups as main meals. With a sauce pan such as this, I can easily visualize everything from a homemade cream of shiitake mushroom soup or cream of asparagus soup to a chicken gumbo or white bean and turkey chili! It looks to be the perfect size for just about everything!

  79. PJ

    I’d make my daughter’s recipe for pumpkin soup: chicken broth, pureed pumpkin, Garam Marsala and Chinese Five Spice to taste. Since she introduced this to me, I’ve been using pumpkin instead of tomato (ie, chili and spaghetti sauce) and although the color takes a while to get used to, the taste, texture and lower acid reaction is great.

  80. Frieda Wadler

    I am sure that I would also put the pot to good use. Among other things I would make my red lentil soup in it. Thanks for all the great recipes.

  81. Janet LaRue

    I would love to make this new Broccoli Cheese Soup I just started making. It is wholesome and delicious! Thanks so much for giving us a chance to win a great looking pot!

  82. Jeannette

    without a doubt i would put on a pot of apple cider.

  83. Lori

    My kids love homemade hot chocolate after playing hard in the snow. This pan would be perfect for that special treat!

  84. Chris Blasko

    Hi Elana,

    Like you, there are so many yummy foods and drinks I would make in my All-Clad if I had this wonderful 2 quart saucepan (which I have been eyeing up at my local Wegmans for the last year now.)

    But for my kids, I love to make hot chocolate. We use a Trader Joe’s almond milk, some liquid vanilla stevia, some cocoa powder, a touch of celtic sea salt and my husband melts a little dark chocolate and adds it to the recipe for extra creaminess. The kids love it.

    Thanks for your website-I love it!!

  85. Lynn

    Awesome! I rush to the computer every morning to see what new flavors you have for us today. Please keep up the good work.

  86. Helga Kuhn

    I would cook my way through Anna Thomas’s I love Soup with your delicious crackers on the side.

    Almond Milk Hot Chocolate, Chai Tea, brew tisane.

    Fabulous, fabulous All Clad

    Helga Kuhn

  87. Christa

    Could always use another pot. And this is the perfect size! Thanks for the awesome blog and giveaways.

  88. connie newman

    i would make homemade soup!

  89. Cindy

    I think I’d made tomato soup. I’m on a soup kick, probably due to the cold weather. Thanks!

  90. Paula

    I would make home-made chicken soup. Yum!

  91. Doreen Scholl

    What a beautiful pan! I would make my favorite soup, Pumpkin with Chilies and ground turkey.

  92. Marie B. Corso

    I make soup all the time. I love gazpacho in summer, but in winter, I love a chicken, mushroom, rice soup (of course, I sneak in some extra vegetables).
    Often, I order a cup of soup in a restaurant, and then try to duplicate it at home. Butternut squash soup with a touch of ginger, cream of asparagus, and roasted tomato soup are cold weather favorites, too.
    Thanks for all your help with my gluten insensitivity.

  93. Alyne

    I live in Cold Cold Saskatchewan and I would use this wonderful pot for many hot soups each day and hot chocolate in the evenings. Happy Holidays everyone, and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate Christmas.

  94. Hello Elana,

    I would probably make split pea soup. First I make a great broth from a whole chicken, then add the split peas, celery, carrots, onion, garlic, fresh parsley. Serve with gluten free biscuits – almond flour of course.

    Kris Zanoni

  95. Erica @ evmilone.com

    What a Great giveaway!!!

    We are soup addicts…year round! Me and my family would Love to cook up some gf/dairy free creamy chicken & vegetable soups in that amazing saucepan….as well as, mushroom sauces with fresh herbs from our garden, hot coco, ‘matzo’ ball soup, herbal tea remedies, and so much more!

    I would also use it as a ‘microwave’, to re-heat up leftovers on the stove top…since we are strongly against the microwave for anything that you put in your body.
    Here’s to happy, healthy eating!

    Thank you!

  96. Kelley

    Shrimp and corn soup!

  97. Christa

    Oh, oops, forgot to say what I would use the pot for. I would use my new pot for making apple sauce, which I make weekly.

  98. mary janssen @ maryj11@suddenlink.net

    This looks like something i could really use in my kitchen. All purpose and easy to handle. Great.

  99. Anita B.

    Oh I got so excited @ the thought of possibly winning a pot! Ahh, it is the little things in life that make me sooo happy! I would make a potato turkey bacon soup.

  100. Sandi Brill

    I would make loaded baked potato soup. My family loves this.

  101. Heather

    I would make a homemade hot chocolate made with coconut milk, cocoa and agave. I can’t drink conventional hot chocolate because of dairy issues so this would be great to make a big batch not only for me but for the whole family as we gather for the holidays and cold winter nights.

  102. Debra Cox

    This pan is GORGEOUS!! The very first thing I would make is a wonderful NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDER! I am a NE native living in PA and love to make soups (of all kinds). My favorite soup is the NE Clam Chowder and I’ve heard that All Clad Pans are known to conduct heat better than other pans which is helpful in a milk based soup. Can’t wait! Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest!

    Happy Holidays!

    Blessings to you and yours…


  103. Nancy

    Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie Elana! I’d use this pot to make giant batches of warming chai tea and spiced cocoa for cozy gatherings with friends over the snowy and icy months! Yummmm. :)

  104. Pippa

    I would make my daughter’s favourite soup: butternut with ginger

  105. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! I tell Bryan all the time that when we get married and register, I want to register for a set of All-Clad pans, because they last forever.

    There are so many soups I would make – your thai chicken soup and some butternut squash soup. I would also like to make some Mexican Hot Chocolate – yummmm.

    Again congratulations, hope you two have a wonderful day together.

  106. Debra

    Happiest of Anniversaries!! Blessings to you both for a life rich with cherished memories!

  107. Becky

    Looks like a good size to boil or steam veggies in.

  108. annette

    Creamed Parsnip soup with coconut milk, nutmeg and sea salt….it’s my own recipe which surprised my 12 year old as she is of the firm opinion that I cannnot cook! She not only ate the soup, but came back for more.

    Happy Anniversary and thank you again for a wonderful website.

  109. Ana

    I hope I win!

  110. Vickilynn Haycraft @ realfoodliving.com

    Shalom Elana,

    I would love to make your Butternut Squash soup in the All-Clad pan!
    Thanks for these giveaways and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

    Vickilynn Haycraft

  111. Eri

    Nice pot!!! I have been wanting one for a long time. I would use it to make sauce, warm up soup, boil water, cook rice etc. You name it. It does lots of stuff. And congratulations on your anniversary, Elana!! Wish you and your hubby many more happy years together.

  112. Summer Pramer

    Thank you for this fabulous giveaway! I would prepare mulled apple cider immediately and share it with my family and friends!

  113. I would love to make my chai that I drink everyday in this pan and I love the thai chicken soup. Yum!

  114. Ana

    I hit submit too quick anyway I would make chicken spinach butternut squash soup. A Favorite!

  115. Quint

    I’d make tomato soup.

  116. Kristin

    Love All Clad! I would make roasted winter vegetable “chowder!” Yum!

  117. Elizabeth

    With my love of cooking and dessert making, I would use this pan for a multiple purposes including making a vanilla custard for coconut cream cake and pies.

  118. Angie

    What an awesome giveaway……I have been dreaming of this size saucepan to add to my set of All-Clad. I like to double my recipe for Mexican Rice Pudding and always have to make two batches. This would fit the rice pudding at one time. Thanks for sharing this wonderful pan.

  119. Melissa

    I would make your wonderful hot chocolate recipe. It is sooooooooo delicious.

  120. Barb

    All Clad pans are great…whoever receives this will appreciate it!

  121. Great giveaway!! I would make one of my newest obsessions: creamy cauliflower soup that requires no cream or milk whatsoever :).

  122. Tess Moore

    I would make peppermint hot chocolate and carrot ginger soup. After that the possibilities are endless with such a great pot!!! Thanks and Happy Anniversary!

  123. Jennifer

    If I were to win this saucepan, I would be using it to make all kinds of things! But I would start with the Hot Chocolate, and the Butternut soup.

  124. Anne

    I would love to win that versitle pan! I would definitely be making several versions of butternut squash soup. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  125. Marianne

    Chicken tortilla soup

  126. Patricia Ruiz

    I would love to win this pot my family loves chicken soup i make it durning winter days they especially like it because the put alot of vegetables.

  127. Sunny Heydorn @ weecyclecolorado.org

    Gluten free oatmeal! We make it several times a week & just add maple ayrup and different types of fruit to switch things up a bit.

  128. Johanna Hafey @ heilblume.com

    Hello Elana,

    The 2-quart All-Clad sauce pan would be perfect for my family’s favorite soup: Caldo Verde. This spanish concoction is made by boiling sliced potatoes and chopped onions in chicken broth, mashing them slightly, and adding lots of kale. The last step is to saute sliced chorizo in plenty of olive oil until the olive oil turns red from the chorizo spices, and dumping that from the pan to the soup. Voila! A wonderful gluten-free soup that my daughter happily takes to school for lunch.

    Best, Johanna

  129. ria

    a winter creamy mushroom soup

  130. Susan Krupkowski

    I know I would enjoy making my favorite Baked Potato Soup in this pot…and a million other things. Thanks, Elana.

  131. Fiona

    The soups I like to make at this time of year are mushroom soup, butternut squash with chilli or onion soup. All great in this cold weather!

  132. Happy Anniversary! And what a wonderful giveaway. I still have the same Kmart saucepans I had when I moved out on my own. I know, I know, I should upgrade…just haven’t done it! This would be a welcome addition to my collection. While I’d use it for EVERYTHING, since we’re talking about soups or beverages, I guess I’d have to go with hot chocolate (dairy-free) or ginger tea.

  133. julie siegele

    Hi Elana, i would love to win the all-clad pan! Here is my idea – I would like to make January, “Soup Month”. I love making soup in the Fall and Winter months and if i win the pan (maybe even if i don’t) i plan to make a different soup every other day – I will begin with your apple-fennel – am really looking forward to trying that one, move on to the butternut squash as that is one of my favorites and then continue on with your list. I hope i win! Thanks so much for the offer! Julie

  134. phylis

    Wow. i have dreams about All-Clad pots! i think I’d make The Hubby some homemade chunky applesauce in this pot.

  135. Janice Cook

    Mulled wine!! YUM! Thanks for the chance to win!

  136. Carrie J.

    I would make a pot of chicken vegetable rice soup.

  137. I would use the pan to make tomato soup, yum!

  138. Tara

    chopped onions
    chopped spicy turkey sausage
    Puttanesca sauce
    all over roasted spaghetti squash

  139. Jen

    My roommates have RUINED my saucepans. This would be so perfect. Thanks!!

  140. Karen R

    We would use this to make Thai chicken soup and lentil soup!

  141. Joan Snyder

    A simple as it sounds, I get such pleasure out of the relaxation a pot of spiced apple cider provides. The smell makes the whole house feel warmer on the coldest day. Taking the time to hold the cup, wait for it to cool enough to enjoy, then actually drinking the warm holiday liquid, is a real gift.

    Then the kids come in from the cold, I clean out pot and make Hot Chocolate! Everyone wins. I have had my time, and they get theirs!

    Have a safe and Happy Holiday!

    Joan Snyder

  142. Cheryl Gray

    I would love to make a Chicken Wild Rice Soup – YUM!

  143. Jane Reinholz

    I would make “Organic White Bean and Escarole” soup this afternoon.
    After shoveling snow for four days it would taste wonderful with one of your herbed biscuits!
    It is beautiful but chilly here in the midwest!

    Jane Reinholz

  144. Mary Rezeski

    What a wonderful pot! I love kitchen supplies as I spend most of my time in the kitchen. If I won this pot I would make one of my favorite fall / winter soups. Some that come to mind are butternut squash soup and lentil/kale soup. Both are nice and hearty at this time of year. I serve them with a nice piece of crusty bread (made with almond flour of course!).


  145. Jackie

    I would make my Grandmother’s beef vegetable soup!!
    Thanks for offering the pot.

  146. I would make some curried lentil soup. It’s tasty, healthy, gluten-free and vegetarian. A 2-quart pan is just what I need.

  147. Becky

    I would make all kinds of goodies in this 2 quart all-clad sauce pan, starting with a texas sheet cake, to homemade vegetable soup. Candy, hot cocoa, and anything else I can think of. I love to cook and would use it every day for everything. Even just to boil water.. Thank you so much for offering this gift. I love your recipies and look forward to a long healthy life thanks to you… :)

  148. I would make butternut squash curry soup – yum!

  149. Mary Catherine Worth

    I would make some delicious clam chowder. So tasty.

  150. Great giveaway! I’d make my favorite breakfast of all time: apple cinnamon millet and amaranth porridge with crunchy maple flax sprinkle! Mmm

  151. Jody

    This is definitely the most used size in my kitchen too. It would be great for pasta sauce and hot chocolate!! mmmmm….

  152. Meryl markowitz

    It sounds like an awesome pot. If I had one, I would make my zucchini soup. It’s easy low fat and most of all the kids love it.

  153. Alison

    Happy anniversary! I’m thinking about all kinds of hot chocolate I’d make…

  154. jodirose

    I am still working through our amazing harvest of winter squash from our garden this summer. I’ve been experimenting with various styles of butternut squash soup, and playing around with Indian seasonings and coconut milk. I’ve also been using pureed squash as an addition to other creamy soups. I finally had to retire my set of pots, a hand-me-down set of revereware that my parents got for their wedding over 50 years ago! I’ve been slowly assembling new pieces, since I couldn’t afford to get the whole kebang at one time!

  155. Cathy

    Thanks for the great give aways and wonderful recipes. This pan looks perfect for a nice warm batch of holiday wassail. Unlike in days of old, we now make ours sans alcohol. We use apple cider and other juices and spices, so that we may share it with the grandchildren.

  156. Beverly willman

    I’m happy to know you like this type of cookware. If I win I would make cauliflower bisque with sea scallops, which is also dairy free.

  157. CathyT

    I have been lusting after an All-Clad pan like this for years!! I’d make soup first, it’s my favorite thing! I’m on this site trying to decide on a great gluten free surprise for our Christmas Eve party. My sister in law has to eat gluten free, so it will be for her. She doesn’t usually get a special dish just for her.

  158. Rachel

    Wow! What a cool giveaway!!! I would make either a beautiful-pasta free-Italian wedding soup-that my picky husband will even eat, or a deep rick French onion soup-I use a portobello mushroom instead of a crouton or some yummy sweet and sour soup that I would enjoy all to myself :)

  159. anna eidson

    Ahhh, easy one! I’d make my mother’s “Russian Tea” — a hot drink of cranberry juice, tea, simple syrup and orange and lemon juices infused with cloves and cinnamon. Heaven!

  160. Tori Sinclair

    I would make tomato bisque… my family favourite!

  161. Elizabeth

    Hello, and thanks for another wonderful giveaway! If I owned this beautiful pot, I think I’d use it more than any other pot in my kitchen! As an example, I know it would be perfect to make masoor dal, an Indian soup made with a tiny, split red lentil that cooks quickly. The dal is seasoned with cumin, coriander, turmeric, cayenne, ginger, black mustard seeds…with the finishing touches of a chopped, fresh tomato and the juice of a lemon. Delicious!

  162. Jordan

    I think my first stop with this pot would be Soupsville!

  163. Carolyn

    Chicken noodle soup for the colder weather.

  164. bobbi

    My favorites to make in that size pan would be chai tea and butternut squash soup for sure.


    I think I would use the Sauce Pan to make my special “Spice of Christmas Life”. It made with Cranberry Juice, Unsweetened pineapple juice, cinamon and cloves. We serve it warm to all who drop by for the holidays. Merry Christmas!!! FA

  166. Cherie Brown

    I would make a sweet baby bottle!

  167. Jean

    The 2 qt. all clad saucepan would be ideal for making my own cranberry juice or any cranberry sauce. My current saucepan is wider than it is high so those bursting berries splatter all over my cook top, creating a real gooey sticky mess. It would also be well used for any heated beverage, custard, or cooked vegetable. I rice my cooked potatoes and they cool off too quickly in my 2 qt. saucepan.

  168. Jana

    Coconut milk hot chocolate would be wonderful in this sauce pan.it would be great today with the ice storm that hit us last night!

  169. Terri Gill

    The pot sounds perfect for a fish chowder recipe I found yesterday.

    My son is trying to lose weight and we searching out recipes and ways to

    prepare them to help him.

    Happy Anniversary!

    Have a Blessed Day.

  170. avacardo and tomato soup ;)

  171. Lisa Combs

    I’d make all kinds of soup. It’s just that time of year! Tomato bisque, chicken and bean chili or chicken enchillada…

  172. Adrienne

    Since butternut is my favorite winter vegetable, I would make butternut soup! :)

  173. Mary Ann McNeely @ maryannmcneely.com

    I would make lots of yummy things…Turkey Noodle Soup, Brunswick Stew. cheese sauce for homemeade Mac and Cheese.

  174. Chris & Kate @ JustLikeNone.com

    Mmmmm! This time of year, we’re making a lot of hot drinks in our sauce pans and reheating lots of serving sizes of soups. First off, we’d probably have to make some hot chocolate–the 3-year-old’s current favorite hot drink!

  175. Lori Ventola

    I am embarking on healthier eating, particularly low-glycemic eating, I’m mostly vegetarian, and the kicker is that I don’t like raw veggies or fruits much. I *do* love them cooked, especially in yummy soups and stews, but the only saucepan I have is really tiny, and only good for heating up water for tea.

    Butternut squash soup is my favorite, followed closely by creamy potato soup!

    Lori Ventola

  176. Linda North

    I would make butternut soup with one of the 20 butternut squash that grew out of our compost pile.

  177. Blythe Baeuchle

    I would make some homemade Miso soup. I’ve had intestinal issues for years and am really trying to incorporate healthy fermented foods into my diet. I find the taste of miso so comforting! It must be working :)

  178. Elizabeth

    Would this work for German Almonds? I do not have a stockpot for a German Almond recipe that I found recently. If this is the right type pan, I would use it for that recipe! :)

  179. Nicole Thomas

    I would make my famous broccoli and chicken soup.

  180. Eve Ilsen

    Ah, a favorite winter soup:
    butternut squash with onion, a bit of fresh ginger, a granny smith apple and burdock root.
    When it is done, I puree in the blender, adding almond butter, a touch of cayenne and sea salt to taste.

  181. Kate

    I would definitely make my famous chocolate cinnamon frosting.

  182. Cheryl

    Hot Chocolate for sure

  183. Awesome giveaway! I would make my coconut curry veggie soup for starters! And so much more!!


  184. Diamond

    Is chili considered a soup? I found a chocolate turkey chili recipe that should work very well in this pot. Now, this time of year, my husband would love to heat up some heavy cream and melt a big, dark chocolate bar in it for a little hot chocolate.

  185. demi

    It looks really nice.
    For sure we will prepare in it our favourite winter-soup: leek and butternut soup. Just delicious.

  186. kate Heiberg

    I’ve been having a lot of Miso recently but also love you apple fennel soup!

  187. Cindy

    Looks like your butternut squash soup would be a great recipe to try with this saucepan thank you

  188. Emily

    I would love to make a thick chestnut soup for a crowd…my little pots just don’t cut it any more. :)

  189. Annette

    I just found your website yesterday, and tried your chocolate chip brownies last night. They were totally AWESOME! My coworkers couldn’t believe that there was no flour or refined sugar in the brownies. Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes. I look forward to trying more!

  190. jenny

    I am dreaming of black beans these days, so first I would cook up a pot of beans.

  191. Cherie Kroll

    As a single woman, I would make a nice pot of beef stew to win the heart of the handsome beef cake at work.

  192. Annette

    Oh, and I want to try the Thai Chicken Soup!!!

  193. Julia

    I would make a pomegranate reduction sauce, then pour it over ice cream! SO delicious!

  194. Mary Kay

    I would make a chicken veggie soup. always a winner with me.

  195. Allison Flaherty

    I was just diagnosed with Celiac’s last week & I am enjoying reading your blog to learn about all of the tips & tricks to eating gluten-free [thank you!]… In the winter, I crave hearty soups & stews so this pot will be very helpful when I try cooking up some new gluten-free recipes!

  196. Rebecca

    Ohhh… I’d make Negus, a mulled wine, in the winter. My great aunt had two All-Clad pans that have lasted for decades. They are amazing!

  197. Kristine

    How about some carrot chowder with green pepper, marjoram and garlic…tipping the lid just a little to smell it simmering for an hour…tantalizing your taste buds. Hmm, I guess thats what I am making for supper tonight!

  198. My two year old recently discovered tomato soup, so I would use this to make that :D
    It would also come in really handy at the end of summer when I do all of my canning!
    Thank you for the giveaway and happy holidays!

  199. I’d like to try the chicken noodle soup in this new fabulous pot! :)

  200. Barbara

    Happy Anniversary!!
    I want to try the Thai Chicken Soup!!!

  201. Cathi

    Being married 20 years is spectacular!. . .It’s amazing how love grows through the years, when a couple uses the right ingredients to make it last. My husband and I have been married 32 years, and it just gets better with each year, like a good aged wine or cheese. AND As you know, even older couples can use new pans to create wonderful new ideas of love to share with all their loved ones. It has been a new adventure for me just finding out that I have Celiac and your cookbook has been a launching pad to create new ideas for my husband and me and all my family and friends. I also enjoy all your e-mails with wonderful ideas. Thank you for all your hard work it has been a help to me and my husband my long time best friend. Only God can do such blessings.

  202. Cindy Chiasson

    I would love this pot as it would compliment my exsisting pots and pan set and I would cook green pea soup in my NEW POT. Thanks for the contests elana

  203. Shannon Mills

    Hmmm, hard to narrow it down but I would have to say that I would make some chicken noodle soup with it, to get all the sickies in my family feeling better!!

  204. GF tomato soup-I miss easy tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches since becoming GF.

  205. Jo Stanley

    This pan would make some great peanut and pecan brittle. Also any kind of homemade soup.

  206. Brian Askew

    If I had that wonderful pot, I would make a cranberry and orange sauce for the holidays!

  207. Great giveaway! I would make my yummy butternut squash soup made with almond milk!

  208. Amy Wilkinson

    We love soup and have it quite a bit during the winter months. I have adapted many of our favorite recipes to be gluten and dairy free. My daughter can have goats milk so I use that to make a delicious Cream of
    Potato soup. Other favorites that I would make include Chicken Noodle and Vegetable Soup. Thanks so much for all of your amazing recipes and the great giveaways!!

  209. Jamie S.

    ooooooh *drooooooooooooool* all cladddd

    I’m having fantasies of home made chicken soup, escarole soup with chicken meatballs, and tomato vegetable. mmmmmmmmmm (and of course, butternut squash soup!)

    I just spent last weekend getting broth out of some chicken carcasses and canning it up. Anxious to get started on my winter soups!

  210. Susan

    I would use this pot to make chicken vegetable soup.

  211. Laura Dickinson

    I would make taco soup, our family loves that!

  212. Monica

    Hmmm, where to start? Soup, soup and more soup!!

  213. Sara

    I would make a yummy chicken soup with this pot!

  214. marcia elwood

    I imagine using this allclad pot for wonderful chicken and wild rice soup! It looks like just the right size! Thank you for your generous offer – and thanks for this web site.

  215. Such divine timing as I was wishing for new pots & pans especially since a friend burnt some food cooking for me while I am sick this week.
    It was a saucepan that was my Mom’s Revere Ware, probably vintage at this point. It’s soaking since Wednesday nite… don’t know if it can be restored…what a lovely treat to have the opportunity to win those new All-Clads!!!

  216. Kristen

    I can’t tell you how much I adore you.

  217. I love this pot – thanks for the offer!! PS – your Christmas bark is AMAZING – it’s been my goodie treat for this year. YUM!

  218. mimi fackler

    I am passionate about top notch cookware and probably would find endless ways to use this pot! Making sauces and steaming small portions of vegetables would probably be some of the uses I would find for this pan

  219. oh and happy anniversary – awesome for both of you.

  220. oops, should have read the instructions – I would make chicken soup in this pot. Nice hot, steamy chicken meat in a delicous real stock. Great for this time of year.

  221. Mariana Ardelean

    I will make beans soup

  222. Terry

    I am quite the soup person, in fact just the other day I had some of the most delicious butternut squash with roasted carrot and ginger soup…but being in the holiday spirit I can picture myself by the stove making a creamy cup of peppermint hot chocolate…yum

  223. Becky

    I would love to make chicken soup in this wonderful pan!! I love this website. Thank you.

  224. christina I.

    Love it!

  225. lisa nielsen

    I am currently in Mexico sailing with my husband and I am already getting excited about being back to Colorado in the spring and cooking great meals in my kitchen again. This pan sounds like an amazing tool to have and I imagine using it a lot…from homemade soups (I love Coconut Thai soup) to quinoa…to desserts (one of my favorite is chocolate almond coconut bark). Thanks for all your great ideas!

  226. I want to make a vegetable soup/stew. Those pots sound fantastic, thanks for offering.

  227. Hannah Marcotti @ hannahsharvest.com

    Elana, thank you so much for including me in your post. It is such an honor.

    With love,


  228. Lauren R

    I would have to go with classic chicken soup (mom’s recipe) and then some hot mulled apple cider :)

  229. MBW

    I would make Winter Mushroom soup!!

  230. Melanie

    I’m drooling over the pot and all the delicious possibilities! I would make my chicken, coconut milk, and Trader Joes marsala sauce soup.Delic!!!

    Happy Anniversery!!!Thanks for the great give away!

  231. Jackie Davis

    Recently my 2 quart saucepan had to be tossed. That is the size I use to make our cranberry juice. I use one package of cranberries and 1 quart of water, heat until all the popping of the cranberries stop and then drain. My husband drinks the juice and I use the remaining berry pulp in my baking.

  232. Sandra Noe

    I’d use it often in the winter; I like to cook soup for my husband and me!

  233. Karen Varinecz

    I would make healthful Kombucha tea in that gorgeous pot. Thank you for all you do – you are a lifesaver for us gluten intolerants.

  234. Sabrina

    Definitely the butternut squash – I ADORE squash and this soup is fantastic. I’m planning to make it this weekend!!

  235. Katie

    Mulled wine and vegetable chicken soup!

  236. Penny

    Fun to imagine what to make . . . perhaps a thick and meaty spaghetti sauce to ladle over zucchini noodles!

    Thanks for all you do.

  237. Maria Peters @ simplycleaneating.com

    I would love to make homemade tomato sauce in this pan! EVOO, onions, garlic, tomatoes, basil. YUM!

  238. this time of year i LOVE cooking up cozy seasonal foods. in this fab all-clad pot, i would cook up some apple and butternut squash soup. i like it a tad bit sweet, so i add in some apple cider to my veggie stock. yum!!


  239. Robbie Wood

    If I win this awesome piece of cookware I will make many things! One of my favorite winter soups is sweet potato/apple. It makes the house smell wonderful and the taste….delish! Thank you so much for this giveaway.
    Try it for yourself….
    5 sweet potatos (chopped)
    32 ounces of organic vegetable broth
    1 sweet onion
    3 cups water
    5 peeled carrots (chopped)
    2 peeled and cubed apples (I use fuji)
    1 T ground cinnamon
    Cool all ingredients ,except the cinnamon, until all is tender then add cinnamon and cook anouther 30 min. and serve.
    This soup freezes very well and is perfect “comfort” food. ;)

  240. Vicki Brody

    What a great idea the cookie mix in the jar is. I can give them to family members and when we come over, they have a GF treat to make for us.

  241. Deanne

    I would make a vegetable soup. I’ve been craving one lately and it’s soooo busy right now I haven’t gotten to it…yet!

  242. Carin Miller

    Red lentil and lemon thyme soup is my favorite standby, or chanterelle lemon dill cream sauce with sherry…

  243. Jeannie Spiro @jeanniespiro.com @ jeanniespiro.com

    Fabulous giveaway. I can think of several recipes I’d make. The first is a Roasted Winter Vegetable soup and the second is a Chicken Tortilla Soup. I make a gluten free cornbread recipe with the Chicken Tortilla Soup. All Clad or none I think I’ll be making this soon!

  244. Butternut Squash soup :) and many more!! Thanks for the chance :)

  245. Kim Snarr

    I would LOVE to have this pot so I can try a new recipe for sweet potato soup. I had this soup recently at a restaurant, loved it, and want to try my own version. I have a small, All Clad omelette pan and it is awesome! I would love to try out a bigger version!

  246. I would make horchata! One of my most favorite drinks – homemade almond and rice milks simmered with cinnamon and a bit of honey. Yum!!

  247. Shannon West

    I would make a wonderful loaded potatoe soup…

  248. At the moment: I’d make oodles and oodles of chicken noodle soup with rice noodles…

    But in about 7 months, when I have a wee one to take care of (woo hoo! first baby) I’ll be simmering some veggies to puree and freeze for the little ones nutrition.

    Great giveaway!

  249. Hello. I love these pots. I can just see already the onions and olive oil sizzling in the bottom then adding some tasty caraway seeds and watching them pop and sizzle. Sending out an aroma quite delicious. I’m talking split pea soup! With caraway carrots and spinach! A perfect winter warm me up!!! That is definitely what I would do. Bon appétit.

  250. Stephanie

    I think I’d have to make a good old fashioned chunky beef stew for the cold winter months!

  251. Sarah

    I would make Almond Brussel soup from the “soups for all seasons” cookbook. It is my favorite cold weather meal!

  252. This time of year, we often make a big pot of bean soup, serve a quarter immediately and freeze the other 3/4. Then we defrost and add different accents to it so it’s not the same soup. One night may have meat fried and mixed in, another might have Mexican spices, another might have sour cream or butter. In fact, tonight, I think we’re reheating for a creamy Mexican version. So among many other uses, this would be my meat-added bean soup pot.

  253. Denise Weigel

    I would whip up a pot of Dill Soup. My German-Russian great grandmother brought this yummy milk based rice soup recipe to America. It is definitely a family comfort food!

  254. Mardee

    Hi.. I would make hot, spiced apple cider for these cold winter days!!

  255. Kim Weisberg

    Hi! Sometimes I use my sauce pot for melting cheddar cheese for fondue!!! All Clad pans are soooooooooooooo amazing to cook with, I wouldn’t use anything else.

  256. Mary

    I would make soup, lots of different soups. One of our favourites that I make 2 or 3 times a month is Elana’s coconut chicken soup. I think having the all-clad saucepan would make it that much better!

  257. BTW… Happy Anniversary!! Mazal tov on 15 years!

  258. Audrey

    I would make some of my refined sugar free hot chocolate…perfect for these chilly winter days BRRRR!

  259. melanie brenner

    I would without a doubt make hot chocolate in this awesome pot. This time of year it is almost a daily staple here for my kids.

  260. Claudette Fowler

    ooooooo! I love soups – Salmon Chowder, no potato, no – sausage and kale soup, no veggie…… did I say I LOVE soups.

  261. sarahbear

    Goodness! What wouldn’t I make in that! Well definitely something gluten free! :)

  262. Hilary D

    Turkey soup!

  263. Kelly- 18 Hour Kitchen @ 18hourkitchen.blogspot.com

    I would make apple cider!

  264. Kate Valiente @ kateandluis.blogspot.com

    I would make chili. I find that by blending two cans of Rotel (or equivalent brand) with an onion, I get all the heat and spice I need and no one has to pick our chunks of onion.

  265. Rachel

    I would make a delicious pot of Mexican hot chocolate with plenty of cayenne pepper & cinnamon for some kick :) That pot would be a great addition to my kitchen! Happy holidays!

  266. Danielle

    I would use it to make all kinds of soups! My favorite right now are squash/apple and roasted chestnut.

  267. susan

    I would give this All-Clad to my daughter along with a roasted tomato soup recipe. She is starting out in the world of cooking and is very intimidated by it all. So far, she only has a frying pan. This All Clad would provide great inspiration and begin her collection!

  268. Janice

    I would make cream of carrot soup. You make a roux, add 2 cups of broth, add boiled carrots, blend, then add some cream. Yummmm…

  269. Sheila Herb

    The All-Clad sauce pot sounds heavenly! I would love to make my roasted red pepper soup topped with fresh basil and Parmesan cheese and served with your gluten-free flax seed foccassia bread.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season and New year!

  270. Cranberry mulled cider. My sister and I make it all the time and LOVE it!!! YUMMY!

  271. I think I would start with some lentils and go from there…

  272. Nishi

    Definitely some comforting chicken (NO noodle!) soup–is there anything better?

  273. Tirzah B

    What a great giveaway!!!
    I would make Sherried Tomato Soup

  274. Kasey Kelly

    I already have a few all-clad pieces – but NOT ENOUGH!!! I would use this perfectly sized pan to make curried sweet potatoe soup. It is snowing outside here and just thinking about it makes me think warm, happy thoughts!

  275. How exciting! I love All Clad…sadly we’ve only been able to purchase two saute pans so far! My sauce pans are hand me downs, and I’ve slowly been getting rid of the old, nonstick crap we’ve had handed to us!

    I would definitely make a Butternut Squash soup to warm up these cold winter days with! My husband loves soup…I could come up with many more recipes for him!

  276. Erica

    My favorite soup right now is roasted cauliflower and poblano soup. Sooooo yummy!

  277. Nancy McDermott

    I would love to have this pot; the first thing i would make is my butternut squash white bean winter soup, which is loved by all and a staple in this cold region of Michigan.
    I hope I win!!

    PS Thanks for all your recipes; i just found your website a month or so ago and it’s great.

  278. Katelyn @ Chef Katelyn @ chefkatelyn.wordpress.com

    I would make my favorite Curried Butternut Squash Soup! Coconut milk makes it perfectly creamy :)

  279. vicki

    Love the pan! I would fix some carrot soup with leeks, onions, lots of basil and thyme.

  280. Renee

    Hot chocolate, made with coconut milk and a touch of vanilla. It’s cold here today!

  281. Shawna

    I would make dark drinking chocolate with spices and cream. Yum.

  282. KellyBelly

    HI, I would do a lot of reheating in this size pan. I don’t use a microwave, so my pans are constantly used. Thanks

  283. Holly Ellerton

    I would love a new 2-qt. pan. I lost my other one to an unwatched pot of rice! It was blacker than black!
    I would make my mothers warm hot fudge sauce to pour over some coconut ice cream with almonds!

  284. Wendy

    What a great pot! I would use it to make a mushroom wild rice chowder; a wonderful, warming meal on a cold evening.

  285. Barbara

    St. Nicholas soup! It’s made from carrots, onions, celery, turnips and cabbage. I like to use red cabbage for a purple soup.

  286. DanaN

    Awesome giveaway! I would make split pea soup, that’s my favorite. Yum…..

  287. patti strong

    I would LOVE the all clad pot to make my famous cabbage soup!!!

  288. Chelsea Weaver

    If I had such a pot, I would spend time in the kitchen with my daughter teaching her the art of making the best hot cocoa ever. Many a memory have been made in the kitchen working and creating delicious things to eat with my family.

  289. I would make hot chocolate. Then I would use the pan to make a chocolate ganache for a Christmas cake!

  290. Terry Towers

    When I saw All-Clad I said I had to enter! I have been so interested in All-Clad for so long but the cost is too great to just ‘try’ the pan. If it is GREAT I will get more. How wonderful of you to offer this gift.
    I would make, as my first try, Carrot Ginger Soup! My wonderful grocery store makes and sells this wonderful soup and I am wanting to make it. Congrats on your anniversary! Thank you, Terry

  291. Elizabeth Richardson

    What a wonderful gift! My all time favorite is butternut squash soup. I am a soup fiend – homemade of course. I love it when there is some left over – I freeze it and come to it when I need comfort food in a hurry! Our local farmer’s market is a great source for soup fresh ingredients. A super pot with super ingredients = great soup!

    Elizabeth Richardson

  292. Anne H.

    I’d use it to make chai tea. Reena’s Chai, to be specific. The basic black tea and spice mixture comes from TeaSource, and I supplement with more cardamom and cloves, some milk, and buckwheat honey!

  293. suzi miles-lilly @ thefarmbus.com

    this is a terrific giveaway. I would use it to make soup!! we are always making soup out of not so pretty veggies at our farmer’s market. My fave soup right now is butternut with shiitake mushrooms….Thanks!

  294. Lisa

    My 8 year old son loves hot soup. This pan would be used to make tomato soup, cream of mushroom soup, chicken and brown rice soup…the possible creations would be endless; all of them made from scratch of course.

  295. Mary Babcock

    I would make my favorite vegetable soup or chili, especially on a cold (-2) degree day like today to warm me up.

  296. Sandra Paulette

    Happy Anniversary ELana. My husband and I will be married for 41 years on Dec. 20th. and I’m still using a few old pots that we got in 1969. I would love to be the one receiving the All Clad pot. The first thing I would use it for would be heating up apple cider in the evening and for cooking quiona every morning. It would be wonderful to use it for cooking up the rhubarb that I have in my freezer. I like to make rhubarb cobbler this time of year. Of course I’d be trying my fish chowder in it and using it every day for my veggie soup. Thanks so much for your wonderful site. I love getting your emails and seeing your wonderful recipes. Happy Holidays.

  297. Kathleen

    I would love to have All-Clad pots & pans! Still using the stainless steel Farberware set received at my bridal shower almost 25 yrs ago. If I won the 2qt pot I’d make roasted heirloom tomato soup from tomatoes we’ve grown, yum!

  298. Tammy Lou McIlwain

    Let’s see which soup? Squash, carrott or pumpkin? Love them all so maybe all three. Maybe my Mother’s recipe for bean soup! haven’t made that in years! I’m hungry now!

  299. Kathy

    I love making soup when it gets colder, and my husband’s favorite is my tortilla soup. I’ve been craving it, and this would be just right for making a batch!

  300. Susanna Harget @ Idon'thaveone

    I would replicate a carrot, curry soup that my family had last year at the Bar Ra restaurant in Barcelona last year. My teenage (teenage!) daughter is still raving about it. I think any VEGETABLE that made THAT kind of impression on a teenager deserves a revisit. This soup had roasted carrots and onions, which were blended into a vegetable stock with coconut milk, curry and herbs. Vegan, healthy, amazing!

  301. I would love that saucepan. Way too small for soups for us, as I usually cook for about 50 people in our synagogue in Crimea.

    I would use it for hot fudge sauce, mushroom sauce, and other sauces.

    Hope I win!!!!!

  302. I would definitely have to make Thai butternut squash soup in this pan! It’s actually what I’m making for dinner tonight, but alas, in a much less fancy pan. :)

  303. Sandy Austin

    I would make all soups that make the house smell good on a cold Colorado day.I’ve given all my good pans to my kids and have none this important size. Sure would be fun to win.

  304. Stefanie Dougherty @ in-corpore-sano.blogspot.com

    I would make mulligatawny soup with homemade almond milk. Or mung bean kitchari with warming Indian spices, coconut milk and brown rice.

  305. Melissa

    I would make yummy gluten, dairy free corn chowder!

  306. Lesa Weitz

    I LOVE All-Clad cookware! I would make smooth creamy kefir – this is a must for a healty immune system and the one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your family. YEAH!

  307. jennifer moore @ indulgenthealth.com

    I would make Cocoa Del Diablo – my favorite concoction of almond milk, raw cacao, vanilla, cinnamon and cayenne! I’d add a little agave so my boyfriend would drink it, he has quite the sweet tooth!

  308. Sandy Starkman

    I make a wonderful non dairy, gluten -free Jerusalem artichoke soup, and the new All- Clad saucepan would be fun in which to cook this “creamy” soup

  309. Becky Rawalt

    Happy Anniversary! I would LOVE to make my Christmas cranberry sauce w/orange juice & agave syrup in this beautiful new pot :-)

  310. Abbie H

    Ooh! That is a wonderful pot! I would make a sweet potato soup with: sweet potatoes (of course), celery, onion, and some greens like kale or swiss chard.

  311. Anzelina @ anzelina.com

    It’s not soup or a beverage – but my husband loves to make mushroom gravy!

  312. Lorraine

    I would use this wonderful tool to make a nourishing Portuguese Kale Soup. My family enjoys this soup in the winter with gluten-free corn muffins and a fresh salad.

  313. Nicole Davis

    I love all-clad, it works wonders on my food!! I’ve been recently diagnosed with celiac disease and found this website and am obsessed with all the recipes. I’m experimenting a lot on my own, but a soup im itching to make is a sweet potatoe soup with goat cheese…I’m so excited to try it!

  314. Yum – I am loving reading all these yummy sounding dishes! Today, with my son home from school with a bug, I would make the old standard Campbell’s Tomato Soup served with goldfish crackers swimming on top along with a grilled cheese sandwich. Pedestrian for sure, but on a day like today it’s just what the Mommy ordered!

  315. LisaGB

    What an awesome giveaway! ’tis the time of year for coconut curry pumpkin soup…MMMMM

  316. On a day like this, covered in snow, I would love to make big mug full of chai, sit by the Christmas tree, and just watch the snow :)

  317. Suzette

    Comforting and nourishing steel cut oats, delish home made tomato sauce with fresh herbs and lots of garlic, oh the possibilities are endless! Thanks so much for your amazing ideas and support!

  318. Rob

    I’d make a curry butternut squash soup, hot chocolate (would help if we’d get some snow here in Boulder!) and I want to try out some hot winter party drinks!

  319. Cheryl Koenig

    if i where to win this sauce pan the first thing i would make is my recipe for Apple,Cranberry Sauce. we just love the chunky texture & melting of its flavors.


  320. Chris Dunkel

    Always wanted All Clad. I would make a creamy white chicken chili I just had recently that a friend made.

  321. Jerri-Lynn D @ rdegayner@new.rr.com

    I would definitely make a spicy chili using the pan, I live in Northeast Wi, BRRR!

  322. Sunny

    Mmmmm….Butternut Coconut Curry soup!

  323. I would make a salad called Matbucha in this pot. Drop crushed garlic and diced onions in some heated olive oil, until it becomes fragrant. Then drop in diced multi-colored peppers and even a diced jalapeno for a kick. Cook for a long time on med to low. Add salt & paprika. Cook some more. yum!!

  324. debbie

    this pan would be the perfect size for making and trying new soups and sauces it would also be awesome for my 7 & 9 year olds to heat up their lunches

  325. Doreen Goodhue

    Hello Elana,

    Happy Anniversary. May the Lord bless you with many more to come. I would make uncheeses or Dandy blend coffee in the 2 qt pot. What a perfect size pot for many things. :o)


  326. Gina K.

    I would make some chicken tortilla soup! My husband and I tried a new recipe and loved it. It is now a favorite. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this pot. Good luck to everyone! :)

  327. Neveen

    It’s a toss-up between sweet potato soup,butternut squash soup or pumpkin soup! hmmm, i may need three of the all-clad pots.

  328. I would make black bean soup!

  329. Darkhorse

    Mmmmm…tomato basil would be my pick…Happy Anniversary Elana!

  330. emily in VA

    Lentil soup with carrots and kale- yum!

  331. Karen

    This is a lovely giveaway! Thanks for doing it. I would make a Potato, corn, bacon chowder which is so yummy… in fact, I may make that tonight anyway. Yum!

  332. kat

    beautiful pot! i would make a potful of hot chocolate chai.

  333. Ada Rousso

    I would make delicious chicken soup in this pot! Can’t wait to have it!!!

  334. Jessica Beam @ graceinspired.com

    I’d make everything from black bean soup to chili to spaghetti to lentil soup. It’s the perfect size!

  335. Diane

    Wow!! I make a lot of different things in my current 2Qt pot. Biggest thig this time of year, though, is chicken or turkey noodle soup or lentil soup. Great opportunity! Thank you!

  336. sheena

    I would use the pot for hot chocolate.

  337. Wow! Fantastic giveaway!! I would make a big vat of creamed spinach. Since I’ve been pregnant, I just can’t get enough!

  338. carrie @ gingerlemongirl.com @ gingerlemongirl.com

    OH MY GOSH! I WOULD SO LOVE AN ALL-CLAD PAN!!! Please enter me in this drawing Elana! Wow!! Crossing my fingers!!

  339. Julia

    I would love this pot. I could find many uses for it!

  340. Bernie Moxley

    Every morning I make a hot chocolate for my kids before school. This sauce pan would be perfect! I use raw milk (alternate cow milk and goat milk) and add a tablespoon of coconut oil, some honey and some raw cocoa.

  341. I’ve created an awesome GF Vegan roast cauliflower, sweet potato and leek soup and would LOVE to be able to make more than my little pot holds!

  342. Deanna Frey

    i would definitely use it to make my son’s favorite potato soup. I love making homemade soups even in the summer. My personnel favorites are bean soups.

  343. Gabriela Rodriguez

    I would make broccoli, potato and cheese soup. YUM!
    I could really out that pan to use :)

  344. carrie @ gingerlemongirl.com @ gingerlemongirl.com

    Oh I should have mentioned… I would make homemade soup with this pot! I love homemade soups!

  345. I would make a rich vegetable soup. I love carrots, potatoes, green beans, peas, and chicken in the tomato broth.

  346. Jennifer Warnick

    Wow, I would use this pot to make butternut squash, shitaki mushroom soup;ooooh so good!

  347. Marsha A

    What a great pot. Thnak you for such a wonderful giveaway. I would make soup, soup and more soup. The latest one I want to try is an African buttenut squash soup with peanut butter recipe that I ran across recently.

  348. Karalie V.

    I would have to make some Zippy Corn Chowder! It’s definitely soup weather here in OR!
    (I am handing out the cute little Cookies in a Jar gifts today! Thank you for that recipe, and idea for the gluten-free variety!!)

  349. Gina

    I would make Portuguese Bean Soup just like my mom used to make!

  350. Sheena Searls

    I got a recipe for butternut sqash soup that I want to try. Thanks!

  351. Cheryl Ross

    I could sure use a big pot to cook my Totilla Soup. Here in the South we love anything that taste like Mexican food. I also like to make big batches of candy in my one and only big pot.

  352. Rae

    I make a warming and delicious potato soup every few weeks and this All-Clad would be wonderful to use. Thanks for the opportunity!

  353. Wendy Headley

    I would love to make homemade hot chocolate in that saucepan! That would be so awesome! I love all your gluten free recipes, and hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  354. Angie

    I think I’d use it to make a sweet potato curry soup :)

  355. Amy Baldwin

    I would probably use it to make vegetable beef soup. I love it with lots of potatoes, carrots, lima beans and what ever veggies I have.

  356. Monica Pelletier

    I would make spicy pumpkin coconut bisque. YUMMMO!

  357. Linda D

    I would use it to make my favorite homemade chicken corn soup which is a recipe that has been handed down to me from my grandmother and mother. The corn I use is silver queen and I grow it myself.

  358. ES

    Gorgeous pot ! I think I would use it for Mexican Hot Chocolate.

  359. Amanda

    I would make a batch of spicy chicken chili…a friend gave me the recipe and I haven’t tried it out yet!

  360. Jenni

    With all the snow that’s just fallen here, homemade hot chocolate would be perfect :)

  361. marsha

    Nothing fancy…just some good, hearty bean soup.

  362. Amy Baldwin

    i would probably use it to make vegetable beef soup. I love it chock full of potatoes, carrots, and lima beans plus whatever veggies I find in the fridge or freezer.

  363. Lynnette

    The cauliflower soup recipe I’m creating in my kitchen at the moment in my 30 year old pot that needs replacing. Happy Anniversary Elana!

  364. Dale

    Ooooh, tomato soup!! Absolutely. With grilled cheese on the side, of course.

  365. Debbie Blajchman

    Thank you for this beautiful give away! My 19 month old daughter has several issues relating to food, but the one thing she can tolerate is chicken soup:) The amount of time I can make fresh soup in this pot would be endless! YAY!!!!

  366. erin

    I’ve been cooking up lots of healing batches of chicken broth–seems like everyone has been sick at our house! Would love a fancy pot into which to put such a simple soup.

  367. Libby Mueller @ ejmueller.com

    If I were to win the 2-qt. All-Clad saucepan, I would make Oyster Stew, my traditional New Year’s midnight offering. When not cooking cream and oysters, I will use the saucepan to make my spicy mango chutney. Or I might just hang the pan on the rack for everyone to admire.

  368. Desi@thepalatepeacemaker.com @ thepalatepeacemaker.com

    What kind of soup?!?! I can only pick ONE??!?! Oh man, Elana, this is tough. I think I’d make my curried lentil soup… because it is snowy and cold today and that is exactly what I’m craving right now! :)

  369. 4kiddos

    I’d use it for cranberry sauce or another side item. When I make soup it has to be in a huge pot, otherwise not everyone could eat, LOL! This size pot would be great for cranberry sauce or any other side item.

  370. Rebecca V-H

    Black bean soup!

  371. Ruth Tincoff

    I would make one of my super-quick dinner soups

    -heat 2qt All Clad saucepan on medium
    -swirl in some extra virgin olive oil
    -add pressed garlic clove(s) to taste
    -some salt, stir
    -slice some mushrooms while that’s all happening (could use other veggies too)
    -add the mushrooms, stir
    -lower heat a bit, put lid on

    -put 1/2 cup corn masa in a bowl
    -add about 1/2tsp salt
    -add 1 tsp baking powder
    -drizzle with about 1 Tsp olive oil
    -mix around
    -add about 1/2 cup water, mix
    -consistency should be a damp but cohesive dough

    -check the mushrooms – softened?
    -add some herbs, salt, pepper as interested
    -add broth, water, apple juice, wine – whatever liquid you have
    -bring just to a boil, then turn down to simmer
    -add teaspoonfuls of dumpling dough, put lid on, gently simmer until dumplings are firm, about 10 mins or so
    -some of the masa will thicken the soup

    ladle into 2 bowls, side dishes your choice

    Clean up
    put All-Clad 2qt saucepan into sink and give it a rinse with some soapy water – you’re going to get a lot of use baby, gotta be ready for action!

  372. Audrey Jensen

    Curried Pumpkin Soup

    2 cloves garlic, peeled
    1 med onion, peeled and quartered
    1 lg. jalapeno pepper, seeded and -coarsely chopped
    2 Stalks celery, cut into -2-inch lengths
    3 lg. Carrots, peeled and sliced -1/4 inch thick
    2 tbsp. Olive oil
    1 3/4 lb. pumpkin, peeled, -seeded, and cut -into 1-inch dice
    3 c Low-salt chicken stock
    1 Bay leaf
    2 tsp. curry powder
    1 tsp. Turmeric
    pinch of cayenne pepper
    1 1/2 tsp. salt
    freshly ground pepper
    1/4 c shelled raw pumpkin seeds
    2 tbsp. chopped flat-leaf parsley
    1 tbsp. sour cream (optional)

    Place garlic in a food processor and pulse until finely chopped. Add onion and pulse until finely chopped. Set aside. Place jalapeno in food processor and pulse until finely chopped. Add celery and pulse until finely chopped. Set aside. Place carrots in food processor and pulse until finely chopped.

    Heat 1 tbsp. of the olive oil in a medium stockpot over medium heat. Add the garlic and onion and saut?, stirring occasionally, until onion is translucent, about 6 minutes. Add jalapeno, celery, and carrots and saut? for 5 minutes. Add the pumpkin, chicken stock, bay leaf, curry, turmeric, cayenne, 1 tsp. of the salt, and pepper to taste, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and cook until the vegetables are tender, about 8 minutes.

    Meanwhile, in a small saut? pan, heat remaining tbsp. of olive oil over medium-high heat. Add pumpkin seeds and remaining 1/2 t salt and cook for about 30 seconds, shaking pan constantly to prevent burning, until all the seeds have popped. Remove from heat and add parsley.

    Place 2 cups of the cooked vegetables and about 1/2 cups of the liquid in the bowl of a food processor and puree until smooth. Stir puree back into the soup. Adjust seasonings, and stir in the sour cream, if desired. Garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds.

  373. Sandi Echelle

    If I were lucky enough to win the All Clad pot,I would make my husband’s favorite soup – my tomato florentine.

    Here’s hoping for luck!


  374. Maryann Fleming

    I would make a spicy chicken stew with the 2 qt pot.

  375. Jacquelin Doyle

    What would I make? Smoking Bishop! It’s an old English mulled brandy and red wine concoction that requires perfectly distributed low heat so that you don’t burn off the alcohol. This All Clad saucepan would be just the thing! Take oranges, cut them in halves, stud with cloves and sprinkle heavily with brown sugar. Broil until bubbly and muddle them in a saucepan with two bottles of red wine and a cup of brandy. Heat thoroughly, but don’t boil. Serve in mugs. When I made this for my pretty uptight family one Christmas, they magically became warm and silly. It was the best Christmas ever!

  376. Yulia

    First of all – Happy Anniversary, Elana!

    I would make butternut squash soup or coconut chicken soup (we tried Elana’s recipe recently and all loved it!)

  377. Anisa

    This really is a perfect soup pot. I love to make soup. I think this pot is calling for potato and leek soup topped with a little cheese and nice big piece of crusty gf bread or some of your almond flour biscuits. Yum. Seeing all these soup ideas put me in the mood to cook. Happy Anniversary! May you have many, many more happy years together. Congratulations!

  378. Halie Casey @ chefhalie.blogspot.com

    I make a wonderful Coconut Milk Hot Chocolate! With dark chocolate this is a wonderful treat on a chilly night, and yes we get chilly nights in San Francisco too!

  379. Mandy Allen

    I would make potato and leek soup. Or I would use this pan to make my son and I’s oatmeal in the mornings. Your recipe’s are wonderful and I love doing your DIY projects!

  380. Elana,
    My family is on the GAPS diet which consists on mainly soup. Three times a day, we eat it homemade. If I were to win this lovely pan, I would without a doubt be making more soup because with 11 people in the family, one pot of soup is simply not enough. Thank you for this wonderful oppurtunity. I hope I’m lucky!

  381. Kay Goodsheller

    I would like to make mock potato soup or broc.and cheese in it.
    Thank You for this contest

  382. Sheila

    If I won the great pan from All-Clad, I think I would first use it to make a big pot of gluten-free vegetable soup.

  383. Noel

    Coconut Chicken Soup from your blog — YUM!!!
    Also Lentil Soup from Laurel’s Kitchen Recipes.
    Both are staples b/c they’re so delicious and so easy.
    And I plan to look up a recipe for Mulligatawny Soup — I had one at a local restaurant, and it was fantastic!

    I’m in the process of replacing all my anodized aluminum cookware with stainless steel and enamel and iron. I have one piece all All Clad so far, and I love it!!!

    : )

  384. Jody Engstrom

    What a beautiful pan! I would use it to make my creamy broccoli avocado soup and my coconut chocolate pudding. yum!

  385. Patricia

    I would make a cardamon & red pepper soup! It is my favorite soup for this season and it pairs very well with your gluten free sandwhich bread. Delicious!

  386. Virginia @ virginiawhalen.com

    Butternut squash soup!!

  387. Mmmm…now you have me craving soup! I would definitely make my famous butternut squash soup. Simple and delicious!!

  388. Creamy cauliflower, asparagus, tomato, carrot fennel, lentil, split pea, mung bean! So many soups for so many days of winter…. We just moved to Vail and so I’ve been seriously getting my soup on. Not to mention all the après-ski warmers like Irish Cream-spiked hot chocolate! Thanks, Elana!

  389. We love soup, any time of year! I just tried your recipe for creamy cashew broccoli soup. YUM! I’d also want to make this delicious wild rice and mushroom soup from my mom!

  390. Alice Davis

    Your Butternut Squash Soup is my favorite and I will be making it this weekend for our church luncheon on Sunday! Thanks!!!

  391. Tish @ deleted

    Red Lentil Coconut Soup!

  392. johanna

    My version of stone soup is to take whatever vegetables I have and cook them in water drained from previously cooked vegeatbles. I add a variety of herbs I have on hand and add some Braggs liquid amino.
    I really enjoy your site. I think it is the best. I would like to know if you could share what your “typical” daily diet is. Additionally, I would like to know what Vitamins you take. I value your wisdom.

  393. Cristina Gleicher

    If I won the all clad pot I would make my father’s scrumptious Sicilian tomato sauace. It is a wonderfully light, yet hearty sauce cooked no longer than 30 minutes and infused with garlic and basil and extra virgin olive oil. Yum…I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! Ciao!

  394. Lizanne Eastwood

    Hi Elana,
    I would make a luscious pot of lemony lentil soup!

  395. Amada Cortez

    AWESOME! I can put that item to use. Thank You!

  396. christine vernon @ mercer-vernon.com

    i would most definitely make my potato cheese soup, and maybe for once i won’t scorch the bottom of the pan. :] thank you!

  397. Cassi Friz @ cassifriz.com


    baked potato chowder (with local grassfed milk and cheese)

    coconut hot chocolate

    egg drop soup with my homemade chicken stock

    hot and sour soup

    i love soups and warm drinks all winter~


  398. Marci McGarvey

    A new pan!!!! how awsome that would be to make my Turkey & Noodle soup with Schar noodles that I just found out about. I have been looking for noodles for 3 years, can’t wait to try them in my new pan!!!!
    I love all your recipes you are a great help for the GF community.

  399. I’d make potato-leek soup. With dill. Mmm… I think I might make that anyway this weekend. :)

  400. Cheryl D

    Happy Anniversary, Elana!
    Homemade soups are a part of my daily diet using any and all vegetables I can find. I’ve gone through some less expensive pots with the heavy use and would be thrilled to finally have a good pan to keep me excited about eating right and being a good example to others through dietary restrictions.

  401. Sara Jean

    I can’t believe an all clad is on the giveaway list. I’d love it! I don’t have a pan that size and would love to use it for the sauces I make regularly … sort of a no-brainer, I guess, but oh well. I also make hot chocolate every a.m. so that would be lovely!

    Thanks, Elana.

  402. Bettie@wineablegifts @ wineablegifts.com

    Awesome giveaway! I would make cream of celery root soup! I use cashew cream to cream this delicious soup.

  403. jen

    how lovely! i am really into moroccan lentil and hungarian beef soups these days. YUM!

  404. Norma Brannan @ Yahoo

    I would like to win the All-Clad pot so I can make GF cream of potato soup in it. That sounds so good right now.

    Thank you, Norma

  405. AndreAnna @ lifeasaplate.com

    Wow, 400 comments already. I feel so tiny!

    I need a big pot like this to make my famous Sweet and Savory Safe Stew with Pumpkin!

  406. AndreAnna @ lifeasaplate.com

    urgh, safe = sage! Ha.

  407. Happy Anniversary! I would make homemade hot chocolate..the rich creamy kind! For soups I am really enjoying posole! Just a couple of weeks ago I accidentally dropped my 2qt pan and is jostled loose the handles. Ugh! (tile floors!) This would be wonderful!

  408. Claire

    Curried Parsnip and Apple Soup for sure! yum yum!

  409. Karen Marshall

    I would make dairy free hot chocolate for the kiddos. We have to make it the old fashioned way because the quick and easy hot chocolate packets all have dairy, which we can’t have due to allergies. But then again, the old fashioned way makes a much better hot chocolate. ;-D

  410. Laura

    I would love to make eggnog in this pan.

  411. Roberta Thomas

    I would love to add this pan to my collection. One of our favorite recipes to use during the winter is Hot Cacoa. We use 1 c of any type of milk, 2 Tbs. of raw cacoa, 1-2 Tbs. of agave, cinnamon and a splash of cream is what we like. Yum. That’s what we would use it for.

  412. I would make my first butternut squash soup, because my husband loves that soup!!!


  413. Amy White

    For the sauce pan, I would most def. make my family recipe for veg beef soup. I go out and pick all of the fresh veggies from my garden (corn, potato’s, okra, and lots of tomato’s, green beans, onions) and let it cook all day. Best soup EVER!

  414. A. Law

    ‘Tis the season for hot mulled cider, so that’s what I would make in the lovely sauce pan.

  415. Allegra Heidelinde

    Posole, is the soup I’d make. The traditional New Mexican soup served to welcome in the New Year. Yummy, warming, unique.

  416. Christina

    Great giveaway! I’d make homemade chai since I’ve been craving that lately!

  417. debra

    I’d either make mulled wine or peanut soup. Delicious!

  418. Katie

    My kiddos LOVE homemade hot cocoa…that would probably win as most made. The options are endless! What a great give-away. Happy Anniversary!

  419. Caroline Bull

    What wouldn’t I make in that pot!!!!! I would make a lot of my sister’s turkey-veggie-cheese soup. I’d make mulled wine. I just got a new recipe for a sausage-spinach soup – Id make that. I could see that becoming my “for everything” pot.

  420. Golden

    Soup, soup and more soup! I am working hard to try to find soups that don’t contain any grain or beans.

  421. Jamee

    I would definitely use this for making the chocolate ice cream! I need a special pot for only my sweet dessert recipes supplied by you. :)

  422. Jennifer @ marriedtoabmw.com

    I’d make some yummy apple cider. Mmm….

  423. Elena

    Make your recipes every day! Thanks for the blog!

  424. Ooooh, I neeeeeeeed this pot. The only one I have of this size is an old non-stick thing and the non-stick coating is starting to become un-stuck! I know…. not good. First thing I would use it for is to make a big batch of ACD-friendly, primal egg nog.

  425. domestic diva

    Lovely! I’d make a red wine sauce. Yum!

  426. Emily

    I make a fantastic soup that would be perfect for this pot: chickpea and veggie soup: veggies stock simmered all afternoon, roasted veggies added in toward the the end. Always good with a a sprinkling of cheese when ready to eat.

  427. Kathy

    If I win this sauce pan I would use it to make my favorite holiday drink, peppermint hot chocolate. Thank you, Elana.

  428. kari

    Great pot! I’d use it to steam vegetables.

  429. Judy Darden

    I accidentally got your name from a lady at Whole Foods last Christmas. She was checking me out and told me she was a celiac person and what she was baking. Your recipes have changed my life! They are so delicious and healthy! I even gave my natural doctor (Dr. Rober Rakowski in Clear Lake TX) your flaxseed bread recipe. They don’t eat bread and he has even made pizza out of the bread! He travels all over the world and teaches doctors and takes it with him everywhere he goes!

    Thank you so much for the delicious recipes. I would make everything in this pot. I would steam vegetables, make soup, sauces, rice, beans – everything! It is the perfect size! I would love to have one since I am always trying to figure out what pot to buy. Thank you so much for your give aways and all of your work in perfecting the most delicious recipes!!

  430. Brenda Perkins

    I would make some chicken tortilla soup!! Thanks for the awesome website! and Happy anniversary!

  431. amy

    Buffalo Chicken soup:)

  432. CAtherine Rutter @ kitchen-rx.com

    I would love to make some French Onion Soup in that pot for Christmas!

  433. Kelsey

    I alternate making Italian vegetable soup and Vegetable Chili every week…it is the easiest and fastest way to assure I get vegetables during the week days!

  434. Krissy

    I would like to make some coconut hot chocolate in this pan:)

  435. Jenny

    If I won this All Clad pan, I would make my own chai tea from scratch. I would let it heat nice a slow to really infuse with the spices. The perfect beverage to have first thing in the morning before going to play in the snow! Thank you Elana!

  436. I love this Mexican Chocolate Fondue recipe courtesy of Emeril Lagasse. It is slightly spicy, (just enough to taste and not bite you) and the coffee base adds a rich flavor to the chocolate while not overpowering it. This recipe is perfect for the All-Clad pan.

    2 cups coffee

    1 vanilla bean, split and scraped

    3 cinnamon sticks, preferably Ceylon

    1 cup milk

    1 cup heavy cream

    1 teaspoon ground chipotle chili powder

    8 ounces Mexican chocolate, chopped (recommended: Ibarra)

    8 ounces semisweet chocolate, chopped

    Heat the coffee, vanilla beans and seeds, and cinnamon sticks in a medium saucepan over high heat. Bring to a boil and continue to cook until the liquid has reduced to about 1/4 cup, about 10 minutes.

    Add the milk, cream and chipotle powder to the pan, lower the heat to medium, and bring to a gentle simmer. Place the Mexican chocolate and the semisweet chocolate in a medium-sized bowl. Strain the milk and cream mixture over the chocolate, and stir, using a whisk to melt the chocolates. It may be necessary to place the bowl over a double boiler to ensure that all of the chocolate will melt smoothly.

    Place the chocolate in a fondue pot over a low flame to keep warm, and serve with assorted dipping ingredients.

  437. Terrific giveaway! I would use it to make my Yia-yia’s (Greek grandmother) avgolomeno soup (chicken, lemon, egg).

    Happy Holidays!

  438. Lisa

    Tomato soup would be a great comfort food this time of year!

  439. Geri @ GardenGirl

    I would love this pot so much! What an incredible giveaway. I roasted all my pumpkins from my garden and have been making lots of pumpkin soup variations. I think my kids are going to turn into pumpkins! I loved reading ideas from the others.

  440. Amy in KY @ kyfoothillscoop.com

    Hi Elana,

    If I won the All-Clad saucepan, I would make a creamy broccoli and cheese soup. Yum!


  441. RH

    The weather in Seattle is all wan and drear, which makes for a perfect evening of tucking in with some humble miso soup.

  442. Sandy

    Love your recipes and website!

  443. Elizabeth King

    I would love to win this wonderful pan. I would make my Cauliflower, sweet potato & curry soup in it or my sausage, lentil & rice soup.

  444. Mmmmm…..pumpkin spice latte….mmmmm.

  445. Juleeanna

    My nona’s minestrone soup is a favorite around our house and would be simmered to perfection in a new all clad pan. We own 2 all clad pans and both of them were gifts from my husband to me for a birthday or anniversary. We have been married for 6 years now and the pans are holding up well as we also put them to good use-thanks to many of your recipes. We don’t have to eat GF but enjoy using almond and coconut flour for taste and other health issues.

  446. Julie

    You have the best give-a-ways! I’d use this pot to make a warming cup of hot cocoa for my kids.

  447. Catherine Finlayson @ bibagogo.com

    HI Elana! ‘Tis the season for Glogg! So once kids are in bed, I would do make this for a quiet Christmas Eve night with my husband. And serve the leftovers on Christmas day post-coffee & baileys! (or cut recipe in half for a smaller quantity)
    1 26-oz Bottle Red Wine
    1 cup Brandy
    1 12-oz bottle of beer
    1 orange thinly sliced with rind on
    1 slice of lemon
    3/4 cup white sugar
    1 cup raisins
    1/3 slivered almonds
    3 cinnamon sticks
    1 Tbsp whole cloves
    Place all in All-Clad and bring to boil then bring down to a low, slow simmer for 1 1/2 hours covered (while you get kids ready for bed, stories read and tucked in for the night). Strain hot Glogg through a stainer before serving. Happy Holidays to all and Enjoy the All-Clad!

  448. I’d make Hot & Sour soup! A favorite with variable ingredients including chicken or vege stock, eggs, wood ear (mushroom), lily buds, … really anything handy … and a soy, vinegar, hot sauce dash. Warming, both from temperature and seasoning!

  449. Kandace

    I’ve always wanted to try a squash soup.


  450. Kelly Pinkham @ kidfeed.blogspot.com

    I would make almond milk hot chocolate for my three little children!

  451. Jim

    Butternut Squash soup!

  452. Andrea

    If I won this pot I would make a simple vegetable and beef soup…I might even puree it so the kids will eat it! :)

  453. Christina

    vegetable soup. with lots of parsnips and sweet potatoes because I loooovvve those. And I love to make soup!


  454. Ruth

    All-Clad, All-Clad, how do I love thee All-Clad.
    Elena’s Recipes, Elena’s Recipes, how do I love thee Elena’s Recipes.
    (Sung to the tune of “Fish Heads”)

  455. Joan Seliger Sidney

    Boy, if I’d win your all-clad give-away,I’d use it for my incredible butternut squash-yam-carrot soup.


  456. Anu

    I make a really great baked potato soup. I would make that if I won. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  457. joe

    I would make my classic yellow split pea soup….everybody loves it. what a wonderful prize to win…I could really use it as I have too big or too small but nothing just right!

  458. I would make my daughter’s favorite kabocha squash coconut milk soup. YUM!

  459. meg

    black bean of course….we love it!!!

  460. Abigail

    I would make pumpkin curried soup.

    I saute chicken until browned, add it to the sauce pan. Then I add chicken broth and pureed pumpkin in equal amounts. Add curry paste or powdered curry to taste. Then saute onions and serrano peppers and add to it and let it simmer!

  461. Kris

    I make soups once or twice a week in the winter, so I would use this a lot! Tonight I’m making a curried squash soup and will make chili this weekend. Last week I made a delicious black bean soup and I think the ingredient that made it so yummy was a couple tablespoons of cider vinegar.

    Thanks for all your creative healthy recipes and ideas. I love your blog.

  462. Tracy Haughton

    I’m learning more about Aryuvedic cooking for gut healing. I’d love to use the sauce pan to make Kitchari.

  463. Felicia

    Ohhhhh, I would LOVE, LOVE to win your All-Clad pot! Tis the season for comfort food and a wonderful soup fixed in this awesome pot would be a loaded potatoe soup – YUM, YUM!!! Thanks, as always, for awesome opportunities to win great things on your site as well as your fabulous recipes that you continue to share with us!! Keep it up!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  464. Renee

    Hot chocolate! I would warm some milk in the pot and add in some broken up pieces of dark chocolate with a pinch of chili pepper for heat – mmmmm.

  465. Cynthia

    I would make my own Chai Tea. Yum!

  466. Karen

    I’d make chai in this gorgeous pan. Third Street Chai from Boulder is my favorite brand!

  467. Renae Lynn

    I’m in Minnesota, and this time of year I almost always have a pot of soup on the stove. I would make roasted squash soup with pumpkin seed pesto, or bean and ham, or chicken vegetable soup with this gorgeous All Clad sauce pan.

  468. Maureen Gecht-Silver

    If I won the pot I would make a spicy vegetarian chili that includes mushrooms, and a variety of other vegetables. I substitute quinoa for bulgar to make it gluten free. A good friend who has since moved to Pennsylvania gave me this recipe because it is one of her favorites. So in addition to being delicious, it reminds me of her when I make it.

  469. This weekend I’m making eggnog – I wish I had that pot to make it in!

  470. Pat @ Elegantly Gluten-Free @ elegantlyglutenfree.com

    I would love to cook up some Multibean Soup for my husband in that All-Clad pot…although hot chocolate sounds really good, too!

  471. Angela Weir

    I would love to win this pot! I would love to make butternush squash soup, one of our fall/winter favorites! I could also make hot chocolate, heat up my home made chicken broth, ect! The possibilities are endless!

    Thank you so much for hosting!

  472. Lynne

    Happy Anniversary, may you and your hubby be blessed with many, many more ! What a wonderful giveaway. And as for what to fix in it….let me count the ways….soups, chai tea, hot chocolate, etc….

  473. DajM

    I will make butternut squash soup.

  474. LuAnne

    That would make a lovely gift!!!

  475. Melissa

    I would make potato soup in this pot. There’s nothing more warming than potato soup on these cold winter days! YUM!!!

  476. Jeanie

    I would make a curried pumpkin soup in a new All-Clad pot!

  477. ScottMGS

    Well, hot chocolate would be popular at my house but I’d probably spice it up with cinnamon and clove. I had a great honey roasted pumpkin soup last night that I might try to recreate, too.

  478. Dee

    I would make butternut squash soup, too. I just love it!

  479. Tasha

    I’m just starting the GAPS diet so it would get used A LOT to make stock and bone broths!

  480. Linda

    Thanks for the fantastic opportunity… and it’s nice to hear about the longevity of these beautiful pans!

    Keeping it simple, I would say chicken soup, and for fun rice and lentils get tossed in. I’m looking forward to discovering more favorites this winter!

  481. Happy anniversary!

    That must be quite the pot considering all of the work you put it through.

    I would make a butternut squash soup with that pot. Home made soup of course :)

  482. Sarah L.

    I’d be warming up with a cup of your soothing chai if I won this pot. Yum yum, the perfect winter bevvy!

  483. Elizabeth

    I would make roasted tomato soup!!!

  484. liz kettle @ TextileEvolution.com

    Happy Anniversary! It is snowing here today so I would make a thick and tasty beef stew in that beautiful pot. But, we would have to give it a quick wash out when the stew was finished to make hot chocolate for dessert. I just received my unbleached almond flour in the mail and am really looking forward to some baking. Thank you for creating so many dairy free and tapioca free recipes!

  485. Oh it would have to be my favorite corn and green chile chowder! I love the All-Clad pieces I have … just slowly building up my collection!

  486. Asparagus Soup! Or, the Colonial Williamsburg King’s Arms Tavern Peanut Soup! They tie and I would most likely host a soup sampler night and make the asparagus first and turn to the peanut after! :-)

  487. Cheryl

    Hi Elana,
    I would definitely make your hot chocolate recipe in this saucepan. Your recipes are great!

  488. i will make your delicious chai tea in this pan daily! thank you!

  489. Shane Ede @ shaneede.com

    Something nice and spicy with black beans and deep cumin flavor. Not quite a chili, but maybe something like a tortilla soup…

  490. Dianne Haupt

    Sounds like the perfect pan to make a decaf soy mocha. Over low heat, melt some chocolate disks with a small amount of soy milk. Add more soy milk to taste and if feeling adventurous, a sprinkle of espresso powder. When warm, wisk or froth — enjoy!

  491. Rita

    My favorite use of the All-Clad 2qt. pot would be to make my favorite chunky tomato bisque.

  492. Mary

    What kind of soup would I make? All those that I have not yet tried!!! I have only recently begun to make soup on a regular basis and I find it a cozy, warm and tasty way to eat a healthy variety of, allowed, food.

  493. Marcia Renert

    I would make a big pot of my Aunt Goldye’s vegetable soup. As my uncle would say,
    “nectar of the Gods.”

  494. Ha! I’ve just been shopping around for good prices on an All-Clad saute pan! We are slowing converting our old wedding calphalon (just a year older than yours) to All-Clad. It has started to warp and some of the pieces are non-stick. The sauce pans are a little further down the priority list than the skillet and saute, but winning a pot would certainly help!

  495. Karin Wilmoth

    Winter, when the chill finally settles in Coastal Calif., is when I do some of my best cooking. I spend mornings chopping vegies, and pre-roasting the last night’s chicken bones to make stock from for the day’s soup. It doesn’t really matter what it ends up being. It is the all-day simmered broth, full of flavor that brings the soup to life. A great pan like the All-Clad would make our favorite Pizza Soup (all your favorite pizza toppings in a soup)even better.

  496. christie

    I would love this pan to be able to whip up a quick batch of my famous homemade turkey rice soup. I have been dying to try All-Clad forever! This would be a great starter!!

  497. Jenna

    If I had this pot tonight, I would make chicken and rice soup with lots of delicious veggies!

  498. April

    Great giveaway! I would make spiced cider, chai, and lentil soup for starters…

  499. Diane

    Hi Elana,
    We are moving to the east coast from the west coast in January and I would use this wonderful pan to try one of your soup recipes for our new home.
    Happy Anniversary!

  500. Stephanie

    We love vegetable soup in our house.

  501. Heather

    I would make hot mulled cider!

  502. Emily

    Holy moly do people want to win this pan!!! I do too :) I would use it to heat up my healing beef broth of course :-)

    Congratulations on your 15 years of marriage!!! What a very special day today is. Hope you get to celebrate together :) Xoxoxo

  503. Alison

    hot chocolate for my kids — with almond milk so I could have some too!

  504. Arlene Beal

    I would make a roasted tomato and roasted red pepper soup with my veggies straight from the garden.

  505. Julie

    Hi Elana,
    What an exciting giveaway! I would make hot mulled cider in it. My son has been asking for apple cider like we have on the holidays.

    We love your blog and your book!


  506. Sharon

    I’ve been very into kale potato sausage soup lately with a little coconut milk swirled in at the end!

  507. Stephanie Schilling

    What a great giveaway! I would definitely make chai!

  508. Lauren

    This pot is great for a girl like me who is constantly working in the kitchen! I’d probably use this to make coconut milk vegetable stew for the cold months coming up, or a nice pot of rich beef marrow bone broth.

  509. candice becker

    I would make everything in the all-clad pot but especially chai as I’m working on the perfect blend!

  510. Keri

    This saucepan would be christened with a batch of my freshly blended masala chai, made with hazelnut milk. Mmmmm.

  511. Oooooh, I would make hot chocolate with almond milk. Perfect for a frosty morning like today… Yum!


  512. Sally Wetzel

    Butternut Squash Soup

  513. emily loiselle

    I want to make bacon potato soup! And hot chocolate! And Broccoli Cheese Soup!

  514. Amanda Hutchins

    I recently managed to destroy my cheap Ikea sauce pan and now my funky little kitchen is sadly missing a small-ish pot for making everything from butternut squash soup to spaghetti sauce (for gluten free pasta, of course) to the occasional mug of hot chocolate with almond milk and honey. Yum.

  515. Amy Reid

    My favorite fennel, leek, and potato soup with homemade chicken broth as the base. Mmmm, I think I’ll make some this weekend!

  516. dot

    beef soup with a lot of resh vegies

  517. Nicholas Hassell

    I dont know if there is a gluten free recipe for Teriyaki sauce, but that is what I would make.

  518. And Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

    Wishing you many more. Hmmm speaking of anniversaries I thought of something else I would make. My husband and I share a wonderful garden and we grow these great buttercup squash. They make great soup. Sometimes a small batch is quick and this pan would be perfect!

    Pat (wasn’t intending 2 entries…but had to wish you well for your anniversary!)

  519. Cecilia Chavez

    I will make Chicken pozole,or tortilla soup.Yamy

  520. Anita Z

    I would love to make my tomato coconut soup in a new pot! I am an avid soup maker and usually make a pot once or twice a week. It would also be fun to try your coconut chicken thai soup. sounds yummy.Probably a meal in the making over the holidays. thanks for your amazing website!

  521. Linda

    Terrific give-away and would make a great Xmas gift to myself! I make lots of different soups in the winter but my first choice would be a roasted butternut squash and leek soup.

  522. I would love this pot! I don’t have anything like it in my kitchen,
    and it would be a great addition.
    I would use it for some of my favorite winter hot drinks to serve when
    have friends over, mexican hot
    chocolate and hot spiced apple cider, and for some favorite winter soups
    like butternut squash, smoked turkey sausage with kale and potatoes,
    and other vegetable soup. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  523. Edee

    I would cook up a pot of New Mexican Green Chili Stew and cook some GF cornbread on the side!

  524. Cheri

    I would love to add this saucepan to my cookware. I love making the soup recipes, they are delicious. Keep them coming.

  525. Sally Brown

    Happy Anniversary!! My husband and I have been married for 33 years in a few days. God is good to give us such men. My husband likes my borscht the best so this pan would be used for that the most. (at least during the colder seasons)

  526. I will be making the Egg Nog (smile)…without doubt! My best friend and I recently embraced a raw and vegan eating preference. With the holiday season, I was sooooo excited to learn of a vegan Egg Nog!!! I quickly bring to mind the smells and the tasty spice of one of my favorite drinks and to know that I will be having it, well causes me to feel like a giggly 5 year old. Thank you!!

  527. Tara

    First soup, a quick rinse, and then hot chocolate with mint for dessert! :)

  528. Marlene Kuntz


  529. Lynne

    Oh, what a lovely pot! (And thoughtful give-away!). If I had it, I’d have to do my soup and beverage favorites. Would love to make my “Curried Chicken Chowder,” sprinkled with a touch of nutmeg (with my homemade Golden Flaxseed wafers, spread with cream cheese and my homemade cranberry almond chutney on the side). And for my dessert beverage? My warmed Bourbon Vanilla Chai Eggnog, with cinnamon stick for stirring (and a semi-sweet chocolate-dipped almond shortbread cookie for nibbling!). Altogether, a very satisfying, comforting meal on cold wintery nights…nurturing and nourishing to body and soul. A little bit goes a long way…plus, all the lovely ingredients come together in the pot while cooking to scent your home deliciously! Family (and neighbors) will gather round and want to know when “soup’s on”!

  530. Heather W

    I would use this fantastic pot to cook up homemade Turkey Soup!!! (I really needed a large pot this year for Thanksgiving … I made my very first Gluten Free Turkey but struggled with a big enough pot for leftover soup)


  531. I would use this saucepan to make my favorite squash and kale soup and coconut milk pudding!

  532. This sauce pan is dreaming of all the hotapple cider, butternut squash soup, Rustic Irish Potato and Cabbage soup and breakfast grains that it could ever hold in my kitchen! What a great giveaway, and Happy Happy Anniversary! I hope you celebrate it well!

  533. Ann H.

    I will start with a gf minestrone. And then make applesauce. And perhaps some toffee or caramels. And then some more soup. Oh, will this pan be used and loved!

  534. Theresa Picoriello

    *********************************** Happy Anniversary*****************I wish you many more to come. I would make my special recipe Potato soup. it looks to be the perfect saucepan to make chile gravy for enchiladas. and so many other delicious recipes. i would definiely put it to good use. Thanks for the chance.

  535. Jamie

    I would make my favorite soups, sweet and sour and a african yam soup mmmmmmm.

  536. I would make basil tomato soup in it! Lots of tomato soup!

  537. Kim-Cook It Allergy Free @ cookitallergyfree.com/blog

    I would so make my Mulled Cinnamon Cider in it (along with the gazillion soups I would make)!! ;)

  538. Kate

    I would make chili – we just had a great snowstorm here, and it’s got me wanting hearty, warming types of food… Thanks for the opportunity!

  539. TZel

    I have been obsessed with homemade hot chocolate lately but do not have a good pan to make it in. This would be so much better!
    Thank you!

  540. Lindsay Phillips

    Dearest All-Clad saucepan….

    I would like to make a Chai Latte with Almond Milk with you. Final product… a great big hug in a mug. YUM!

  541. Joni Roberts

    I would make a buffalo steak stew! But maybe you can include a recipe in with the pot when I win ;-)

  542. Kerry Moller @ kerrymoller.com

    I would make curried butternut squash soup. It’s the 1st soup I ever made for my husband and his favourite!

  543. While I am trying to do a primal/paleo based diet right now, I am a sucker for home made hot chocolate.

  544. Hi Elana
    Oh, how do I decide which soup to make first?
    I think I’ll make a yummy savory oatmeal as a first, “breaking-it-in”, meal.
    The recipe is very similar to Chinese Rice Congee, but instead of using rice, I use steel cut oats (because of their higher nutritional profile).
    Other ingredients are eggs, green onions, fried shallots, soya sauce or tamari sauce, toasted sesame oil, salt and pepper to taste. And, if desired, either shredded/ minced chicken, minced pork or thinly sliced fish like cod or mackerel.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  545. What I would make in this new pot = Venison/Carrot soup with a good amount of roasted cumin seed…as far as a beverage = I’m due to make some CHAI with extra Cardamom & dried blueberries or dried cherries. my Pampered Chef pot is on its’ way out, albeit, I make sure to always use a wooden spoon.

  546. I recently (6 months) had to start eating GF. It has been a challenge to say the least, since most GF products out there are high carb and I am a diabetic. I love to cook and bake, so I’m always looking for new recipes or converting my favorites!
    I would welcome some new cookware… now what to cook….. maybe some broccoli and cheese soup, vegetable stew, homemade applesauce, quinoa with roasted tomatoes and parm…..
    May I say, “Happy Anniversary” to You and your Hubby! I’ll be married 28 years on January 15th! We’ve been together 31 years!!! I’ve known him for 38 yrs!!! First official date… a movie with our families… he was 13, I was 10!

  547. Cindy Scott

    This is an awesome pan! If I got the pan it would be for my workplace. We only have a 1 quart pan and it is too small for all of us at lunchtime.

  548. Chloe Marty @ mochieroo.com

    I would use this pot for hot chocolate, reheating soup, and making my quinoa! Such an awesome giveaway – Thank you, Elana!

  549. Cheryl Brookman

    If I were to make soup over the holidays I would make:

    Cauliflower Ranch Cheddar soup with pancetta croutons.

  550. i would either give the pot to my gourmet friend b/c she really wants one for christmas OR i would keep it for myself to make the kiddos gourmet hot chocolate, myself some spicy hot chocolate…all sorts of soups like chicken tortilla soup or try some new soups!

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  551. Sue Cotta

    i just found your website and it rocks! I’ve just discovered i am at least gluten intolerant (not sure about celiac disease). I’ve been at a loss to figure out this flour thing with all my Christmas baking – thank you to the almond and coconut flour recipes – yay! I would definitely make the butternut squash soup in this new pot as we had the BEST organic crop this year (had great compost). The squash as orange as i’ve ever seen it and is so sweet. Mother nature at her best.
    Thanks for such a great website!

  552. Katie

    Happy Anniversary Elana!

    I would make oh so many of your delightful recipes with that sauce pan!

  553. Melissa

    What a beautiful saucepan, I could make a big batch of my chocolate sauce in that!

  554. I would make a hearty ribollita soup. Perfect for this cold weather!

  555. Definitely carrot and coriander soup! It’s a classic in the UK, and because we don’t live there anymore, I make the homemade version here. What a beautiful pan!

  556. JQBancroft

    I would make Clam Chowder for my husband!

  557. Vickie

    Pumpkin Butternut Squash Soup sounds rather festive I think.

  558. Betty Pratt

    I would make a potato and leek soup!


  559. I would make tomato soup – and potato soup

  560. Teresa A Smith


    I would be thrilled to make my Buffalo Bill Chili that I have converted to be gluten free. My husband has been requesting I make it. This would be a perfect size!
    Merry Christmas to you and I am so very grateful for all you have done for the gluten free world out here.

  561. Nancy Hawthorne

    I love All-Clad and I could really use a saucepan for our hot cocoa and gluten free mac and cheese!

  562. Erin

    I would definately be making your chai, but also the butternut squash soup, yum, one of my favorite’s!!

  563. Lisamarie (not Presley)

    My absolute favorite soup is thai curry butternut squash soup made with squash, onion, ginger, red curry, palm sugar, squeeze of lime juice, fish sauce and coconut milk. OMG….this is so delicious. Garnished of course with the squash seeds toasted in a pan with some whatever spices you like. And as my little guy would say…..bon appetit let’s eat!

  564. elizabeth

    I love soups and I make them all winter long. My favorite would have to be my mom’s recipe for Polish Pickle Soup. Sounds strange, but I’m telling you it is deeelish!

  565. I would make a curried sweet potato soup my husband adores. Just enough spice to warm your throat on the way down!

  566. suzanne

    I have the BEST recipe for carrot soup that would be even more delicious cooked in this beautiful pan.

  567. MaryBeth Matthews

    I have lots of squash, so squash soup would definitely be the one!


  568. Eva K,

    I love making real hot chocolate in little saucepans!

  569. Fran

    Wow do I need pots. We moved in April and just recently finished unpacking all the boxes. NO POTS! The only conclusion is that the mover took that box. We have been buying good quality stainless steel pots from Estate sales but they don’t compare to the “good stuff” we lost.

    I buy all fresh veggies & steam every night so that’s what I’d use the pot for – nothing fancy – just day-to-day veggies, my favorite foods!

    Thanks for the giveaways!

    Fran in Tulsa

  570. Sharon

    Tomatillo soup with chipotle and beans!

  571. Morgan

    What kind of soup wouldn’t I make!! I would start with my all time favorite, cream of broccoli followed by a nice heart vegetable barley and then another one of my faces cashew carrot Ginger!!! Chai te would be great as well as some spiced apple cider! Oh the possibilities!!!

  572. Laura

    I would make lentil soup, yum!

  573. Anna Rosales

    I would make abondigas soup!!!

  574. Molly

    I would probably use this NOW for cider with cinnamon sticks and spices in it! It is the perfect time of year for it.
    I would LOVE this!!! I’m all about the long-lasting kitchen supplies

  575. Beth

    I could make so many things in this pot, but the holidays totally have me inspired these days. Mulling spices are a constant presence on my stove these days, but I have been itching to try your Vegan Eggnog recipe!

  576. Mary Rondeau @ wholeness.com

    Masala tea- i was recently in India and learned an amazing recipe for Masala tea. I usually make up a big pot on the weekend and have it ready to go for the whole week!

  577. Shelley

    I would make a ground turkey and vegetable soup. It’s thick and hearty, full of nutrients to warm the soul as well as toes on a very snowy day!

  578. Cheri Robbins

    I would love to make vegetarian chili, curry lentils, or homemade applesauce.

  579. Chelsea

    Thai red curry coconut soup!

  580. Wendy Lynne @ fitfoodcoach.com

    I am so excited about this giveaway. I am missing that medium sized saucepan. I only have a large soup pot and very small saucepan.

    What I am looking forward to making in the saucepan is my favorite quick dinner soup…. I saute some chopped onions, add some bite-sized turkey sausage, two bunches of chopped kale and cover everything with chicken broth and simmer until the kale is softened. YUMMY!

    Love your site and the wonderful service you do for all of us – thank you!

  581. nina

    If I won, I’d make African Peanut Soup (I’ve been craving this lately). Nice giveaway!

  582. Jennifer Wood

    All-clad is really superior cookware. I have a 1 quart and use farberware for my 2 quart. I think I will give the one I win to my niece who is really embracing healthy whole food eating, and is an inspiring example of someone who has really turned her life around.

  583. Deborah Binder

    I enjoy getting your wonderful ideas for cooking. You inspire me to improvise! I would probably make a mushroom barley soup–one of my winter favorites! Thanks.

  584. I would love an All-Clad pan! Whoever wins is going to be soooo happy! I would use it to make either a nice comforting pot of chili or some chicken soup.

  585. Andrea

    I would make tuscan bean and kale soup! Delicious!

  586. courtney

    I love making soup all year, but especially in the winter! It is cozy and filling and healthy. I love making black bean soup with cilantro and salsa and maybe a touch of sour cream for richness!

  587. Haley

    Really, what wouldn’t I make in this pan? I think hot chocolate made with almond milk (and a little cinnamon) would definitely make the top of the list!

  588. Melissa

    Great giveaway, and Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! I would make my homemade hot chocolate and chai teas in this pot, without a doubt! It would also be great for cooking veggies, and reheating soups.

  589. Abbe Smith

    Mmmmm, I would make the butternut squash soup. So warm and yummy this time of year. Maybe add some ginger for kick? And then curl up by the fireplace with a book and hot bowl of the soup.

  590. Barbara

    I would use it for chicken stock/soup and also to make hot chocolate using coconut milk and cocoa, with a little agave to sweeten it. It’s quite good and so easy. Really good this time of year.

  591. Judi Dundas

    What a wonderful give away. I would make Tomato Basil soup. Would like to try a squash one also.
    Thanks for your great website, I get so many wonderful recipes.

  592. krystle

    Hooray! I would make pumpkin spice oats in my pot!

  593. Kathy Ingram

    I would make my favorite ‘white chili’ with turkey, white beans and corn.
    It is soooo good on these cold winter days.

  594. Lucinda Selzler

    WOW! An all clad pan! I see a coconut milk cocoa with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top!

  595. Butternut squash soup is my obsession this winter so I would probably start with that.

  596. Joan Viers

    I love to make chicken veg. soup. I would use this new pot for the soup. thanks

  597. Lisa H

    This would certainly be a treat to have in the kitchen! I would use it every day I’m guessing…love to make my homemade, natural Chai tea!

  598. Jen D

    I would make the pumpkin ginger soup or any Thai soup, or red pepper something or other. Heck, I would make lots of soups. It’s cold out!

  599. Sara M.

    I would use this pot to make all the above recipes! They all sound wonderful on this cold winter day…

  600. Emily Sunwell

    I would use it for herbal tea infusions, hot chocolate, and most likely to heat up bone broth – all staples in our home this time of year. It would be great for reheating lots of things. Fabulous giveaway – thanks for all of your work and time.

  601. julie

    I love all clad. I would use this pan for chicken soup.

  602. Jessica G.

    I would love to make my “famous” homemade chicken tortilla soup in these!

  603. AnnMarie Deis

    Should I be fortunate enough to win the All-Clad sauce pan, I would make a paella-type soup. My husband had this amazing Cuban-based soup on our first wedding anniversary during a trip to Miami, and he absolutely fell in love with the flavors. I make the paella for him every year for our anniversary as we typically celebrate our anniversary as an observed holiday during a weekend night. However, I make the paella for our actual anniversary, no matter what night of the week it falls on. We’ve been married for seven years this past November. My four-year-old son absolutely LOVES this soup and gobbles it up whenever I make it.

    Happy holidays!
    AnnMarie Deis
    Livonia, Michigan

  604. Shannon

    I would make a hearty fisherman’s stew. It is that time of year for cuddling with warm broth.

  605. Heather

    I would make taco soup, chicken noodle soup, lentil soup…….YUM!

  606. Michelle H

    I would make a delicious peppermint hot chocolate to warm my tummy and a delicious and always favorite veggie soup with cabbage and all those partically used bags of frozen veggies!

  607. Joan

    My husband and my new favorite soup recipe is for salmon chowder. Made with carrots, celery, onion, crushed tomatoes and heavy cream. Delicious!

  608. Tiffany Harelik @ trailerfooddiaries.com

    Tis the season for gf/df soup and such! Sexy Tom Ka, French Onion with rosemary/kalamata focaccia, Venison Chili, mulled cider, chile hot chocolate…

  609. Charlotte Sanchez

    What a great and versatile pan! This would be a great addition to every gluten free kitchen.

  610. Chris Ossorio

    If I win I would make my now 19 year old twins their favorite soup since they were little: Big Mina’s Meatball Soup with homemade meatballs, cilantro, carrots, and potatoes. They are both at college and ask for it when they come home even though they now both cook very well themselves. PS Big Mina was their nanny

  611. I would make your cranberry sauce! Yum! Or maybe hot chocolate?? :)

  612. Jenn Strilchuk

    I love making my kids (all 6 of them!) a big batch of cashew mylk hot cocoa….homemade cashew mylk, coconut milk powder, raw cocoa powder, maple syrup….they love it! I need a new pan. My pans are old and need to be retired :)

  613. Robin Oliveira @ robinoliveira.com

    Ooh, I would make this excellent potato cheese chowder that is instantly gluten-free when you make the roux with corn starch. Thanks for this chance to win!

  614. Amy D.

    I am conjuring up an image of me cooking some warm, filling chicken tortilla soup–with lots of yummy corn, cilantro and a touch of lime–in that gorgeous pan. Mmmmm……

  615. Dimple Shah

    I need a new sauce pan badly! With it I would love to make homemade spiced chai eggnog. Btw, happy anniversary!!

  616. Laura

    Hi Elana,
    Happy Anniversary! My husband and I were married Dec. 2nd, 1994 :-), so we both have December weddings!
    If I win the pot, I’ll be using it to make soups and to cook veggies.

  617. Scottee Meade

    I’d make a rustic tomato soup with toasted cumin and mini rajas–gluten free, of course!

  618. Pam Raymond

    Great saucepan. I would use it all the time, but what soup would I make? Right now with cold season in full throttle, I like to take some chicken broth (either homemade stock saved in my freezer or some organic chicken broth from a carton) and add some freshly grated ginger, a few cloves of crushed garlic, and there you have your cold-buster broth.

  619. I have been really experimenting with veggie and vegan soups this season, and would love to give split pea a go again. I did it last year but I definitely think my attempt can be improved on!

  620. I could always use a new pot for my oatmeal creations!

  621. Ashley Vuckovich

    I would make gluten free Haluski- cabbage and noodles to remind me of home (Pennsylvania) and I would make Quinoa porridge – my new favorite recipe!

    Crossing my fingers!

  622. Faye Gannon

    What a wonderful give-a-way! Such a great product and so perfect for cooking these wonderful recipes you share with us!

  623. Vicki Huennekens

    We love cream of any kind (cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus & want to try squash) soup, it is easy & you can make it rich with cream for special or be good and use milk.

  624. melissa @ the delicate place @ thedelicateplace.wordpress.com

    i’d make the coconut chicken soup yum!

  625. Sara

    I would make lentil, split pea or white bean soup. All three are favorites, and sound great as I watch snow falling outside my window!

  626. Joey

    What a joy it would be to be able to use a new pot. I am using all of the ones from my husband’s previous marriage and they are pretty old now. I’d love to be “all clad” with a new pot :))

  627. Michelle Hankes @ michellehankes.com

    I would love an All-Clad saucepan to start off my collection! I have a good friend who uses nothing but All-Clad and she loves it. I love staying at her house because I get to play with the All-Clad pots and pans. So fun! The first thing I would make would be some chai tea. And then after a brief wash, I would have to start in on whatever came next – soup or a sauce of some sort. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks, Elana!

  628. I would mull some wine with this pot.

  629. Jennifer Sanders

    I would LOVE one of these. I am phasing out all my nonstick and this would be perfect. I would make our favorite soup – creamy carrot curry! Thanks!

  630. Carol

    I hear All-Clad pots amd pans are the best. I think I would make a delicious recipe of Minestrone Soup that has been my favorite soup for the past two years!!!

  631. erin

    This time of year, it would be definitely be used for spiced cider. My four boys and I love this after playing outdoors!

  632. linda hibbitts

    What a beautiful pot! It conjures of aromas of concocting a fabulous gluten free organic chicken noodle soup to warm my family during the winter months

  633. Tiffany

    I would love to try to make some homemade chai or eggnog in this beautiful sauce pan!!! :D

  634. Lisa Rogers

    I would love making soups period in this pot. It looks to be the perfect size! Although I have several very good GF soups I love to make from my quick savory chicken noodle to vietnamese curry chicken with rice stick noodles to a very rich mushroom stew! And this is the perfect time of year to be making soups. :)
    mushymom at yahoo dot com

  635. elisa

    OOOhhhh Yum….I would make my cheesy cream of spinach soup. I also thow some kale in there and no one knows it!! : ) Thanks for offering these wonderful give-a-ways!!

  636. Happy Anniversary and congratulations to you and your husband! We have an all-clad saute pan that is wonderful and most often used in our kitchen, and a saucepan would be the perfect compliment to help us replace our sub-par ones.

    The first dish I’d make is probably the warming garlic ginger lemon soup I just made last night. So simple, delicious, and healthy, it is one recipe I anticipate making often, especially through the challenging Minnesota winter, which is something this born-and-raised Jersey girl is still getting used to. ;-)

    Thanks and take care!

  637. Happy Anniversary! Like you, I’d use this little pot for lots of things… sauces, reheating soups and leftovers, and more.

  638. Linda

    Hot chocolate, of course! I love, love, love your blog and cookbook! Thank you for offering these amazing giveaways!

  639. Dee

    I would love to make my garden vegetable soup in this pot. Just thinking about that soup makes me want some! Good thing I have some in the freezer!

  640. audrey greenwood

    Hi Elana,

    I love your website/recipes…I am a developmental pediatrician who also happens to be wheat sensitive as I get GI symptoms when I consume wheat based products. I have eat healthy, organic and love to cook…I literally cook everything for Passover,etc. I am very nutrition oriented with my patients…taking all the artificial junk out of their diets which helps immensely. I also love the Boulder connection with you as my son graduated from CU in aerospace and I have spent much wonderful time in Boulder….love staying at Chautauqua! and in fact, we were just there for my son’s wedding in Oct at the Boulderado…also fell in love with Bakti chai this last visit.

    What soups would I make with that pot? let me count the ways…one of my favorite is cauliflower soup…saute the onions, a bit of garlic, and the chopped cauliflower…add some chicken or veggie broth; when its done, I add grated parmesan and top with chives from the garden! yum! Just got a recipe for butternut squash soup with lots of ginger…that is next on my list to try.

    Happy Holidays,

  641. Shannon

    The soup I seem to be making the most this winter is a lamb soup. My toddler loves it as does my husband. It has local organic stew lamb, whatever veggies I can get from the farmers market, and some fresh mint.

  642. Madeline Leyda

    I would make my chicken and cabbage soup to help keep me warm without adding sugar-high calories to my diet! Small amounts of shredded carrots and onion are added to enhance the flavor. Always use non-salt added chicken broth along with the broth made when simmering the chicken pieces!
    Mmmm-Mmmmm good!

  643. Jeanette Gaston @ herbsnspices.com

    I would make my favorite homemade vegetable soup, everything is fresh except the quinoa and flax meal.

  644. I would make celery root + leek soup in that saucepan…..it looks wonderful!

  645. Jennifer M

    That saucepan is just the right size for my Saffron Risotto, among many other lovely creations! Btw, happy anniversary!!

  646. Gabreial

    I’ve really been wanting to make my own homemade butternut squash soup.

  647. Amy

    Any soup with butternet squash is my favourite!

  648. Feiga Mazer

    I have my set of All Clad for almost 20 years! They are the best pots. I would make yummy mushroom soup.

  649. Nicole

    I would make Vegetable Soup with Quinoa, Pumpkin Soup with Coconut Milk, Butternut Squash and Apple soup, Green Soup with Ginger and Garlic, and Spicy Roasted Tomato Soup.

  650. Valerie

    I would make chili! What an awesome giveaway!

  651. Elin Anderwald

    I would love to win that gorgeous pot! I would make a Butternut Squash soup with carmelized onions and apple, with a hint of nutmeg. I just happen to have a beautiful butternut squash left from my garden that I have been saving for a special occasion. Winning that pot would certainly be special!!

  652. Kiersti

    Butternut Squash Soup. Maybe with some curry. Oh man.. I have been on a Butternut Squash Rampage…can’t seem to get enough this time of year.

  653. Darnel Aucoin

    How about an old fashioned vegetable soup, tomatoe based with lots of root vegetables and cabbage. Delicious, healthy and warming on a very cold night.

  654. Alyson

    I have been thinking about egg drop soup lately!

  655. ~M

    I would use it to make your coconut Thai soup!

  656. Nicole

    I would make up a big batch of beef and barley soup to warm up my family on a cold night after tobaganning.

    Thanks!Happy holidays to you!

  657. I’ve been craving creamy potato soup or lentil soup. Great pan. Thanks for the giveaway!

  658. Annie Joy

    This would be a great addition to my kitchen! I would make hot cider :)

  659. Vrie

    Although this pan would most likely have to endure my endless rounds of different soups, I like to think that it secretly dreams of being used for my honey-caramel sauce. It’s day will come!

  660. Debra Meadow

    I have been making delicious, nutritious bone broths lately – beef, chicken, turkey, you name it. Once I have the broth, it’s only a matter of adding whatever vegetables and meat bits strike my fancy. With a good broth you don’t even need much more in the way of seasoning – unless you want to.

  661. Dawn

    I would make vegetable beef soup!

  662. I could really use a great pot! I only have 2 at the moment and am forever running out. I’d use mine for making hot cocoa! mmm!

  663. Gail

    I think a nice Ham and potato soup would look lovely inside this saucepan!

  664. Sharon Gartley

    Beautiful pan! I am craving vegetable soup at the moment so that’s probably the first thing I would cook in it.

    Going to make some vegetable soup now!


  665. Sydney Hastings @ essentialtx.com

    Ironic that you would mention your wedding…
    I would would use the pan to make the soup we had as our first course at OUR wedding.. .and we have it every year on our anniversary and sometimes for Christmas.

    “Our soup” is a
    Champagne, Brie, and vidalia onion soup, garnished with rasberry coulis (Which we try to make look like hearts).”

    Outragesously good, fattening, and comforting.

  666. Sarah Good

    This is a great giveaway! I’d definitely use it to make our favorite tortilla soup! Thanks!

  667. Tina Wenger

    I would make hot chocolate or egg nog for these cold winter nights!

  668. Sam Totten

    I hope I win! I imagine myself making a thick and delicious sweet potato and black bean stew with cayenne and cinnamon for an extra kick. Winter always calls for a comfort dish like this. Thanks- Sam

  669. Elie

    I registered for AllClad when I got married (3 years ago today) and received ONE grill pan. I use it ALL THE TIME.

    I would LOVE to win this pot to make my “mock potato” soup. My husband doesn’t like vegetables, so I told him my roasted cauliflower soup is actually a Yukon gold potato and leek recipe. (The recipes are next to each other in my cookbook and when he asked what I was making, I just said “that one.”) He LOVES the cauliflower soup. He once told his mom she should ask me for the recipe… hope she doesn’t find out I’ve been lying to her son. Sometimes lying to your hubby to keep him healthy is a good thing. Potatoes bad, cauliflower GOOD!!!

    Help me keep my hubby healthy and let me win the pot!!

  670. Cheryl

    Hmmm… you have stumped me with a soup or beverage. I know this pot would become the heart of my kitchenware. My mom had an All Clad sauce pan and I can remember her making absolutely everything in it. It withstood time, experimental recipes and fabulous cooking. In tribute to my mother, the first thing I would make would be her hearty spaghetti sauce with ground beef, onions, tomatoes and aromatic spices to taste. Growing up in the bitterly cold Mid West, having a wholesome and hot meal on a winter night was always so wonderful (especially with garlic bread made fresh in the broiler). I don’t know anyone who makes pasta sauce like my mom, which makes me appreciate her cooking talents even more.

    Beyond her sauce, I’d be sure to make many a variety of pasta sauces whilst never keeping track of what gets thrown in, homemade cream of mushroom soup, black bean soup, macaroni and cheese to then bake in the oven with bacon and breadcrumbs (yum!), my awesome turkey chili that is perfected with lots of cumin and many dashes of cinnamon, stew– we love making stew with eggplant and tomatoes and potatoes and carrots and onions… (even more yum!), curries made by my husband, reheating butternut squash and sweet potato soup made in bulk at the holidays and served with blue cheese, heating this wonderfully spiced mulled wine bought with my best friend in a cute Bavarian-themed town in WA called Leavenworth, mulling my own cider and wine, making hot chocolate the way I like best (breaking up and melting old chocolate bars that I didn’t like snacking on and then adding milk), just heating up milk so it gets bubbly and a little frothy and that wonderful skin forms so we can have steamed milk with maybe a little cinnamon, making all sorts of candies now that I’m learning how, cooking up ice cream mixes to chill and freeze into yummy batches of salted caramel ice cream and other tasty flavors, I’d learn how to make my best friend’s pumpkin turkey white bean chili that she gave me before going to our annual haunted trail trip at Halloween, using the pot as the bottom part of a double broiler to temper chocolate… really the list is endless and could never be capped at only soups or beverages. In cooking or baking, I do it because I love creating and sharing food with people. I like to see others enjoying something I made with love.

    I guess I wasn’t stumped after all; sorry for the long-winded response. Thanks for the chance to remember some good memories that I didn’t realize were tied to good food too!

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! How wonderful the two of you have been together so long. I hope you have a lovely day and that you go have a romantic evening together. Here’s to many more years of love and friendship! Congratulations =)

  671. Hilary Woo

    Hi Karina! You are the best….love your blog and your desire to make yummy foods healthy or healthy foods yummy !! If I got this pot I would make yummy hot chocolate with whole milk and mint for the kids on Christmas. I would then add marshmallows for the final touch. Honestly that would be one of the many, many things I would make! Thanks for giving us a shot at this! Happy Holidays!!!

  672. Stephanie Clarkin

    Oooo…my newest favorite soup is a Smoked Tomato that I learned in a class at Le Chat Gourmet (Eaton Rapids, MI). Though Denene had a much more sophisticated name for it that escapes me at the moment!

  673. Dorothea

    Homemade tomato soup would be delicious made in such an awesome pan! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  674. Carrie Ham

    I can’t wait to make Swwet Potato Thai Soup and Hot (Carob) Chocolate!!! Not to have at the same time of course! ;) Yummmmmm!

  675. Kathy Widing

    I would make hot chocolate and apple cider. Ice storm here today. We are drinking lots of hot cider. Winter not even begun yet. Were in for another cold and snowy one i do believe. The 2 quart pot would be used
    daily at our house.

    Have a good day and thanks for all the great recipes. Love them.


  676. Mmmmm – I’d make my favorite chili recipe!!

  677. Amy

    I would no doubt use it for butternut squash soup!! Yummy!

  678. Susan Daugherty

    I would make butternut squash soup with this beautiful pot. I can just see the golden yellow soup on a slow simmer “smiling” in the pot. A simple and elegant soup in a quality pot.

  679. Julie (Bananas for Bourbon) @ bananasforbourbon.blogspot.com

    I have some sugar pumpkins I’ve been planning to make a simple puree soup with. I love soup!

  680. Terri

    Chai is my favorite drink, hot or iced, year round. Not only is the taste so satisfying, the health benefits of all the spices used are so great. I would make Chai.

    I’m also addicted to Celery Root Soup which would fit perfectly in that sized pan.

    Thank you Elana, for all your wonderful recipes and and much appreciation for ALL that you give.


  681. Helen

    I would love to make a new recipe I got in the Natural Groceries new Calender called “Bean and Bacon Soup”. It looks delicious and it would cook up perfect in a new Clad pot, mine are shot.

  682. Lisa H

    This pot would be great for trying out butternut squash & tomato pasta sauce.

  683. Terri

    P. S. Happy Anniversary!! My parents just celebrated their 64th!!

  684. Sara

    My 16mos. old son is a picky eater, but he loves my pumpkin soup. I have been making it once a week for the last few months. I would love to make his soup in this gorgeous All-Clad Sauce Pan!

  685. Angel

    I cook everything from scratch for a family of 6 so I would use it everyday! My kids especially love agave hot cocoa!

  686. Stacy

    My husband would make your wonderful nut clusters, it’s perfect for the agave mixture and double boiling the chocolate!

  687. Marisa

    Split-pea soup :)

  688. Mary L

    I would make my roasted tomato soup with lots of thyme as well as orange and lemon zest!

  689. Jennifer R

    I would make some GF chicken noodle soup. Nothing hits the spot better on a cold day!

  690. Carrie

    My favorite soup as of late is a spicy chicken soup. Its all about dumping junk in and it turns out delicious.

  691. Annie Wales

    Tis the season for chowders and thick soups. My husband likes homemade corn chowder, which is especially good with a hearty slice of GF bread. I love pumpkin soup. The pan would be perfect for making old-fashioned cocoa or mulled cider.
    And…Happy Anniversary!

  692. Joan Stroika

    I am itching to make a friends recipe for curry lentil soup… thick, rich and oh so fragrant.

  693. P Roland

    First, happy anniversary. I would use the all-clad pan for all sorts of things from hot chocolate to reheating and soups, sauces and such in between. I may even make a special batch of hot fudge (not made very often, but oh so good on homemade icecream). What a generous giveaway.

  694. Brooklynn Gaus

    If I were to win that amazing all clad sauce pan I would be definitely making my mom’s homemade hot fudge sauce!

  695. Jenna

    My four-year-old has just discovered warm drinks are great after being out in the snow. We’d make warm milk with vanilla, hot chocolate, or apple cider. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  696. CM

    I would definitely make my son’s favorite – chicken/veggie noodle soup (gluten free of course!)

  697. Karin

    Hot Chocolate!! I was searching for a recipe and a new pot would be great to try it!

  698. Sarah F

    This pan looks amazing! I love making almond chai at home (a great way to save money on the expensive lattes I love). I’d use it for that, soups and many other things. I cook constantly. Hope I win! :)

  699. Meredith

    I would make an almond milk based spiced hot chocolate, with lots of cinnamon. Yum!

  700. Tricia Ullrich

    Hot Spiced Chai sounds pretty nice to me.

  701. christina r

    I would make my own chicken noodle soup, it’s simple but i haven’t found any sop that i like yet.

  702. Right now I’m thinking some warm horchata sounds good! Brr!

  703. Soups? Oh, isn’t this the perfect time for soup? I love soup on a cold winter day. So, here’s a list of a few of my favorite soups/stews.

    Tomato soup made with milk instead of water
    New England style chowder
    Homemade mushroom soup (preferably morels)
    New England Curry chowder

    The lst one is one that I created a recipe of. It’s absolutely delicious. And, it’s inexpensive to make.

  704. Carlyn Lewis

    I would really enjoy making my homemade broccoli soup or oatmeal in it! Thanks so much!
    Carlyn :)

  705. Jill

    My Mom’s Potato Leak Soup!!!!

    • Oh, I used to have potato leak soup as a child. I had forgotten all about it. And, we always added mushrooms. As we were out mushroom picking, we also pulled up wild leaks. Then, my mom would make the potato leak soup with mushroom. Oh Yummy! I do believe that I’m going to put potatoes and leaks on my shopping list. Thanks for reminding me of some comfort food from long ago.

  706. Shelley

    Well, since I am munching on some Thai Butternut Squash soup as I sit here and write, that certainly comes to mind. I have also been wanting to try a Southwestern Chicken soup recipe that I saw on my favorite paleo website. The pot would be perfect for either dish!

  707. Christy @ Delicious Life @ liveadeliciouslife.com/blog

    Happy anniversary, Elana! I hope you had a lovely celebration.

    I would make my favorite vegetable soup recipe – perfect for me right now in freezing cold NYC.

  708. Dina Contenti

    I would make butternut squash soup!

  709. Nikki Cook

    I am a fanatic about designing new recipies for my family. I would make my Itallian Sausage soup right off the bat in this great pot. I can only imagine the gorgeous carmelized sear that I would get on my onions and sausage. OHHHH YUM!

  710. Lois

    Congratulations! My anniversary is tomorrow (17th…1999)…such a fun time of year! I would make sausage kale soup…again, and again, and again! Merry Christmas!

  711. I think I’d make cream of broccoli.. Happy Anniversary!

  712. sandra

    If I won this pot, I would make hot chocolate in it! Yum!

  713. sarah king

    I would definetly make Muligitawny soup in this pot! You need alot of different ingredients, and you have to cook the spices first. To do this and it taste great a great pot is needed!

  714. Maggie

    I would make some nice spicy gluewein!

  715. Generous giveaway…. I would use it for your butternut squash recipe that I make with coconut milk, ginger and cinnamon…
    Nancy Jo

  716. Lara

    I would make my end of summer tomato soup, my fall butternut squash soup, The coming out of the cold hot chocolate, and my fling open the windows spring asparagus soup.

  717. I’d make butternut squash soup, for sure.

  718. jen carlson

    we adore roasted tomato soup with your kale tart!! that’s what i would make.

  719. Carla Jans @ carlajans@yahoo.ca

    If I won this pot, I would make our favorite Lentel soup with Italian sausage. Yummy!

  720. A 2 qt saucepan, in our large family, would be used for sauces and individual fixins of oatmeal or left over heat ups. I’d LOVE to give this a try as we are in desperate need of new cookware and we cook everything from scratch here for a large family…..our cookware is in constant use.

  721. Michelle

    AAAHHH If I won an All-Clad Saucepan I would make your yummy butternut squash soup or melt the chocolate for your chocolate bark recipie. I am dairy and gluten free and love your recipies. Thank you for bringing a little joy to my crazy life.

  722. Kassandra

    Since my kitchen is mostly used for the children it would have to be home-made chicken noodle soup, healthy gluten free style. And secondly hot chocolate with rice milk, dagoba or green & black cocoa, agave and a hint of cinnamon. Winter yumminess!! Thanks! :)

  723. Linze Anderson

    Butternut Squash Curry Soup is what I would love to make if I win this. It’s perfect during the cold season and it’s so easy to fix and serve.

  724. adriane

    mmm! hot chocolate and pumpkin soup!

  725. Cindy W.

    I would make a vegetable soup with the pan. Thank you for this amazing contest!

  726. I have just discovered curries. recently i slow cooked a whole chicken and have been making green chicken curry soup with cauliflower and carrots. yum. so i would use your pot to try out more curries, like mabye, lamb with red curry paste???? i love your blog and recipes thanks.

  727. Nana Rogers

    Elana, This is my favorite sized pot too. I love making homemade minestrone soup. mmm
    And what a neat giveaway…

  728. Laura

    Great northern bean and kale soup. yum!

  729. nicole

    i’d make soups and pasta sauces in this!

  730. MissMarlap

    I would so love to make ROASTED CHESTNUT and Parsnip soup in this pot. I would also like to make a pumpkin soup.
    I have heard a lot of positive feedback about these pots and would love the chance to use one.
    Love your site….
    Your recipes are absolutely AMAZING

  731. Nana Rogers

    Also posted it to facebook. Need to be sharing ;P

    And I hope with all my heart you and yours has a Very Happy Anniversary!

  732. Rebekah

    I have one all-clad skillet and I love it. I’d love to make chai, multigrain cereal, and soups in this.

  733. Jules

    Who doesn’t love all-clad, they have such quality products! A perfect pot to make soup and sauces in. Now that it’s just me and my husband it’s the perfect size to make spaghetti sauce in, enough for a meal and leftovers –yummmm!

  734. Hilary Day

    This would be a beautiful Christmas pot for my famous spiced whole-cranberry sauce. But instead of sugar and orange juice (too much refined sugar!) I use enough OJ and Blue Agave Syrup to cook the cranberries with ground cloves and nutmeg until they all pop. Let it cool and add walnuts, mandarin oranges, raisins.

    Wipe down the sides of the pot and arrange leftover mandarin oranges in a pretty design on top of the sauce. Then put the pot right on the table!

  735. Rythea @ zanyangels.com

    Hi, what a great idea.
    My husband and I are looking for a magical soup to help us conceive a baby after trying for a long time. So we would make a baby- magic- cream -of- greens soup with an indian flair (mustard seeds, pepper) to spice things up, made with soy milk for the energy of Mother’s milk, and a nice amount of ghee for the butter of LOVE.
    This blended soup blends just the right yumminess and health to make a miracle, and we need one…in that pot of course!

  736. I’d make tortilla soup in mine! What a cool pot!

  737. kell

    hi Elana! thanks for the opportunity to win such a luxury item! the first thing I would try to make in it would be your pumpkin ginger soup, I’ve been dying to try it and I’m sure the pot would give me just that little swift kick to make it!!
    happy day!

  738. Roni Barbuto

    With the wintry, grey weather we’ve had the past few days, my mind goes to a roasted butternut squash soup served with toasted pecans.

    Love your site – keeps me healthy and creative.

  739. Matt K

    chicken soup with homemade chicken stock

  740. Therese - Artistta @ artistta.blogspot.com

    I’m going to have to go with some clam chowder, perfect warm-up for the gray, snowy weather we’re having in MN.

    Thanks for the contest!

  741. Joan

    What an awesome giveaway. I would make a new recipe I just found – quinona and white bean soup with tomatoes and fresh spinach. Thanks for all your fabelous recipes and Happy Anniversary!

  742. Nic

    I would make Italian Wedding Soup.

  743. laura balsley

    Oh… Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!.. so Santa can deliver this wonderful awesome pan to me!.. I would love to own a PIECE of All clad.. this would be just PERfect for me! My first thing I ‘d make is hot peppermint-y cocoa to drink by our xmas tree!!!

    Oh! let it snow!…………………

  744. Catie Kniess

    Hot & Sour asian soup!

  745. coconut chicken soup :)

  746. I would definitely make tortilla soup….it’s perfect weather here in Phoenix for it as we’re finally got some much needed rain today…Mmmm a hot bowl of steaming tortilla soup…hits the spot

  747. Patricia Kemp

    I would make pumpkin soup in the All Clad pot. I would make it the same way as butternut squash soup, but add pumpkin pie spices to the cubed pumpkin. Yummy on cold days!

  748. Karrel

    I think my favorite soup that I would…well probably my husband would make in this pot would have to be a Butternut Squash soup that he has perfected. It is the most asked for food that we have at our family get togethers. KB

  749. Gretchen

    Hard to choose between a beverage (chai tea?, mulled wine?, cocoa?) and soup, but I’d make white bean/potato/kale soup, with homemade stock. Kale is my favorite go-to green for adding nutrition, color, and flavor.

  750. Jeri Cole

    The one soup that everyone can agree on and will eat (inmy family) is the standard chicken and noodle soup. It’s pretty basic but loved by all and perfect this time of year.

  751. Jackie H

    Yay, it is soup season, isn’t it? :) I love my some butternut squash bisque or good ol’ fashion chicken noodle. :)

  752. Rachel

    I would make my favorite silken cauliflower soup, it’s so delicious and a perfect comfort food for winter nights.

  753. Christine Elsdon

    I’d make a potato leek soup first, then a superb $1000 soup recipe (just google it, I dare you!!), I’d warm apple cider in it for our next family get-together, and it looks like an awesome pot for almond milk hot chocolate! yum yum!!

  754. Tonia

    let’s see, oh so many options…..
    today I would start with hot carob (with raw milk and raw honey) for my kidlets
    then some TOM YUM soup sounds perfect!
    thanks for the inspiration!

  755. Adria


  756. Alison Thornton

    I love cooking in any kind of pot but love a new pot.
    Happy Solstice
    Alison Thornton

  757. Shauna

    I would use it to make some of my enchilada soup. I use nacho cheese, cream of chicken, shredded cheese, and top it off with pico de gallo and and crushed up tortilla chips

  758. Lawrence Yu

    I would make my girlfriend an amazing brussel sprout soup!!!

  759. Linda

    Turkey and wild rice soup – YUMMO!

  760. Hello Elana,
    What soup would I make in this terrific All Clad pot?? Why my “famous” Potato, Leek, and Pumpkin Soup of course! It is YUMMY, easy, and naturally gluten free!!
    ~Mrs. R

  761. Janet

    If I am the lucky winner of the All-Clad pan I would make beef pho. I can’t get enough rice noodle soups at this time of year! :)

  762. Stephanie

    Elana, if i won this All Clad saucepan, i would make the Apple Syrup recipe in your Almond Flour Cookbook and have it on top of some wonderful almond flour pancakes!!!! My own hubby and i would have a feast!!!

  763. Nipa

    I would make one of my favourite soups: Heidi Swanson’s Adzuki Butternut squash soup. It’s a little spicy, a little sweet, a little earthy finished with some fresh herbs. Yumm!


  764. Samantha Austin

    I would use this wonderful pan for mulled wine during the holidays. There is nothing that says happy holidays to me than the delicious smell of lemon, orange, and cinnamon floating in the air.

  765. Shannon

    This looks like quite a beauty! I think I would first try a rich chocolate cocoa with a tiny bit of cognac (says my boyfriend!)

  766. Teresa

    I would make a turkey and rice soup. That is a favorite among my family.

  767. Sandy

    Hmmm…probably a butternut squash soup, or maybe a chicken tortilla soup. Both esp good on these cold days in MI

  768. Laurel

    Well I got married almost exactly one year before you (December 31, 1994) and wasn’t lucky enough to get those pots and pans for my wedding – my 2-quart revere ware pan has served me well all these years, but it is on it’s last legs – the handle keeps falling off – and ironically I was just researching new ones and thinking the All Clad sounded great. I’m not sure exactly what I would make in this, but given that my son with autism and I are both on a GF/CF diet (and a rotation diet to boot), we make almost everything from scratch around here, so my pots get a lot of use!

  769. What a fabulous giveaway. That pot is beautiful. I would probably use it to make tomato sauce, barbecue sauce or a lovely black bean soup!

  770. Amanda

    Happy Anniversary Elana! I hope you had a nice time together this weekend. My favorite soup is Thai Chicken Soup, I could eat that everyday. And with this pot I could make it everyday too!

  771. Stephanie R.

    I love to cook but I am just getting back into it full throttle after years if illness. I eat a strict paleo diet as does my husband. My parents and kids, a little less so but a lot of home cooking happens here with us serving 5-10 people on average per night.
    Since it is cold now, a good soup is always welcome in our house! My creation would include grass fed beef seared in olive oil with garlic and onions. Carrots, zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms added along with beef broth, spices and a few splashes of red wine. I usually gain inspiration as I go along :)

  772. Martha @ mandalajane.com

    OOOHHHH!!! Yummy spicy CHAI! That is one of the many delicious things I would make in my lovely All Clad Sauce Pan! : ) <3

  773. Lisa Lipson

    I would love to have a new saucepan! The first thing I would
    make is hot cocoa with coconut milk and some coconut syrup which
    we just got. I am slowly cooking my way thru the cookbook and
    enjoying it! I have a child with Type I diabetes and the almond flour
    is just great for keeping blood sugars normal. Thanks!

  774. Victoria

    I would make a delicious hot chocolate with my Dagoba cocoa and also a spicy Thai butternut squash soup. I bet it will taste better being made in the all clad pot!!

  775. Monica I.

    My favourite white bean & garlic soup recipe would cook up beautifully in this pot.

  776. Angela E.

    Yet another wonderful giveaway! :-) I think I would make some chai with this sauce pan. I have always loved chai. I studied abroad in India and got to taste the best chai ever while there. Every since then, I’ve been trying to get mine to taste as good as the chai I had in India!

  777. Angie

    I’d love to make some good, old fashioned chili. Perfect for a cold winter weekend!

  778. Brenda

    At this time of the year I would make hot chocolate using unsweetened
    coconut milk and Ibarra chocolate.

  779. I would probably use it to mak my Red Pepper and Corn Chowder!

  780. Colleen Marwood

    I love making Mexican Hot Chocolate over the stove. I use a pan similar but not as nice to the one you are giving away. Slowly assembling this yummy treat and gently heating produces a tasty cup of hot cocoa.

  781. sue scott

    Looks perfect for a nice gluten free gravy or reduction sauce for the holidays.

  782. I would make a soup called “Sopa” that my mom has made since I was little girl (tomato sauce, chicken buillon, little shells, and lots of cheese!). Comfort fooddddd !!!

  783. Taca

    Would love to win, would make some chili.

  784. Cassie

    I love soups, so I don’t think I can narrow it down to one, but I am loving reading through the comments to get ideas for even more soups to make!

  785. Emily

    butternut squash cassoulet!

  786. Jeanie

    I would make my favorite soup which is Ina Garten’s Mexican Chicken Soup. It is so delicious.

  787. Bill Danforth

    Butternut squash soup from EP or a nice Bouillabaisse!

  788. Paula Hrynik

    I’d make what I call “Steve’s Famous Buffalo Soup”. I know it’s not vegan (we are carnivores sometimes) but it is SO good! It’s actually a recipe from the Boulder Daily Camera some months back, but hubby made it for me and it’s been a hit both at Church and home. I’ll bet making it in an all-clad pot would make it taste even better. Of course there’s always chai and mulled cider to consider too! Not to ention…..

  789. Kim Costa

    I would LOVE to win this gorgeous pan!! I would make a big batch of Chicken noodle soup!! My Husbands Grammas recipe, my favorite!!!

  790. Jill Rogerson Black

    I would make a curried butternut squash soup!

  791. Tyler Holt

    If I was so fortunate as to be the recipient of the All-Clad saucepan, I would make a wonderful pumpkin risotto for my wife and I.

  792. Lisa Johnson

    In LOVE with All-Clad! I would enjoy it over and over making the classic tomato soup! A favorite Winter comfort food! How can you go wrong?

    Cheers! Happy Cooking to all!


  793. Amanda Johnson

    Some sort of fall soup I have never made before….Squash sounds so interesting. If I had this pan I would surly get brave and try it!

  794. i would make my wife dark chocolate dipped candied ginger. she LOVES them. if that doesn’t make me a winner than maybe my lobster bisque might. i actually press my own lobster shells to extract the very essence of the lobster. i make my own tomato soup from my own jersey tomatoes and of course i use only the freshest local creme.

  795. My chicken and wild rice soup!

  796. Debi Rucker

    This pan would be perfect for my French Onion with Mushroom Soup. Yummy!

  797. Carol Beasley

    Not that original or fancy, but we love tomato soup at this time of year and have it weekly!

  798. Pita Mejia

    I’d have to boil fresh Jamaica flowers to use the juice in an AMAZING Jamaica Martini!

  799. Serena Wright


    I have been recently diagnosis with wheat allergy so yous website is amazing and helps me in every way. With this All-Clad sauce pan, I would make my Ginger Butternut Squash soup. It has a hint of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and the squash for an wonderful meal. Pair this with the Apple crisp from your website for dessert, ugh, that would be divine.

    Thank you

  800. Ann

    I live about 8 miles from the factory- I would use this pot for glugwein on holidays and special occasions. Also a very good everyday pot!

  801. I would make a loaded baked potato soup.

  802. jan

    Elana, i’d like some of each of the soups everyone would like to make. They all sound delicious and so warm on this cold evening.

    I’d first let it sit on the stove and admire it, they I’d make some cream of carrot.

    Thanks for the great give away and Happy Anniversary.

  803. Rachel

    I have recently started on a grain free sugar free diet. I just stumbled across your website and I am SO excited! I am adventurous in the kitchen, and this pan would be used for many things…including my favorite autumn Pumpkin Soup! Thank you for your recipes!

  804. My, what fancy pots!!! I could use that :) Lately, I’ve made vegan butternut squash soup for the cold weather, so that would probably be first. But I could see making more than just soup in there!!!

  805. Lindsey Ouimette

    I would make a batch of vegan/gluten free butternut squash with mint soup. Yum!!!

  806. Paul

    Well, since its snowy outside and cold, it would be great to make some mulled spice cider or hot chocolate in the saucepan!!

  807. Diane

    I can imagine using this pan to make homemade tomato basil soup. There are many sauces I would love to learn to make, including fresh cranberry sauce for the holidays. Cooking is such a comfort to me.

  808. Debra Cutri

    What an awesome giveaway! I have slowly been collecting the all-clad pots that I need and I don’t have this one yet! I would use this pot for my homemade potato/broccoli soup!

  809. Sophia

    This pot would be indispensable, I would use it for everything from cooking brown rice and cooking up small portions of gf pasta to making sauces. My friends have an all-clad set and I am so envious.

  810. Suzan Patterson

    Actually, any recipe prepared in an All-Clad product would be delicious. I can see myself preparing a delicious fish stew, maybe some salmon with potatoes, onions, carrots and some fabulous crusty Italian bread to dip in this fragrant stew. Yum! Or how about some scrumptious chocolate pudding. I’m getting hungry just thinking about the possibilities! Thanks for asking!

  811. Vicki Diioia

    Hi Elana-
    Great giveaway! Thanks so much for the offer.
    I would make spiced cider or mulled wine (just got a new recipe) for this time of year. All depending on who’s coming over, of course.
    Take care,

  812. Nang

    love to make real hot chocolate for the whole family!

  813. Thai Coconut Lime Shrimp would be the first thing I would make if I were to win the All Clad Sauce Pan. What a beautiful and practical pan it is! ;-)

  814. barbara

    I would make a thick, creamy pumpkin soup. Wow!

  815. I have a flavor idea bouncing around in my head that I have yet to experiment: Chicken Cheddar Broccoli Chowder. Wish me luck (on the soup recipe that is, the pan would just be icing).

  816. laura haiker

    I would make pasta fagioli for my aunt, who loves this soup. I would make hot chocolate for my kids. I also want to try Laura’s vanilla soothers from heavenly homemakers. I would LOVE to win this.

  817. Dawn

    I would so make my “make do” soup! It has gone through the generations to make soup with anything you have in the fridge. It is different everytime but oh so good and comforting!!!

  818. Jackie

    Happy Anniversary!

    I would make potato soup for me & my Mom, as we are both feeling ill right now…

  819. Sunny

    Vodka cream soup! Yummy

  820. I imagine using that pan to make a creamy yellow split pea soup with tarragon, topped with some toasted gf croutons.

  821. Terri

    Hot steamy Spiced Apple Cider!!!

  822. Rosanna

    My favorite, Loaded Baked Potato Soup!

  823. Joyce

    Thanks for the great giveaway. It has been amazingly chilly here in Florida and I would love to make a pot of lentil soup and maybe some hot chocolate!

  824. I would love to make homemade tomato soup in this pot!

  825. Irene

    Oh, I could almost live on soups, any kind, but first would be a creamy broccoli soup.

  826. Zach

    Hands down, a small batch of a fresh tomato basil soup. Clean & healthy, and so warming during this cold weather!

  827. Bryan

    Taco soup, with black beans, beef, onions, spices and peppers. Yum!

  828. Kate

    Young Coconut Kefir!!! Drain young coconuts into the pan with kefir starter and warm it up. Let sit for three days in an airtight jar to create a yummy healthy probiotic drink!!!

  829. Cheryl

    I recently threw out a 2 qt pot that broke I would love a new one.

  830. M.J. Malie

    ~~~~We love soup so either, wedding, vegetable or lentil soup!!! A beverage would be homemade tomatoe juice :) Thanks for everything!~~~~

  831. Cheryl

    I recently threw out a 2 qt. pot I would love a new one.

  832. Catherine

    Homemade hot cocoa with almond milk or butternut squash soup!!

  833. Anne

    That pot would be perfect for a spicy cauliflower soup for a cold winter day.

    Thanks for the contest and your wonderful website.

  834. JeanMarie Breslin

    I would probable first make Chicken tortilla soup. What a great give away. Thanks for the opportunity.

  835. Andre Paiva

    I would love to win those sauce pans!!!
    I would make tomato soup, black bean soup, french onion soup, minestronne soup, and many other soups, as soup is my favourite winter soup…
    Thank you kindly!

  836. Kamille @ evangitality.com

    Oh of course I would love to win this pot. I would be making a carrot-caramelized onion cardamom soup.

  837. Joanne

    A new recipe I want to try would go in the allclad pot. A Spanish-style stew named Mole de Olla. It is a vegetable stew and I am intrigued by the addition of cloves and cinnamon (frontiercoop.com)
    Happy Holidays!

  838. Jackie

    I would definitely make southwest turkey soup! One of my favs made with home canned or frozen salsa! Mmmmm

  839. Kris

    Oooh. I love All Clad. It’s made here locally, and it is just amazing stuff.

    I would make a lovely cream of potato soup, with a rainbow of potatoes – delicate baby redskins, the richness of some Yukon golds, and the Russets to round things out.

    I could gently simmer the potatoes in a delicate cream sauce, slowly building the flavors, adding the tempting richness of a variety of cheeses for the comforting flavor – some Gruyere, some cheddar, and a sprinkle of monterey jack on top.

    Some local apple wood smoked bacon would be carefully crumbled on top, for that sweet and salty taste, and just a dash of sour cream to sink slowly into that luscious cream sauce.

  840. Jennifer Speirs

    If I were to win the All Clad saucepan I would use it make my babies quinoa and brown rice as well as a fresh coconut milk and pumpkin soup.

  841. Stephanie

    I make a fabulous soup each fall with all the root vegetables and cabbage. Sounds not so good, but it actually is fantastic. When I called it cabbage soup, my children wouldn’t eat it. So I renamed it Hodge Podge soup, and they loved it.

  842. I just made a pumpkin curry soup, that I think would work quite well in this!

  843. Bob

    Lots of soups, including yellow pea/carrot soup.

  844. Stephanie

    To win this giveaway would be a Christmas Wish come true. My 2 qt. coated sauce pan is beginning to peel away its surface and should be permanently retired. I would love to make a butter nut squash soup in the All Clad cookware. Hopefully Santa will also bring me a requested immersion blender to complete the soup process. It would definitely be a Christmas to remember.

  845. beverly

    Apple juice/cider with ginger slices simmered together to take the winter chill off. 4 star YUM and healthy too!

  846. Chris Murray

    I just got a new receipe for potato soup with sausage. Its to die for, but my pot isn’t big enough. I would love to receive your pot and am looking forward to sharing my new receipe with my co-workers. I think food brings team building.


  847. Michael Irwin

    A great batch of black bean soup sounds great for tonight!!

  848. Amy Broderick

    Wow! Thanks for the giveaway…It’s raining today here in AZ and I am making split pea soup, I might make that or your vegan hot cocoa that I just printed out to try! Thanks for all you do and share Elana!

  849. Terra Stead

    I would definitely make my vegetable bean chili – great with avocado chunks and brown rice. My family is officially tired of it, but it’s my favorite.

  850. Megan

    I’d make soul warming colcannon soup! Yum!

  851. Hmmmm…..I would make butternut squash soup!

  852. Betsy

    I have been holding on to a recipe for curry carrot soup… that or mulled wine would be the first thing made in this pot!!

  853. Michelle Sullivan

    MMM…chickpea (ceci) soup (Marcella Hazan) is our cold-weather favorite.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. I’ve learned so much from your site.

  854. Karolina

    I would love to make a hearty winter vegetable soup with potatoes, carrots, parsnips and onions. Nothing hits the spot on a cold winter day better than a hot bowl of homemade soup.

  855. Kim Brown

    This time of year, I load up on fresh cranberries and freeze them. I would make cranberry chutney or maple cranberry butter in this sauce pan. Yummmm!!!

  856. I would keep it simple: homemade tomato-basil, my absolute favorite. :)

    My birthday is the 21st! Fingers crossed, maybe it will be my lucky day!

  857. katherine barnes

    I would use the pan for making creamy tomato soup. I have been making this soup for my family for several years. Great served with grilled cheese sandwich.

  858. Anne H.

    I would make my favorite Mexican Wedding soup.
    Perfect for a wintry day.

  859. Christine Kelly

    I would make my favourite vegetable soup with all the vegetables in my fridge!

  860. Valjene Kramer @ valcarlk@gmail.com

    Most of all, I would hope that this stainless steel pot could be used on my one-burner induction unit. We live in a very small apartment, and the building is not set up for electric stoves. Unfortunately, I deal with “multiple chemical sensitivities”, and I am not able to use the gas stove. So, it was disconnected, and my husband and a friend of his made a nice stainless steel cover for the burners, and my electric induction unit sets on that. Currently, the only pan I have which will work on it is a cast iron ” chicken fryer”, which I love, and I have to cook everything with. I do have 2 other electric skillets, which I use all the time, as well. But I have no sauce pans that I can use at the moment, even though I have a good set of cookware. They cannot be “magnetically induced” to heat. So, I would be delighted to have a sauce pan to use for so many things. Even today, I made a great Black Bean Tostada recipe, but I had to cook the onions and tomatoes and beans in my electric skillet, as I had already was making chicken soup on my induction unit with the cast iron pan. Anyway, it would be very nice to have to use on my electric induction unit. Thank you!

  861. Don

    Cajun barley soup

  862. Trisha

    I would make a beef vegetable soup. My husband’s favorite.

  863. Patricia

    What a great giveaway. I would be using that wonderful pan every single day as I do a great deal of cooking and baking. One good choice for using it would be for making potato soup. Thanks.

  864. Pam McGuire

    I would use the sauce pan to make hot chocolate with milk, Mexican chocolate, sugar and cinnamon. Yum!

  865. Sean

    If I won, I’d break in the pot with a batch of Bourbon-Brown Sugar Lemonade. Start with a 1 & 1/2 cups of dark brown sugar in the saucepan with a cinnamon stick, 3 cups of water, and the rinds of a dozen lemons. Bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes, then cool. Strain the syrup and add it to a pitcher with the juice of the afforementioned dozen lemons, and a cup or so of Maker’s Mark. Serve over ice in highball glasses with a slice of lemon. It’s got the character of a winter beverage yet still very refreshing. Bottoms up.


  866. Carol

    I was just talking to my husband about the necessity for quality cookware!
    I would use my All-Clad pan to make delicious breakfast treats like GF Oatmeal or Cream of Buckwheat cereal. I would also make traditional Indian Chai.
    Thanks for this opportunity~

  867. Cindy Mitchell


    When I win the all clad sauce pan giveaway, I’m definitely going to make the SOOTHING CHAI recipe from your site–I just saw it for the first time, from the link you placed in the give away notice, otherwise I would have already tried it! After that, I will probably use it to make my one of my dear great grandmother’s recipes (totally not gluten free!).


  868. Dawn Christenson

    Elana, if I were the lucky person to win this pot, I would make a batch of roasted vegetable soup – the ultimate nutritious, completely gluten frree goodness! And top it with a bit of truffle oil for good measure!

  869. Chris

    I would make homemade tomato soup and hot chocolate!

  870. Valerie Swabb

    I’ve been wanting to make some spiced apple cider lately, but dont have the right stuff. This would be GReat!

  871. jen felice

    i’d love that pot to make some lentil soup!

  872. Roxanne Wenskay

    I would love to heat up some spiced cider in the All Clad pot.

  873. Ruthie Selch

    NICE pot. I would use it for soups and stews – my favorite winter fare.

  874. Elaina Harman

    I envision a nice tomato basil soup with a batch of your biscuits and a salad along side.
    I slowly trying to have only the utentils that would be all stainless steel or the new green pans that are coming out now, have you checked those out yet or what do you think in them if you have reviewed them at all.
    Thanks again for all you do,

  875. Claudia

    Hot chocolate! And lots of it, because the weather today was quite nasty and there’s no hope for improvement any time soon…

  876. I would make Tomato Soup in this lovely pan. Actually, I’d make many different kinds of soup, but Tomato would be the first one I’d make.

  877. Jayne Chandler

    I would use the All-Clad 2qt saucepan for chocolate, sweet sauces, soups, chili, gravies, etc. The list is endless. it has to be the most essential size pot in any kitchen and the quality makes it a joy to use.

  878. Denise

    Would love to make my favorite lentil soup in this amazing pot!!

  879. Cathy

    I love my All Clad pans.
    I’d whip up a pot of my luscious baked potato soup!

  880. Debbie Pettigrew

    We make hot chocolate almost every evening in the winter and I would love this pot to make it in!!!!!!

  881. Barb

    Happy Anniversary! A lentil-kale soup would probably be my first choice to try out a new wonderful pot. Thanks for all your delicious recipes – I’ve learned a lot from you!

  882. amy

    i would make shiitake mushroom and wild rice soup, my family’s current favorite! and theeeeennnnnnn, mulled cider for dessert! thanks so much for what you contribute to the etherways. :)

  883. MANDA

    i would make hot chocolate;) i have a low carb version ive been excited to try..but oddly enough, i had to throw away my medium saucepan as the non-stick coating is chipping off! waiting to buy pots and pans for myself for christmas;)

  884. Missy

    Ooh, beautiful pan. I think I would make a lobster bisque.

  885. Dawna

    Definitely some coconut milk hot chocolate!

  886. Rosie

    It would be a toss up between hot chocolate and some sort of seafood soup!

  887. roobaroo

    almond milk hot chocolate!

  888. Carol Deacon

    If I were to win this amazing piece of cookware, I would make Thai Tom Yum Soup. It is a wonderful blend of hot and sour flavors with an intoxicating herbal fragrance.

  889. Stephanie Wolford

    I owuld love to make some homeade potato soup in this wonderful pan.

  890. FrancyDe

    This looks like a great pot for making vegetable stew!

  891. Linda Berman

    On this cold and snowy evening, I envision making a lovely pot of white bean, kale and chicken sausage soup. Warm, beautiful in the bowl and satisfying.

  892. jennifer k

    Awesome giveaways! If I won the saucepan, it would be the start of my All-clad collection. (I’ve had my eye on this for a while.) Wouldlove to have a good saucepan to make gravy, mushroom soup, or yummy hot chocolate this winter :)

  893. jessica

    hot chocolate

  894. Lise

    I’d make hot chocolate in that sauce pan. Then I’d spike it with some chocolate liquour…

  895. SewNSewGirl

    I would make that tomato soup recipe form my aunt that has no amounts and just ingredients listed. It uses a cream sauce at the end. Still trying to get the ingredients amounts jut right.

  896. Brenda Walberg

    I would use the All-Clad saucepan to simmer a wonderful chicken broth on very low heat for several hours to extract all the wonderful goodness from the chicken bones. I would use garlic, onion and carrot to make the broth. I understand that All-Clad cookware can cook on very low flame or heat, just what’s needed to get the most flavor out a just a few ingredients.

  897. Jennifer

    Chicken Quinoa Soup!

  898. Rebecca Andrist @ jivahealing.com

    I would make an incredible Thai pumpkin soup with lots of ginger, galangal, keffir lime leaves and other yummies!

  899. I think I’m going to make myself a recipe book from everyone else’s comments – yum!

    I’ve got a big bag of organic cranberries just waiting to be made into sauce…this pot would suit them just fine.

    Then later, eggnog!

  900. liz f.

    we’ve been enjoying mulled wine to celebrate the holidays. i think this pot would be perfect for making this warming and festive beverage! thanks for the opportunity.

  901. CJ

    I would use it for escarole soup..delicious!!

  902. Laura D @ pickleseed.com

    Oooo beautiful! I would make borscht. I can’t get enough beets this season. Thanks! :)


    I would make one of my favorite things, PHO, wonderful Thai rice noodle soup with cilantro, and lime and all the vegies that it calls for. My mouth is watering just thinking of it!!! :)

  904. Gloria Spacek

    Just recently found out about All Clad and have begged my Santa for the omlette pan. How wonderful it would be to be able to have this saucepan to make Minestrone soup. Yum or even a gazpacho during the summer months. Sighing and dreaming of winning! :)

  905. Kelly Wyatt

    I’d make a warm spiced cider if I won;-)! Would make the house smell great this time of year and warm our tummies!

  906. chad schmidt @ simplysoccertours.com

    I would prepare my rosemary and garlic infused extra virgin olive oil.

  907. carol albert

    I want to make a fragrant apple squash, applejack soup that scents my entire Holiday apartment and warms everyone who enters–right to the heart.

  908. scott buss

    I would love to make your coconut chicken soup in the sauce pan. It brings back wonderful memories of living overseas (far East)when my father was in the military. The aromas of the fresh fish, vegetables, spices in the open air markets along with the sweet spices makes my mouth water for creative mixtures of ingredients in soups. Especially this time of year in Minnesota! A warm delicious bowl of soup sounds great huh?

  909. Marcia

    I’d love to make a warming kabocha squash soup with a hint of bourbon.

  910. Elise

    I would make a delicious batch of apple & butternut squash soup with my dear friend Lydia. The soup would have a dash of curry added to it to give it just a tad bit more heat for these chilly days.

    I would serve it with Elana’s simple bread (in muffin form), on a pretty blue plate to complement the harvesty orange-colored soup. This duo would also be perfect all packed up for lunch at work, maybe even accompanied by the Community Supported Spinach Cake. <3

  911. amancia

    i would make our family’s favorite quinoa, bean and spinach soup, yum!!!!

  912. Eselepee

    I also would make my tomato soup!

  913. James Carch

    I would make a lentil soup using the turkey broth from the carcass of our Thanksgiving turkey.

  914. Ooo, coffee hot-cocoa, to go with some shortbread on a cold night.

  915. deborah j. martin

    One of my favorite winter soups is my mom’s vegetable soup with frozen veggies from the summer garden from the tomatoes, corn and green lima beans and must not forget the okra that really makes it delicious.

  916. Claire

    A simple carrot soup created by my mom and oh-so-delicious!

  917. Rachel

    I would like to try and make homemade Chai tea!

  918. Brenda Parsons

    I would make soups, soups and more soups. Smoky Butternut Squash and Smoky Black Bean. I am in desperate need of new good pots to go with my new gas cooktop.

  919. Kirk Olsen

    I would use this pan to make wonderful mulled cider!

  920. Reagan Powell

    Would love to experiment with some gfcf hot chocolate for my kids. They have been asking for hot chocolate a lot lately!!!!

  921. Madeline

    I love All Clad! It is the best cookware, and my food tastes so GOOD when I cook in it.
    I love chai. I have a special chai recipe that was taught to me by a friend from India
    years ago. It is the best. And I know in this All Clad saucepan, it would taste even better.

  922. I’d love to make some coconut curry soup or maybe a lentil soup. Sounds so warming and delicious!

    Happy anniversary!!

  923. AidelK

    Happy Anniversary! (Mine is 15 December). We love soup–one of our favorites is peanut butter-pumpkin from an old Silver Palate cookbook.

  924. Lorraine

    I woulld make Creamy Thai Soup fom the Sensational Soy cookbook put out by Sanitarium. It is easy, cheap with a little fire and oh so creamy. I make double and put some in the freezer for when I am in a hurry.

  925. bill barnes

    Winter is a GREAT time of the year for a warm bowl of soup served with hard roll or chips. We enjoy TACO SOUP. Would be great to have an
    All Clad pan to make our favorite soups.

  926. nosogirl

    Great giveaway! I would probably make a really nice turkey chili or maybe a ham & bean soup.

    julie_reuter92 at yahoo dot com

  927. Jason

    Borscht (using my great grandmother’s recipe from the old country). Perfect size pan for a few servings.

  928. Pat

    If I has this All clad saucepan I’d make corn chowder…mmmmmmmm!

  929. Angela

    I would use this pot to make hot chocolate for my children and bone broths for many delicous soups.

  930. Joy Nicol

    Ohhhh….I want this pan, I need this pan!!! What a fabulous giveaway! I would make white chili, fruit jams, steamed rice, spaghetti sauce, black beans, you name it! It is a great size for a family with 3 smaller children. Thank you Elana!

  931. Lecia Riccelli

    Squash Aduki Chestnut Soup from your soup recipes would be the first I would prepare in the All Clad Sauce pan. It looks so delicious and I have much to learn to make good soups.

  932. Alice Rosanski

    I would make yummy hot chocolate, rice pudding, chocolate tapioca pudding.

  933. Heartsong

    Oh my, there are so many kinds of soup I would make in that lovely pan, but I think I would begin with my adaptation of Madhur Jaffrey’s Muligatawny soup. My friends love it when I make that soup and invite them over. I love the way it makes the kitchen smell…. oh, and then there is roasted butternut squash soup, and curried split pea, and Chickpea gypsy soup (an adaptation from Moosewood cookbook)…

    Thanks for the super give-aways. Somebody is going to be very happy!

  934. Mary Unruh

    mmmmm….. What a nice giveaway! I would make coffee vanilla bean (from the dinner files blog recently) and when it had fermented six weeks later I would make hot chocolate to serve it with. while witting for the liquour to ferment, I’d most likely be making butternut squash soup with peanut butter and siracha, or lemon chicken soup.

  935. Marsha

    I would adore to own this pot and make some wonderful Pumpkin Soup with Creme Frache-m an old GF standby from Bon Appetit days!

  936. Robin Rundbaken

    Ohhhh, the sky is the limit w/this awesome All-Clad pot! First, I would make homemade GFCFSF rice to be blended up into rice milk; then I would make pinto beans (yummy on a cold evening); would also use the pot to make a big ole’ batch of my M.I.L’s Leek and Butternut squash soup (comfort food in the winter!).
    Thank you for the opportunity to get in on the giveaway :)
    *We love your cookbook and we are blogfollowers!

  937. Helena Kosorek

    Hello: I’d love a new pot but not because I’m a good cook or even have a recipe for it. The only soup I can make is from canned cannelli beans with a herb boullion cube and some sauted onions and garlic and maybe some veggies. I like to make things that are quick and the pot’s size is a good one. Rice and cereals are a staple for me.

  938. Brandae

    A vegan, gluten-free minestrone soup with roasted winter vegetables (based on Pioneer Woman’s website. YUM – Would love to win.

  939. Nana

    Happy Anniversary! I love to make vegetable soup with ground beef added. That would be my first soup to make if I win.

  940. sheila

    Hi Elana,
    OMG..All-Clad pots…My all time favourite…..I have dreamed of having some of these pots..they are so awesome.

    If I won this pot I would definitely use it to make a huge minestrone
    soup with tons of veggies.
    At this time of the year(with cold&snow) this soup is great comfort fodd and a meal in one pot with added meat or tofu protein.
    I could use this pot for so many other things.
    Also thanx for your great recipes.


  941. Pat Ehrenfried

    In my new all clad pan,I would make Hot Chocolate in the Winter and Ice Tea in the Summer.

  942. Erin

    Ooh, I’d have to say Hot Chocolate would be the first thing made in the pot! (As it’s snowing and VERY chilly outside right now).
    It would also have quite a few quinoa and squash soups made in it.

  943. Mariana Ardelean

    I love minestrone and chicken soup.

  944. Jessica

    What a fantastic pot! I would make up some cinnamon apple cider and butternut squash soup. Yummy!

  945. Gail

    What a perfect saucepan for making roasted tomato and red pepper soup. How good is that?

    I hope you had a special day on your anniversary today. Thanks again for multi-great giveaways.

  946. I’d love to make hot chocolate. Happy Anniversary!

  947. judy holman

    I’d be making “Smoked Squash Soup” Everyones favorite winter soup

  948. Eileen

    I’d make peppermint hot chocolate to enjoy with my two little ones.

  949. Jennifer Pfeiffer

    What a great giveaway!

    I’d make a new allergy-friendly egg nog recipe that I just found.

  950. judy holman

    I’d be making “Smoked Sqush SOup” A winter favorite

  951. Ernie Viveiros

    This is such an easy answer. I would use this excellent pot to make the most awesome Portuguese Kale Soup in history. The thought of it simmering on the stove is making my mouth water. Lean, spicy chourico puts it over the top.

    I really hope I win… because I’m really hungry!

    ~Ernie Viveiros

  952. Judith Aikman

    I would make Squash Soup with pear juice, chicken stock and ginger plua squash and carrots. Puree until smooth.
    Beautiful pot.


  953. Peggy Parsons

    The All-Clad Sauce Pan is a great size. A 2 quart can be used for so many
    things. I would use it to make vegetable soup and add gluten free pasta,
    to cook a pot of gluten free oatmeal, to cook a pot of hot chocolate. It would be just the right size to make a pot of rice for my husband and my
    self. I could go on and on.

  954. Carol Kimball

    I would make my Southwestern Chicken soup.
    Besides various veggies, chicken and chicken broth I like to add cumin, tomatoes and mashed caulflower which makes the broth a little creamy.

  955. Kristin T

    I would make some homemade wassail! So yummy and perfect for the holidays. Thanks for your always ingenious recipes Elana!

  956. ali

    i would use it to make lots of soup and honey sweetened chocolates. i’ve been meaning to try your gluten-free matzoh ball soup

  957. Tiffany

    Right now I would love to make a big pot of three bean chili in that pot!

  958. Jenifer S.

    I’d make some good old-fashioned comfort food: my mom’s stew. Yum!

  959. rita

    i’d be making risotto for all

  960. Patrick Lo

    I would use it to make “Chicken Noodle” Soup & make a chocolate sauce for fruit dipping.

  961. Tina Marie

    I make these incredible roasted peppers and oven roasted(termed sun-dried) tomatoes drizzled with olive oil. So, I’d work on my next soup creation for the winter weather which would be blending the flavors of these two ingredients to make a slightly thick roasted tomato and pepper soup topped with roasted pine nuts with a little chopped fresh basil. Delicious! The we’d sit and eat it all up! What a terrific give-away. Thank you Elana.

  962. Linda:-)

    Congratulations on your Anniversary! And Best wishes for many more!

    I’d love to win that beautiful pan to make the delicious Home-made Hot Cocoa Recipe that my husband’s mom used to make with a pinch of cinnamon. It would go great with your chocolate cookies while seated in front of the fireplace watching the snow fall outside!

  963. Amanda

    I think I would make some Curried Lentil soup in the pot. Yum!

  964. Marla Teyolia

    Oh, what a great giveaway! i would use mine for a fabulous new mushroom red wine gravy recipe i just gleaned from a friend….Marla

  965. leigh

    I’d make spicy Moroccan soup with gluten free Israeli couscous, followed by some warm Valrhona hot chocolate……….yum.

  966. Audrey

    Lovely pot! I’d use it to make instant soup, ramen, tofu stew, and many more, including desert and rice. Thanks!

  967. Ellen Kim

    I want to make some hot bowl of chicken and dumpling soup!

  968. Kim Hansen @ kim@boulder.swri.edu

    I would use that awesome pot to make a big batch of gingered carrot cashew soup to serve over brown rice. That way my house would smell delicious, my belly would be happy, and I would make a tiny dent in the bounty that came with this week’s CSA share from Monroe Farm.

  969. Seneca Murley @ newplanetbeer.com

    Hmmm… I would make your cranberry sauce. Funny, my wedding anniversary is Dec. 15th. Good years behind and many more ahead to us both. Seneca

  970. Dusty

    I have to be honest, my fiance would probably not like what I would cook in this pan for I am not the cook she can be. I would keep it simple with some sorta stir-fry I imagine or some pasta sauce. However I would like to win this pan for her. She makes great food and one of my favorites is her pumpkin soup. I have no idea how she makes it but I have seen pumpkin remnants when she is finished and that is what I have dubbed it.



  971. Theresa

    not into fancy soups but I always have on hand a good hearty Chicken and wild rice soup. Winters can get cold up in Alaska so we are always making a stew, soup or goulash type meal to warm our bodies. A good soup/stew pan would be a great addition to our kitchen.

  972. Michele

    Chipotle pumpkin!

  973. elaine

    thanks for holding this amazing giveaway! i would make a turkey chili!

  974. Jana

    A 2-quart pan would be perfect for making my mothers vanilla cream pie filling! The only thing that would be better… Still having her here with us to cook it with me!

  975. Laura

    OOOOOh, I love All-Clad. They do last forever.

    I would make lentil vegetable soup. Lots of flavor and fiber and very filling.

    Happy Anniversary!


  976. Tana

    This is a beautiful saucepan! I haven’t bought a new saucepan in about 18 years, since my hubby and I have been together. :( I would use it for lots of things, brown rice and quinoa dishes, and soups too! Thanks for all the great ideas. :-)

  977. Suzanne

    This time of year…potato leek soup, winter squash soup with ginger, hot chocolate, the list goes on and on. Thanks for the chance!

  978. andy

    What fun! I have a favorite roasted plum tomatoes and basil soup followed closely by a creamy roasted red pepper soup (dairy free, using potatoes instead of cream).

  979. Anna Aspnes @ annaaspnes.typepad.com

    Potage Bon Femme. i.e. Leek, carrot and potato soup. Love it! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  980. Susan M.

    I actually just went out to the store last night to buy ingredients for making homemade, gluten-free chicken soup and homemade gluten-free butternut squash soup with cumin and chipotle chili powder. I’ve been sick over the past few days and have been craving soup soooo much (not to mention the cold weather serving as inspiration as well). The butternut squash soup is a soup my sister made for Thanksgiving 2 years ago – it is smoky,subtlely spicy, savory, and naturally gluten-free, sugar-free, AND dairy free (she is lactose intolerant). Yummm!

  981. penny

    Chicken chili!

  982. hannah

    Green chili stew…

  983. Kathy Foulk

    Green Chile sounds great to me. Happy Anniversary!! We’ve had 34 so far. Congratulations!! Love your site.

  984. Megan

    As I am an acupuncture student, living between homes, I would make BONE MARROW soup, of course!

    Bone marrow strengthens the JING- or the fundamental and core energy of the body. It is a superior tonic and worldwide many cultures have made use of the bone marrow and its ultra-fortifying properties.

    I am always studying and whenever I get a little blood deficient or feel lethargic, I like to make bone marrow soup~

  985. Mary

    Happy Anniversary!

    I think it would be Tortilla Soup.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  986. Regina

    I would make hot chocolate for all the wonderful kids at the orphanage I’m volunteering at in Kenya.

  987. Susan

    Warm, creamy squash soup with cashew undertones, highlighted by ginger. Served with chopped cilantro. Perfection.

  988. Kathy

    I would make Kielbasa soup.

  989. Mia

    If I won this saucepan I would love to make your butternut squash soup in it.

  990. christina r

    i would use it to make soups and anything else, since i’m a new beginner at cooking

  991. marina

    since my recent developments in dietary constraints, soups are one of the few ways i can eat vegetables. i would use this pot to make pureed broccoli soup (broccoli & cheese used to be my favorite, but i cannot eat the creamy soups anymore, so this is a good alternative!)

  992. If I were fortunately enough to win the wonderful All-Clad pot, I would use it to make a lot of soups. Apricot red lentil soup would be the first.

  993. Susan Chafin

    If I was the one to win the all clad sauce pan I would make a lot of wonderful soup starting with Curry Butternut squash with Cashew Coconut cream.

  994. Beth

    Soups…the list is endless.

  995. Renee Wise

    Homemade Chicken Tortilla soup!

  996. CherylinBC

    I would create a lovely fresh veggie soup with tiny meatballs, spinach, leeks, & chopped sundried tomatoes.

  997. Judy H.

    Happy Anniversary! Hope your pans last forever and your marriage outlasts the pans!

  998. marti kehs

    If I were to win the pot, I would make up a batch of venison or buffalo pepper steak! My husband’s (of 31 years….we were married in 1979! Have known each other since we were sweet sixteen!) FAVORITE!

    P.S. Elana…I have made the KALE chips 3 times, shared them with my girlfriends, & can I just say, “O.M.G.!” In ONE sitting I ate the whole head of kale MYSELF! thank you thank you thank you! They are like eating Salt & Vinegar potato chips, without the GUILT or yucky POTATOES!

  999. Liz Joiner

    Hot chocolate and black bean soup. :P

  1000. Lindsey Tucker

    I hope to be able to make potato leek soup. Thank you!

  1001. Val Moore

    With a gluten intolerant daughter your website is a blessing

  1002. I’ll make the filling for my lemon meringue pie…I use your blanched almond flour crust and it’s become my grandmother’s request for every family function!

  1003. Kathy @ na

    I would love to make a wonderful chocolate pudding with coconut milk! I have been dying to try something like this. Also, I think a nice broccoli/cauliflower soup would be excellent this time of year!

  1004. Lauren

    This is so funny that you’re giving this sauce pan away. Several years ago, my brother and sister in law left some of their All-Clad pots with me when they moved abroad due to space issues. Each time my brother visits, he takes another pot with him. I have been waiting for the day when they take this sauce pan! In fact, I was just joking with my sister in law yesterday about it! It is a perfect size for so many things. I would probably make a small batch of quinoa if I had one right now, and then make a nice cold salad to enjoy. (I’m on holiday in Buenos Aires where it’s summer currently! No cold holidays for me this year–yay!)

  1005. Mathew

    Home made spiced Chai and my coconut-ginger chicken sauce!

  1006. Jaan

    My favorite beverage to make is Chocolate Chia for my son. I first simmer the milk till it reduces in volume by abt 1/3. Add sweetner, and better quality of cocoa powder. Blend well, then aerate the mixture for fuller/richer taste, besides it helps cool down the mixture so my son wont to hot for him to drink.

  1007. Tara

    What a wonderful giveaway! If I won the sauce pot, I would use it to learn our family’s traditional Borscht from my father. A great cookware item to get down to serious business.

  1008. Allison

    I would test out your butternut squash soup as I have been craving some. Maybe I would add a little coconut milk instead of water and some curry paste. YUM!

  1009. Melanie

    Chai sounds delicious!

  1010. Walter

    I would make my simple and delicious pasta fagioli soup. I know, this is not gluten free but it can be made that way. Easy to put together and so tasty for a cold winter night. Hot Italian chicken sausage, chicken broth, chopped zucchini, canned stewed tomatoes, basil, oregano, seashell pasta, and a can or two of red and white kidney beans. Top it off with freshly shredded asiago cheese and a glass of good red table wine for a hearty easy meal. Enjoy!

  1011. Judy L. Borowik @ Ladyhardwick06@gmail.com

    I would make my all time favorite BLACK BEAN VEGETABLE SOUP. It is such a full bodied soup and as a vegetarian I love the fact that it has the protein I need and the vitamins my body also needs. The aroma when it is cooking fills my kitchen. The broth is so tasty and that is a bonus as not all soup broths are created equal.

    Thank you for allowing me to enter this giveaway and thank you for doing this.

  1012. Katie

    I would love to win this! I would make warm vanilla smoothers from heavenly homemakers blog. Yummy! My kids really like it! love your blog by the way!

  1013. Kathi French

    I can’t believe that pot has lasted that long! I have been looking to buy a new set and did not know what to buy – I do now! I would make chicken soup. That is the most requested soup in my house this time of year.

  1014. This is the perfect sized pan to make my agave spiced simple syrup. Steep the mulling spices and a few drops of vanilla in some light agave syrup over low heat for 20 minutes for a perfect quick additive to coffee, cider, tea or wine. Also makes a good base and substitute for sugar for spiced whipped cream.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this pan and learn more about gluten free cooking & baking! Happiest Holidays from snowy Ohio.

  1015. Maureen

    I would probably make a chicken noodle or a chicken wild rice soup. YUM to both.

  1016. Melodi Nelson

    Lately my favorite stew is chicken french lentil stew. Hearty, delicious and so easy to make. I love those beautiful french lentils!
    Peace Melodi

  1017. Keri Heickert

    I love to make homemade sweet potatoe soup or coconut pancakes!!

  1018. Jen

    I would make my favorite curried butternut squash soup. I can’t seem to get enough butternut squash this year!

  1019. Love All-Clad! I would make some yummy homemade chicken noodle soup:)

  1020. Buffi Frazier

    It sounds like everyone is thinking soup! Well, I guess I will jump on the bandwagon. I would make our family’s favorite winter soup: White Bean and Italian Sausage Soup.

  1021. Lou Liuzzi @ ???

    If I had the pan I would make and Italian chickpea soup during these cold winter months. Take one onion and dice it. Add to pan with a little olive oil and saute for about 6/8 minutes. Add on can chickpeas and continue to saute for another 3/4 minutes. Breakup about one quarter to one third of the chickpeas with a fork. Do not mash completely, just mash roughly to thicken the sauce. Add 2 1/2 to 3 cups water. Salt & pepper to taste. heat and serve.

  1022. tanya

    i would make lots of salmon and halibut chowder. :) thanks for your wonderful recipes

  1023. These pans are great! And I love soup! Perhaps, a nice Cream of Mushroom. Or Greek Chicken Soup with its wonderful lemon kick! Or Italian Wedding Soup with wonderful tiny meatballs and lots of escarole! Oh…the options are endless. I would put this pot to great use!

  1024. Sarah

    I am 14 years old and I would love to win this!!!!

  1025. Corinne Fay

    I don’t have an oven right now, so pots are REALLY essential, and a high quality one like this would be great! I would use it for everything from cooking dried beans or a pot of rice to making pudding (a good dessert for someone without an oven.)

  1026. Elizabeth

    It must be the season for giveaways!! I would use the pan for anything, everything and probably some baked potato soup too :)

    Thanks for being awesome!

  1027. Lisa M @ gumshoenick.com

    I would make pea soup or a vegetable soup. I love soups in the winter time.

  1028. Gwen

    I would make brothy rice noodles. Garlic, ginger, broth, spinach and lots of noodles. Chicken is always an option too.

  1029. jeni indresano

    if i had the fancy all-clad 2 quart pan i’d use it all the time. i’d make my favorite dal, homemade chai, chicken soup, caramel sauce, mexican hot chocolate, tom yam goong, blanched green beans, rice fusilli, tapioca pudding, hot cider, and so many other yummy things. oh, to cook with quality equipment–its a dream!

  1030. Ann Blocker

    My favorite soups – a simple vegetable soup, with anything in my fridge!, or an African Peanut Soup (squash, coconut milk, peanut butter).

  1031. fat lazy celiac @ fatlazyceliac.wordpress.com

    Happy Anniversary!

    A local coffee shop had a sweet potato & peanut butter soup that I’d love to figure out how to make…it wasn’t gluten-free, so I just have an idea of how it would taste.

  1032. Ive been wanting to make some pumpkin cauliflower soup for so long! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  1033. Carol Peterman @ TableFare.com/blog

    I’d make my favorite spicy malted hot cocoa. It has a good kick from ancho and cayenne peppers.

  1034. lsso

    Definitely Hot chocolate with my kids!!

  1035. Pamela

    Tuscan White Bean Stew

  1036. Whitney

    Definitely some paleo egg nog for the Holidays!

  1037. n. blantis

    I love to take my leftover lamb bone from a roast and reroast it in an iron clad pot with rosemary and garlic. I then make a lovely scotch broth with barley. Warming, aromatic…the best!

  1038. I’ve got a squash withering on the counter that is just crying out to be turned into a curried squash soup!

  1039. heather

    I’d make borscht for my husband and son (who was adopted from Russia).


  1040. Ainnl

    Ooh, I’d make many things in this pan. I’d make a caramel sauce to pour over popcorn, warm up some leftover pumpkin soup, steam some rice, and make mulled wine–just to start with!

  1041. Susan Maki

    I would use it to make my comfort soups like creamy potato, tomato basil, chicken and rice or corn chowder. I make a lot of soups because I can sneak even more healthy and nutrient packed ingredients by my picky toddler and preschooler that way. They gobble it up and a smile knowing that they are getting more than full bellies! Maybe the occassional Hot Carob “Cocoa” with coconut milk, too.
    My husband and I just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary yesterday on the 16th :-) Congrats on your 15 years!

  1042. Chris

    My wife and I really enjoy a hearty potato soup…
    We adapted a recipe we found online, and make it frequently throughout the winter months.
    The ingredients include Kale, sausage, crushed red pepper, thick cut bacon, onion, kosher salt, heavy whipping cream, and of course potatoes.
    The red pepper adds a spicy kick on a cold winter evening.
    We enjoy a piece of fresh baked bread with our soup.

    Thanks for the chance!

  1043. Sarah

    I’ve been wanting to make some split pea soup for awhile now.

  1044. Jon

    Egg drop soup. It’s easy and tastes good.



  1046. Ginger Stark

    I would make a dark porter beef stew- best ever!

  1047. Amanda Quint

    I would make my children’s favorite chicken wild rice soup and hot cocoa from scratch.

  1048. Dana Crumley

    I would make a yummy Navy Bean & Lamb soup, my partners most favorite anytime of the year! I love the flavor and thickness the organic pumpkin provides. I may just have to make it now and if I win the pot for sure!

  1049. Ben

    Definitely either pumpkin and caramelized onion soup or creamy tomato soup for grilled cheese dunking

  1050. Becky

    I would probably initiated my first all-clad pan with coconut lemongrass chicken soup . . . yum!

  1051. Terry Butterworth

    Thanks for the giveaway. I would make a nice pot of tomato soup with roasted garlic.

  1052. Amber Howard

    If I won the panI would make… Ginger Cranberrie sauce.

  1053. I would make a butternut squash chili… Happy anniversary!

  1054. I would make hot chocolate or a tarragon butter sauce. DELISH

  1055. Annette

    If I had one of these All Clad pans to play with, the first thing I would make in it would be my black bean and citrus soup. Then I would try making some hot chocolate with a touch of peppermint for the season. Yummy!

  1056. Kyla

    Great giveaway! I think the first thing I’d use it for would be Creamy Cauliflower Soup.

  1057. Bethany F @ bethanyf.com

    I’ve been wanting to switch over to all clad cookware! I’d make a cozy pot of Italaian Minestrone. :)

  1058. Shaina

    Oooh, that’s nice :) I would make a creamy potato soup!

  1059. Moira

    How fun! I would make carrot soup!

    Thanks Elana!

  1060. Jo Ann Hansen @ Elana'sPantry

    I would make homemade hot chocolate!! It’s wintertime, cold in Iowa!

  1061. Cyndi Keifer

    I have a recipe for Lentil Soup with sweet potatoes with garam masala as the main spice that I would cook in this pan.

  1062. Shelly

    I would be temped to make a carrot soup, but then would give in and make what the family would eat- Chicken Noodle. (I help it look a little better with some grated zucchini).

    It’s been fun reading all of the ideas that everyone has listed.

    Happy Holidays!

  1063. Mark Bitman’s ginger ale.

  1064. Stephanie

    I would make the homemade applesauce I make once every two weeks.

  1065. I like to make my own simple syrup (so that I know what’s in it!)

  1066. Ashlee

    Mmm, white chicken chili… wait, maybe lentil&apple soup oh and the hot drinks would be endless. I actually make a chai concentrate every week for my chai lattes :)

  1067. Petite

    My friend Judy gave me a recipe for Sausage Stroganoff Soup. Since it is snowing in Reno, NV right now, this soup would be warm and comforting. Last night my husband disposed of the sauce pan he brought into our marriage (42 years ago) – it had rusted and he was sad.

  1068. Sara

    That looks perfect for making my loaded baked potato soup! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  1069. Christine

    Our house is so chilly right now, hoping to have our furnace repaired today. I would love to make up a batch of hot chocolate right about now in that beautiful sauce pan. Enough said. :-)

  1070. About 5 times a week I make “slaw soup”. Shredded cabbage, carrots and cashews sauteed in coconut oil, then I add a few teriyaki meatballs and a cup of broth.

    I’m sure it would taste even better when prepared in an all-clad sauce pan!

  1071. andreemarie

    Hi Elana!

    Chicken soup immediately came to mind – I have a receipe that never fails me, It was given to me over 20 years ago from a colleague while working @ A&S department stor during the Christmas season.
    What makes this soup special is the fact that “Chicken Soup” is universal – reason being,,,,This amazing reccipe was shared with me, an African American woman by a Puerto Rican woman whose mother in law gave her the receipe who is a Jewish woman…
    I love it !!!

  1072. Mary

    What a great giveaway! I would use that saucepan to make a delectable butternut squash soup, and top it with a dollop of cashew creme, some chives, and diced red pepper.

    Thanks for so many opportunities to win!

  1073. amanda @ amandaskrip.com

    i would love to make hot chocolate or matcha lattes. and would use it to reheat soups + stews!

  1074. Lori B

    I would make warm steel cut oats or rice cereal every morning to warm my tummy. Coconut milk + cinnamon + cloves + ginger + butter + salt + agave + frozen blueberries + pecans = a delicious breakfast I can make on the run.

  1075. Nichole Espinoza

    If I had this awesome pan, I would make a huge batch of chili! Tis the season for Chili!

  1076. kara

    Thanks, Elana! I would make all kinds of soup in that excellent pot. Squash, mushroom, lentil… it would be great for winter.

  1077. Carla

    I would use it to make Butternut Squash Apple soup. When I first graduated from college and moved into an apartment, I emailed my close friend’s mother, who is an amazing cook, and asked her for her favorite recipes. She sent me this soup recipe, adapted from an Ina Garten cookbook. I have been making it on cold winter evenings ever since.

  1078. Alex

    I would make my mothers famous chocolate sauce!!!

  1079. Diane

    Beautiful saucepan! Mmm… coconut curry soup!

  1080. Laura

    I would make broccoli cheddar soup!

  1081. Jill Graham

    I love to make soups, especially when the weather is cool. A good friend gave me a fabulous recipe for a creamy mushroom soup made with paprika, dill and soy sauce…sounds like a crazy combination, but it is delcious! Thanks for this opportunity!

  1082. I would make a mineral broth as it’s the season for colds and flu. I love having broth around to sip on a cold day or to use as a base for one of my delicious soups.
    I usually make veggie broths and use all of odds and ends from weeks of chopping, but lately I’ve been experimenting with shiitake mushroom broths and bone broths. I’m sure All-Clad makes a mean broth!

  1083. Rachel Morales

    There are so many things I would want to make in this pot! But probably a spicy bean soup with poached eggs that is popular in my husband’s culture. That would make him happy :)

  1084. Camille Ortiz @ sillycamilly.com

    WOW I NEED THIS POT!! First I would make a Chicken Tortilla soup which includes tomatoes, green chilies, chicken, tortilla strips, and a few other special ingredients , THEN the next day I would make a cuban style pork soup, including pork, fresh yucca, sweet potatoe chunks and scallions along with some other tasty ingredients to suit the needs of our Gluten free household!

  1085. Kelsey

    I would make butternut squash soup.

  1086. Tonia

    today I would make butternut ginger bisque and pear cranberry cardamon chutney

  1087. Fernie

    Hot Cocoa… Yummmy……

  1088. Karen

    I would use this awesome pan to make chicken noodle, tomato, and pea soup which my family loves on these chilly winter nights… I would also use it to make my yummy chai drink. Thanks for such a nice giveaway!

  1089. I’m definitely trying your hot chocolate!

  1090. Ooohh…..I want to make some delicious dairy free hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and candy canes for my kiddos.

  1091. DeVola

    Want it would love to Have it!!!!

  1092. Kristen M

    I would make my favorite potato soup.

  1093. Janice Chan

    Hello Elana, I would make my GF ‘cream’ of cauliflower and dill soup, as well as my GF tomato meat sauce if I won this set!

    Thanks! Janice.

  1094. Jennifer LaCroix

    I would make our favorite homemade organic turkey noodle soup.

  1095. Split pea soup or hot cocoa. It would probably get used daily.

  1096. I love my all clad frying pan! I would make some soup with sweet potatoes (just bought a 10 lb box of them!).

  1097. kathy

    This is on my list! butternut squash, tomato

  1098. Ginica Eggering

    I would whip up one of my favorite soups as soon as I received this wonderful gift. My soup of chice is Carmelized Ginger Carrot Soup. Carrots and a sweet potato add a slightly sweet base, with just enough ginger to add a layer of heat and carmelized onions for a savory-sweet treat.

  1099. Kristi B

    Great giveaway! We have a couple All-Clad pieces that I adore but I could put this to very good use! It seems everyone in my family has different food intolerances (or tolerances!) so gone are the days when I can make a giant pot of one type of a recipe. This smaller size would be perfect for the smaller portions I make for just about everything, from soup to hot chocolate to a steamed veggie side dish. Recently I’ve been braising cubed yams in a little liquid on the stovetop and smashing them up (for those of us who can eat tubers!)

  1100. Lynn Krukowski @ fireagateartstudio.com

    Happy Anniversary. Did your kids help you celebrate? We have our 25th on Dec. 27th and I hope our sons make it home to help us honour our 32 years (25 of them married).
    I have not seen these pots but can see by all the posts it is really special. We would be making a Polish Christmas Eve (meatless) Borscht with Uhska (wild mushroom dumplings) floating in it. And the rest of the time chicken broth to use as a base for other types of soup (and to feed our Bernese Mountain dog who has decided he will only eat his dinner if it has some chicken tidbits on it. (we cook a lot of organic chicken soup bones in this house!) and with all the power outages here it is really handy to have soups to heat on the wood stove!
    I was delighted to discover your site this month and sit here eating your carrot cake muffins – thank you for all the healthy recipes.

  1101. Lynn Krukowski @ fireagateartstudio.com

    Okay, this is my first time posting anywhere! Why did my husband’s photo come up? Strange!
    Please tell Jan (and Holly) to put baking soda in the soaking water of their burnt pans.

  1102. Charlene T.

    I would make a fettuccine alfredo sauce I make with an almond/cashew milk substitute. Its so yummy! Thank you Elena for all that you do. Christmas would be a mess at my house without your wonderful cookbooks and recipes!
    Happy Holidays!

  1103. robin

    My sister just made a Cauliflower & Cheddar soup for our early Christmas celebration. It was delicious!!! She got the recipe from the William Sonoma catalog…she made it with veggie broth for my husband & I (vegetarians) & still super delicious. No one knew it had been vegetarianized!!
    I’ll definitely make that soup soon.

  1104. Stephanie K

    ummm…what WOULDN’T I make??
    Besides, I don’t know, seitan, obviously.

  1105. Susann Dalton

    My friend had a tiny Cuban restaurant, Sabor in NYC of great popularity (the NY Times gave it two forks-a feat for a tiny neighborhood restaurant) and she asked me to taste this wonderful pumpkin soup she had made. Since I sometimes worked with her the recipe she gave me was a vague verbal description. I made it, tweaked it and it is my favorite soup. A savory, garlicy, cream based pumpkin soup with an elusive taste. A tiny amount of curry powder added to the sweating onions. Ahhhh. I am now two quart potless due to a house guest who used my favorite and only smaller pot as a hammer. I hate buying a cheap pot and cannot afford what I really want being old and on a fixed income. I love AllClad and am ever hopeful. It could happen. LOL

  1106. Vanesza

    I would love to make some Chai tea in this beautiful saucepan and a scrumptious winter minestrone vegetable soup. Thanks for this generous giveaway!

  1107. Sharon

    What a wonderful pan; I just love All Clad. I would make a chicken soup with carrots and celery.

  1108. Judy Smith

    home made hot chocolate, mmm

  1109. Margy Kearney

    The last couple of wintry weeks here – I have been making a very simple delicious and nutritious soup from red lentils, with some chicken broth, cumin, turmeric, and some sauteed onion and garlic. This pan would be perfect for making that soup.

  1110. European-style hot chocolate.

  1111. Wow, what a generous gift. I would love to be the lucky recipient.

    I would love to make chicken and vegetable soup in this beautiful pot if I was the fortunate enough to be the winner.

    Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  1112. Oh lovely! I’d whip up a pot of carrot curried soup. My CSA is keeping us well-stocked with fresh carrots!

  1113. Gina Cannon

    I would make what my Gram called “Kitchen Sink” soup. In this economy, it’s our last-day-of-the-week dinner before I go grocery shopping. First (earlier in the week) I would have taken all the leftover chicken from my Sunday Roast Chicken Dinner and cooked the carcass in the Soup Pot (covered with water) to make really good chicken stock. Then I freeze it for later use. So, in making “Kitchen Sink” Soup, I take the chicken stock and bring to simmer. I also take any/all leftover veggies from the week and chop then saute in real butter until lightly cooked and slightly browned. Add to Soup pot. Take any/all poultry leftovers, chop, put in Soup Pot. Add about 1c. brown rice. Season to taste/preference (I often use Lemon Pepper, 6-Spice Rub or Taco Seasoning). Simmer for at least 3 hrs on back burner of stove. Serve with Corn Bread Muffins! Yum! (Just what we had for dinner last night!)

  1114. Alice

    I would make a pot of wonderful “Veggie Patch Chili”! YUM!

  1115. carmel capotosto

    I would make a lentil soup in this pot.

  1116. pam webb

    Chicken and noodles with lots of veggies.

  1117. Jennifer Stephenson

    I would definitely make gluten-free tomato basil soup! My family of four boys love it and sometimes, when I’m really adventurous, I toss in some artichoke hearts.

  1118. Marisa H

    If I won this pot, I would make a delicious cinnamon-free cardamom chai, since I am allergic and have to make my own!

  1119. Melissa Rottenberg

    Wow! What a wonderful give-a-way! It would make a nice addition to the other 2 pots that currently make up my pot collection. You see, we have been slowly remodeling our house. We are a young couple and my other half does home renovations for a living. Although his profession is a wonderful way to save money on renovations, it means that there is little time to work on our home. We started the complete renovation (all interior walls and ceilings) down 5 years ago and even lived in the detached garage for over a year and a half where I cooked everything in a toaster oven and on a plug-in single burner in one pot and a cast iron skillet (and washed in an outdoor kitchen)! Minimalistic is the key word for sure! Moving into the house was a huge step for us! Imagine how exciting it was to use a sink, dishwasher, and stove for the first time in our partial kitchen! We now have most of the kitchen complete, minus counter tops (other than plywood) and usable cabinets. The end of the partial kitchen grows nearer and nearer and I am hopeful it will be soon.

    Hmmmm…what beverage would I make in this wonderful pot? I think I’d make some (dairy and gluten free) hot chocolate complete with a touch of salt and cayenne pepper!

  1120. Izzy

    Arborio Rice Pudding–easy and delish!

  1121. Cathy @ quickmix.net

    Hi Elana, I am so grateful for your recipes, website, and cookbook(s)! I’ve been interested for a while in the benefits of a reduced gluten diet and love the additional low carb bonus of using almond flour. If I won your pan, I would use it for tons of stuff! Probably this time of year I would whip up some cider, and take a crack at making some pumpkin soup from my surplus of sugar pumpkins out of the garden. (I am making pumpkin ice cream today from freshly made pumpkin puree) Go Colorado! We live in Severance, whichi is near Windsor.

  1122. Elizabeth Dahl @ edahlphotography.com

    Wild Rice Chicken Soup!!

  1123. Corinne

    I would love, love, love to win this pot! So nice!
    We just introduced chocolate back into our diet and I would love to start making hot chocolate for my kids. They ask for it every year and there really is no substitute. Now that we’ve added chocolate back I can finally make it!

  1124. Nancy

    I’ve been making a hot drink with homemade coconut milk from your recipe and homemade nut milk with green cardamom pods and vanilla and cinnamon. It’s delicious. I would make that in the all-clad pot.

  1125. Saskia

    Elana, the answer would have to be my yummy non dairy cheezy cheddar sauce. I love nthat I can enjoy “cheese” in my own GF CF SF EF way!

  1126. Brea

    I love this pan! I need some healthy cookware… I’d use it all the time~

  1127. lpo

    barley/lentle soup with swiss chard….made it recently and it turned out to be sooooooo good.

  1128. I would make a delicious Fish Stew!

  1129. Gillian Fryer @ bluefeathersoap.com

    This time of year, Chai sounds wonderful… here’s what I do: mix half almond milk and half water with Celestial Seasoning’s India Spice Chai Decaf Tea or any other Chai tea of your choice (about 1 tea bag per 8 ounces of liquid.) Heat over low heat until desired strength and IF you need to sweeten it, I use coconut nectar crystals. You can always make chai from scratch (black tea with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, black pepper and star anise). Elana also has a recipe here: http://www.elanaspantry.com/soothing-chai/

  1130. Butternut squash corn chowder.

  1131. Téo

    Hmmm. I would make a big batch of dairy-free creme brulée with cardamom.

  1132. Amy

    I LOVE all-clad, but only have a small crepe pan. I would make lots of things, but one recipe that we repeat a lot is Chicken and Wild Rice Soup — all five of my kids love it!

  1133. I would make a nourishing winter veggie stew with it!

  1134. may

    i like to make a hot carob drink with almond milk. i’d love to win this pot.

  1135. Anna Marie J

    The smell of mulling spices during the holidays always makes me feel the season so . . . hot mulled cranberry cider with honey

  1136. Cindy Nakamaru

    First of all, I love your site. I visit it often and I’m going to attempt to make your Christmas chocolate bark for family christmas presents this year.
    For the giveway question, I would LOVE to make Cauliflower White Cheddar soup in my new All-clad sauce pan. I have never owned anything as nice as this. Thank you for the opportunity to win.
    Happy Holidays!!
    Cindy Nakamaru

  1137. Ellen

    i would love to make some rich, dark, european style hot chocolate!

  1138. Kaila

    I would make mujaddara, which is an aromatic rice/brown lentil dish that you top with caramelized onions and yoghurt. Yum!

  1139. Kim

    What a great pan! I would make Butternut and Apple Soup. Yum! Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  1140. Denny Sirotta

    I would love to make barley soup in the All-Clad sauce pan and/or give it to my daughter who turned me on to this site. I should give it to her !!!

  1141. I can smell the wonderful aroma of Elana’s Butternut Squash Soup — one of my favorite recipes. So easy!

  1142. Eve

    Green chile stew made with leftover turkey! It’s delicious.

  1143. peg strickler

    I’ll be making butternut squash soup and hot apple cidr with mulling spices . . . Yum!

  1144. susan ellison

    I LOVE ALL CLAD pans. With this wonderful pan, I would make organic chicken wild rice soup with all the organic vegetables like zuchini, carrots, onions, celery, and shitake mushrooms.

  1145. Sara McMinn

    My dear 8 year old daughter has been wonderful in helping me discover new ways to make the things we love gluten, corn, dairy and rice free. Recently we perfected a hot apple cider she really loves so that would probably be one of the first things we made in a new pot! Then there would be all the stock making for the various soups we eat. Icing for all the winter birthday cakes we will be making, her 9th , my 40th and both Grandparents 90th! We would put it to good use!

  1146. Micaela M

    I love All Clad products! I would probably make chicken soup or lentil soup.

  1147. junglewoman

    I would use this pot to make Hot Spiced Apple Cider, to warm us up after a hike in the woods! Thanks!

  1148. Aditi

    Oh wowie. I’d probably make my summer vegetable soup. Thanks!

  1149. Mary Blackmon

    I love the size of this pot. I had a pot this size when my boys were young and I used it for so many things. Now that they are grown and still at home I would love to have this to make a tomato soup that we all really like and I’d like to make the butternut squash soup that you make. I have really enjoyed your site snce finding it through Jordan Ruben’s site.
    Thank you for all the gluten free recipes. I have one son that has to eat gluten free and we all work at eating less gluten but it has been hard to find recipes for gluten free eating until yours!

  1150. wendy

    yummy black bean soup. the pot looks great i would also use it to make a gluten free boiled fruit cake.

  1151. Laurel

    As you say, what wouldn’t you cook in this pan? It’s my favorite size. I think the first thing this winter would be spinach, garlic and ginger soup. It’s one of my favorites. Put in whatever spices you like. Then carefully blend with or without a milk alternative. It is so easy and it’s wonderful if I do say so myself. BTW I hope you’ve got one of those random number generators for this contest, whew. Happy holidays and thanks for giving so much to so many.

  1152. I’d make lots of soups but my favorite right now is a Chicken, Leek & Potato soup.

  1153. Denice

    I would love to put the saucepan to good use to make a pot of celeriac and cauliflower soup. I modify the Creamy Celeriac Soup from Farmer John’s cookbook, The Real Dirt on Vegetables: Seasonal Recipes and Stories from a Community Supported Farm, to be vegetarian and dairy free. A drizzle of white truffle oil sends it over the top.

  1154. kathy

    homemade vegetable soup!

  1155. Stacey Harding

    I lovet to make soup, especially whith left over turkey and chicken! Even vege soup is great during the cold winter time :P

  1156. Rose

    I would love to make cowboy stew in this pot for my little boy who has just started the SCD diet. It’s a challenging diet but the food is delicious– and this pot would help!

  1157. Heather

    Looks like the perfect saucepan!! Thanks for all your great recipes & giveaways!

  1158. Jay Dee

    I have a friend who has this pan! I have heard they are aweome. It would be great to cook your chicken noodle soup in this pan!

  1159. Kim Griner

    Chicken & Sausage Soup. My new favorite! It’s so yummy to the tummy!’

    Kim Griner

  1160. Eliza J

    I would have to say…..chili! I have a great recipe I found about 20 years ago, it’s still better than ones I have found in recent years.

  1161. Tania

    Honestly, I would give the pan to my mother. She deserves a wonderful new pan after having used the same old pots for the past 40 years (she claims she doesn’t need new ones). I’d use it, too, for my weekly batch of Great Northern bean soup, rich with sauteed onions, celery and sometimes carrot coins, and don’t forget the herbs de provence and a splash of balsamic vinegar! On wintry nights, I’d make hot carob drink with almond milk, agave nectar and a touch of cinnamon (like hot chocolate, but with carob). Thanks for the giveaway, and congrats in advance to whoever wins.

  1162. Shannon

    I would make lots and lots of hot chocolate – perfect in all this rain!

  1163. Paul King

    Vegetable soup of course!!

  1164. theresa melnick @ elanaspantry

    love to make homemade potato soup with the new pot.

  1165. Connie

    I’d make apple cider with cinnamon! My favorite this time of year, and it make the house smell great!

  1166. Tessa B

    i would make curried lentil soup!

  1167. Laura Villanueva

    I would use this especially for making my gluten free chicken rice soup. I especially love making soups and stews in the winter time and this saves me money when I make soups from scratch.

  1168. Regina Anglin @ Yahoo

    I would use this saucepan to make a soup. Sweet Squash, Parsnip,Carrot, Onion, Turnip maybe a small rutabaga. Then add tumeric, ginger minced, thyme. Maybe even a bit of saffron.Probably add a kick of cayenne pepper and then either cream or milk to tone it down if its too feisty. I love winter soups because the heat from the herbs and spices are good tasty nutrition during the cold and flu season.

  1169. Kathy Warren

    I would make yummy pumpkin soup with cranberry relish! It is my new favorite soup recipe and so delcious! :o)

  1170. Erin

    Wow! so cool…I imagine making a creamy sweet potato soup without the cream…just a bit of almond milk to make it rich!

  1171. Heather P

    I would definately make the Chai, I love me some Chai!!

  1172. Marie

    I’d love to make some mulled cider. Yum!

  1173. Danielle Miles

    What wouldn’t I make with this pan! Perfect for everything from spinach soup to hot chocolate. Please pick me!!!!!!!! Sorry I sound like Donkey from Shrek. ( I have little ones.)

  1174. Sue A

    I would make a big pot of vegetarian minestrone soup with lots of fresh veggies and topped with a dab of pesto to enjoy on a cold blustery winter day! Nothing like warm homemade soup to warm you up!

  1175. Lynn Southard

    Oooh… I would make mulled wine! Especially this time of year…delicious!

  1176. girliefriend


  1177. Gale Starnes

    I would make yummy vegetable soup!! My favorite!!

  1178. Louisa F

    I would make my favourite pumpkin soup

  1179. Jacey

    I would make my favourite chicken and wild rice soup, topped off with roasted almonds. Yum!

  1180. Becca

    My sister’s veggie soups – roasted red pepper or carrot coriander. Just the thing for these cold winter evenings!

  1181. Shimon

    I would use this pot to make Elana’s butternut squash soup, the recipe looks amazing :)

  1182. Erin Hannah

    I would be stumped where to begin! Seeing its the holidays, some mulled wine sounds fitting and then turkey soup!

  1183. I would make either butternut squash soup or your the tea for your mock Thai iced tea. It’s so good!

    And Happy Anniversary! Thanks for including us. :)

  1184. Evan

    A nice creamy tomato basil soup to warm you up during the winter!

  1185. Eileen

    Man…what a tough choice…what I would make in their first. I love soups so probably some yummy, hot, chicken and rice soup. Or maybe a vegetable? You’re making me hungry thinking about the possibilities

  1186. Abrahamildi

    Wow, I would love to win this sauce pan :)
    First of all I would make onion soup in it for my boyfriend with some cheese ’cause he loves it so much!
    Thx for all this give-away, this is really generous of you!

  1187. Marilynn

    love the give a ways! and the story about your wedding set is charming


  1188. Lisa R

    I would instantly make a lovely thai pumpkin soup. :)

  1189. I would make some great cashew cream tomato soup–always great on a cold winter day.

  1190. aziza

    I would like to make split pea soup with paprika , it’s my favorite especially in this winter.

    Thank you so much for everything you do.

  1191. Gayla


    Talia (my four-year-old daughter) and I would once again make Spicy Crab and Coconut soup with shallots, lime, lemongrass, ginger, cilantro, green chilies, and of course, crab and coconut milk. The pot you are offering would be the perfect vessel in which to simmer this lovely soup.

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.
    Season’s greetings to all.


  1192. Bethany C

    I just learned about the health benefits of stainless steel cookware this past summer. I researched different kinds of cookware and only found All-Clad to be made in America. I would make my usual stock from pastured chickens in it to help heal my tumuluous tummy. I plan on slowly switching over time from my aluminum cookware to All-Clad.

  1193. Cindy

    Russian tea..so comforting.

  1194. Shanon Hilton

    Tis the season for butternut squash soup – yum!

  1195. Joanne

    What a great give away! I’d make my favorite hearty winter soup with chicken, butternut squash, bok choy, dill and escarole. I can almost smell it now …

  1196. rosa

    I would make a creamy broccoli soup (made creamy by cashews not dairy) … great giveaway! :)

  1197. Margaux

    Borscht, Borscht, Borscht!

  1198. I’d make curries. And cranberry sauce (for cranberry bars). And cream of buckwheat cereal. Oh wow… I’d use this ALL THE TIME. (hint. hint. hint.)

  1199. Rise

    I would make my favorite lentil soup in this beautiful pot.

  1200. beth

    I am not sure what I would make… because I am new to cooking but I am sure I would do tons of different experiments and hopefully most would come out delicious

  1201. Sandy Austin

    I would look forward to making my grandmother’s chowder in this lovely pan. It would have a favorite spot during all holiday football games.
    Sandy in CO.

  1202. Emmy

    I’d have to go with a hot mulled cider recipe, on a cold day like today. Mmmm…

  1203. De West

    First of all, I am making 5 of your cookie recipes for this holiday season!
    I made the lemon lavender cookies today, they are amazing. I made the kale with cranberries for Thanksgiving. Thank you so much for all that you do!

    I would make yummy soups using root veggies and leafy greens!

    Huge Love,

  1204. Beverly Pirtle

    I would probably make a vegetable beef stew with this all clad saucepan. Thank you.

  1205. KarenLana

    One of the first things I would make in such a gorgeous pan is Potato Leek soup. =)

  1206. Kathryn Olney

    Pumpkin and stuffing soup. Something I invented after Thanksgiving but too good not to make throughout the winter!

  1207. Michelle Beachy @ xanga.com/smilesbymiles

    What a great pan! I would make creme de menthe to make a perfectly cold winter evening turn perfectly cozy.

  1208. PinkLadyApple

    I would love to use this pot for my wonderful soups that I have started making this winter.
    For the last several years I was a raw vegan and started experiencing issues of depletion eating this way. Recently I started following a more paleo type diet and have included some meats into my diet.
    I would love to make a paleo style beef burgundy stew in this pot. It would warm my heart to win it and warm the tummies of my family ;-)

    thank you

  1209. gentlwolf @ thewizardgang.com

    quinoa kitchari! . . . <3

  1210. Stephanie Rody @ stephrody@q.com

    I love soups especially during the cold winter months. I will be making chicken tortilla soup today with roasted tomatoes, onions, garlic, and peppers.

  1211. Iva

    I’d make Syrian red lentil soup.

  1212. Jasna

    My favorite mushroom soup, or chicken noodle, yum yum.

  1213. jess

    I’m thinking hot chocolate. :)

  1214. What a beautiful pot! I think I would make a mulled wine or a delicious white bean and kale soup.

  1215. Leslie Williams

    I would make the hot chocolate and every soup on your website!


  1216. Wendy Flood

    I would make my “Chicken Soup for the Soul” recipe. How exciting. Thanks for this fun offer to have a chance to win.

  1217. Danielle F

    I would make a luxuriously decadent Cannelini Bean Soup with Truffle Oil. YUM!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  1218. If I won the giveaway, I’d make chicken soup with rice and shitake mushrooms. yummm!

  1219. Jan

    I would love to own this Pan..I would make chicken noodle soup, and add stewed tomatoes at the very end, jsut like my Mom did.

  1220. Michelle

    I would make hot chocolate – my kids love it!

  1221. SANDRA

    I’m making my butternut squash soup w/coconut milk and yellow thai curry spices–YUUUUMMEEEE!

  1222. Katie A

    Oh I definitely would make hot chocolate for my family in this pot. Milk, cocoa, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. Yum!

  1223. Laura Paine

    Dear Elana – my family and I love soup and have several favorites. The one we are loving most these days is a coconut curry soup – it has fresh ginger, lemon grass, cilantro, garlic, coconut milk, curry paste, fish sauce and one cup of shallot. We serve it over brown rice pad thai noodles.

  1224. ari

    i would make a pre-bedtime drink of almond milk with cardamom, ghee, and honey. puts me right to sleep!

  1225. olivia

    we have a lot apple trees in our yard so we are always making homemade applesauce and cider. I know that this pot will come in handy, not only for our apple recipes but for a multitude of sauces and soups!

  1226. Virginia Linnell

    I would make a potato leek soup that is so comforting and satisfying!Great to chase away the winter chills.

  1227. Jenna

    It would be a crazy toss-up on what I would make with that sauce pan.. a nice homemade spaghetti sauce would possibly be my first choice – as my boyfriend is Italian and I always want to cook him up something that is warm, inviting and reminiscent of his heritage.

  1228. Jami

    I’m always making soup….my family just loves it! I would be very excited to make M’jaddra (a delicious Lebanese lentil and rice dish) in this most amazing pan!

  1229. Esty

    I’d like to try making hot chocolate with coconut milk. Also hot cereal for breakfast.

  1230. selene @veganlicious @ kellysfacesmells.blogspot.com

    butternut squash soup all the way!

  1231. Kristen

    I think I’ll make a pot of cabbage soup if I win the pot. Yum :-)

  1232. Emily

    If I had a pot like this I would make sweet sticky rice with coconut milk to eat with fresh mangos and sesame seeds!

  1233. Helen Holden

    What a perfect pot to make potato-butternut squash soup in! A delicious, soothing soup for a cold winter night!

  1234. Hmmm.. I have been really craving a good onion soup in beef broth. That would be yummy!

  1235. With the relentless rain we’ve been having, I could really go for some spicy hot cocoa!

  1236. Jessica

    I will love to try out some Chai recipes in the pan! I am so glad to have found this site, i will probably want to use it for everything!

  1237. Renee

    What would I do with a beautiful pot like this? I’d make endless amounts of delicious food for my soon-to-be husband and myself. We have a deep love of cooking that began when we met in 7th grade. From roasted tomato soup, lentil and chorizo soup, to rustic Italian ribollita and vegetarian 5 bean chili. I’m sure this pot will be a part of our many family meals to come as we start our new life together, and as two graduate students on a low budget who refuse to sacrifice eating healthy, this pot will be the first nice pot to add to our humble kitchen.

  1238. amy

    chicken and matzo ball soup :)

  1239. Roger J

    It’s time to prepare for Christmas dinner. Flourless chocolate cake is one of our favorite gluten-free sweets. This pan should be great for protecting the delicate flavor of dark chocolate.

  1240. Amy H

    With this pot…I would start with spicy squash soup. Now that that weather is cold, I’ve been craving this soup which always manages to be one of my favorite cold comfort foods.

    Ingredients Include:
    Acorn squash (or other sweet type)
    Coconut milk
    Marsala or other “warm” spice
    Sea salt
    Small amount of Agave only if needed
    Few walnuts for on top garnish
    Dolup of yogurt to balance spice

  1241. Theresa Queen

    I am experimenting with vegan meals for my son and would start with a bean tortilla soup.

  1242. Lori

    Hearty Pasta e fagioli soup
    Hot mulled apple cider

  1243. Lonna Jordan

    If I owned this beautiful pan I would, first, hide it from my 18-month-old grandson so that he would not put it on his head or beat it like a drum. Then I would go out to my garden and pick a head of broccoli and make a creamy luscious broccoli soup. The next day I would need it again to warm up any leftovers.

    A hopeful owner,
    Lonna Jordan

  1244. Kate C.

    If I win the All Clad pan, I’ll be putting it to use on pot after pot of butternut-squash soup. Hurrah!

  1245. Cupboard Love @ chymerikaen.com

    I’d make my mother’s old fashioned Indian spiced chai tea! I make it sometimes in my beat up pans, but I bet it would taste better out of something nice and new!

  1246. Krista Loercher


    Since we are getting close to the new year, my mind keeps thinking of black-eyed peas, which are a tradional new years food. With that in mind, I think the all-clad pan is just crying out for some hopping’ john. Onions, peppers, tomatoes, corn and black-eyed peas…yum! My favorite way to serve it is with some sauteed greens – broccoli rabe is my favorite – and some polenta.

    Happy new year!

  1247. retro sweets @ retrosweets.com

    I will definitely cook a chunky pumpkin soup when I get the chance to win this gorgeous pan. Our gift limit this year is 20 and this would be an added bonus! :)

  1248. Crystal

    what a great giveaway! I would make mulled cider and coconut milk hot chocolate. Two of my favorite winter time drinks!

  1249. Cristina

    I would use this pot to make butternut squash soup with sauteed leeks and mushrooms, veggie chili, and my usual pot of quinoa (preferably red) which I make once a week and mix with roasted veggies (like kale and brussel sprouts), chickpeas, and walnuts to have on hand for dinner during busy college week nights.

  1250. cthulhulovesme

    I’d use this pot to make a delicious veggie-heavy pasta sauce, loaded with onions, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and spinach. I’m a college student, so I try to combine tasty and healthy with economical; pasta sauce is a great way to do just that.

  1251. Wendy

    Beautiful pot! Sounds so useful :)

  1252. Chandra Christensen

    I would make potato soup.

  1253. kathy lever

    I would make potato soup as my husband and daughter love this!

  1254. Luke S

    Maybe a broccoli cheddar soup, or potato I guess.

  1255. karen

    This year we have had more snow than the past 10 years. That pot would definately get a welcome introduction to wonton soup, a soup I just learned how to make from a Chinese friend. I am 57 and always trying new recipes. Before long a perfect marriage would occur with wedding soup. The wedding soup recipe is on old recipe from an Italian woman who lived in the North End, Boston. I can smell it cooking now. No pot would be complete without an old favorite, stone soup. Originally, I heard the story Stone Soup on Captain Kangaroo when I was 5. At my request, Mom made stone soup quite often. Each time the soup may vary a little depending on what was in the pantry. Of course no soup would taste better than the stone soup my Mom would make. As you may gather, my pot is wearing thin. A new one would enable me to continue stirring memories for all.
    Cold in Ohio, Karen (Love you website.)

  1256. Gluten free friend

    I would make leek and potato soup. Every year I managed to grow enough leeks for one batch of soup and I look forward to it every fall!

  1257. Julie

    I would love to experiment and try making something new! Such as a pot roast. I have never actually tried one before (I am 19 and my mother never cooked american food around the house) so it would be nice to start making it on my own as well as introducing a nice, hearty traditional american dish to my family!

  1258. Ashley

    I would definitely make some delicious beef stew! =)

  1259. lewis a

    i would make a cappuccino of roasted langoustine and puy lentils

  1260. Carolyn

    right now i would love some roasted root vegetable soup.

    then tomorrow- i would probably make some miso soup.

    and the day after- potato leek.

    cranberry sauce on thursday.

    this pan will be used everyday. :)

  1261. Margot

    Soups are a must for gluten free living. My kids love clam chowder and I am making that often lately. What a blessing a new pot would be as my current ‘soup pot’ has seen better days.

  1262. Jen P

    I would make a homemade chicken soup to stay warm and fend off colds.

  1263. Douglas Therriault

    I would make GF-Minestrone soup.

  1264. Randy Wong

    First – After reading more about what microwaves can do to our food, I am looking for good cookware that I can safely reheat our food in … this would fit the criteria!
    Second – learning to create more soups is on tap for 2011. A vegetable soup after a trip to the farmer’s market would be my first choice!

  1265. Shari F.

    I would make your Butternut Squash soup – it’s one of our favorites too. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win these fabulous prizes, Elana.

  1266. Abi Bassler Averitt @ integratedsomatics.com

    Hi Elana,
    Count me in! Just saw one of these at a Holiday party last night and thought how awesome it would be to have one! Then came to your site to make cookies for another Holiday cookie exchange party this afternoon and waa- la! Funny. Have been enjoying your recipes and thinking of you all often. I mention your website and book often and am so happy to know so many people follow you in Boulder.
    Much love to you and your family!

  1267. Christy

    The pot looks perfect for my indian spiced tomato lentil soup with curry!

    Thanks and Happy healthy New year!!

  1268. Ann Davenport

    I would use my All-Clad Sauce Pan for making soup, boiling eggs, making hot cocoa and all other non-gluten food for my family.
    Thank you.

  1269. MoniCue

    First thing would be spiced apple cider–I’ve frozen a fresh gallon to warm with spices for New Year’s Eve.

  1270. Tandy

    I think I would probably have to make my black bean and rice soup with chorizo. Perfect for these cold winter days.

  1271. Brenda Gaines

    I’m going to make green chicken soup -only with maitaki mushrooms instead of shitaki.

  1272. Kaitlyn

    I try to make a pot of nourishing soup each week, and this 2-qt. all-clad pot would be a useful and much-used tool!

  1273. Liz

    I just burned oatmeal solidly to the bottom of my sauce pan. This pan would be lots more fun than scrubbing for an hour!

  1274. Laura Isabella

    I would use it to make my favorite warming winter drink:
    Spiced Coconut milk with fresh ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, cloves and tumeric.

  1275. Thank you for the giveaway! I’d make my pumpkin miso soup.

  1276. Shaemoq

    I would love to make hot cocoa and reheat soups of all kinds in that pot.

  1277. I would make dairy-free hot chocolate in this pan… and gravy! …and tapioca pudding! …and …and …and …oh so many uses!

  1278. Maria Duarte-Shurbet

    Hi Elana

    First I would like to thank you for your website and your book, I had to change my diet because of my Lupus. And I thought I was never again going to be able to have breads and desserts again. With your book, only had about 2 weeks, my hubby has made biscuits, jelly filled muffins, whoopie pies twice, and tonight I am trying the lemon bars. So far everything has been excellent.

    If I won the saucepan, I would start out making my favorite hot drink, organic hot chocolate sweetened with agave….love it….I love soups, so a Broccoli Cheese Soup, that we are still trying to perfect, using arrowroot powder to thicken, any other suggestions? Also love to make Chicken Tortillaless Soup, Chicken Chili, Tomato Soup, Butternut Squash, and I would love to find a gluten-free Steak Soup recipe. Too many soups to mention.

    Thanks again, you have inspired both my hubby and I. And thanks for the great giveaway.

  1279. Michele

    I would love to make homemade hot cocoa for my kids in this pot!

  1280. Wendy I

    I would many many things, but first I have been wanting to make Candied limes stuffed with coconut! I love coconut, yum….

  1281. Lee Samatowic @ reawakeningvitality.com

    Mmmmm. Definitely would start with a Thai Thom Kha soup – coconut milk, galanga root, lemongrass, kafir lime leaves, fish sauce, fresh basil, mushrooms, broccoli, onions, chicken, and a little red chili. Perfect all-purpose soup from an all-clad-all-purpose pot.

  1282. alisa joy

    it’s a rainy december here in portland, oregon. which means that i’m craving tom kah soup. sooooo good!

  1283. michelle kniss

    hot chocolate for sure! maybe even add a little kick if it is not for the kids. :)

  1284. Olinda Paul

    I would love to make all my favorite soups in this wonderful pot. I love making my coconut butternut squash soup. It’s so creamy. It started out as acorn squash soup but I kept changing it around. My pots are showing their age and I am ready for something new. Oh, and candy of course. Chocolate to be exact.

  1285. I would probably use it for scores of different sauces and beverages, but most often to reduce pan juices, make chutneys and jams, and chai.

  1286. Michael Nelson

    I would make your gluten-free butternut squash soup, which I absolutely LOVE.

  1287. Jackie Wamhoff

    I’d probably use it to make sauces since it’s the perfect size for that. Thanks for the chance to win!

  1288. Roberta Karpinski

    All of these suggestions are making me quite hungry!

    I would use this pot to make my favorite Indian-spiced Chicken and Spinach – truly a delicious treat. I make it about every six weeks, and freeze it for quick meals, either lunch at work or dinner when I get home. Very, very yummy – and easy!

  1289. Lindsey Quanrud

    I would love to use that pot for a heartwarming butternut squash soup with nutmeg creme fraiche (scd approved) on top. My family has celiac disease and we are also on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, so squash has become a big favorite in my house.

    Good luck to everyone entering! I have always dreamed of owning all-clad items and whoever wins will be one lucky cook!

  1290. shaindy

    Best wishes to you! I would definitely start using it for Shabos – maybe chicken soup, or chulent or compote. Can’t wait!

  1291. Magess

    Oh wow! Great giveaway!

    I’d make my favorite soup, french onion. And easy to do gluten free!

  1292. Marcy Buchanan

    What an awesome giveaway!!! Oh how I would love some All-Clad cookware! This piece would definitley be put to good use! I’m thinking hot apple cider, ginger and orange tea, chocolate sauce, vegetable soup, lentil soup, chicken curry and the list could goes on….. Promising to use it often!! Thank you Elana for your wonderful recipes and giveaways!!

    PS…. My friend and I enjoyed making and decorating cookies from your cookbook with our children last week. We couldn’t stop eating the raw cookie dough. It was fabulous!

  1293. Norma Heckendorf

    Hi Elana-

    I am so hooked on your website. I visit it at least once each day. I am anxious to make your matzoh ball soup recipe. It seems like the perfect comfort-food soup for a chilly winter day. The next soup recipe on my list to try is your chicken ‘noodle’ soup.

    With the holiday season upon us, I have been busy trying out your cupcake and candy recipes, but soon I will be cooking up a storm, instead of this baking frenzy I am in!

    Thank you for sharing your fantastic recipes.


  1294. i would love to make strawberry soup. Yummy!!!

  1295. Amie

    I would love to try making a thai coconut soup! I have some pots passed down from my grandma so it would be absoutly wonderful to try cooking in a new pot.
    Thank you

  1296. gfreekate

    I would make a fabulous in-home (and cheap) version of a pumpkin spice latte! Umm-mm-mm.

  1297. courtney b

    I’d make any kind of soup you put on your blog. xoxo

  1298. Paula Gerhart

    Soups of any kind are definitely a FAVORITE in this household. Anything from butternut squash to matzoh ball are always a hit. I also make a lot of gravys. This pan would be AMAZING for that! :)

  1299. Sharon Gilbert

    Curried Mungbean soup with potatoes, carrots, and greens, seasoned with chipotle chile powder for a smoky flavor would cook beautifully in that lovely pot.

  1300. Kyle

    White Bean chili. I’m working on a healthy version that uses very little salt and organic chicken. It’s my favorite soup!

  1301. Donna McClendon

    I would love to make my Grandmother’s onion & lentil soup if I won this pot!

  1302. Paige G.

    mmm. without a doubt i’d make hot chocolate first, then english toffee, since it’s christmas time!

  1303. Lenee

    Wow, this is very nice! I would make homemade chicken noodle soup in this pan. I would also make homemade macaroni and cheese in it. Which is one of my family’s favorite side dishes!!!

  1304. Susan

    If I won this sauce pan, I would request that my daughter make one of my favorites, her delicious roasted tomato soup!

  1305. Daphne

    Dear Elana,

    I’m a constant visitor to your intriguing website and have tried quite a number of your recipes and, in fact, have a whole binder of them! However, if I were to win this All-Clad pot I would definitely use it to make cranberry sauce as well as some good homemade chicken soup. I like to keep cranberry sauce in the fridge as we love to have chicken quite regularly.

  1306. Shirley

    I would cook up a pot of chinese rice porridge aka jook, one of my favorite comfort foods.

  1307. Kerry Roberts

    I would make my favorite soup, the smoked paprika and yellow split pea soup from your website, love the recepies, keep them coming.

  1308. Becky Randles

    I would love to make a butternut squash soup in this new pan. I am new at this type of cooking but I am trying to learn fast!

  1309. maria farquharson

    What I will do if I get this pot? I love cooking. For me cooking is doing things for other that are nourishing and appetizing. I will prepare cream soups and also make yogourt. I will make hot cereals in winter mornings and will use it for melting the wet ingredients of granola. We eat rice often, so I will use this pot to make rice, either basmati or whole grain rice. I will use also to cook the giblets and neck to prepare the stuffing for the turkey. I can almost smell it! Merry Christmas!

  1310. Alina Rios

    A slow bubbling hot chocolate with a pinch of anise and then a Cashew Barfi, my favorite Indian dessert with an unfortunate name…

  1311. Patti

    I would make my beef shank and vegetable soup; a family favorite. The beef shanks simmer until tender and then I add a variety of vegetables and spices. It gives the house has a great aroma when you enter on a cold winter day.

  1312. Barbara George

    I love the one I have had for over 20 years.

  1313. Barbara P.

    Cauliflower soup! Thanks!

  1314. Are you working on a soup cookbook? Or is that just wishful thinking on my part?

  1315. Anna

    Hmm.. I love a wintry mushroom soup — broth based with tomato paste and thyme with chunks and slices of wild mushrooms. So tasty! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  1316. Horray for cooking!!
    I would make baked potato soup in this pan. One of my go-to favorites.
    Thanks for the chance to win something so awesome!!

  1317. I have to agree with all the peppermint hot cocoa’s and hot apple ciders out there. Mmmmm nothing like a warm drink in the morning :)

  1318. Stacy

    Awesome! I think that I would make some tomato soup with this pan. It is my favorite winter soup! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  1319. Heidi

    I’m starting to make smaller batches of soup because not all soups freeze well and soups are such a mainstay in our diet. The next soup I would make is a Roasted Red Pepper soup with mild italian sausage. I like to saute the sausage with whatever onions my husband brings home from work–usually shallots or cipollini–and then add them after I’ve blended the veggies, red peppers, and coconut milk. We all like it so I’ll keep making it for as long as our red peppers hold out.


  1320. Meredith

    I make lots of soups and chowders for my 9 month old son (its just as good as baby food and he likes the texture better!) His favorites are baked potatoe soup and sweet potato and lentil “chili” – both are great for the cold weather!

  1321. I would make a new chicken tortilla soup recipe that I’ve been waiting to try!

  1322. Veronica Parnitski

    That is such a beautiful pot! I would make butternut squash soup or hot chocolate.

  1323. Laura Vroman

    Thank you for your generous giveaway! Creamy fennel or salmon chowder sound delicious at the moment. I also would try my father’s pralines – his specialty during the holiday season.

  1324. melissa @ the delicate place @ thedelicateplace.wordpress.com

    why the thai veggie soup of course!

  1325. sellbywire

    Hi Elana,
    Your recipes are scrumptious! I look forward everyday for your new, exciting, delicious recipes! If I would win this magnificent pot I would make some good old hot cocoa.

  1326. Jen

    I would make a spiced pumpkin soup. Yum!

  1327. Mary

    Happy Anniversary Week!

    I love to make butternut squash soup. Yum!

  1328. Rebecca Cook

    I would make an amazing rice pudding recipe given to me years ago by a friend who had recently returned from Norway. Actually, it’s called something other than plain old “rice pudding” but since I’ve never been able to pronounce it in Norwegian, rice pudding it is and shall remain. A mixture of rice, sugar, cream and grated cinnamon slow cooks on the stove, filling your home with the tantalizing aroma of wonderful things to come. To achieve perfection takes a really good pan (here’s where the All Clad pan comes in) and lots of careful tending, but the end result is soooooo worth it.

  1329. what a great looking pot! i would probably make a hearty pumpkin chowder or persian stew in the pot- i just started making beverages in pots so this would help me along!

  1330. I would make a very simple chicken and rice soup. I would first saute carrots, celery, onions and garlic in the bottom of the pot. Then I’d add the broth and some dried herbs (plus salt & pepper to taste) and let it simmer for a couple of hours on the stove. Toward the end I would add brown rice. I know people might think this is boring but it’s such a comfort to eat chicken soup when it’s soooo cold outside.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  1331. Maria L

    White bean & vegetable soup! (kids fav)

  1332. I would make stuffed cabbage! YUM!

  1333. erica

    We love the 2 AlClad pans we have already. Would love to make hot cocoa for my kids with almond milk & real cocoa to warm them up on cold days. Would also be great for soups, hot oatmeal, melting butter & so much more. Thanks for a sharing a wonderful product! Happy-happy!!

  1334. Cindy

    I would make butternut squash soup!! Yum!!

  1335. Debbie Pettigrew

    would love to win……I make a lot of chicken soup and also hot chocolate on cold winter nights.

  1336. Lori Chartrand


    I love to cook and am new to gluten free cooking. I need new pots badly…and All-Clad is excellent. I would use this pot a lot! My family loves soup. I would prbably make turkey soup first with my leftover turkey from Christmas. Then I would love another comfort soup like roasted pumpkin and ginger soup. Next, it would like to try a healthy version of hot chocolate.

    Thanks for the opportunity. Your site has been very helpful on my recent journey of gluten-free, sugar-free cooking.


  1337. Allison Jacob

    Wow, so much delightful yumminess can be cooked in this pot. I can imagine homemade miso soup, or some great tomato soup. Oooh how delightful

  1338. Cathryn

    I realize this giveaway is over, but I just had to commment to tell you that my husband and I share the same anniversary! Although, it’s been a litttle longer—we were married in 1978!! Happy belated Avviversary to you!

  1339. Stephen Piorkowski @ stepspior@yahoo.com

    Lobster bisque and I ould be generous with the lobster , I would serve it with a great wine and French bread with salad

  1340. Shirley K

    I love Tomato Basil Soup – the simple one or the creamy one – both of them hits the spot ! oh yummmmmyyyy !!!

  1341. Lou Ann

    I would make pasta fagoli!